The 5 Best Guitar Feet of 2022

Guitar Stand – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Guitar feet are a good option to support your guitar, whether it is acoustic, electric or Spanish. Of course, in order to choose the appropriate model, it is essential that you take into account various characteristics such as weight, material, design, and size. After reviewing some models, we want to present you with the following options that may interest you. For example, the Rayzm Wood, which has a strong and attractive structure. In addition, it can be leveled in height to place it in the position that best suits your needs. On the other hand, the Ibanez ST101 measures 35.4 cm high and 20.6 cm wide. We also mention that it has a tripod-shaped design, to provide adequate stability and security for your guitar.

Buying guide – What is the best guitar stand on the market?

If within your plans is to obtain an accessory for your instrument that is comfortable and at the same time safe, we recommend you take into account this guide to buy the best guitar foot, with which we want to help you make an optimal choice.


Before asking yourself how much a guitar stand costs, you need to spend part of your time taking into account the variety of materials that have been used in its manufacture. It is important that you make sure you have a resistant accessory and that you can continue using it for a long time. Also, since there are so many makes and models of guitar feet, you may be able to find a cheap one.

Among the most used materials to manufacture guitar feet, steel stands out, which is highly resistant to different factors and even manages to support the weight of various guitars without deforming. In addition to this, the feet made of this material usually have a good level of stability.

Another material that manufacturers use to make these guitar feet is EVA, since it is a padded foam so that the guitar does not receive scratches or unexpected bumps while you are not playing it. However, this material is only worn on the outside, generally on the support and neck.

It should be noted that, although wooden feet are not very common, they are also of great quality, because, generally, they are resistant to humidity, climatic changes, unforeseen blows, among other factors.

Aluminum is also a widely used material, these are tubes with empty interiors, so that the guitar feet do not weigh too much. Generally this material does not rust, so it will have a long service life.


To verify and compare the diversity of guitar stands that exist on the market, one of the main aspects that we recommend you take into account is the weight of this type of product, since it must be easy to move and at the same time provide stability to your guitar. guitar.

This characteristic may vary depending on the size and the material with which the guitar foot has been made. Some weigh less than 500 grams, these are comfortable, but sometimes they do not provide enough stability to guitars. To serve you best is that the guitar weighs less than the foot.

On the other hand, there are other feet that weigh more than 700 grams, they are a little more uncomfortable to move, but they are stable, providing security to the guitars with which you use them.


It is important that before making a comparison of guitar stands you determine the space where you will place these products. For example, if you are going to buy one and you need it to decorate the living room with your guitar, a fixed foot would be useful.

On the other hand, if you need a foot to carry from one place to another, for example, to concerts, musical practices, field trips, etc., you need a portable one, that is, one that can be folded and easily carried in a backpack or in the trunk of your car.


It should be noted that their arms usually come straight, which allows the use of the foot for various guitar models, for example, folk, classical, electric, among others. Also, this will help you to be able to use your foot to place an acoustic bass, that is, with a soundboard.

Of course, this is not to say that curved arm guitar stands are not a good option. If you only need one stand to put a classical guitar on, you may be able to get one of these.

It should be noted that you can also get tripod-shaped feet, which are suitable for you to place the guitar on while you are not using it.


When buying a guitar stand, it is important that it has the right size for your musical instrument, so it cannot be too big or too small, so that it can provide stability to your guitar.

Some guitar stands have sizes for the bedroom, music school, living room, etc., so you decide which one to buy, depending on the requirements you have at the moment. To carry outside the home, a small foot that does not take up much space is highly recommended.

There are usually too many sizes available online, so it’s a good idea to first measure your guitar and compare it to the dimensions of the foot you like, so you’ll get a fairly functional product.

The 5 Best Guitar Feet – Opinions 2022

Thanks to this type of product you will be able to have comfort when you need to place your guitar in a safe place, therefore, it is an important accessory for guitarists, whether they are apprentices or professionals. In order to help you select the right model, we present a list of some of the best guitar feet of 2022, perhaps one of them is the one for you.

1. Rayzm Guitar Footrest 

This is a footrest that allows you to place the instrument at a right angle to improve your playing posture. Therefore, it is appropriate for acoustic guitarists or those who play electric guitar as well as other stringed instruments.

On the other hand, it is made of dense wood with a smooth surface that is soft to the touch. In addition, it has a metal crank that supports weight and movement during use, allowing you to apply pressure with your foot without fear of breaking the structure. In this sense, it offers stability and a long service life.

To increase versatility, it has an adjustable height in 4 levels, from 12 to 22 cm, which allows you to place the guitar stand in the most appropriate position according to your height. As if that were not enough, it is possible to fold the product for easy storage.

The best guitar stand should offer durability and an attractive design, as is the case with this model from the Rayzm company. Therefore, we invite you to learn in detail some of the positive and negative characteristics of this model before making a decision.


Material: Its structure is made of thick wood, which increases its resistance to shocks and constant use.

Adjustment: It offers an adjustable height between 12 and 22 cm, which allows you to place it in the most comfortable position according to your way of playing.

Folding: It has a folding design that is very useful when storing or transporting the footrest, which provides greater practicality to take it to your presentations.


Slip: It is possible that the structure slips on smooth surfaces, since the legs have a rounded design that is not non-slip.

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2. Ibanez ST101 Guitar Stand

If you want to know which is the best guitar stand, this model could be the most appropriate answer, since it is an Ibanez brand guitar stand, which is well known worldwide for manufacturing high-quality guitars and musical accessories.

Among the main characteristics of this foot, its black color stands out, which combines with any tonality and guitar model. In addition, we mentioned that it has a weight of 500 grams, so it is not too heavy to carry on a trip in the trunk of your car.

In the same way, it is important to know that it has a height of 35.4 cm, as well as a width of 20.6 cm, this makes it easy to use almost anywhere in the house, as it will not take up much space.

Likewise, it should be noted that this product is optimal for both electric guitars and acoustic guitars, it adapts properly, all thanks to the fact that it has good grip and support, to prevent your instrument from falling and suffering damaging blows to its body.

It is one of the cheapest guitar stands today, so we invite you to review its most important features, which we present below.


Tripod: It is a tripod-shaped guitar stand without a neck. In this way, it weighs only 760 g, to be able to move it without problems.

Material: It has EVA foam on the arms to cushion the weight of the instrument.

Color: It has a stylish black design with stamped branding, therefore it combines very well with Ibanez guitars and basses.

Legs: On the legs it has non-slip rubbers, to provide greater protection to the instrument that you place on it.


Size: It is very compact, but most online buyers have been satisfied with it.

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3. RockJam aframe guitar stand

Having your guitar in a place that is not suitable for it is an easy way to allow it to begin to deteriorate. Therefore, it is never a bad idea to buy a guitar stand, like this model from RockJam.

Made of steel and with foam arms, this guitar foot provides a good balance between the resistance that the support requires and the softness that the instrument needs; the latter is enhanced by the neoprene with which the arms are filled. By placing your instrument there you can be sure that it will be protected from falls, as the support offers great stability.  

To assemble it you will only need a few seconds and, when you have it ready, it will be possible to place different types of guitars, and even a bass, as it is a very versatile product. Finally, it is worth noting that its structure is light and has dimensions of 4.83 x 34.6 x 27.94 centimeters.

This guitar stand has been crafted to give musicians a safe place to store their most prized instruments.


Versatile: If you decide to purchase this support, you will be sure that you will not only be able to place an acoustic guitar on it, since the product has a structure that adapts to electric guitars, basses, and other similar instruments.

Materials: Thanks to the steel, this guitar foot has adequate resistance that will last over time. For its part, the neoprene and foam provide the softness that the guitar needs to stay in good condition.

Assembly: Unlike other instrument stands that require complicated assembly, this product can be set up in seconds.


Height: A point against this support is the fact that its height cannot be adjusted, however, this does not affect its use.

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4. Bsx 518050 Stand for acoustic and electric guitar

To provide security and protection to your favorite instrument it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, and this is demonstrated by this Bsx guitar stand. Black in color and with a stylized design, this product adapts to any room and can be used for various types of guitars, whether electric or acoustic.

It could be said that the reason behind its versatility is the fact that this stand has a wide support surface and that, unlike other models, it can adjust its height up to 78 centimeters, to suit different instruments. The best thing is that, since it only weighs 850 grams, you can take it with you so that you always have room for your instrument.

Because its support arms are made of padded rubber, the guitar will not suffer scratches or other damage from using the foot. Additionally, to provide greater security, the product has a rubber clasp that will prevent falls.

This stand is not only designed to fit various guitars, but also to fit in any corner of your home.


Security: In addition to having a soft, padded structure to protect the guitar, this stand also has a rubber closure to provide greater security.

Mobilization: This is one of the lightest guitar stands on the market and it is also easy to disassemble; for that reason, the mobilization of this will be quite simple.

Design: The design of this guitar stand not only stands out for having an elegant appearance, but also for having a structure that manages to adapt to different types of guitar. In just seconds it will be possible to adjust the height up to 78 cm.


Closure: The rubber closure has a placement that can be difficult the first few times it is used; additionally, it is imperative to do the process with great care.

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5. PlutoX Wooden Guitar Stand

This product has very good qualities, however, the one that stands out the most is the ability to capture the attention of anyone, since it is a guitar stand made to stand out. Featuring a walnut wood frame complemented by black accents, this stand will add elegance to any room and will pair great with any acoustic, classical, electric guitar, and other instruments such as violins, basses, and banjos.

As for its dimensions, these reach 7 x 12 x 39 centimeters and, to facilitate its assembly and mobilization, it has a light weight of just 850 grams. It is worth noting that it is a folding guitar stand, which will facilitate transportation processes.

To keep your instrument safe at all times, the stand has a non-slip base that provides very good stability. Also, the arms of this one are made of soft foam.

Thanks to this stand, your guitar will be safe and your home will have a new stylish and eye-catching object.


Design: The first thing you will notice about this support is its design, and with good reason, since it is a model made of walnut wood.

Security: This support has been manufactured to provide the greatest possible security to the instruments, since the arms have been made of fairly soft foam, while the base has a non-slip system that will provide stability.

Mobilization: So that you always have your support with you, this product is very easy to mobilize. This is because the guitar stand is foldable and, in addition to that, it has a fairly light weight.


Stand: Although this stand can hold a guitar upright, it does not offer any support to secure the instrument to, which can be convenient.

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How to use a guitar stand

The guitar stand has become an essential accessory for musicians who want to take the best care of their instruments, since it keeps the bass or guitar in the correct position to preserve its durability and tuning. At first it may not seem very useful, but with constant practice you will notice why its use is important. Therefore, we teach you useful tips that will tell you the correct way to use one.

Check your measurements

When buying a new guitar stand, you should verify that its measurements are adequate for the support of the instrument, since there are different models of the product on the market for different needs. Observe the measures described by the seller and find that they match before starting your installation.

join the foundations

To begin installation, check that all parts and accessories are included in the package. Next, start joining the bases of the foot. With the help of a screwdriver, use screws or nuts to assemble the pieces, following the instructions in the instruction manual.

Assemble the upper structure

Once the bottom frame is complete, assemble the top of the bracket and attach securely with bolts or nuts as required. Put some pressure on the joints to make sure they don’t shift during use.

Assign the place of installation

Once you have assembled the product, you must assign the appropriate place to place it. It is recommended that it be a space close to your instruments, away from high traffic areas and with access to direct sunlight, as it will weaken the structure in the long term. You can place it in your recording or rehearsal studio.

Put it on the surface

After choosing the right place, proceed to place it. Remember that it must be on a flat and firm surface, that is, without reliefs, which provides stability to the article, since it will be the support of the musical instrument.

place the instrument

Once you have verified that the structure is firm and resistant, place the bass or guitar on the support. Make sure you place the instrument correctly on the foot, otherwise it could slip and fall to the ground. Also, you can add some straps to get more stability.

Fold it up when you don’t use it

Some models of guitar stands are designed with a folding structure that allows them to be easily transported to other spaces. If your item has this feature, fold it carefully and store it in a dry, dark place, out of direct sunlight.

Take care of your cleanliness

Being made mainly of metal and stainless steel, it is recommended to clean it frequently for greater durability. You can use a soft cloth with a mixture of water and fragrance detergent to remove accumulated dust and dirt. You can also use a special chemical to maintain the color of the item.

Afterwards, let it dry in the open air to avoid the accumulation of bad odors. Store it in its special case, which will keep it useful for longer run times.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Mugig Soporte Perfecto Para Guitarra Clásica

Este es un pie para guitarra acústica elaborado bajo los más exigentes estándares, con una madera resistente y duradera, concretamente sapeli africana, la cual también es bonita.

Por otra parte, este pie tiene la ventaja de instalarse y desmontarse fácilmente en el momento que se necesite hacerlo, esto lo hace un producto portátil y de fácil movilización. Además, gracias a la calidad del material con la que fue elaborado, resiste diferentes guitarras como eléctricas, acústicas, flamencas, entre otras.

Este pie de guitarra de madera viene con un material suave en los brazos y el respaldo, para que la guitarra no sufra arañazos cada vez que la colocas en el pie. Por esta razón, algunos guitarristas han adquirido este producto y están conformes con su calidad y funcionalidad, ya que no tiene nada que envidiar a otras marcas o modelos famosos.

Si te preguntas cuál es la mejor marca de pies para guitarra, quizá Mugig sea la respuesta adecuada, ya que fabrica accesorios musicales de gran calidad. El presente producto es uno de ellos.


Madera: Este pie para guitarra está hecho con palo de rosa africano, una madera exótica que se caracteriza por su elegancia y durabilidad. De esta manera, también sirve como elemento decorativo.

Plegable: Está compuesto por dos piezas que puedes separar con facilidad y volver armar cuando desees.

Goma: Posee un recubrimiento de goma en el respaldo y los brazos, por lo que protege a los instrumentos de posibles arañazos.

Funcionalidad: Gracias a su diseño sirve para guitarras clásicas, flamencas, eléctricas y bajos.


Gomas: Se echa en falta que traiga gomas en las patas para que no se deslice en superficies lisas. Esto protegería mejor el instrumento musical.

Irich Soporte de Guitarra Portátil Plegable A

Está considerado por algunos compradores como el mejor pie para guitarra de relación calidad precio del momento, ya que su coste no es muy elevado y ha sido elaborado con el fin de sujetar distintas guitarras, entre las que cabe destacar la eléctrica, clásica, acústica, además, es compatible con banjos y bajos.

Aunado a ello, es bueno saber que fue fabricado con materiales de calidad, como lo son el ABS y el aluminio, así como silicona en los brazos. Este último material es antideslizante y duradero, para que tu guitarra no resbale y se caiga accidentalmente.

En cuanto al diseño externo podemos decir que tiene un aspecto agradable a la vista, así que, aparte de cuidar tu guitarra, decorarás el ambiente donde lo utilices; también contiene dos brazos de apoyo como cualquier otro pie, estos se adaptan al tamaño de tu instrumento musical.

Por otro lado, a pesar de usar materiales robustos y duraderos, su peso es de 435 g, lo cual lo hace un pie muy liviano y fácil de usar, de esta manera se podrá llevar con facilidad a algún concierto o práctica musical.

Para descubrir qué pie para guitarra comprar, lo mejor es revisar diversos modelos en Internet, por ejemplo, el Irich 435 g, pues tiene diversas cualidades que lo hacen destacar.


Ajustable: Los brazos y patas se pueden mover, para que ajustes este pie según el tamaño de tu instrumento.

Materiales: Es un pie hecho con aluminio y ABS, materiales resistentes y duraderos, por lo tanto, disfrutarás de este accesorio por mucho tiempo.

Peso: Debido a que pesa solo 435 gramos es muy fácil de llevar a cualquier parte, por ejemplo, salas de concierto o escuelas de música.

Funcionalidad: Sirve para violín, ukelele, guitarra o bajo eléctrico, de manera que es un producto eficaz.


Color: Solo viene en color plateado con negro, sin embargo, combina con muchos ambientes y tipos de instrumentos.

Feibrand UF0755

Este es uno de los pies para guitarra más baratos de la actualidad, así que es una buena opción para las personas que cuentan con poco presupuesto y quieren un producto óptimo.

Al usar este pie de guitarra tu instrumento estará protegido y se verá muy elegante, pues cuenta con agarres que no permitirán que se caiga la guitarra sin que te des cuenta; esto también es posible debido a su inclinación hacia atrás.

Además, el diseño de este pie para guitarra posee una curva en los brazos, lo cual permite su uso con una gran variedad de guitarras.

Entre sus materiales de elaboración destaca el metal de la estructura en general, la cual está pintada de color negro, para combinar con muchos modelos de guitarras, incluso con bajos eléctricos.

Por otra parte, este diseño se puede guardar fácilmente, gracias a que es plegable, por lo que no tendrás inconvenientes para llevarlo contigo a la casa de tus amigos, escuela de música o conciertos.

Según algunas personas, este es el mejor pie para guitarra por 20 euros, así que echar un vistazo a sus cualidades positivas y negativas podría ayudarte a elegir un producto óptimo.


Espuma: Posee una espuma acolchada en los brazos, para colocar con mayor comodidad y seguridad el instrumento.

Patas: Trae 4 patas antideslizantes para mayor estabilidad, lo que significa que estará bien cuidada tu guitarra.

Plegable: Se puede plegar mediante un solo movimiento, para guardar con rapidez y trasladar sin que ocupe mucho espacio en el maletero del coche.


Inclinación: La guitarra podría quedar un poco inclinada al colocarla en los brazos, no obstante, esto lo compensa el hecho de que esta no se caerá.

Ajustes: Las patas no son ajustables, pero los brazos tienen una forma útil para colocar en ellos instrumentos con cuerpos finos o anchos, por ejemplo, guitarras clásicas y eléctricas.

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