Rocket XF201AN XF Series Reviews

Main advantage: 

This Spanish guitar from the Rocket manufacturer has a high-end construction, made with wood that is suitable and convenient for beginning musicians, since its finishes denote quality and delicate work that make it look professional in style.

Main disadvantage:

Despite indicating that it includes a strap, this model does not have the hooks in its structure to add it, which is a point against when playing.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Sound quality, aesthetics and robust construction come together in this Rocket instrument that turns out to be one of the most convenient on the market, added to its affordable price.  

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Main Features Explained

Design and portability

Music lovers have endless instruments to get started in this art. However, it is the Spanish guitars that take the prize for the most sought after and popular, be it for their price, their style, their design or their ability to adapt to almost any genre. These musical instruments are a benchmark that stands out for its portability and comfort when playing.

All these characteristics are present in the Rocket XF201AN XF Series model, a guitar with a classic style and traditional design, which can be used for different purposes and has a high-end aesthetic, because its details and finishes have been worked with great care, with the purpose of providing the user with an ideal product for musicians.

Aesthetically, this Rocket guitar looks well done, with finishes that complement the classic design and a full adult 4/4 size, making it suitable for use by ages 11 and up.

In addition, this Spanish guitar has a natural wood colour, with glossy and darker tone coating on the sides as well as on the neck. Although it is not one of the lightest alternatives on the market, since it weighs almost three kilos, its portability is not affected. The Rocket XF201AN XF Series guitar can be comfortably carried around and played without discomfort.

tuning and sound

If you want to get the best Spanish guitar on the market, it is important to analyze the tuning and sound properties, since an aesthetically striking instrument, but one that, when producing sound, is not very pleasant, will do no good. For this reason, the Rocket XF201AN XF Series model complies with musical chord and tuning standards, which allow the instrument to generate melodies that can be integrated into different rhythms and musical styles, both indigenous and traditional, as well as foreign and avant-garde. 

The harmony and precision of the sounds of this Rocket Spanish guitar model is due to its integral tonality and, although it looks traditional and simple, it is the most efficient companion to start in the musical world. This prototype comes factory tuned. However, the user will be able to make the adjustments that he considers necessary, according to his musical ear.

Due to its tuning and precision characteristics, the XF201AN XF Series model is convenient to be used both by music teachers and by young people and adults who are starting as beginners with the Spanish guitar because, although this alternative meets the standards of high range, it is not professional, so its use is suggested for the initiation stage. 

Construction and accessories

According to the opinions of the users, the construction of this Spanish guitar known as the Rocket XF201AN XF Series is of resistant and solid properties, making it a durable and quality alternative that is positioned among the best, since, if it is put it to good use, its service life will be extended for years. 

This natural-finish guitar is made from high-grade materials, giving it strength and a rugged look, yet delicate in detail. It is built with a solid maple bridge, while part of its structure is made of pine wood. On the other hand, it includes nylon strings that allow contact with the fingers to be more efficient and simpler. In turn, it has standard pegs made of nickel, which are responsible for maintaining the tuning for longer.

Rocket’s XF201AN XF Series alternative is one of the most convenient and complete on the market, because it is made up of a starter kit, with practical accessories for novice musicians. For this reason, the model includes a bag or carrying case with straps that allow it to be carried on the shoulder, as well as pockets. In addition, it has a capo and picks.

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