Roland DJ-202 Reviews

Main advantage:

Ideal to start your profession as a DJ, this controller from the legendary manufacturer brand Roland has 2 line input channels and 4 decks, in addition to allowing you to mix multiple tracks with the use of Serato DJ software.

Main disadvantage:

It’s important to note that this controller comes with Serato Lite software, so you won’t be able to record your sessions unless you purchase Serato Pro software.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It stands out as one of the best controllers on the market, with 8 specific pads and an integrated sequencer with which you can quickly create new rhythms.

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Main Features Explained

control for mixes

Make amazing mixes like a pro with this DJ table for beginners and advanced players thanks to its wide range of state-of-the-art controls and functions, as well as the quality that goes with Roland brand products. This controller allows you to easily scratch and vary the speed or direction of the track thanks to the two large platters or “jog wheels” with low latency and pressure sensitivity, which are considered by many users as the best in its category..

Assign hot cue points, samples and loops for instant play to any of the 8 pads on each of the 4 decks, which you can quickly jump to with the Deck Select button. Likewise, you can use the filters or special effects thanks to the three “FX Select” buttons to accentuate the scratches and adjust the mixes. Plus, it has dedicated buttons for playing and pausing tracks, giving you the same control you’d find on high-end DJ decks, as well as standalone audio players. You can also use TR percussions as well as your own preloaded sounds in any of Serato Sampler’s 4 sample slots, which have independent volume control and allow you to create unique beats live.


The opinions of the experts agree that this is one of the most versatile and powerful controllers on the market thanks to its superior design and manufacture, especially designed for the portability and mobility of the performer to the places where he needs to mix. This DJ table stands out for its ease of transport given its compact dimensions of approximately 47.8 x 29.7 x 6.1 cm and a weight of only 2.09 kg, as well as its practical handles that make it easy to grip and hold. comfortable transfer of equipment. This allows the DJ to take it to all the events where he needs his mixes such as clubs, weddings, DJ competitions, among many other situations.

The manufacture and distribution of the controls in an intelligent and intuitive way allow the level of operation to improve significantly in less time, locating the buttons, knobs and dials in such a way that the performer has a direct and uncomplicated reach. In addition, it should be noted that, due to its connectivity with “plug and play” technology, the assembly of the set and the start of the sessions will be achieved in a very short time and without complicated installation or calibration procedures. This type of characteristics directly influences the price that the controller can have in the market, however, what is gained in time and professionalism makes the investment worthwhile. 

inputs and outputs

Finally, we come to one of the aspects that determines which is really the best DJ table and that is that the inputs and outputs play a very important role in the use that you can give to the equipment. The Roland DJ-202 DJ table stands out for having a USB bus power, which allows an extremely simple configuration with the computer. It offers hardware with 24-bit 48kHz fidelity that will make your mixes sound very powerful by connecting it to any sound system and, with the use of its sequencer, you will be able to control Serato DJ software with masterful results.

This is a well thought out controller for the DJ looking for the latest technology and ease of connection, so it’s a 2-channel, 4-deck model with up to a 16-step sequencer. It provides a microphone input connector through a 6.3mm “Jack” plug with independent volume level adjustment and has a MIDI output, as well as an RCA stereo output through which you can connect a speaker system or a amplifier directly and quickly.

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