The 5 Best Guitar Straps of 2022

Guitar Strap – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Guitar straps are a very important accessory for bassists and guitarists, suitable for supporting various types of guitar, relieving weight on the back, keeping the musical instrument closer to the body and thus more comfortable. In order to choose the guitar strap that best suits you, it is necessary to take into account various fundamental aspects such as materials, color, size, and support. After conducting research on different models, we want to present you with some options that may be to your liking and benefit, for example, the Ernie Ball EB4037, a suitable strap for professional musicians, it should also be noted that it has black leather ends and a system to adjust the length between 96.5 and 172.7 cm. In another order of ideas, the Rayzm Calaveras is available, which is made of cotton, in addition, we mention that this shoulder strap has a width of 5 cm and a length that can be adjusted between 97 cm and 154 cm.

Buying Guide – What is the best guitar strap on the market?

If you plan to change or buy a new accessory for your guitar, with which you can feel much more comfortable and relieve discomfort in your back, we present this guide to buying the best guitar strap. Through this article we hope that you choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements.


The materials that the different straps have are very important when choosing one of them, because, in general, to make it a comfortable and good quality strap, they come in materials such as cotton, in addition to leather, since which are durable and sturdy.

Another of the products with which these guitar straps are made is nylon, a soft and durable material that can give your instrument a touch of elegance, because the straps of this material almost always come in different colors and designs.

It should be noted that, regardless of the strap you choose, it must be of good quality, since there are guitars that weigh 5 kilograms or more, so it must be resistant and adequately support the weight.

On the other hand, it is important to know that the type of recommended material must be adapted to the wood with which the guitar is made, such as basswood, mahogany, spruce, rosewood, among others. Of course, this would apply to guitars that have no artificial colors, but instead have their paint finishes bring out the natural color of the wood.

For these cases, a leather strap would be a good option, also cotton, because it has a soft texture and prevents possible scratches to the wood much more, however, the final decision must be made by you.

We also mentioned that depending on the choice you make regarding the material, the strap will be more or less secure, for example, a plastic or nylon based strap could be more rigid, while a cotton strap would be weaker.

As if that were not enough, we mention that this feature is quite decisive regarding the price of the strap, but reviewing several on the Internet you may find a good and cheap one.


If you are thinking of acquiring guitar straps, the type of fastening is a very important issue, since it will depend on it that the musician feels comfortable when using it, while avoiding that the instrument suffers possible blows or falls.

For this reason, you should not only worry about how much it costs, but make a comparison of guitar straps in the most objective way possible, because the important thing is the safety of your guitar. Likewise, it should be noted that it is useless to have a luxury strap that does not prevent discomfort such as coming loose in the middle of your musical practices.

In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that there are locks for the guitar buttons, which we recommend buying once you acquire a strap, so these will help you keep your guitar from coming loose while you are playing and walking around. the whole stage.


Depending on the model, its color may vary, in this sense it is recommended to acquire one that goes with your personality, as this will influence you to feel more comfortable.

Of course, among the most preferred colors by guitarists, neutral colors stand out, such as black and white, however, this can vary according to the taste of each artist, for that reason there are red, blue, brown straps, as well as that have stamped figures.

Choosing the color of your preference means that you can feel comfortable and identified with it, in addition, so you will not run the risk that, after having made the investment, you will no longer like it.


Guitar straps come in a variety of sizes, depending on the people who use them. It is recommended to take into account the measurements of the distance between the shoulders and the place of the body where you would like to have the guitar to play it more comfortably.

Although most straps are adjustable in length, it’s best to check the size specifications before buying to make sure it fits you.

We mention this not in vain, but because some people use to play with their arms outstretched, for example, some musicians who play rock, punk, funk, rock and roll, heavy metal, etc. In this case the user must buy an extra long strap.

The 5 Best Straps for Guitars – Opinions 2022

With this type of accessories you will have the freedom to make your best musical performances in concerts or musical practices. This is no matter what instrument you play, as these products will in most cases also work for electric basses, banjos and similar instruments. In the market you will find various brands and models, but in order to make your search easier, we present some of the best guitar straps for 2022.

1. Ernie Ball EB4037 Guitar Straps

Main advantage:

Thanks to the choice of robust materials that make up this strap, it is resistant to use and the passage of time, making it a model that could fulfill its function for a considerable time without requiring maintenance or replacement.

Main disadvantage:

It may be that in the first uses it is a bit difficult to pass the buttons of the guitar through the eyelets, but this could be interpreted as an advantage, since it will be very difficult for the strap to accidentally come off and this provides security.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Because of its strength, fit, and the variety of colors it’s available in, this might be the best strap you can buy to comfortably play your guitar.

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Dimensions and adjustments

Because not all guitars are the same size, it is not possible to say precisely how long a guitar strap should be. This makes manufacturers offer approximate measurements that try to adjust to what you might need and the model that concerns us on this occasion, has been kind enough to choose a length of 172.7 cm, which with its buckle can be reduced to 96.5cm

In this way, it can be useful both for guitars with a very long neck, as well as for shorter ones, which makes it a very versatile option.

design and durability

As for its design, it is an elegant black model, which could well combine with any guitar, but if you have a preference for a particular color, you could find it among its wide variety of options, either combined or in a single tone..

It should also be mentioned that the ends that include the eyelets to pass the buttons, are made of leather, which provides good durability, since it tolerates the weight of the instrument well without losing its shape and without showing noticeable deterioration despite use.. We must also note that the woven polypropylene that makes up the strap is a very resistant material. So if you choose this model, it will most likely last for many years, efficiently fulfilling its function.

Comfort and compatibility

It should be added that this model adapts well to standard type mechanisms, since the eyelets have been designed to be compatible with the buttons that are usually placed on guitars, so you would not have any problems using it.

It should also be mentioned that because it is made of a textile fiber that is porous, it allows the passage of air so that you are fresh. This way it doesn’t bother you too much if you break a sweat during a presentation. On the other hand, the width of the strap is 5 cm, this facilitates the distribution of the weight in several points, so that you experience discomfort since it does not mark too much. This is very useful when performing on very heavy guitars such as electric guitars.

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2. Rayzm Calaveras Guitar and Bass Strap

Because it is cheap, it is considered by some buyers to be the best value for money guitar strap at the moment.

In addition, for lovers of death metal, heavy metal, rock and roll or related musical genres, it is a good option, because it has a style that adapts to these types of musical genres. This thanks to the fact that it has a skull print, an image widely used by musicians who play said music.

Regarding its manufacture, it is made of cotton, taking into account high quality standards. On the other hand, to improve your comfort and reduce fatigue while playing the guitar standing up, this strap is 5 cm wide, which maintains the balance of the weight of your guitar, distributing it between your back and shoulders.

It also has an adjustment system made of metal, a resistant and durable material. It should be noted that its length can be adjusted from 97 to 154 cm, a good advantage for most guitarists. In addition, it includes a string in case you want to hold the strap on the neck of the guitar.

It is one of the cheapest guitar straps on the market, so we present its positive and negative aspects, to help you in your search for the optimal accessory.


Functionality: The seller recommends this accessory for guitars and basses, so it is quite practical.

Width: Due to its width of 6.5 cm, it evenly distributes the weight of the instrument, for greater comfort while you play it standing up.

Length: It is possible to adjust this strap between 97 and 154 cm in length, so it will work for children and adults.

String: Comes with a string to attach one end of the strap to the head of the guitar. Of course, this will only be useful in case the instrument does not have the two clamp buttons.


Use: It is recommended for use by adults, since it may be too big for some children.

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3. Tiger STP4-BK Guitar Strap with Pick Holder

Keeping the guitar in place during your performances is key, so that you only worry about giving your best. For this, you can rely on the Tiger ST4-BK strap, which is compatible with all types of instruments.

The design of the product has an adjustable nylon strap, with terminals duly prepared to hook the guitar well. It is well secured, as long as these terminals are placed correctly. Being adjustable, it is possible to enjoy better comfort, adapting the length of the strap to what you require at all times.

As an extra, the strip incorporates an area where you can place up to three picks, to always have them at hand. And when it comes to style, the strap comes in black or red, making it easy to choose the finish that suits you best.

Enjoy the comfort that your interpretations deserve with this complete proposal from Tiger, which we evaluate in detail below.


Versatility: The strap design is suitable for use with all types of guitars, regardless of weight or style.

Adjustable : The adjustable element of the strap helps you adapt the length of the product to what you need, according to your height and personal preferences.

Pick holder: This accessory adds extra comfort to the strap when playing, since it allows you to always have the picks at hand.


Prolonged use: Some comments indicate that the tape is somewhat more annoying to use than would be desirable, if it is used for a long time.

Fixation: It is essential to verify that the fixation is correctly attached to the terminals, to avoid accidents or falls of the instrument.

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4. Fender 2D063 Guitar Strap

If you are still wondering which is the best guitar strap, the Fender 2D063 could be the appropriate answer, as it has a design made with cotton fabric, so you can feel comfortable when using it.

It measures 5.1 cm wide, so it fits very well on the shoulders of various people. Also, it should be noted that it has the Fender logo, so some guitarists who have guitars from the same brand choose to buy this strap.

It is also possible to adjust its length, so you can play the guitar at the height you want. In addition, due to its red, yellow and black colors it combines with various acoustic and electric guitars, even electric basses. Regarding its comfort, it fits very well on your body giving you comfort and freedom to play various chords and melodies.

If you do not know which is the best brand of guitar straps, perhaps Fender is the appropriate answer, as it is specialized not only in musical accessories, but also in instruments.


Design: It has a striking design with the original Fender logo embroidered along the strap.

Comfort: It is quite comfortable on the shoulders, due to its width of 5.1 cm, which provides balance in the weight of the instrument.

Resistance: The material from which the strap is attached to the guitar is quite resistant, so that you are safe when using it in concerts, being able to walk on the stage while you play.


Color: It would be nice if this strap model also came in other color combinations, however, the yellow, red and black that it comes with suits many instruments.

String: It does not have a string to adjust the strap on the head of the guitar, so you will have to buy or improvise one, in case your instrument does not have the two fastening buttons.

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5. Mugig Adjustable Guitar Strap Cotton Material

This strap is one of the cheapest on the market and is available for those musicians who like varied colors, as it has a flower print. Also, we mention that it is made of cotton, which makes it very soft in texture, in addition, it is characterized by being non-slip, which helps to have greater security and balance while playing the guitar.

This acoustic guitar strap is also suitable for electric bass as it is made of strong material to withstand the weight of both types of instruments.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the length can be adjusted from 95 to 155 cm, so that it is suitable for children and adults, so many people can use it without problems.

It has a black cord that you can use when you need to adjust the strap to the neck of your acoustic guitar. In addition to this, it is very comfortable to use and comes with a small pocket to store a pick.

To find out which guitar strap to buy, it’s best to review various makes and models on the market today. For example, Mugig Cotton could be a good option; Take a look at its main pros and cons.


Size: It is 5 cm wide and you can adjust the length of the strap from 95 to 155 cm, which is an advantage for all users.

Material: It is made of cotton, which is a resistant material and at the same time soft to the touch, to provide safety and comfort.

Utility: It is a strap that is used for acoustic, electric and bass guitars, as well as for banjos. In this way you can use it with several instruments without problems.


Pattern: It has a flower pattern with various colors that some users may not like. However, most of the people who have bought it are satisfied with this strap.

Straw holder: It does not come with a straw holder, but you can buy it separately on the Internet, so this may not be a disadvantage for buyers.

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Ernie Ball EB4037 Guitar Straps

If you want the best guitar strap of the moment, perhaps this is a good option, since it adapts according to the length you need to play the guitar without having to sit down, this is thanks to the fact that it can be adjusted from 96.5 cm to 172. 7cm

According to some buyers, this is a good quality strap. It has a modern design, it is also elegant and has a black color that will combine with many styles of guitars. As if that were not enough, we mentioned that it is also suitable for electric bass, so you can use the same strap with both instruments.

According to its specifications, it measures 5 cm wide and is made of polypropylene. Also, it should be noted that for the greater satisfaction of the buyers it is machine-sewn and has an Ernie Ball print in gold letters.

It is considered the best guitar strap for 6 euros, therefore, reviewing the following characteristics would not be a bad idea, as it may be the product you are looking for.


Adjustable: It is a strap that you can adjust between 96.5 and 172.7 cm in length, so you can use it comfortably, depending on your height or personal preferences.

Leather: The ends that join the guitar to the strap have good quality black leather.

Logo: It has the brand logo stamped in gold, to provide greater elegance to this strap.

Color: You can choose this strap model in the color you want, be it brown, black, purple, white or others.


Comfort: It would be nice if it had a padded material to cushion the weight on your shoulders.

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How to use a guitar strap

If you own a guitar and have thought about improving your playing skills, you have probably already considered that one of the most important aspects of being successful is being comfortable. This is why the straps have come to solve one of the most common problems that musicians face when they have to play standing up.

Assemble the strap

Some guitars from their manufacture include the necessary pivots to hold the straps, but if yours does not have them, you will need to acquire them and mount them in the corresponding places.

The most advisable thing is to take advantage of the strong assembly spaces of the guitar to prevent it from suffering alterations in its acoustics, such as the lower joint in direct line with the bridge. To place the necessary second pivot needed at the top, it is best to choose the area where the neck meets the soundboard, as it provides a firmer hold on the guitar.

Use the most appropriate size

Once you have added or made sure you have a place to attach the strap, it is convenient to proceed to choose the length. Each person has a different height and particular complexion, this prevents us from determining exactly how long it should be with a fixed number.

But the most advisable thing is that you take into account some aspects such as verifying that the position of the wrist in the hand that is in charge of fingering does not have to adopt unnatural postures. It should stay relaxed, in a straight line, and your middle finger should reach the E or low E string easily.

Another indicator that you can take into account is that the elbow stays close to the trunk and that when playing it moves freely forming an angle with the armpit that opens and closes following the natural opening movement of the arm preferably to the side and not to the forehead.

Use the strap corresponding to the weight of the guitar

It is recommended that if you have an acoustic and an electric guitar, you use the corresponding strap for each one, or one that is especially resistant. Remember that the weight between these two types of instruments can be considerably different and this could especially damage the eyelet that is placed on the pivot by exposing it to a higher weight than it has been designed for.

Avoid leaning on the guitar

An activity that usually damages the straps is to rest the weight of your arms on the guitar when you are at rest and without playing, avoid this practice as much as possible, so that this article lasts longer and you do not find yourself with the unpleasant surprise that may break at the wrong time, which can cause your guitar to fall and cause damage.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Irich Marrón Correas para Guitarra Conjunto

Este modelo de correa está diseñado especialmente para guitarras acústicas y eléctricas, pues cuenta con dos mini correas de botón para una sujeción más segura y seis púas de plástico con sus respectivos bolsillos.

Además, cabe destacar que las púas poseen un grosor variado, para que toques con la que más te guste.

Por otro lado, la correa ha sido elaborada en algodón, el cual está caracterizado por ser de un material duradero de textura suave, soportando así el uso continuo con tu guitarra. Todo esto hace a este producto muy cómodo y práctico.

Aunado a ello, esta correa de guitarra eléctrica tiene un ancho de 5 cm, además, se puede ajustar la longitud entre 87 y 152 cm, de manera que podrás adaptarla al tamaño de tu cuerpo sin problemas, para que toques la guitarra en la altura que más te guste.

Esta podría ser la mejor correa para guitarra del momento, ya que muchos usuarios que la han comprado están satisfechos con su gran calidad.


Ajuste: Se puede ajustar a cualquier guitarra, debido a que trae 2 mini correas de botón, una negra y otra marrón. Gracias a ellas podrás sujetar la correa a la cabeza del instrumento sin inconvenientes.

Diseño: Está hecha de lino y posee un forro de algodón en su interior, además, su color marrón combina con muchas guitarras.

Porta-pajuelas: No solo trae un porta-pajuelas, sino que también viene con 6 pajuelas de plástico para que no tengas que adquirirlas aparte.

Practicidad: Sirve para adultos y niños, así como para hombres y mujeres, de manera que resulta bastante funcional.


Hebilla: Sería bueno que la hebilla para ajustar la longitud fuese de metal, sin embargo, esta es de un plástico negro bastante resistente.

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