Pioneer A-10-S Reviews

Main advantage:

The different audio inputs compatible with this product make it very versatile, since almost any device can amplify its sound using this Pioneer device.

Main disadvantage:

This amp does not have a cabinet like other newer models, however this does not affect the audio quality of the product, which is still quite good.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Due to its innovation, this Pioneer brand sound amplifier, despite the years, continues to be a benchmark in the market for these products. This is due to its comprehensive operation and the adaptability it demonstrates to user requirements.

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Main Features Explained


In order to achieve a good hearing result and positive user opinions, a device of this type must have various audio inputs and outputs, which allow the person to enjoy music in a versatile way and without many restrictions. The Pioneer A-10-S model not only has a full connectivity system to suit custom use, but also provides good organization, as the connections are made in the rear section, without interfering with the sound controls.

This product has 6 line and analog audio inputs, so you can amplify sound from various sources. The inputs are made up of: CD/ Phono/ Recorder/ Network Audio/ Radio and, finally, AUX. To facilitate the connection of various multimedia devices, such as a mobile phone or MP3 and MP4 players, for example.

As for the audio output, you should know that this Pioneer product has 3 connections. You can use a recorder, a pair of speakers, or if you prefer to enjoy the sound individually, then you can use headphones. The good thing is that the audio quality will be maintained no matter which one you use.


The price should be a secondary feature when it comes to buying the best sound amplifier, since the most important thing about these devices is the audio quality, since this is their main objective. If you value having proper control of all the audio functions, then you will enjoy using this device as it has a front panel with different rotary knobs that you can use. In case you have difficulties with them, you will have the opportunity to read the user manual included with the purchase.

It is possible to control the volume, treble and bass tones and also modify the loudness at your convenience until you achieve the result you really want. If you have several audio inputs connected, the selector button will let you choose the one you want to amplify, without problems. The front panel will also let you select between one speaker or another, if you want to use them individually.

The A-10-S model is stereo and works using an electrical power of 50W, with a frequency of 50 hertz, to give you a resonant sound, ideal for frequent use; This, together with the 4 ohm impedance, maintains a stable sound without so many distortions. However, despite its powerful control, the product’s power consumption remains at 135 W.


One of the most outstanding aspects of this product is its design, since it offers a structure that stands out among other more common sound amplifiers on the market that retain dark tones as a base, especially black. Pioneer has decided to give this model a silver structure, which blends effortlessly with any environment. On top of that, despite being a 2012 artifact, the forward-thinking brand has created a design that still provides a modern and sleek look.

In order to find a place in any space, the dimensions of this sound amplifier are 43.5 x 33.2 x 12.8 cm, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, so it is considered a compact and extremely practical device. As for the weight, the amplifier is robust, since it reaches 7.5 kilograms, however, this does not make it difficult to mobilize or store. Additionally, the small legs, included in the structure, raise the appliance so that it has good ventilation while it is on; this minimizes the risk of overheating and maintains smooth operation.

Finally, the front part does not have a screen, but all the buttons have the name of their function so that there are no mistakes. The letters are small and do not interfere with the neat appearance of the amp.

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