The 5 Best Guitars for Kids of 2022

Guitar for children – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Music, in addition to becoming a great anti-stress relaxant, is a motivating and enhancing element in the psychological and motor development of children. That is why you can encourage your little ones to get involved in the world of music, especially acquiring skills to play an instrument. In these lines, we want to introduce you to the names of some guitars designed especially for children and that possibly fit what you want to take home for your little one. The Ts-ideen 5257 guitar is the ideal size for children aged 6-9, so that they can comfortably and successfully learn how to play a guitar. In addition, it incorporates the cover and the strap, so you can store it and take it with you anywhere you want or your child needs. On the other hand, the guitarTs-ideen 52071 is made of very resistant wood and has the appropriate measurements for the smallest of the house, as it has been manufactured especially for children between 4 and 7 years old.

Buying Guide – What is the best children’s guitar on the market?

Music is the universal language and children are among those who understand it the most. Music is used to develop cognitive strategies that promote the learning of different skills during childhood. Also, the use of music is brought to minors through musical instruments. For this reason, products such as guitars for children arise.

Buying one of these is not easy, that’s why we bring you the guide to buy the best children’s guitar on the market, based on criteria such as how much it costs and its components. Through a comparison of guitars for children, users will be able to discern which guitar is best suited to their budget and if it is what they are looking for for the child they want to give as a gift.

There are many options on the market, so you have to choose well.


Products that are for children usually have a much smaller size, which adapts to their physical characteristics and does not imply difficulties for him or her. Therefore, knowing what the dimensions of the guitar for children are always going to be important. It is often recommended that guitars be purchased that are slightly larger than the child’s current size, so that it can accompany them as they grow.

Thinking precisely about the adaptability of children’s guitars, there are products that have elements that can be adapted to different figures, such as straps to tie them. In addition to knowing the measurements by width, height and length, you can know what the dimensions of a guitar are through the different sizes it has.

sound and power

You can’t talk about a musical instrument, regardless of who it’s for or what its size is, if you don’t talk about its sound. Children’s guitars are instruments that, although they are not professional in nature, have different musical characteristics, which allow the experience that children have when playing it to be much more than a game. Therefore, it is important to look at each of the products to consider their tonal elements.

There are both acoustic and electric guitars for children. For that reason it is important to know what the feeding mechanism they have in order to determine if it can be used or not and how effective it will be. Among those that have electrical operation, there are some that require alkaline batteries. All this must be taken into account before the purchase.

Exterior design

Musical instruments have a very important aesthetic character. Although it does not directly influence the quality of the product, nobody wants to buy a bad looking instrument. Children’s guitars can also be identified through these beliefs of most users. Children’s guitar designs are more attractive than traditional adult guitar designs, because designers focus on children being attracted to the instrument.

Due to this, it is very common to find children’s guitars with very bright colors, different from the traditional brown tones coming from the wood. A good, cheap guitar can also be a very attractive children’s guitar, which is why you get designs in colors like blue and red, as well as black. Also, if you have additional components, they are often in tune with the design of the rest of the guitar.

Additional components

For many people, guitars alone are insufficient. Behind the guitars there is a whole market of additional components that make the sound emitted by some of them widely diversify. This allows you to produce different content. But more especially applied to children’s guitars, the most basic additional components are always going to be appreciated. Everything that is guided in learning and the good protection of the guitar has a space in this category.

Among the most frequent components that the guitars for children that stand out the most in the market have, are the straps so that they can adhere comfortably to the body. In addition, you can also identify the useful bags, which often match the design of the guitar and inhibit any damage that may be caused by not storing it correctly. Replacement strings are prevalent in this regard.

The 5 Best Guitars for Children – Opinions 2022

Guitars are the most popular musical instruments, and children know it. For this reason, guitars aimed at children are very common. But buying one is not easy. If you are wondering which is the best guitar for children, we bring you a list of those that, in the opinion of their buyers, are the best guitars for children of 2022, taking into account basic criteria such as whether they are acoustic or electric and if they are cheap.

1. Ts-Ideen 5257 Children’s Acoustic Guitar

Main advantage:

The proper selection of materials and the dimensions of this model can give your little one what they need to easily develop skills in the art of playing the guitar.

Main disadvantage:

The case could be of better quality, however it can be useful to keep the guitar protected from the effects of humidity or weather.

Verdict 9.9/10

It may be the best option for a child to learn to play a guitar thanks to its size scale that adjusts to the ergonomics of children from 6 to 9 years old.

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Children, having smaller proportions than adults, often cannot learn to play an instrument properly if they do not have one in the proper scale.

On the contrary, when they are given one according to this need, they can develop the correct technique, so that when the time comes they can play the instrument they have learned in a standard scale without any problem.

To meet this need, the guitar model offered by the Ts-Ideen brand is made at a ½ scale. So it could be a good option for children between the ages of 6 and 9.

In addition, it offers an arm with proportions corresponding to the traditional classical guitar and side pegs, which complement the mechanism and are easy to turn, in order to achieve proper tuning.


To provide a good resonance, which is one of the goals that every guitar pursues, a wooden body with rosewood and birch frets has been included, which give this small guitar a warm and pleasant sound. In addition, it should be added that they give it good resistance, considering that it is a real instrument and not a toy.

Regarding its strings, these are made of nylon, a material that provides greater comfort to children, since they are softer than metal ones, at the same time they do not exert too much tension on the body of the instrument. On the other hand, the three strings corresponding to the lowest sounds are nickel-coated to offer good durability.


You will surely need to transport the guitar, either for classes or rehearsals, and since guitars are fragile instruments it is better to do it properly to protect them.

So that your little one has all the necessary accessories to start learning to play the guitar, the set includes a convenient case. This will allow the child to safely transport her instrument and not be damaged along the way by scratches that become very common in guitars.

This case also provides a compartment on the outside in which you can store sheet music, or some other personal object related to the instrument. Also included in the set is a full set of replacement strings and a plectrum is added for added volume.

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2. Ts-ideen 52071 Children’s classical guitar complete

To get started in the art of playing guitar, many parents and teachers recommend users to have a classical guitar. By learning and being proficient with a classical guitar for children, later you will be able to have skills with many other types.

1/4 size, it is specifically designed for children between the ages of 4 and 7, or up to 1.20 meters tall. Its design is extremely attractive, because it is of an ebony black color throughout its surface and is made of high quality lime wood.

Its dimensions are 76 x 28 x 8 centimeters, while its weight is 998 grams. Comes with six spare strings, a waterproof case and a black strap. Many users consider it suitable to start their children at an early age.

If you are looking for a suitable option for your child to start in the world of music, you may be interested to know that Ts-ideen could be considered the best brand of guitars for children. These are the most notable features of its 52071 model so that you can analyze it better.


Materials: Because it is made of lime wood and combined with other resistant elements, it offers good durability, so that the child can practice while having to replace it with a larger one.

Design: This is a classical guitar, so it is suitable for learning to play this instrument correctly.

Weight: Its weight of 998 g is comfortable for the little ones and will not imply that they get too tired when practicing.

Waterproof cover: Thanks to the fact that it has a cover with a treatment so that moisture does not enter, the guitar is protected from this climatic agent.


Strings: According to comments from one of the users, the strings could be of better quality, even so, they fulfill their function to help children learn.

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3. Simba Toys 106837110 Kids Guitar

There are all kinds of guitars on the market, including children’s. That is why electric guitars are also marketed in this sector. The Simba 106837110 is a toy electric guitar for children, which works through two R6 type batteries that, for the benefit of users, are included with the product.

In addition, it is a recommended guitar for all children over 36 months. It comes in two presentations, black and red. The style of the guitar resolutely mimics that of a professional electric guitar.

Through the demo, you can get real rock effects at the time of playing it. Its dimensions are 56.5 x 21.3 x 5 cm and it is made of plastic.

Among the models in our comparison, the Simba brand option is among the cheapest guitars and with good quality. Below we will highlight the highlights that it can offer you and if there is anything that could be improved.


Dimensions: It is a suitable instrument so that children from 3 years of age can use it without problem since it adjusts to their measurements.

Batteries: They are included in the set for the convenience of users who will not have to purchase them separately.

Demos: Thanks to the fact that it includes melodies, it makes the use of the guitar more fun.


Use: It is a toy, so parents who want to introduce their children to the more professional learning of this instrument may not be interested in this guitar.

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4. Music Alley Junior Kids Classical Acoustic Guitar

If you are looking for a guitar for 3-year-olds, check out this model. It has an elegant blue design, in addition, it has a compact size, adapted to the smallest of the house. Likewise, it helps children fall in love with music from an early age, since, although it is a toy guitar, it has a quite realistic design. If you play guitar and you want your son to follow in your footsteps, maybe you could give him this model.

The guitar comes with all its strings, which you can change in the future if the child breaks one. Also, the package includes picks, so that the little one learns to play with them. Likewise, it comes with a shoulder strap, which you can mount so that the child can play standing up.

These are the positive and negative qualities of this guitar for children, perhaps they will help you clarify any doubts you have about it.


Material: It is made of wood, in addition, it has a metal peg, being resistant and durable materials.

Finishes: It has a nice and compact design in blue, adjusting very well to the size of children. In addition, it has a button at the bottom to place the strap more comfortably.

Case: The package comes with a case, so that the child can comfortably store or transport the instrument. This goes a long way in protecting it from dust and scratches.


Tuning: The strings go out of tune very quickly, which could be annoying for some parents and children.

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5. Claudio Reig Musical Toy 287

Tradition, quality, and a good price is what the Claudio Reig REIG287 guitar brings. Among cheap products, this guitar has established itself as one of the best options if you are looking for the best value for money guitar for children.

With dimensions of 63 x 5.5 x 21 cm and a weight of 408 grams, this Spanish classical guitar is made of plastic, but with imitation wood. Its use is recommended for children between 36 months and 6 years of age. Its print, in the central part, includes some flowers, typical of Spanish guitars.

Infants will be able to exercise rhythm and unleash their imagination by having their first contacts with music through this guitar.

The Claudio Reig brand brings us on this occasion one of the most affordable models and that could well win the classification of the best guitar for children for 10 euros. We provide you with a list of advantages and disadvantages for you to analyze.


Design: Due to its patterns and decorations, the child can develop their imagination and be motivated to learn.

Mechanism: Its structure suitably imitates a Spanish classical guitar so that the child can understand its operation in a simple way.

Resistance: Because it is made of plastic, it offers greater tolerance to use and games than other guitars made of other materials.


Sound: The acoustics of this guitar may differ from those made of wood, but it encourages children’s imagination.

Pegs: It is advisable to take care that the tension of the strings is not too much, so that the pegs do not move from their place.

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Ts-ideen 5257

If you are looking for the best guitar for children, the Ts-ideen 5257 should be on your list of options. One of the most striking factors of this acoustic guitar for children is that it is far from being considered a toy instrument. because all the functions make it a real guitar.

The sound of this instrument is very real, because it has a resonance wood that gives it warmth. The size of this guitar is 1/2, so it is recommended that it be used by children between 6 and 9 years of age, or who are up to 1.30 meters tall.

Its exterior design on the front is beige, while on the back it is red.

For those looking for an efficient instrument in a small size, this may be the best guitar for children at the moment. We invite you to know it better with our description of pros and cons.


Basswood: Because it is made of this type of wood with a very fine grain, a silky and pleasant texture is obtained, as well as a very well-qualified resonance in the guitars.

Mast: Provides the necessary hardness to tolerate the tension of the strings, preventing it from twisting, for efficient use for a long time.

Cover: The instrument is adequately protected from dust and moisture with this accessory.

Accessories: Having replacement strings and a plectrum provides everything you need to start playing.

Size: Its size is suitable for children between 6 and 9 years old, which are highly recommended ages to develop a taste for music.


Hangers: The quality of the hangers included in the bag could be better, to prevent the guitar from falling when it breaks.

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How to play a kids guitar

So that both your experience and that of the child when using a guitar is as successful as possible, here are a series of steps on how to use a guitar for children. All this with the purpose that you can guide the little one about the proper handling of the equipment, especially if it is the first time that you use the product.

Read the instruction manual

Take a few minutes to read the included instruction manual; there you will find the necessary information so that you become familiar with the model of your instrument and its parts before starting to use it.

check the strings

Certainly every instrument has the strings installed, but before starting to play them you should check them one by one; so you can verify that all are properly tensioned and in their correct place.

replace the strings

When it is necessary to replace a broken string you have to insert the string through one of the corresponding holes found in the bridge on the box; then make a tie with a simple but safe knot. Then you must extend it through the mouth, fingerboard, capo until you reach the pegbox to be held by a peg.

Check the type of battery storage

As it is an electrical equipment, you must verify the place of placement of the battery. Take into account that some models have a cavity covered with a lid in their structure; there you can easily put them and remove them whenever you want. For its part, other equipment incorporates the battery inside, so it will be a little more laborious to make the changes even when they will be better located.

Install the batteries

Slide off the cover usually found on the back of the instrument, revealing the compartment where you will place the alkaline batteries. Make sure not to reverse its polarity and then tighten the cap.

If your device does not have access to the power source, then you need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the cover and remove the existing lithium battery, replacing it with a new one. Finally, put the cover on, place the screws in their respective holes and screw them carefully with the help of said tool.

Adjust the volume

Electronic equipment has one or two buttons to regulate the sound, so you will have to press it to select the level of decibels that you consider appropriate for the child.

Select the tune

The demo included in the kit has several guitar chords alluding to rock music; you just need to press the preset button for this function.

Attach the safety strap

Hook the strap to the body of the equipment and place it on the child as if it were a shoulder bag; that is, cross the strap in a vertical direction through your neck in such a way that it is supported on your shoulder. In this way his arms will be free and the guitar properly supported on his body.

keep the guitar

Open the zipper usually found around the bag to insert the guitar; You can also store spare strings, a plectrum or a notebook in the internal pockets. Then, you must close the aforementioned zipper in order to keep the instrument protected from dust and possible dents.

The most popular brands

You are never too young to learn to play a musical instrument. For this reason, different types of instruments have been manufactured in a smaller size to be used by children and, in this way, bring them closer to the world of music. Ts-ideen, New Classic Toys and Simba Toys are brands that have made some instruments, such as the famous guitars, in sizes suitable for children; Thus, the little ones will be able to mix fun, education and creativity to produce the most beautiful melodies.

Although this brand has not dedicated itself exclusively to the creation of musical products in children’s sizes, Ts-ideen is a company that has not rested in the area of ​​innovation, since it has manufactured different artifacts that can be used in the kitchen, the home and even in sports.

This versatility has made it a favorite brand for many people; At the end of the day, her slogan promises “thousands of beautiful ideas for you and your home”. Thanks to their commitment, this is one of the most successful companies on Amazon and has received very good reviews due to the excellent quality of their products, the result of all the effort on the part of their manufacturers.

In the musical area, this company manufactures more than 10 types of instruments so that all musicians can find what they are looking for. In addition to that, it also offers sheet music books. Children’s guitars are high quality guitars but in a reduced size so that the little ones can be comfortable when playing them. This is not a toy and, like any professional guitar, the product comes with accessories such as a case and a strap.

Originating from the town of Medemblik in the Netherlands, New Classic Toys is a brand that has spent almost 3 decades fully devoting its efforts to creating a variety of innovative toys to delight children around the world.

The objective of this brand has been, since 1991, to give infants the space to develop new skills through play. For that reason, the products manufactured under the New Classic Toys label are artifacts made for fun and education simultaneously. All these years that support the company make many parents trust in it the fun of their little ones.

All toys are manufactured taking into account the highest quality and safety standards, therefore, they have the necessary certificates to be suitable for use without worries. The children’s guitars of this brand come in different sizes and colors to interest the little ones in playing music. Additionally, they have a strap to make it easier to use them.

The well-known elephant of this brand has been an icon in the world of toys since the early 1980s. Fritz and Michael Sieber, founders of Simba Toys, dedicated their company to the creation of traditional wooden toys, dolls and board games.. By 1984, the company had an office in Hong Kong where it manufactured baby products.

The growth of Simba Toys was rapid, since it took a couple of years from its foundation for it to be able to sell almost 5 million toys around the world. Since then, this brand became known on the international scene and is still enjoying success. Germany is the country where it has achieved the greatest recognition, however, its products are known in various European countries as well.

Children’s guitars are famous toys of this brand, as they offer different designs made of various materials, such as plastic and wood. In addition to that, the little ones will be able to choose between a toy electric guitar or an acoustic-style one, with various accessories to be a real star.

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Hst Mall Hapilife Guitarra cortada acústica

No todas las guitarras para niños son muy pequeñas. En el caso de la Hapilife DF67L, se trata de una guitarra acústica para niños que tiene un tamaño de 3/4 y sirve para todas las edades en las que se quiera iniciar en el mundo de este instrumento musical.

El cuerpo de esta guitarra es de tilo americano, lo que le añade la profundidad en el tono. Esta guitarra tiene un aspecto clásico, aunque sus cuerdas sean metálicas. Esto último implica que en muchas ocasiones deban ser sustituidas por cuerdas de otro tipo, como las de guitarra española.

Su diseño también es sumamente llamativo, debido a que combina un azul profundo con el negro, sin que haya contrastes fuertes entre los colores. Sus dimensiones son de 111,4 x 41,2 x 16.6 centímetros, y el material del que está constituida es palisandro.

SI buscas una guitarra en talla pequeña con una buena calidad puede ser que conocer con mayor detalle los pros y contras del modelo que nos ofrece Hapilife sea de utilidad para ayudarte a determinar qué guitarra para niños comprar.


Materiales: Por estar fabricada con materiales de alta calidad, proporciona un sonido agradable y características adecuadas para aprender.

Escala: Cuenta con una reducción en la escala de tonos para ofrecer mayor comodidad.

Diseño: Su color y acabados son atractivos por lo que pueden proporcionar profesionalismo al pequeño mientras toca.


Cuerdas: Algunos usuarios pueden no interesarse por las cuerdas incluidas debido a que son metálicas, pero son fácilmente reemplazables.

Acabados: La calidad en el pintado del instrumento podría ser mejor según algunos usuarios.

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