The 5 Best DJ Controllers of 2022

DJ Controller – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Taking your music and mixes wherever you want is now easy, thanks to modern DJ controllers. Compact equipment that can be connected to any computer, laptop or even your mobile or tablet to offer you all the options of a professional DJ. These products are based on the Double Fade system, incorporating independent volume controls, connections and configurable buttons for the most frequently used functions. This is, for example, the principle of the Hercules 4780773 model, the most valued by consumers, whose development on a table offers a complete environment for your mixes, with a compact but very resistant design. Something similar happens with the Pioneer Dj DDJ-RB, which uses the free Rekordbox Dj software, optimized with 8 touch pads on each side of the controller. In addition, it connects via USB and is very light, weighing just 3.2 kg, so it can be quickly installed to perform sessions anywhere.

Buying Guide – What is the best DJ controller on the market?

Whether you are just starting out as a DJ or just have it as a hobby, if you want to buy a cheap DJ controller but with the most important features, you should read this guide.

This guide to buying the best DJ controller will show you those aspects that you should pay more attention to when making the purchase. DJ controllers simulate the functions of two docks or CD players, as well as that of a mixer. In addition, they allow you to control the “loops” options and other effects of the program (software) with which they work.

Which DJ controller is better?

When comparing DJ controllers, the first things to consider are your needs and your budget. There are many brands and models ranging from very basic controllers to controllers for experts in music production.

Some people prefer to buy their equipment in modules and others prefer an „all in one” equipment. Professionals prefer modules, because that way they can configure according to their preferences, but for a person who is just starting out, an all-in-one team is more recommended to avoid incompatibilities.

controller types

Generic drivers: Caution with these drivers. They are cheaper, but they do not usually come with the full version of the software, they come with what is called a LITE version of the program and being able to update them to be able to use the full software with them is quite a complicated process. If you are a beginner or just want it to distract yourself in your free time, it is a good option.

Dedicated controllers: They are more expensive than the previous ones because they offer higher sound quality and the possibility of using all the program’s functions. Also, if you prefer another software to the one that comes installed, you will have to do what is called MIDI mapping, a complicated process that sometimes prevents you from being able to use all the functions of the software.

software compatibility

If you know any DJ software that you like, you should take into account when evaluating the different options that you have at your disposal if they are compatible with said program.

Although they tell you that you can use it doing a MIDI mapping, it is not an easy process or totally effective.

Do you have a sound card or not?

A driver that has a built-in sound card is better than one that leaves the sound to the computer. Not only does this improve quality, in general, more features of the controller will also be available. You should know that if you don’t have much budget, you can later use a higher quality sound card. This is important because it is one of the features that most influences how much a DJ controller costs.

As for the features of the controller that will affect the quality of the sound, your requirements can range from the most basic to the most professional. An existing DJ will definitely require a controller that has balanced outputs, mic input, gain control and dual output. If, on the other hand, you are an amateur, we recommend that you bet on the best you can afford.

multifunction controllers

There are many models on the market that are multifunction. This means that they can work with almost any format, be it USB, CD, DVD, audio files on a computer, tablet and even connect remotely via Wi-Fi to access the files that you will play.

Controllers that double as a mixer

Some controllers allow you to connect CD players to them so that you can use the controller as a mixer on an analog-type mixing desk. Check if the controllers they offer you have auxiliary inputs that allow you to connect players.

Size and weight

Depending on what your intentions are with the controller, the size and weight of the controller should be a deciding factor. For example, if you are going to transport it from one place to another to DJ at events, then it will be very important. If you just want a controller to enjoy at home, then it won’t be that important.

It will also be important if you have limited space to place it; check if it is possible to place the laptop under the controller. This will save you space without having to sacrifice the power of the controller.

The answer to the question which driver is better? It depends a lot on your needs and especially on the budget you have, since higher priced praises are not comparable with the cheapest ones. Obviously, within the highest range there are professional controllers with much more quality and functionality. Everything is that you decide if yours is just a hobby or a passion in which you want to invest.

When choosing a DJ controller, we recommend that you go for a well-known brand, that works with software that you know or have good references for, that offers user support and do not hesitate to consult with other amateur or professional DJs who can help you. Give your point of view as users.

The 5 Best DJ Controllers – Opinions 2022

Are you a DJ? Thinking of starting? Have you been in this for years and we have nothing to tell you? Wait until you see our comparison of the best DJ controllers before you decide. We are going to try to help you find the best DJ controller, cheaper than you think and of good quality. We’ll make your tracks sound crazy. Let’s go there!

1. Hercules Universal DJ Console

main advantage

One of the most outstanding advantages of this DJ controller is that it has connectivity via bluetooth, so you can connect to this equipment directly from any mobile device or tablet.

main disadvantage

The device drivers are only available for Windows 7 and 8 operating system, but due to its updates it may be compatible with other Windows.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a DJ controller with which you can make musical mixes if you want to start as a DJ, in addition to having an easy-to-use board and Bluetooth connectivity.

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Band and connectivity

This board to perform musical mixes of your choice, integrates a system that has triple band, which makes this DJ controller equipment much more attractive. The equalizer is included in this triple band system, thus allowing you to have greater control over this device, since you can make the sound settings you want, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

As for the connectivity of the equipment, it is another of the characteristics for which it stands out among other models of DJ controllers, since by using bluetooth you will be able to connect said device to mobile devices and tablets, thus achieving much broader control. of this controller and enjoying advantages that other musical equipment does not offer you.

Configuration and quality

When we talk about DJ controllers, most of them usually have configurable boards, so you can make use of different functions, thus creating the musical mixes that you like the most.

This DJ controller has 16 buttons through which you can configure the equipment the way you want, the controller has 8 buttons for each channel it has and through which you can use many of the effects it has this apparatus.

On the other hand, the quality of this device is one of the best on the market, since in addition to offering you a controller to perform various musical tasks, it has materials and components that make the different processes that you carry out, with said device, much more effective and faster. Ensuring in this way that you will obtain a long-lasting team.

Dimensions and headphones

This DJ controller is an ideal model for those people who are starting out as DJs, and want to practice with equipment that, in addition to having great quality, is compact and lightweight, well, this device comes available in measures of: 40 x 23 x 4.5 centimeters, being able to place it with great comfort in any area that you have previously measured.

On the other hand, it is a piece of equipment that you can manipulate with great ease, in addition to being able to carry it and transport it almost anywhere without difficulties since it weighs only 1.5 kilograms.

For those users who want to have a little more privacy while developing their musical mixes, this device has headphones, which you can connect to the controller and thus avoid disturbing the people around you.

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2. Pioneer DDJRB

If you are a music fan and you like to liven up meetings with friends or family, or you are simply venturing into the world of mixing by putting together your own rhythms and tracks, this is a controller that will offer you the quality of a brand with a great tradition, along with the ease of use provided by very intuitive controls.

In addition, it works natively with the Rekordbox Dj program, which will allow you to organize your music directly on your computer while you practice your mixes, since its control configuration is quite similar to the real thing.

On the other hand, you will be able to adjust the power per channel and you will be able to launch preloaded sound effects thanks to the eight touch pads optimized with Rekordbox Dj that you will find on each side of the controller.

Now, this model seems to be an ideal option, but to be sure, let’s analyze in detail the pros and cons of this product:


Brand: The quality offered over the years by the Pioneer brand is undeniable, which is why it is one of the most popular and remains an option for innovation and loyalty. It is certainly a reason to take a look at this controller.

Software: This model includes the Rekordbox Dj software with its purchase, which allows you to organize the music, the sound effects and even practice the mixes without having to connect the controller, thus saving hours of useful life that will be used when your audience this present.


Price: Quality has a cost and we all know that, so if you are a beginner who plans to use this equipment occasionally, it is better that you look at cheaper options, since this model is expensive and offers features that deserve to be taken advantage of. maximum.

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3. Numark Party Mix Plug and Play DJ Controller

If you are looking for a DJ controller to liven up parties or mix at home, don’t forget to check out the features of the Numark Party Mix, as it offers 2 independent channels and is compatible with Serato DJ Lite. This application comes with the purchase of the product, so you will not have to purchase it separately, in addition, it works for both Windows and Mac.

In addition to this, this controller is quite complete, since it offers fader and equalization controls for treble and bass on each channel, as well as a crossfader.

In addition, each channel has 4 pads, which are used to apply effects to songs in real time, play loops and samples, etc. It even has two effect disks to give your mixes that unique and fun touch.

On the other hand, we mentioned that it is a Plug and Play driver, that is, you will not need to install drivers for the computer to detect it.

If you are still not clear about its most important qualities, check the following list in which we present the pros and cons of the Numark Party Mix DJ controller.


Channels: It has 2 channels that you can listen to on your headphones separately to make more precise mixes.

Faders: It has several faders, for example, two to control the volume of each channel and two that adjust the effects. Also, it has a crossfader that is used to select the mix or channel that you want to play.

Pads: It comes with 4 pads on each channel, so you can add various effects or samples to each song.

Decks: This controller has two decks, with which you can make more entertaining mixes, keeping the rhythm of the songs.  


Microphone: It does not have a port to connect a microphone, so you will not be able to add effects with your voice or cheer at parties with this controller.

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4. Pioneer DJ 2-Channel DJ Controller

The Pioneer DJ range is another of the greats that we have within our reach in this market. A segment in which the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 model is located. A table compatible with Serato DJ controllers and that the firm guides for beginners who want to jump into a new world of functions. 

To do this, the equipment has two channels with a simple navigation system inspired by the professional range of the brand, which allows transitions to be made easily, as well as scratch effects using the included pads. 

In addition, the simple approach of the table makes it easy to find each option and manage them comfortably when DJing, in an intuitive design that will not take too long to get used to.

Take a step forward in your creativity through the different functions that this intermediate model of the Pioneer DJ range brings together.


Design : The design of the controller is highly intuitive, so it is much easier to know where each element is and access them comfortably.

Transitions : The FX Fade system makes it very easy to obtain quality transitions, for which you have different patterns of effects combined and configurable to your liking.

Construction : Its construction includes details such as aluminum wheels, a table made of the same material and quality buttons, for greater durability.


Software : As with many of these DJ controllers, the included software isn’t the best. Although thanks to its compatibility you can always choose the one you like best.

Functionality : We are talking about a product for intermediate users, so it may fall short for professionals or for those who want to have complete control of the mixes.

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5. Reloop AMS-MIXON-4 236534

With the Reloop AMS-MIXON-4 236534 model we make the leap to the complete and professional world of DJ controllers. We are talking about a device in which a simple glance is enough to find all kinds of controls, more complete than those that we would generally see in a classic product. 

This allows you to control each parameter of the sound, both individually and for each channel, as well as for the final mix obtained. The product also stands out for its hybrid functionality, so it is compatible with both Serato DJ and integration with Spotify via Djay Pro, giving you greater scope when mixing. 

It also allows you to incorporate all kinds of effects and even has different playback modes for each track, being easily accessible using the corresponding pads. So if you don’t want controller options to limit your creativity, you won’t have to worry about a thing with this model.

Accessing a complete range of controls for your mixes is easy thanks to the extensive proposal that Reloop has deposited in this product. 


Hybrid functionality: This option combines the Serato DJ Plug and Play system with the integration of Spotify via Djay Pro, for greater functionality.

Intensive control: Compared to other models, the product incorporates a wide control area for the sound output parameters, therefore ideal for the most demanding users.

Versatile card: The integrated audio card has different types of output where the XLR Master function or the 6.3 mm connector stand out, among others.


Finishes: Some comments indicate that the finish of the plastic buttons could be improved, although it is not something that affects the usability of the product or its resistance.

Power adapter: If you notice input noise, it may be due to the power adapter, although this is not a common problem based on feedback.

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Hercules Universal DJ Console

Within the offer of DJ controllers at an advanced level, there are products that allow us to take full control of our mixes, thanks to their high quality and their breadth of controls with which to introduce effects, navigate between our music and free the limits of our creativity..

Elements that the Hercules 4780773 controller meets, with its complete and compact design. A very extensive mixer loaded with all kinds of controls and that offers the quality to better optimize your talent.

Among its controllers we find the typical elements of cross fade A-B tables with volume, rhythm and synchronization controls.

It also has up to eight configurable buttons and effects as well as treble and bass management elements, both per channel and per output. It also includes a headphone output so you can listen to your music directly without disturbing anyone.


Connectivity: this table has Bluetooth connectivity to be able to connect the equipment to your mobile and tablet, even supporting the possibility of remote control from it.

Triple band: the console has a triple band system for the equalizer so that you can have greater control over all aspects of the sound compared to other simpler models.

16 configurable buttons: to be able to optimize the operation of the console you have 16 buttons, 8 per channel, to be able to configure with your favorite effects, facilitating its use.

Quality – The high quality of the components in this controller help you get the best results with a long lifespan and a flawless appearance every time.


Drivers: At the time of publishing this analysis, the team did not have drivers for Windows 10, although they will surely be available for download shortly.

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How to use a DJ controller

The idea behind being a DJ is to try to match your own musical tastes with the desires of a given audience. It’s not just about matching the beats or playing different songs. It is about being observant, empathetic and reactive. It is not difficult to start, but it is difficult to stand out and be exceptional. However, a driver will help you with this arduous task.

How does a DJ controller work?

The logic behind this device is really quite simple: the controllers allow you to manage your chosen DJ software, while providing a vinyl or CD-deck-like experience. These controllers mimic the traditional mixer and turntable setup. DJ controllers have the ability to harness the power of DJ software without the need to touch your laptop during performance. You will use the computer simply as a screen to help you perfect your mixes.

Know your controller: learn where everything is

If you want to know how to mix with your DJ controller, you’ll first need to know where everything is. While most people like to start playing with their new purchase right away, it’s important to get familiar with the controller first. You can do this by reading the manual or watching a video tutorial. This will give you a good introduction, as well as some insight into how your controller works. After this, you can start practicing with the controller and learn to mix through experimentation.

beatmatching or synchronization button

One of the most important aspects of DJing is beatmatching, or the process of synchronizing the tempos of two records so they can transition from one to the other. Since transitioning between different songs is the primary responsibility of a DJ, it’s crucial that you learn how the beatmatching button on your controller works.


Most controllers are compatible with most DJ software as their controls can be manually assigned. The controllers also come with a bunch of quality tools that if used correctly can help take your mixes to a whole new level. It’s not uncommon for DJs to use more than one controller to manage multiple applications during the performance.

Take it easy the first time

No matter how hard you practice, using a new or first-time controller can be a daunting task. So keep things simple the first time as this is certainly not the time to test your and the controller’s limits.

Make sure you have a sound card

Most controllers have a built in sound card. However, if your controller doesn’t come installed with one, make sure you get it as you’ll need it to drive the controller.

always be prepared

Make sure to bring some CDs in a reliable format. You can also have some of the music stored on a USB drive, but first of all make sure it’s compatible with your controller.

The most popular brands

Whether you’re just learning or already a pro, for any DJ, half of their genius is having equipment that allows them to unleash their creativity and keep up with their rhythm, both in the studio and on the go. For this, nothing better than having a trusted partner with a reliable and quality product. We present three brands that meet these requirements and that will always offer you excellent results.

Talking about DJ equipment such as controllers, turntables, amplifiers and much more is talking about Pioneer. It is one of the leading brands in the market and it is not strange to see some of the best DJs on the planet have one of the equipment of this brand to do their magic. The company was founded in 1938 although the current name would not arrive until the change produced in 1947.

The company joined the wave of Japanese companies focused on the world of image and sound, manufacturing all kinds of equipment such as those related to DVD, both players and recorders, HIFI sound equipment and other equipment such as GPS navigation systems or television screens being the first brand to break 50 inches with high definition equipment.

A catalog where DJ controllers and other related equipment have never been lacking, as already mentioned, and where the company has found a comfortable market niche where it maintains a clear leadership position compared to other companies. Their products are reliable, easy to install and always offer the best configuration and comfort of use so that you only worry about your music.

The Numark company has focused its market and efforts on the commercialization of all kinds of equipment for DJs. A company that, despite its modern image, has been helping artists for more than 40 years to give more flavor to their musical productions. A time in which it has introduced numerous novelties on the market such as the first unit with a double CD player for mixing, the first DJ equipment with a sampler included or the first DJ equipment that can be controlled through Android and iOS devices.

News that have significantly changed the way you play and enjoy your music and your mixes. Numark’s main approach is to satisfy the most demanding needs, for which research and development is a key.

But also maintain a clear line of communication to understand what the market wants, the professional and the amateur, to make it available to them. A commitment that has led the brand to be the first exclusive brand dedicated to the sector by sales, with a clear advantage over its competitors.

As in the case of Numark, Hercules is another company dedicated almost entirely to the manufacture of DJ controllers, ranging from the good and cheap to the most expensive but with the highest quality.

It completes this main line with the sale of speakers and small accessories for PCs, although its main business is among the decks of a DJ controller, after evolving from the world of sound cards for PCs, which were well known in the 90s among users. This change to the world of DJing is based on an eternal memory of analog audio, from which they rescue the best elements to obtain quality sounds and modernize them to the world of MP3 and CD, with traditional elements up to date.

The result of this work is complete controllers, high quality, easy to use and in which we could DJ with both traditional turntables and modern audio sources without noticing differences. Something that is manifested in the company motto: Digital core, analog roots. A statement of intent that for now is giving it a good deal of favor from users.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Hercules 4780653

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the Hercules 4780653 is the multitude of functions that we find at a glance. And not only that. This model is perfect for those DJs who have to move around a lot and frequently use a computer.

Tiene un controlador metálico de 2/4 decks para mezclar, 2 o 4 pistas de audio estéreo y 2 salidas estéreo, así podrás hacer una escucha previa y usarlo también para tus mezclas. Seguimos con las dos entradas estéreo para equipo analógico.

El controlador metálico portátil tiene un sensor de peso en la mano. Esto es perfecto para el scratching y la búsqueda interior de pistas de audio. A mayor precisión, mayor calidad. Con un diseño plateado, elegante y profesional, entra en nuestra lista de los mejores controladores de DJ en relación calidad-precio.

Recuerda que para hacer una inversión inteligente, es importante evaluar las características de cada producto y elegir el que más se adecue a tus necesidades, por eso te mostramos los pros y contras del Hercules 4780653, que ha sido catalogado por los clientes como el mejor controlador de DJ.


Canales: Es un controlador muy completo con cuatro canales, de los cuales dos son virtuales, para que puedas obtener sonido de gran calidad y hacer mezclas realmente originales.

Conexión USB: En caso de que necesites vinculación con algún dispositivo externo para tener a mano alguna pista, el controlador cuenta con una conexión USB y el cable correspondiente.

Programa virtual: Si eres un DJ novato, este controlador puede conectarse al programa virtual DJ donde aprenderás a usarl

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