Sony MDRV55B Reviews

Main advantage:

These headphones have 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets, so you’ll enjoy loud sound without interference, white noise or other annoying distortions. 

Main disadvantage:

According to some user opinions, plastic, the main material used in the manufacture of these headphones, makes annoying sounds when you put them on and take them off. However, that does not affect its sound or durability.    

Verdict: 9.6/10

Perhaps they are the best DJ headphones at a good price, since they have a technology that allows them to enhance the bass and feel the treble clearly. This way you can make better mixes with your favorite songs. 

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Main Features Explained

Sound and versatility 

These DJ headphones from the renowned Sony brand have an affordable price. Therefore, if you are a DJ or a person looking for headphones to listen to TV series, movies and video games, you can easily acquire them. Also, if you work as a DJ, you can enjoy balanced sounds to make a better musical mix.

Also, it should be noted that these headphones have a flat-shaped cable (it is not a spiral), which measures 1.2 meters, being enough to be able to use them in front of the DJ controller or the mixer. Likewise, the cable has a gold-plated 3.5 mm mini jack connector, allowing it to have a better conduction of audio signals. In that same sense, you will enjoy listening to the songs with a clean sound and without distortions or interferences. Thanks to this you will be able to make mixes, effects, loops or samples with greater professionalism.

These headphones have a sensitivity of 105 dB and an impedance of 40 Ohms, therefore they do not need a lot of amplification power to be able to sound, regardless of the connected device (phones, tablets, computers and MP3 players).   

On the other hand, they have a frequency range of 5 to 25,000 Hz, which will allow you to clearly hear any musical genre. You will even enjoy musical genres with powerful basses, for example, disco, drum and bass, dubstep, among others.


Comfort is another aspect that you should review if you are going to buy DJ headphones. In this sense, the Sony MDRV55B have an adjustable headband in size, so you can use them calmly, without worrying about the size of your head. In addition, they have padded cups, giving you comfort if you use them for a few hours at an event or presentation. Also, you should know that these headphones have a folding design on the cups, making it possible to turn them inwards, so that they take up less space when storing and moving this DJ accessory.  

Likewise, they have the cable on only one side, so that it does not bother you or get tangled while you are using the headphones. In the same way, thanks to its foldability you can turn one cup and listen with the other, for greater comfort when monitoring a presentation. 

Another feature that will give you comfort is its low weight, specifically, 220 grams. Thanks to this you can take them along with other equipment and accessories without being disturbed. Even this model of headphones offers the comfort of being able to change its pads in the future, when you think it is necessary, since over time the synthetic leather linings they have can deteriorate.

Design and compatibility

These helmets could be very useful for DJs who work at parties or other events, since their cups have a closed design. Thanks to this, they will prevent the noise of the environment from distracting them while they mix the songs. This model can be found in various colors, white, black with white pads and black with blue, although this will depend on availability at the time of purchase. 

Likewise, you should know that these headphones are supraural, that is, they are held in your ears, putting a little pressure on them. This makes it possible for you to hear the audio better, because it covers a large part of the ears. In addition, we mention that they have been made of resistant plastic, so that they last a long time. Of course, their durability will depend a lot on the care you give them. 

On the other hand, its compatibility is quite wide, since having a 3.5 mm jack connector will make it possible to use them in different devices. In practice, it means that you can use them to listen to music, news, video games, TV series, soap operas, anime, movies and much more. 

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