The 5 Best Drumsticks of 2022

Drumsticks – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

People who love music, drummers by trade or interested in learning to play this instrument, should know how important it is to have a pair of suitable drumsticks so that the sound on the cymbals and snare drums is pleasant. If you want to acquire a new pair of these musical tools or buy the first ones for your drummer, then you should consider the opinions of other users about the quality of the models. For this reason, we present the two models that lead sales and user preferences. The first is the Vic Firth 5BB, a pair of hickory wood tipped drumsticks with an elegant black finish, which are recommended for professional or amateur practice, are light in weight and comfortable to use. In second place is the Rayzm 2B model, drumsticks that are made from quality solid wood that helps generate a good sound and makes them light in weight.

Buying Guide – What are the best drumsticks on the market?

There are many drumsticks, but when selecting a model it is necessary that they adjust to your musical needs, since not all are the same. To help you select good drumsticks, we have prepared a guide to buy the best drumsticks on the market, with the basic characteristics that you must consider to select ones that meet your demands and requirements.


There are different types and models of drumsticks, but if you want to select one, then in the comparison of drumsticks you need to consider the type, since the thickness of the sticks and the sound they will emit on the snare drums and cymbals depend on this.

Not all types fit all genres, so depending on the musical style you dedicate yourself to, a specific one will be more or less recommended. The types are usually 7 A, 5 A, 5 B and 2 B, knowing that each of them represents thinner or thicker drumsticks.

In the case of the 7 A, they are light and used mainly by drummers who start in the art or jazz students, while the 5 A are a little thicker and are usually used for heavy rock, although they are also suitable for other genres. On the other hand, there are the 5 Bs, with a greater thickness that allows them to provide more intense sounds, while the 2 Bs are even thicker and are used by professional drummers.


Weight is another fundamental factor in a pair of drumsticks and this characteristic usually goes hand in hand with the type, since the thicker they are, the greater their weight, as well as the thinner they are, their weight will also be lighter.

One of the recommended tips is that they have a weight-type balance and that they are comfortable when holding them in the hands, so that they do not tire and provide adequate sounds on the cymbals and drums.

Similarly, the distribution of weight guarantees greater durability, since the most uniform tend to be more flexible and better withstand shocks and reverberations. The idea is that the sticks are able to play on the drums without chipping or breaking.

Colors and finishes

Surely you are looking for a model of drumsticks that are good and cheap, so if these properties are important to you, then you should also consider features such as colors and finish. Although this may not seem to affect quality and performance, it is not entirely true.

Each model has different finishes, with special treatments, a layer of colored paint that can be white, black, matte or glossy, varnished, among others.

The finish gives a different slip shape on the fingers. Those with a matte finish tend to be more stable between the fingers and slip less with sweat, but some experienced drummers tend to prefer sticks that allow more mobility, to vary the grip during playing.


The designs of the drumsticks are usually classic, so what varies in these drumsticks are the dimensions and the shape of the tip, which can be round or tear-shaped.

Keep in mind that each one provides different sounds and are suitable for different genres. Likewise, the tips can be made with different materials compared to the rest of the drumstick, since there are wooden ones, but other models come in plastic. Like the shape, each material provides a different sound on both cymbals and drums.

Those with plastic tips sound firm and boomy on the cymbals, while those with wooden tips are recommended for drier and deeper sounds, which are common in genres such as rock and jazz.

Manufacturing materials

If you are wondering how much a pair of drumsticks costs, you should keep in mind what manufacturing materials were used to make the product. Wood is the most common material in this class of instruments, because it is strong, resistant and helps to emit an adequate sound on the cymbals and drums that make up the battery.

Being wood the preferred material, the difference lies in the type of wood, since all are solid and resistant, but the most common are walnut, maple and oak. The first is the most frequently used, incorporated in most models. On the other hand, those made with maple wood are light and at the same time flexible, while those made of oak are usually denser and are recommended for a greater rumble.   

The 5 Best Drumsticks – Opinions 2022

If you have a battery, you know that in order to use it you need a pair of drumsticks, but the market is full of models and manufacturers that claim to have the best, so selecting a model is not easy. For this reason, we have prepared the following section in which we present the five models that are recognized by users and that lead the preferences, so we explain the most outstanding characteristics of each one.

1. Vic Firth 5BB Drumstick

Main advantage:

As this is a 5B drumstick, you can get a powerful sound with less effort, as the weight helps to give a more intense hit on the drums. On the other hand, hickory wood has a high degree of rigidity, which makes it robust and prevents it from breaking easily.

Main disadvantage:

It may be that some players who are looking for light movements or who are very young find it difficult to adapt to a drumstick of the weight of this model.

Verdict: 9.9/10

They are a pair of drumsticks that combine an elegant appearance with the rigidity that characterizes hickory wood, which can give a high-gloss sound without breaking easily.

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As we know, tastes break genres, but the drumsticks that the Vic brand offers us on this occasion could meet the expectations of demanding users, who are seeking to create a powerful sound on the drums and thus give greater prominence to the interpretation.

With regard to their thickness, they are classified as 5B, which for the Vic brand are among those called thick in its catalogue, with a diameter of 1.5 cm. In this way, they are robust, which means that by their own weight they manage to hit with a good intensity and provide a comfortable grip if you lean towards sticks that are not thin.

As for its tip, it is made of teardrop-shaped wood, which offers a somewhat different sound than the nylon ones, but which can be attractive. In addition, we must not fail to notice that their style in black with the brand’s logo contrasting in white makes them look quite good.

Materials and durability

We cannot talk about drumsticks without mentioning what they are made of, since the experience of the player and their durability depend on that. Well, with reference to this feature, we must mention that they are made of robust hickory wood.

This wood is characterized, among other things, by being very resistant to shocks, due to its high degree of hardness. Therefore, it is one of the best alternatives to make drumsticks. In this way, when choosing them, you can count on a pair that will probably be useful for a considerable period of time.

Uses and comfort

To talk about the uses that you can give these drumsticks, it must be said that they could well adapt to any style of music, but they are especially recommended to meet the needs of Rock performers and bands in general, thanks to the volume they can reach in the drums. percussions.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that they could be comfortable for any interpreter, preferably an adult, since small children could get a little tired when practicing with them. While its smooth finish can be very comfortable for those who do not want any type of relief that is marked on the hands.

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2. Rayzm 5A Drum Drumsticks

If you are looking for the best drumsticks on the market, then you may want to review the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer Rayzm.

These drumsticks feature a classic, balanced design for comfortable hands. To achieve a good sound, its tip is made from solid wood selected from hard walnut stems, which guarantees its durability and quality in the production of vibration on the drum.

This size 2B model has dimensions of 41.3 cm in length, 1.6 cm in diameter and is made of walnut, one of the most common and practical woods for these instruments.

In general, they are drumsticks recommended as special for heavy metal sounds and styles, because they are one of the thickest, in addition to having a weight of 181 grams.

As the best drumstick brand you are likely to come across Rayzm repeatedly. This explains the fact that this model always appears among the most recommended options. Here we present its pros and cons.


Classic: Its design is classic in wood color and they belong to size 5A, one of the most used by beginner drummers.

Resistance: They have a good degree of resistance, due to the fact that they are made of walnut wood, which allows them to offer durability and withstand shocks.

Versatile: These are versatile drumsticks, as they can be used to play various rhythms such as rock, pop or jazz.

Pack: They are offered in a pack of two pairs, so that you will have spare drumsticks or to play in various places.


Trials: Some users have stated that they recommend them primarily for trials and not for a professional use environment.

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3. Zildjian Astblk Drumstick Travis Barker

This model is recommended by users who are looking for the best drumsticks of 2022, because they have a classic and comfortable design for the hands.

They offer an adequate balance and are suitable for playing on drums and cymbals, because thanks to their round tip they emit a pleasant sound.

These Travis Barker drumsticks are American made and are made from solid walnut wood, a material that is beneficial for these instruments.

They have a weight of 63.5 grams, so they are efficient for various musical styles, so it is a matter of adapting to the weight. This model has dimensions of 41.6 cm in length and a diameter of 1.51  cm, with black finishes.

These drumsticks have various attributes that have led them to be recommended by many buyers. So we decided to identify them and list them on this list.


Wood: The drumsticks are made of American walnut wood, which gives them a good level of resistance, depending on the use they receive. Tip: The tip is round, so it produces a sound of adequate depth.

Applications: The drumsticks have several applications, since they are used to accompany faster or slower rhythms.

Grip: Users have stated that the drumsticks have a good level of grip and that they do not slip from the fingers, which is favorable for playing.


Marks: It has been commented that the drumsticks produce certain marks on the instruments on which the blows are made, so caution must be taken when using them.

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4. Vic Firth 7A Drumstick

Many users wonder which are the best drumsticks on the market. To answer this question, the Vic Firth 7A model may be the right one, since it has the necessary characteristics to emit pleasant sounds suitable for different musical genres.

This model of drumsticks has a drumstick design and teardrop-shaped tip, corresponding to size 7A. These properties are usually recommended for being thin and light.

Thus, they can be considered for amateur use or for practices when you are starting to learn the instrument. They are made of Carya illinoinensis wood.

The dimensions of this battery add-on are 15.5″ x 0.5″ x 0.5″. They have a weight of 90.7 grams, so they are light, but considering their thickness, the weight is adequate in relation to the balance they offer to make simple touches.

Featured among the best drumsticks for 10 euros we find this model, which has adequate properties to obtain good performance when playing the drums, being one of the cheapest drumsticks. Here are its essentials.


Finishes: These drumsticks are made of carya illinoinensis type wood, which provides resistance, with favorable finishes for good performance.

Tip: The tip of the drumsticks is made of wood and has a teardrop shape, so that it generates a suitable sound.

Size: The drumsticks belong to size 7A, which is another of the most recommended for beginners.

Grip: They have an adequate grip, allowing precision at all times, something essential for those who are new to the use of these instruments.


Soft rhythms: It has been commented that these drumsticks are designed to play soft rhythms and of little intensity, in order to preserve the structure for longer.

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5. Pro Mark TX5AW Drumstick

This model of drumsticks is one of the most requested by users, as it has materials that give it quality, a good weight and balance to provide good sounds on cymbals and snare drums.

This pair of chopsticks features a classic design and natural wood color, with tips made from oval-shaped hickory wood, which generates a warm sound. The manufacturer offers different sizes on the market, to select the most convenient, according to the needs of each user.

The 5A ones have a diameter of 14 mm and a length of 41 cm and are one of the thickest and most professional, being recommended for musical styles that are in the vein of hard rock, but their versatility is wide, so they can be useful for other music genres that also use drums.

For you to define which drumsticks to buy, we also include the pros and cons of this model, which has several positive comments among buyers.


Manufacturing: They have a North American manufacturing, which supposes an adequate level of quality.

Structure: The structure of the drumsticks is made of walnut wood, which is one of the most efficient and used in the production of this type of instrument.

Tip: They have an oval-type tip, which allows a deeper sound to be generated through the blow generated on the surface of the instrument.

5A: Being size 5A, these drumsticks can be used to play various types of rhythms, improving training and learning options for each user.


Weight: Drumsticks have been said to change weight from prototype to prototype. This after acquiring two extra pairs after the first purchase.

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Vic Firth 5BB Drumstick

Quality and economy are two characteristics that all users look for when selecting a model and, in this case, the Vic Firth 5BB are recommended as the best value for money drumsticks, as they are the cheapest on our list of recommended products..

This model has a weight of only 54.4 grams, a classic design with a black finish and a tip made of tear drop wood, which provides a deep sound on snare drums.

The rest of the drumstick is made from hickory. These drumsticks are suitable for rock bands, practicing the instrument and other musical activities, including the use of drums in styles such as jazz. Its thickness corresponds to the 5B measure, one of the thickest on the market, which provides intense sounds on the boxes.

The best drumsticks of the moment can be represented by this model, whose positive and negative aspects we have summarized below.


Size: They belong to size 5B, which is one of the most used because it is thick, suitable for playing various types of percussion instruments.

Finish: They have a black finish that is elegant for many users, in addition to the fact that the surface is smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Head: The head of the drumsticks is in the form of tears and this makes the blows have a better resonance on the surfaces.

Wood: They are made of tear drop type wood, so they produce a better quality sound and resist falls and bumps that may occur quite well.


Weight: For some users, the weight of the drumsticks is a bit high, but this perception can change from one person to another.

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How to use drumsticks

A very important aspect to take into account when playing drums is the grip of the drumsticks, since they are the essential implements to generate sounds on cymbals and drums. For many beginners, their employment is often a difficult learning process. However, we show you these simple tips that will help you use drum sticks correctly.

Check you have the right drumsticks

Thanks to the boom that music has had, the battery has become a very popular musical instrument, so every day there is a greater variety of sizes and models of the instrument. It is important that you check if the size of your drumsticks is the right one for you, otherwise you will not be able to get along with the drums.

Find the balance point

When starting to play the drums and cymbals, it is necessary that the drumsticks have elasticity and rebound during the movement. To achieve this, you must find the balance point with your hands when you grab them. Place the drumstick from top to bottom on the palm of your hand, to identify at which point it makes the greatest number of bounces on the music box. It should give about 8 to 10 rebounds in an inert way.

Make a correct grip of the drumsticks

Once you have located the balance point, proceed to hold the drumsticks correctly. Currently, there are three popular gripping methods: the American, German, and French styles. Each of them works in different situations, depending on the intensity with which you need to play the drums. Mainly, it is about holding the drumsticks at 2/3 of their diameter, placing them between the thumb and index finger.

Position yourself in front of the battery

Once you have the proper stick position, sit in front of the drums in a comfortable chair. Have a firm posture and place your legs parallel to the instrument. Next, place your dominant foot on the kick pedal.

Support your arms

To play the drums smoothly, you need your arms to have the proper posture. With either type of grip, the arms should be positioned firmly on the drum. To do this, fold your palms inward and let your elbows protrude outward, avoiding having them stiff. This technique can make it easier to get more power and control from your sticks.

Start with simple movements

If you are a beginner, start with simple movements and sequences. Start by hitting the drum with light bounces, turning your wrists up and down. If it doesn’t have a smooth bounce, you should improve your arm position. Avoid bouncing using your arms, shoulders, or fingers, as it can affect your joints.

practice constantly

The success of the good use of the drumsticks is in the continuous practice with them. As you progress in practice, raise the level of difficulty by managing more complicated sequences, which include different bounces with the cymbals.

clean them

After use, clean them with a damp cloth and let them air dry. Prevent dirt from accumulating, as its usefulness will be reduced.

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