The 5 Best Guitar Picks of 2022

Guitar Pick – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Among the accessories that can make a difference in the sound projected by the guitar are the picks, which is why choosing the right one is an important part of achieving the expected performance. In the market you will find them made of different materials, flexible or rigid, ring or triangular, so it is not easy to know with certainty which one to select. However, if you want a quick recommendation, we can tell you that the Pick Geek 18-piece model would be a good option because having 18 picks you could have enough for practices and presentations, but also, they are offered in different thicknesses and shapes that can be adapted to your needs. But if you are one of the musicians who prefers to play with picks rather of a fine or medium type, the set ofTiger GAC14 might be the best choice as it gives you 12 picks of either 0.81, 0.71 or 0.46mm.

Buying Guide – What is the best guitar pick on the market?

These accessories have various qualities that allow them to be or not suitable for playing in some styles, that is why we offer you our guide to buying the best guitar pick, in order for you to identify the factors that may be important for you and for you. get the sound you need, plus a comfortable performance.

style to play

The guitar is an instrument that musicians have used to accompany different musical styles, but the way it is played in each of them varies considerably and the use of the hand in charge of making the strings vibrate adopts different techniques. That is why it is necessary to consider the type of musical style that you are going to perform to decide which models should be added to your comparison of guitar picks.

For example, if you play based on chords, perhaps a triangular-type pick is very comfortable to use, it will also give the sound greater brightness and a convenient volume. In addition, it allows you to play each string with good precision and project more or less intensity if you wish.

Now, if you want to have freedom in some fingers of your hand, you can choose a ring type, because it gives you the opportunity to use all the fingers of the hand to vibrate the strings at different times. So you can get complex interpretations. On the other hand, it provides the advantage that it will hardly fall off during a performance.

As you can see, each type of pick can be very useful in its style, the good thing is that in case you decide to experiment with several of them you can buy a set, since the picks are usually a generally affordable accessory, so the You will find good and cheap ones easily.

Thickness and support

Another feature to consider is the thickness of the pick, you can choose this according to the nuance you want to give the sound, if the pick is thinner and made of nylon for example, it will have more flexibility and in the strums you will have greater smoothness, the disadvantage with This type of models is that they usually last less. But to play smooth and rhythmic pieces they may be the best option.

To give you a more precise idea of ​​this characteristic, a thin pick is around 0.5 mm thick and is not usually recommended for fast strumming, because it can take time to reach each of the strings, in these cases it is better to choose one with greater rigidity.

Then there are those of average thickness of around 0.75 mm; these are less flexible and are generally a good alternative for those who play styles where they need to project a louder sound or where the strums are more intense such as rock. They are also often best for beginning players, as they have a comfortable feel and are considered versatile for both strumming and faster string attack.

Now, those that are thicker than a millimeter are already considered rigid, but this does not mean that they are not convenient. Some virtuoso guitar players tend to prefer them for their precision in playing each string and the body they give to the sound.

Normally you will find the quality of thickness expressed in the body of the pick, in some it will show you this information expressed in millimeters or with some word like thin for the thin ones, medium for the intermediate ones and heavy for the thickest ones, although you can also find some lyrics.

As far as its texture is concerned, it should be mentioned that no musician likes it when the pick slips out of their hand in the middle of a performance, so it is a good idea for some models to have some kind of anti-slip on the the body to provide a better grip or relief engravings to support this quality.

Composition and quality material

Most picks can be made of nylon, but there are also bone, wood, etc. Each material can bring a different feeling to the moment of playing that comes from its qualities of flexibility and texture. It can also add a special nuance to your guitar sound. Choose the material that convinces you the most, you can try several types before choosing and use the corresponding one according to the sound you want to achieve.

Now, it may be that you intend to turn this type of object into an accessory that is not only practical to play, but also a commemorative or gift pick. You can also find options that are convenient for these cases.

On the other hand, you will find different brands for its manufacture. This may be a factor that interferes with respect to how much they cost, but their quality may compensate that the cost is slightly increased.

The 5 Best Guitar Picks – Opinions 2022

With our following selection of guitar pick models, you will be able to find out a little more about what manufacturers currently make available to you. In addition, you may find an option to add to your selection while you read their highlights and compare them to see if they meet your expectations.

1. Pick Geek Jazz Guitar Picks 18 pieces

Main advantage:

To the variety of thicknesses of these picks, which can meet the needs of musicians, it is added that they have been protected in a practical case, which has a compact and portable size. That way they don’t get lost and stay organized.

Main disadvantage:

It’s possible that with use, the type of latch on the case may loosen, but you only need to press down on the edges of the lid to get it to snap back on and work properly, so this may not be a serious drawback.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a versatile case of 18 picks in different thicknesses, which could provide enough pieces, so that in a long time you will not have to buy more.

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Design and duration

Although it is a small object that probably those who listen to a musician’s performances will not be able to observe, we cannot help but think that those who use them may feel more comfortable with a pick design that, in addition to adapting ergonomically, has a attractive appearance. As far as this feature is concerned, the picks in the set are made of sturdy material, so you could play several tunes before having to change picks. But on the other hand, they offer different colors that you might like.

If we talk about its ergonomics, being the teardrop type, they are held comfortably and its tip reaches the string without problems, while providing good precision, in order to achieve an adequate attack.


It is common for a guitarist to use different playing techniques, as this depends on the song he is going to play and the type of sound he wants to get from his instrument. That is why the picks are manufactured with different thicknesses, in this way they have a different flexibility to attack the strings. The Pick Geek brand has considered this need in musicians and provides in this set of 18 pieces, thicknesses from extra thick to thin.

For this reason, they can be used for both acoustic and bass guitars, or even for Spanish guitar performances. In the same way, they can be suitable for executions with chords, such as for playing each string independently. So you can always choose the one that best suits each case.


Another very convenient feature of this model is the fact that the picks are contained in a case. This prevents them from being lost and better preserves the order of your musical accessories. In addition, this container is large enough but not too large, so that if you have other picks, you can include them as well. Thus, you can transport them without taking up too much space, either in your pocket or in your guitar case.

On the other hand, its type of snap closure will prevent it from opening inconveniently when you don’t have it planned, but at the same time, it is easy to use.

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2. Tiger GAC14 10 Boxed Guitar Picks

The Tiger brand could answer the question of which is the best guitar pick with its GAC14 model, since in a set of 12 pieces it offers picks of a standard size and thicknesses of 0.46 mm, 0.71 mm, 0.81mm So you can choose the one that is most comfortable for your interpretations or to replace others in case they are damaged or lost.

The finish that the brand has given to each of the picks, in addition to being attractive due to its color, can be described as adequate, since it has rounded edges that prevent scratching from being difficult, so they can properly fulfill their function.

Likewise, they are shipped in a practical metal case that closes properly and that will surely be easy to add to your musical accessories because it is compact.

Now let’s find out what is the most relevant that Tiger offers us in its GAC14 model, perhaps after analyzing its qualities, you will be of the opinion that it is the best brand of guitar picks.


Design: Because they have a varied and nuanced color, they could be classified as attractive.

Variety: Your package has 12 picks of different thickness, to select the most appropriate in each case.

Material: Being made of nylon, they offer good flexibility while being resistant, so they could last for a long time.

Case: Since they are shipped in a case, you can organize them and have them on hand when you need them.


Quantity: Compared to other models, it could have less number of tines, but still, 12 can be quite a convenient number so that you will not run out for a long time.

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3. Donner Guitar/Bass Pick 16-Pack

For those who are looking for a complete set of cheap picks, these may be the best choice, since it is made up of 16 pieces, which in principle could be enough to carry out numerous practices or presentations, without worrying about losing any..

On the other hand, because they have 4 different thicknesses, you can select from those that have a lot of flexibility for smooth strumming, such as those that will give the sound more body and volume. For this reason, they can be a versatile and convenient selection to use for every occasion.

In terms of their design, they offer a size that many would describe as quite comfortable because they are easy to hold and their nuanced finish can make these picks an attractive accessory. In addition, because they are available in assorted colors, it is likely that you will find more than one that you like.

Do not forget to know the advantages and possible disadvantages of this set, which could contain the best guitar picks for 10 euros.


Quantity: This set is made up of 16 picks, an amount that could be enough so that you do not worry if you lose any. Well, you’ll always have a spare.

Design: Thanks to the fact that their colors are varied and have a nuanced tone, they could be qualified as attractive picks.

Versatility: By including 0.46 to 1.2 mm thick picks, they could be indicated for both acoustic and electric guitar players.

Uses: They could be indicated for both beginners and professional interpreters.


Thicknesses: For musicians who prefer thin picks, this set might not be the one, since it does not have a thickness less than 0.46, but for a large number of players they might be the best.

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4. Jovitec Acoustic Electric Guitar Finger Picks

If you have to give more volume to your interpretation and in your style to develop you must play each string as it happens in the Spanish guitar, then you could choose this model, since it includes both ring picks for the thumb and others that you can adapt to the rest. of the fingers

In addition, 10 standard picks with a thickness of 0.46 mm are added. That’s why in this set you can find the best value for money guitar pick, because you could have just the one you need on each occasion to make the strings vibrate as you need without spending too much money.

On the other hand, it is considered a versatile set, since it would be a suitable alternative for those who also play other stringed instruments such as harp or ukulele, because it allows them to have just what they need for each of them.

This selection of picks may not be the cheapest on our list, but due to their variety, you might be interested in knowing them in detail.


Designs: Because they include both standard and ring picks, they could be a good choice for style players who want to give intensity to the sound of each string.

Quantity: Its selection of 14 picks allows you to have a good variety of options to play comfortably.

Colors: Since the set includes a variety of colors, you could choose the one that best matches each day.


Thicknesses: The standard picks in this set are only 0.46 thick, so you would not have the option of making the sound louder or making soft strums.

Ring Spike: Although the rings are adjustable, some people may not feel comfortable as they may be too tight.

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5. Rayzm Plectrums Pick Plectrums for guitar 40 units

Rayzm is a prominent brand in the music world due to its quality products, and in this case, this set of picks represents that positive reputation of the company. Each of the 40 small pieces that come in the kit stand out for their pleasant touch, thanks to the ecological celluloid with which they were created and, in addition to that, they have a bright and colorful design that attracts attention.

The structure of the tines is the standard one, in the shape of a heart, and provides a smooth body that will ensure comfortable playing. Something remarkable about this set is that the 40 picks are divided into 6 different sizes: 3 units of 1.5 mm, 4 units of 1.2 mm, 8 units of 0.81 mm, 9 units of 0.71 mm and, finally, 8 units of 0.46 mm.

Finally, this set comes in a sturdy case that has enough room for picks and other small gadgets.

Having a good set of picks, in addition to taking care that your fingers wear out, will also offer you an intense sound and greater comfort.


Sizes: To give you plenty of variety, this set of 40 picks is divided into 6 different sizes ranging from 0.46 mm thick to 1.5 mm. Thanks to this, you will be able to choose the pick with which you feel most comfortable and the one that gives you the best sound.

Cover: The inclusion of a resistant fabric cover is an advantage, as it will help keep the pieces organized. In addition to that, this case has enough space to store other accessories as well.

Structure: The celluloid used in the creation of these picks not only provides resistance to the pieces, but also makes them quite light, ecological and with a good touch, to provide comfort.


Thickness: The numbers that identify the exact thickness of the picks are quite small, which will make it difficult to choose when playing.

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Pick Geek Jazz Guitar Picks 18 pieces

For those who need not just one, but a complete set, they might be of the opinion that Pick Geek offers the best guitar pick of the moment, because in their selection they can choose the one that suits what they want to play. For this, it has 4 different thicknesses, extra thick, thick, medium and fine, which you can easily identify by the information engraved on the pick itself.

On the other hand, you will be able to choose both the one that has the best ergonomics for you and the material that you like the most, since different shapes are also included, such as shark fin, triangular, pentagon and drop with materials whether they are nylon or even metallic. Thus, each one offers a different body to the sound.

In addition, they are shipped properly packaged, which allows the possibility of giving them as a gift and they are contained in a metal case that will allow you to have them properly stored when not in use.

To more precisely choose the best guitar pick of the moment, we invite you to review the summary of pros and cons of this model, since it could help you comfortably interpret your favorite pieces.


Quantity: By having a quantity of 18 spikes, you could have enough so that even if one is lost or damaged, you do not need to go buy more.

Thickness: Its selection of different thicknesses in the same set allows you to give each piece of music the intensity you need, or to adapt to the type of instrument.

Shapes: Thanks to the variety of shapes, you can also experiment which is the most suitable pick for you.

Case: Because its case allows you to have all the picks stored, they can be better preserved and you can easily carry it with you because it is small.

Cost: You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get a considerable amount of picks.


Colors: It may be that some picks that are ergonomic for you are not the color that you like the most, but it may not be a major problem that interferes with their effectiveness.

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How to use a guitar pick

Although playing the guitar strings by hand can be a technique that gives it a special nuance, the truth is that the picks can increase the brightness of the sound and allow a better attack. If you want to know more about how to use a guitar pick, we invite you to continue reading, maybe you will find something that will be of help to you.

Hold the pick correctly

Probably one of the worst moments a guitarist can experience is when they hit a string and the plectrum slips from their hand in the middle of a performance. So that this does not happen to you, you must start by having a good pick holding technique.

One of the best ways to get good control of this accessory and hold it conveniently is to use your index finger and thumb together. If your pick is conventional, that is, triangular in shape, you should place one of the flat sides against the line formed by your index finger when it bends to reach the thumb. Keep in mind that your fingers should cover about 70% of the pick. If the tip of the pick is too exposed, you run the risk of it slipping away in a quick attack.

Maintain good pick placement in front of the strings

Now that you’ve attached the pick, you’ll need to pay attention to the position of your arm and wrist so that it faces the strings so that the tip of the pick can form a small triangle with the string you want to play.

The angle of inclination, on the other hand, should be straight, that is, the tip of the pick should not be seen up or down. To know if you are doing it right, look at the nail of your thumb, it should be possible to see it in its entirety, if you cannot see any of its sides it is because you have tilted the plectrum too much.

Support the arm and use the movement of the wrist

Another aspect that you must take care of is to support your arm comfortably on the body of your guitar, in such a way that it will be the wrist that moves, to allow the pick to reach each of the 6 strings.

perform exercises

Playing with your fingers is not the same as playing with a pick. If it is the first time that you use this accessory, surely you have realized that you can have a lower precision than you had with your fingers.

Don’t worry, this is a skill that needs to be developed, so you don’t have to keep an eye on which string you’re going to play at all times. This can be achieved with practice, so we recommend that you make rhythmic string attacks, you can skip them and go from top to bottom and vice versa. In this way, little by little your hand will have automatic control over the location of the strings, to play them with precision.

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PÚASdePlata Colgante Pua Metal Guitarra

Si tienes una persona conocida que toca la guitarra y no sabes qué regalarle, es posible seas de la opinión de que este modelo se encuentra entre las mejores púas de guitarra del 2022, porque puede convertir este objeto representativo del instrumento en un accesorio que puede utilizar de diversas maneras.

Se trata de una púa personalizada fabricada en latón a la que puedes agregar un mensaje de varios caracteres. Además, se puede calificar como versátil, porque no solo es decorativa, también cumple con su función y bien puede ser utilizada para tocar guitarra eléctrica sin que se trate de una púa incómoda, gracias a su grosor de  0,5 mm.

Por otro lado, su acabado satinado en tono ligeramente dorado hace que los caracteres impresos destaquen y sean legibles con mayor facilidad. También podrías agregar algún orificio para utilizarla como un dije.

Si buscas un accesorio práctico y personalizado, puede ser que conocer en detalle lo que ofrece este modelo te ayude a decidir qué púa de guitarra comprar.


Personalizado: Por tratarse de una púa que puede mostrar un mensaje personalizado, podría ser un buen detalle para obsequiar.

Durabilidad: Puesto que está fabricada en latón, podría durar por mucho tiempo y el sudor o acidez de la piel no la dañan fácilmente.

Forma: Al apegarse al diseño de una púa estándar, podría ser cómoda para tocar.


Rigidez: Podría ser que algunas personas tengan que acostumbrarse a este tipo de púa que es un poco rígida, pero para ciertos estilos y guitarras puede ser útil.

Tono: Quizá el tono satinado de su superficie no sea el indicado si buscas una púa brillante, pero esto es una cuestión de percepción que podría resaltar mejor el mensaje grabado.

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