The 5 Best Flamenco Guitars of 2022

Flamenco Guitar – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The acoustic guitar is a very useful instrument to play any musical genre, but there are guitars that have a special design for flamenco, Spanish music that is characterized by the strumming and plucking of the strings. It should be noted that this instrument has similar qualities to a classical guitar, however, the wood, headstock, preamp, number of frets and other things could change between one model or another. Below, we present several quality flamenco guitars that may be of interest to you. The Admira ADMF4 is one of them, as it has an elegant design and is made with a rosewood fingerboard, a wood that provides durability and a beautiful sound. Another outstanding guitar is the Alhambra Flamenca 4F Guitars, full-bodied and that changes the manufacturing materials compared to the usual ones. Something that generates a different and very pleasant sound for your performances.

Buying guide – What is the best flamenco guitar on the market?

To choose a suitable instrument, it is important to know what material it has been made of, as well as the type of accessories it has. Therefore, we invite you to review the following guide to buy the best flamenco guitar today. Our intention is that you choose an optimal product that meets your requirements.


When making a comparison of flamenco guitars, you should pay attention to this characteristic, because, depending on it, you will enjoy a long-lasting instrument with excellent sound capabilities.

Furthermore, it should be noted that flamenco guitars are not made from just one type of wood; Generally, they have a very varied combination of these. However, this time we will mention some of the most outstanding.

One of the woods used to make the fingerboard is ebony, due to its robustness and high resistance to humidity. It is also a material that provides users with adequate vibration of the strings.

Also, some brands make fingerboards out of rosewood, which is a lighter wood than ebony.

On the other hand, as for the woods used for the soundboard of the guitar, mahogany, fir, spruce, cypress, cedar, among others, stand out. Each one has unique shades, veins and sounds, some are even combined with each other, to create better aesthetic and acoustic results.


Sometimes, when wondering how much a guitar costs, other questions arise, such as what preamp the instrument has. Therefore, we mention in this section some aspects that you should know about it. Perhaps, after reviewing this point and searching for various models on the Internet, you will find a good and cheap guitar.

When we talk about preamplification we refer to the microphones or electrical systems that some models of flamenco guitars have. This means that not all of them come with this technology, so you should be aware of it before making the purchase. Also, if you don’t want to amplify your guitar, then without this type of system it will be enough for you.

Generally, the electrical system with a microphone is called a preamplifier and is used to connect the guitar to an external sound system. This is useful for when you are going to play live and you need the audience to hear you more clearly.

Some of the microphone preamps that come with guitars have a digital tuner and equalization. The first is to properly tension the strings, giving them the tone they require when played.

On the other hand, equalization refers to the possibility of adjusting the high, medium or low frequencies of the guitar.

In summary, if you want a guitar to play in various concerts with your band, it is best to think about an instrument that has a preamp. In this way you will have a product that you can use in any musical presentation.


This aspect is very important because some guitars come with various types of accessories. In addition, the size and color may also vary.

For example, some headstocks are gold, others come with black knobs. Likewise, there are those that bring white knobs; the latter are some of the most common.

Another aspect that has to do directly with the design is the number of frets on the fingerboard. In this sense, you should check that it has at least 15 frets, to be able to play treble solos without difficulties.

In addition to this, we can mention the mouth and rosette. Although most guitars come with these two elements similar to those of a traditional classical guitar, this is not always the case. Various manufacturers make these parts in various sizes, with unique shapes.

Also, you have to take into account if the guitar comes with the half-moon design, known in some countries as a cutaway. This will serve so that the performer can easily access the higher frets of the guitar with his left hand. It is a cut that manufacturers generally make to the soundboard after the twelfth fret, in the shape of a crescent.

This type of design has its advantages, but some people prefer them without a cutaway because, according to them, this reduces the size of the body of the guitar and, in some cases, volume.


We know that most flamenco guitars come with their strings pre-installed, however, we recommend that you review this aspect before choosing one or another model on the Internet. In this way you will be sure of the purchase and you will not have to buy this type of accessories separately.

On the other hand, we mentioned that some guitars come with a case, which will be very useful to store them when you are not using them or transport them to music school.

The 5 Best Flamenco Guitars – Opinions 2022

This instrument has many models available on the market, therefore, some people get confused and cannot acquire the one that best suits their needs. To help you choose the best option, we present the following list. There you will find some of the best flamenco guitars of 2022.

1. Admire ADMF4 Flamenco guitar F4 4/4

Main advantage:

The best quality of this instrument is the fact that it is a high-end product made to be used by professionals. Handmade to take care of even the smallest details, giving you quality and comfort.

Main disadvantage:

One point against this product is its cost, since the price could be considered high, compared to other guitars on the market. However, considering that it is a professional instrument, its price is understandable.

Verdict 9.9/10:

This flamenco guitar is a good option for those who want a durable instrument that can be used professionally, as it is a model that stands out for its sound and elegant finishes.

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Before checking the price of a guitar, the first thing you should pay attention to is the material used in the manufacture of the instrument. The wood chosen for the creation is what determines whether the model will be one of the best flamenco guitars or not, since this element not only affects its durability, but also its sound. Guitars usually use two different types of wood, and in this case, this model uses rosewood and spruce.

Fir wood is a material that is characterized by being used in high-end guitars. This is because, in addition to being a strong and dense wood, it provides a warm sound with plenty of clarity and power. On the other hand, the fingerboard and bridge, being made of ebony and rosewood, respectively, stand out for their durability and for improving sonority.


This guitar is not only beautiful, but it is also one of the highest quality flamenco guitars of the brand. This is because the F4 model belongs to Admira’s “Handcrafted” line of instruments, which implies that the guitar has been handcrafted following the parameters of the Traditional Spanish Construction System. This is noticeable in the details of the finish and also in the sound.

When playing the instrument, the quality of the guitar will be evident, since the sound will have good volume, clarity and great power that will project each musical note effectively. All of these features are crucial if desired in a high-end guitar, so they are qualities that make this model stand out. Due to this, the instrument is suitable for experienced and professional people, who wish to show their talent with a guitar that is at their level.


Before this guitar captivates you with its powerful sound, it will probably captivate you with its beautiful design. In fact, this is often mentioned in positive reviews. Because it is made by hand, when you analyze it you will be able to notice how they were taken care of even the smallest aspects. This 4/4 size instrument has the light color that characterizes fir wood; however, from the fretboard to the headstock, you will notice a darker tone, thanks to the rosewood, which will provide a very good contrast.

For its part, the mouth of the instrument also has a colorful pattern that stands out and attracts attention. On the headstock it will be possible to find some lateral details in gold to give elegance to the guitar, with the “A” of the brand in silver. As for the dimensions, the measurements reach 103 x 13 x 40 cm to be a comfortable guitar for adults.

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2. Alhambra Guitars Flamenco Guitar 4F (4/4)

When looking for the best flamenco guitar. we find in the Alhambra 4F model a good proposal. This traditional cut model comes from a top-level manufacturer, with more than 50 years of experience in the sector, a candidate to be the best current flamenco guitar brand.

Something that is perceived in the general appearance of the piece, equipped with a solid German spruce top, with Sycamore back and sides and Samanguila neck. Some materials that break the trend against the usual spruce and maple in these guitars. What does not change is the ebony fretboard, which follows the most classic pattern.

The result is a piece that is elegant in its appearance and efficient when executing all kinds of performances. Something to which its golden pegs help, with which to maintain the tension of the strings and that reduce the need for tuning.

So that you have a clearer idea of ​​which is the best flamenco guitar you can find, we summarize everything you need to know about this model.


Materials : The piece has innovative materials, such as sycamore, German fir or Samanguila.

Headstock : The headstock of the guitar better supports the tension of the strings and reduces the need to tune them.

Resistance : This is a highly resistant professional cutting instrument.

Finish : The varnished finish is very elegant and has a good quality.


Body : We are talking about a 4/4 guitar, which can be large for smaller users or those who prefer smaller instruments.

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3. Flamenco Cajons Flamenco guitar Antonio Fernandez F

Those who enjoy the classical styles of flamenco guitar will probably love this beautiful instrument made in Madrid, Spain. Made from the finest materials, the spruce top gives it a bright, clear look that commands attention; meanwhile, the rosewood fingerboard and bridge contrast with its dark tones. All this is completed with the gold sides on the headstock that give elegance to the design.

As for the scale, this is 650 mm, which is considered a suitable measurement for guitars made for adults, regardless of whether they are beginners or experts. Playing the instrument will be quite comfortable, considering that the frets will have the correct spacing to fit your fingers.

The weight of the guitar is 5 kilograms, so it will not be very difficult to handle it comfortably. Lastly, this instrument comes with a case for easy portability.

If you are looking for a good relation between quality and price, then this guitar could be a very good option for you.


Materials: The combination of spruce and rosewood woods are the most common in these instruments, as they provide durability and good sound.

Scale: To be comfortable when playing, this guitar has a 650 mm scale, so the frets will have a suitable distance for musicians.

Case: With the purchase of this instrument you can also take home a case that will allow the mobilization and storage of the guitar safely.

Decoration: The sound hole of the guitar has a colorful design, with various attractive patterns, which gives it an extra touch.


Finishes: Unlike other models on the market that stand out for their handcrafted finishes, this instrument has a more industrial look, which may not be to the liking of the most demanding.

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4. Prudencio Saez Flamenco Guitar Pilgrim II

Prudencio Saez is one of the best current flamenco guitar brands, thanks to almost 60 years of experience in the manufacture of flamenco guitars. A process that continues to be as handcrafted and careful as it was in its beginnings, offering high quality and powerful pieces.

Something that is present in the Peregrina II model. The guitar has a solid cedar body with Indian rosewood back and sides and ebony fingerboard. A mix of high level and ideal to enjoy a pure, powerful and high quality sound.

It also has very nice touch finishes and a comfortable neck, which makes it easier to perform your performances. A typically flamenco guitar that also stands out for the high power it generates, above the usual in other lower quality models.

Discover a new world for your interpretations thanks to everything that this interesting traditional flamenco guitar has to offer you. 


Sound: The guitar offers a very flamenco-like, powerful and balanced sound. Something that makes it suitable for all kinds of music.

Materials : The materials follow the usual standards, in which there is no lack of ebony on the fingerboard or rosewood on the sides.

Neck: The neck facilitates your interpretations and has a very pleasant touch, as well as being resistant.

Carnavalera: This guitar was designed for the comparsa of the great Juan Carlos Aragón, renowned author of comparsas of the Cadiz carnival.


Price: Its price is somewhat high compared to other guitars, but it is in line with a top-level product like this.

Finish: The finish is rather matte and darker than that of the more traditional models, although this aspect is purely aesthetic.

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5. Admire Flamenco Guitar

It is considered one of the cheapest, therefore, for some users it is the best value for money flamenco guitar at the moment.

It has a solid spruce top, which is light brown in color to highlight the reddish rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The neck, for its part, is made of African mahogany, which is a wood that combines with rosewood, being a little lighter than this.  

The back and sides are made of maple, a light brown that stands out for its usefulness in the manufacture of various musical instruments, including electric guitars.

On the other hand, the headstock of this flamenco guitar is gold with white tuning knobs, which matches the reddish brown of the head.

This could be the best flamenco guitar for 300 euros, because although it is one of the cheapest, it has qualities that make it stand out among other current instruments.


Design: It is made with a solid spruce top, maple back and sides, African mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. In other words, it is a combination of woods with great quality and durability.

Frets: It has 19 frets so that the user can perform chords and serious and treble melodies.

Headstock: This area of ​​the guitar is gold in color with white tuning knobs. All this combines very well with the light brown color of the instrument.


Microphone: It would be good if you brought a microphone to be able to connect this instrument to active speakers or guitar amplifiers.

Accessories: The package does not include accessories such as a case or stand for when you are not using the guitar.

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Alhambra 4 acoustic flamenco guitar

It is the best flamenco guitar of the moment according to some buyers, since it has German spruce on its back and sides, an elegant wood that stands out for its elegance and clear sound on various plucked string instruments.

In addition to this, we mention that it has a gold headstock with white knobs, which combines very well with the brown color of the guitar.

The model also incorporates the 6 strings Mi, Si, Sol, Re, La, Mi and a rosette around the soundhole. Likewise, another wood used in its manufacture is mahogany, reddish in color by nature, which is resistant to continuous use and climatic changes.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the fingerboard of this guitar is made of ebony, a wood from countries such as India and Africa. This is black by nature, that is, undyed, so it suits the style of the guitar.  

According to some people who have already acquired it, this is the best flamenco guitar of the moment. Therefore, take a look at its most important features. These could help you choose a suitable model for your needs.


Woods: This guitar was made with German spruce, mahogany and ebony, an optimal combination of exotic woods, to provide better sound and durability.

Neck: It has dimensions of 5.2 cm in the neck, so that you can do flamenco plucking more easily.

Frets: It has a fingerboard with 18 correctly distributed frets, which provides a tuned sound and the possibility of playing flamenco solos without problems.

Soundhole: It has a soundhole similar to that of a common classical guitar, so that the vibration and sound of the notes are greater. In addition, the mouth is adorned with an elegant rosette.


Color: It does not come in different colors for the user to choose the one they like best, however, most buyers are satisfied with its mahogany hue.

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How to use a flamenco guitar

Perhaps the fact that the strings of this type of guitar are closer to the fretboard makes many players find this type of instrument more comfortable to play. But whatever the reason for which you have acquired a flamenco guitar, we want to share some recommendations regarding the way in which you can use it.

Get acquainted with its sound

We want to start by mentioning that the flamenco guitar generally has less volume than a Spanish one. This is normal, so you shouldn’t be too surprised if you compare it. It is due to its soundboard being a bit smaller in size. But as an advantage you will have greater comfort to hold it and freedom of movement to execute the strumming involved in interpreting this musical style.

Keep your guitar in a proper position

An aspect that few know is that taking care of the tension in the strings of a guitar is one of the most important factors to keep it in proper condition. It is not a fact of practicality that in stores you see guitars vertically; is that it seeks to maintain the balance of this tension so that the mechanism or its curve is not damaged. For this reason, you should always store your instrument in this position either in its case or on the wall.

Change the strings three at a time

Preferably when you need to change all the strings on your guitar for some reason, it’s best to do it three at a time. This way you can keep the tension on the fretboard. This is another factor that can help keep your design from being altered.

Relieves tension if you won’t be using it for a while

In case for some reason you are not going to practice with your guitar, it is convenient that you lower the tuning but without loosening it completely. That is, you can lower each string two tones to relieve tension, but without stopping them from vibrating.

Protect it from moisture

Woods tend to expand if they absorb water, so it’s important to protect your guitar from this element. In the event that you have to visit a place with a very high ambient humidity, such as those near the sea or you live in such a place, it is convenient that you avoid everything possible that is exposed to this climatic condition. For this it will be essential that you have a rigid case and preferably with a plastic surface that does not absorb moisture. You can also include a dehumidifying product inside the case for greater efficiency.

Give it the corresponding maintenance

To maintain the appearance and prevent cracks from appearing on your guitar over time, you should clean it frequently with some wood oil. You can easily find this at any convenience store and it is usually quite affordable. Run a clean cloth dipped in this oil over the entire guitar from time to time and wipe off any excess that may remain with the same cloth.

» Review information from previous years

Alhambra 4 Guitarra acústica flamenca

Ventaja principal:

Debido a la cercanía de las cuerdas con respecto al diapasón, permite que la ejecución de sonidos se realice de manera fácil, sin ejercer demasiada presión con los dedos en las cuerdas. Esto ayuda a tener más rapidez y agilidad en los cambios, acorde a las necesidades del estilo flamenco.

Desventaja principal:

Probablemente la caja de resonancia parezca ligeramente amplia para una guitarra de flamenco, pero ofrece un buen sonido y versatilidad, por si deseas utilizarla para tocar otros estilos, como el jazz o blues, por ejemplo.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Podría ser una guitarra adecuada para flamenco, por la facilidad que ofrece para realizar digitaciones y acciones rápidas. Además, su apariencia y acabados son  atractivos.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


La madera seleccionada para una guitarra es quizá uno de los principales rasgos que debemos revisar al incluir un modelo entre nuestros favoritos, porque afectan la capacidad del instrumento para ejecutar los sonidos y le dan un matiz particular.

Para describir esta guitarra flamenca, hay que notar que está fabricada con madera de abeto alemán. Esta madera se caracteriza entre otras cosas por darle al sonido un toque cálido, brillante y de gran claridad. Por lo que al elegir esta guitarra podrías contar con un sonido intenso y atractivo.

También encontramos partes de ébano, con su característico tono oscuro en el diapasón, así como aros y fondo de sicomoro, que le dan una estructura sólida para resistir tanto el paso del tiempo como la utilización frecuente en condiciones normales.


Para cumplir con su propósito de brindar una interpretación cómoda para el estilo flamenco, hay que notar que las cuerdas se encuentran muy cercanas al diapasón, esto permite que con presionar ligeramente se pueda conseguir una vibración clara de las cuerdas. Esto otorga comodidad al guitarrista y la posibilidad de articular movimientos muy rápidos.

Por otro lado, su corte clásico Cutaway, permite una buena resonancia, al tiempo que permite recargar el brazo cómodamente sobre la caja, para que la mano quede cerca de las cuerdas y los dedos puedan hacerlas vibrar de manera independiente sin incomodidades.

Además, su cuello curvo en forma de U, permite un deslizamiento ágil y muy cómodo, para tocar notas altas consecutivas a notas graves sin mayor problema.

Apariencia y accesorios

Su aspecto no puede pasar desapercibido, su color naranja es algo que salta a la vista en un primer momento, pero a medida que la observamos, podemos notar la sutil roseta alrededor de la boca y manufacturada de forma artesanal, algo que le agregan valor a este modelo.

Al mismo tiempo, se aprecia el acabado brillante de su lacado superior, que le otorga un tacto suave sin cubrir las vetas naturales de la madera, que también forman parte de su atractivo.

Ahora bien, para que no tengas que preocuparte demasiado por mantener la guitarra resguardada del clima y polvo, el set incluye una  funda con cremallera, que podrás utilizar también para transportar tu instrumento. Además, es posible llevarla ya sea en la espalda o como un maletín, debido a sus prácticas asas y bandolera.

Guitarra Toledo TF-70 LIS Flamenca

Esta guitarra tiene clavijero dorado con perillas negras, el cual combina con el color marrón del cuerpo de la guitarra y el diapasón de ébano.

La madera utilizada para la fabricación de su tapa es abeto alemán. Esta ha sido secada por más de 5 años, ofreciendo mayor durabilidad y sonoridad. Además, el mástil de la guitarra es de cedro reforzado, una madera proveniente de Honduras.

Esta guitarra está hecha por completo en España, la cuna del flamenco, ofreciendo así las características necesarias para tocar este tipo de música.

Por otro lado, mencionamos que su boca tiene la forma de una flor de lis, lo que la diferencia de otras guitarras tradicionales. Asimismo, cuenta con un bello perfil que destaca por estar hecho de palo santo de la India.

También es importante saber que esta guitarra trae un estuche de lujo en el que podrás guardar y trasladar el instrumento a donde desees.

Este instrumento podría responder a qué guitarra flamenca comprar, por lo tanto, revisa los siguientes aspectos positivos y negativos. Tal vez estos te ayuden a tomar la mejor decisión de compra.


Diapasón: Posee un diapasón de ébano, el cual está bien acompañado con un mástil de cedro hondureño, para proporcionar un sonido nítido.

Boca: El diseño de su boca es una flor de lis, lo cual la hace una guitarra flamenca auténtica.

Tapa: Cuenta con una tapa de abeto alemán, el cual ha tenido más de 5 años de secado para lograr mayor durabilidad y sonido acústico.

Perfil: Esta área está hecha con palo santo de la India, una madera de color marrón rojizo muy llamativo.


Cuerdas: Sería bueno que el paquete incluyera un set de cuerdas extra, para cuando necesites cambiar las que trae de fábrica.

Martinez MFG-AS EF Guitarra Flamenca

Esta es una guitarra flamenca electroacústica, es decir, posee sistema de preamplificación Fishman PSY-301. Este circuito eléctrico con micrófono ofrece un afinador digital muy preciso y diversos botones o perillas de ecualización. Además, gracias a este sistema podrás conectar la guitarra a mesas de mezclas profesionales para dar conciertos, usando un cable de 1/4 pulgadas.

La tapa frontal es de pino-abeto alemán. Asimismo, los aros y fondo de ciprés laminado. Estas maderas combinan muy bien con sus colores naturales y brillo lacado.

En el mismo orden de ideas, podemos decir que el mástil también tiene madera de calidad, nato reforzado, con diapasón y puente de palo santo; esta última madera posee un color marrón rojizo.

Asimismo, cabe destacar que su clavijero es dorado c

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