The 5 Best Mixing Desks of 2022

Mixing Desk – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In a world where digital dominates, music lovers are looking for an activity that integrates this format. Many times that fun can become a profession that generates money for us. Mixing consoles can be a good idea as they give the user control to group songs and select them for playlisting while making creative combinations. Such a product must have compatibility with other devices, as well as satisfactory sound quality and accessories concerning its use. To save time reading extensive articles, we mention here the most outstanding models. The first is the Resident DJ DJ405USB, with which we have integrated MP3 players, extensive connectivity and a simple control panel for our mixes. It is followed by the Yamaha CAG03 model, another prestigious brand, but in a more compact table with a USB connection and the possibility of recording live and broadcasting over the internet.

Buying Guide – What is the best mixer on the market?

Considering the purchase of a mixer is linked to our desire to venture into music or, in any case, perfect our musical domain. But since there are so many options available, we’ve put together a guide to buying the best mixer on the market.

In this sense, the device must have the minimum requirements to be able to function according to our wishes. Likewise, that guarantees learning and allows you to develop skills that you may not have noticed before.


In essence, we bought a mixer to be able to have musical control at parties and give it the continuity that every meeting deserves, when there are many people on the floor. Because it is uncomfortable for some to dance to a piece of music and that, due to a sudden change of rhythm, people decide to leave the dance floor. To do this, the mixers allow a transition of songs that will keep the party alive and sound harmony.

In addition, people will not perceive the change, but will continue to dance despite the song being changed. There will also be no awkward silences that make people wait on the dance floor. In short, we will be the life of the party with our mixer, since the guests will love the musical effects.

In other cases, simply because we are enthusiastic about mixing and we want to let our musical creativity flow. People of all ages all over the world are attracted to this type of activity as it allows you to work in private and then show the results to your friends.

types of mixers

When making a comparison of mixers, we must think about what we want it for, since there are several models on the market and all are specific for a different use. In this sense, we see analog tables that allow you to create sounds through its built-in panel. Instead, USB or digital mixers incorporate additional sounds to those established through other devices.

Likewise, there are mixers for beginners, which are simple because they have a panel with a few buttons, to start interacting with them as we learn. On the other hand, DJ mixers have a more professional touch, since, in addition to being digital, they have decks that can alter musical tracks like the typical sounds of a traditional DJ.


A product that offers versatility in its functions is usually more expensive. If this fact worries us, it will be better to opt for a more accessible mixer that is good and economical. There are models that have a low price, although their functions are a little more basic, which is ideal if we are taking our first steps in the musical world.

Knowing how much a mixer costs could be very important, especially if you are on a limited budget. For this reason, it is necessary to establish priorities and venture into an investment in the future. If we plan to dedicate ourselves to this activity, it may be a good option to acquire a very complete one, but if we are only testing, it may be convenient to buy a basic one.

Beginner Support

People with a lot of experience may not take this feature into account, but if you are just starting out and dream of being a famous DJ, it is good that you choose a computer that makes it easy for you to learn.

Some mixers come with built-in virtual DJ software for the purpose of educating newcomers to the world. Most professionals in this area are trained after educating their ears and being able to enter the established times of music.

To provide a similar experience, some mixers come with the advantage of learning how to make effects, without the need for another person to guide us. In other words, we will have a good base from which to launch our wings and take off with the effects, transitions and mixes that will enrich our own musical experience and that of the people who listen to us from the dance floor.

additional details

The fact that it is made with robust materials guarantees that they will last a long time, as long as they are well maintained. To give a more real effect, the mixers are illuminated, not only their buttons to see in the dark what effects we should put on, but on the outside, which gives more style when putting on the music.

Some have a connection to our computer, which allows us to have more direct access to music, providing comfort in the digital experience. Others, on the other hand, have turntables that give a retro effect to the songs that we play. Although they are aesthetic details, they can guide us to select the best equipment.

The 5 Best Mixing Desks – Opinions 2022

Enjoying music is a major delight for many of us, but having the ability to mix gives us much more significant power. This is how the mixers lend themselves to being an accomplice that will allow us to liven up parties by mixing extemporaneous pieces with each other, to connect our loved ones with fun and dance.

Thinking about the need to make a good investment, we have made a list of the most relevant models, so that you have knowledge about the best mixers of 2022 and choose the one that best suits your style and budget.

1. Resident dj DJ405USB 4 channel mixer

Main advantage:

Despite its compact size, it is a product that includes integrated MP3 players, control elements and a wide range of external connections, to make this table even more versatile.

Main disadvantage:

Sound output control is limited to four channels, as is tone control to only three levels. Therefore, the sound equalization and the other settings are somewhat fair compared to more professional models.

Verdict: 9.7/10

An interesting mixer for those who are just starting out or simply want to mix without having to learn how to handle the large number of controls offered by the more advanced models.

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The Resident DJ DJ405USB model has its strong point in its design. We are talking about a compact mixer, with measurements of 48.3 centimeters wide, 17.6 deep and 9.2 centimeters high. All this with a total weight of approximately 3.2 kilos. So you will have no problem placing it anywhere.

In the distribution of this design we will find the two main mixing areas, located on the sides of the console, together with a central control area in which to manage the other two channels included, four in total. In the upper part we have the adjustment selectors for said channels, tonal adjustment and various other adjustments. All this in a design with keys of good size and easy to control.

Integrated MP3 player

If you are one of those who prefers to play directly from the MP3, with this model you will be able to do it comfortably. This product has two MP3 players located inside the table itself, each with an SD card reader and a USB port, both independent, to make it easier for you to load your music.

Something that helps the approach of these players. They have good-sized backlit screens, so you will have no problem seeing everything clearly, even when the light is poor. Each of these players also has its own keypad, so that you can independently control each channel and choose your music comfortably.


Another of the strengths of this model is its connectivity. It includes, among others, the two already mentioned MP3 players, but also a wide range of inputs to connect whatever you need. Among them we have the 6.3-millimeter input for the microphone, as well as two RCA-type stereo line inputs. It also has two other RCA AUX line inputs.

Regarding its output, in this section we find the stereo master RCA output, which we can connect to any speaker system or amplifier, along with another Both and REC stereo RCA output. It is finished off with a 6.3-millimeter output, suitable in this case to be used with your headphones. So in this section you will not miss anything. Not even Bluetooth connectivity, for which this model also includes two different interfaces.

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2. Yamaha AG-03 Compact Mixer

To find out which is the best mixer today, just follow up on products like this one. It has a 3-channel multipurpose mixer, which allows for many creative combinations. In addition, devices can be connected through the USB port, such as your laptop.

It has a flexible loopback function, which is suitable for recording live or over the Internet. It has two high-resolution tracks, to make recordings and playbacks of approximately 24-bit 192 kHz.

It is a Yamaha mixer that has two USB inputs and one output of the same technology. It works fine for Mac and PC. Its sound is professional, despite being a compact design. It has a metal chassis that is durable and resistant, which guarantees its company for a long time.

Yamaha is considered by some to be probably the best mixer brand today:


Loopback: One of the most striking aspects of this Yamaha model is that it has a built-in loopback function with which you can record all your mixes live and thus keep track of your creations.

Connectivity – Has a built-in three-channel multipurpose mixer with audio device, two USB inputs and two outputs, and also two-track audio playback.

Compatibility: There will be no problem if you prefer to use one operating system over another, since the CAG03 is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac.

Compact: it is a compact model, its dimensions are 20.2 x 12.9 x 6.3 centimeters and it weighs just 798 grams, which will allow you to easily move it wherever you need it.


Home – You should keep in mind that most buyers find this mixer more suitable for home use and practice rather than performance.

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3. Alto Professional ZMX52 Compact Mixer

Simplicity and connectivity. These are the two main aspects that define the ALTO Professional ZMX52 mixer. We are talking about a product with a compact design, weighing just 900 grams and measuring 27.9 centimeters long by 26.4 wide. 

In this small space, the table offers us a total of five different channels and eight different inputs. All the sound is previously preamplified during the mix, so that we can also establish the output gain level that we need at any given time, simplifying the assembly of the system. 

All this in a unit that also has a good range of outputs, as well as class details, such as the gold-plated XLR microphone input, output in mono or stereo mode and a complete design in terms of controlling the different aspects of sound mixing are concerned. 

If you are not sure which mixer is right for you, we leave you some more details about what this model puts at your disposal.


High gain and low noise: This mixer generates a very wide and adjustable gain level, while eliminating the noise present in the sound output obtained.

Control: The product has a wide range of control options, in order to customize the sound output as it suits us.

Inputs: Despite its compact design, this mixer has up to eight different inputs, as well as a large number of outputs with which to cover all your needs.


Simplicity: Despite being a complete model, it belongs to the initial range of this brand, so it may fall short for users who have higher demands.

Power supply: Some users comment that the power supply can generate noise if dynamic microphones are used, which should be checked beforehand.

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4. Behringer Q802USB 8-Channel USB Mixer

It is considered the best quality-price ratio mixer at the moment, as it is not very expensive and allows a USB connection. It brings 8 channels along with 2 microphone inputs. In addition, it has three equalization bands and LED light. Its dimensions are 24.8 x 19.5 x 5 cm and a weight of 1.7 kg.

Its USB and external audio interface will allow us to connect it directly to a computer and thus select the desired music tracks with more style. With it you can record podcasts, music, live conferences and other things.

Low noise and interference, this high headroom analog mixer will fulfill a central goal: to give us the privilege of being DJ’s. All this, without forgetting that this is one of the cheapest mixers that we can currently get on the market.

In addition to being one of the cheapest, Behringer’s could earn the position of the best mixing desk for 80 euros:


USB: thanks to the USB interface you can easily connect it to your computer to control it through DJ programs.

Microphones: you can also add a total of two microphones at the same time, very useful for animating meetings or recording podcasts.

Silent: it is a “low noise” type, that is, it is silent, making it very comfortable to use without affecting your musical creations.


Input: One of the users considers the input of the power cable to be somewhat delicate and recommends taking care not to damage the connectors.

Electronics – Another comments that the internal solder finish on the circuitry is a bit flimsy.

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5. Mackie Mix12Fx Mixing Console

The Mackie Mix12Fx model is a studio-grade mixer that gives you a total of 12 different channels, giving you more options to mix your sound in the way that suits you best. Among these channels we have four microphone or line inputs, adjustable by means of three independent equalizer elements. 

Some channels that offer a nice performance and a high threshold in terms of sound. A complete console that also includes other details such as FX effects integrated in the console itself, as well as specific inputs for headphones and sending of those FX effects. 

It is finished off with details such as integrated power supply, for those microphones that require it, general control, headphone jack and a design with adequate gain, while always keeping the noise level under control.

Expand your options with this complete mixer and all the features listed below.


Inputs: The console has a total of 12 different inputs, including four microphone or line inputs, in order to give you more possibilities when it comes to connecting what you need.

Effects: The product also includes its own effects generator, so you can dispense with external effects if the included ones are satisfactory.

Finishes: The finishes have a considerable quality, offering a more pleasant environment when playing and using the table.


Level indicator: The level indicator has lights of a somewhat tight size and are located on the side of the table, which can make it difficult to read.

Size: Although its use is comfortable, the combination of space available due to its measurements with so much control element can be somewhat overwhelming.

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How to use a mixer

A mixing console is an electronic device designed to channel, isolate, and manipulate a variety of audio signals. Multiple instruments, digital devices can be connected to it to perform effects and create amazing mixes. Now, the use of this essential piece for people in the artistic world has its important tricks that you must learn; So if you have recently purchased a similar product, take your time to delve into the concepts that we share below.

Get acquainted with the product

Before using your mixer, it is convenient to identify the type of product that you have at your disposal, the advantages that the manufacturer makes available to you as well as the possible limitations. To do this, try to carefully read the instruction manual attached to your product and familiarize yourself with the detailed explanation of each of the parts and the additional functions if your mixer includes them.

Connect your audio equipment

In addition to other factors, the different models of mixers can be identified by the number of channels or audio inputs based on which they have been designed, the presence of additional channels allows you to control, record and manipulate a greater number of signals in a simultaneous. Once you have identified the characteristics of your mixer, you can start connecting your audio equipment.

Keep in mind that for stereo type devices, two inputs are needed, one for the right and one for the left; while all other modular instruments and microphones only require a single channel. Some more complex systems also have separate inputs for CD players, microphones or other devices.

Instruments and the use of channels

Depending on your type of mixer and the number of channels it has, you can give each instrument its own input to balance them separately. If you don’t have enough inputs to connect all your equipment, remember that you can always pair different musical instruments or devices to the same input, although this limits the ability to apply individual effects such as reverb and echo; although this will depend a lot on the type of instrument.

For example, two trumpets could be recorded from the same microphone in the absence of inputs; however instruments such as drums may require separate microphone inputs on each of their main components.

Switching on and adjusting the channels

When you have all the equipment connected, it is time to turn on your mixer, each of the channels of your device has its own power switch and a series of adjustment and effect controls. Just remember that before you start practicing and applying any effect, the first thing you should do is adjust the volume of each channel.

The most popular brands

DJs have always been considered the souls of parties, since a party without good music cannot qualify as entertaining. There are many people who are starting in the world of mixing and in order to train the best Disc Jockeys, the best mixing tables are needed. Yamaha, Behringer and Hercules are brands that have been given the task of creating this type of device in order to offer the best and thus produce exceptional music.

Yamaha is a brand that has taken root in the world of music since its inception and, to this day, has remained relevant in this area, despite all the years that have passed. Unlike some companies that fade over time, Yamaha has taken advantage of time and managed to reinvent itself to adapt to the musical needs of each generation.

Although its classic instruments such as flutes and keyboards are still in the Yamaha product catalogue, this brand has decided to venture into the most modern rhythms and, for that reason, you can find innovative artifacts with the Yamaha seal, as is the case with the fun mixing tables.

These latest gadgets have gained a lot of positive reviews in the market due to their wide range of compatibility, their connectivity and their various size, depending on whether it is a table for home or professional use.

It is that constant reinvention that has kept Yamaha afloat for the past 130 years, and if you continue to use this formula for success, surely generations to come will be able to enjoy Yamaha instruments for 130 years to come.

The musical beginnings of Uli Behringer, founder of this brand, were the foundations that made possible the creation of this great brand, which uses its creator’s surname as its name. A Swiss music and technology enthusiast, he learned to play the piano at the age of 4 and by the age of 16 he had built his first synthesizer.

This passion made Uli move to Germany in search of new opportunities and start studying sound engineering. The 80’s and the growing fame of nightclubs and discos made Uli take the definitive step, founding a company that offered the most modern in terms of sound. Among his early products were sound reduction systems, mixing consoles, guitar amplifiers, digital pianos, microphones, etc.

Everything that a music studio or a nightclub needed, Behringer offered it and from that moment, the company only managed to grow due to the great demand for products. Its manufacturing is very large, so much so that a factory was founded in China so large that it earned the name of Behringer City.

From there come the great mixing tables, used by professionals and beginners due to its complete structure to create varied rhythms and its ease of use.

Hercules has more than 30 years of experience in the digital audio market, manufacturing various innovative devices that allow today’s musicians to create their own rhythms, music producers to polish a melody until it is perfect, and fans of the music listen to your favorite songs.

All Hercules products stand out for their high quality and that is why they can be found in approximately 42 countries. Despite the fact that all of their creations have stood out and have accumulated good reviews, this brand, as time goes by, has become more focused on DJs and, for that reason, the specialized products in this area are the ones that stand out among everyone else.

Hercules mixers are a clear example of what this brand can offer to electronic music, since they are such complete products that any professional DJ can use them in large presentations. Colorful, versatile, practical tables with adequate power for long hours of mixing.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Pioneer XDJ-RX

Ventaja principal:

Puesto que ofrece la posibilidad de trabajar de forma independiente al ordenador, puede ser una herramienta muy práctica. Además, te permite grabar directamente en un USB tus composiciones de forma sencilla.

Desventaja principal:

Puede que su coste en relación con otras mesas de mezclado sea un poco elevado, pero su gran capacidad y versatilidad podrían hacer que tanto DJ profesionales como principiantes se interesen en este modelo pasando por alto este detalle.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Se trata de una mesa de mezcla muy completa y puesto que incluye compatibilidad directa con Rekordbox DJ se simplifica el trabajo de edición con el ordenador.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Entre lo más destacado que podemos mencionar de esta mesa, se encuentra su concepto todo en uno. Desde este punto de vista, se aprecia un robusto mezclador DJM900 con las funciones más utilizadas en el centro de la mesa y dos Pioneer 2000 nexus a cada lado.

A esto, se agrega la posibilidad de trabajar con la mesa de forma independiente sin tener que conectarla al ordenador, seleccionando directamente desde sus entradas USB en cada reproductor.

Por otra parte, la organización de cada control de audio y efecto se encuentra fácilmente localizable y sus botones proporcionan suavidad, precisión y una respuesta ágil. Por esto, no experimentarás ningún tipo de contratiempo mientras das rienda suelta a tu creatividad.


Si te agrada grabar tus creaciones sin complicaciones, podrás realizarlo de forma sencilla desde esta mesa, ya que en su reproductor derecho encontrarás la opción para grabar directo a un pendrive.

Así, puedes digitalizar lo que estás reproduciendo en la sesión en forma inmediata, sin tener que conectar ordenadores lo que resulta bastante práctico. Además, te permitirá seccionar la sesión para hacer un track list y darle un toque más profesional a tu trabajo de mezclado.

Otro de los rasgos que puede hacer atractiva a esta mesa es la facilidad para incluir cues y loops con sus controles de acceso sencillo con solo presionar su botón de función. Así mismo, gracias a que puedes tener pistas que se reproducen en segundo plano, resulta más cómodo y preciso hacer el cambio a primer plano para poder crear el efecto que esperas.

Utilización y compatibilidad

No podemos dejar de mencionar que su gran pantalla de 7” te permite observar en una sola vista mucha información útil. Entre lo que podrás visualizar fácilmente se encuentran la posición de reproducción, visualización de onda, cuenta atrás y lista de canciones.

Ahora bien, si deseas obtener el mayor provecho de sus ventajas, puedes combinar esta mesa con la aplicación de rekordbox y cargar tus pistas directamente a la mesa desde tu iPhone, iPod touch o smartphone Android. Incluso, es posible realizar una conexión vía WiFi, para reproducir música desde tu ordenador, tableta o móvil; aunque deberás proporcionar un cable que se conecte a un router.

En cuanto a los formatos que se encuentran compatibles con esta mesa, puedes encontrar el MP3, AAC, WAV y AIFF, con ellos difícilmente tendrás problema en mezclar esa melodía que tanto te gusta y agregarla a tu sesión.

Numark Party Mix

Es una mesa de mezclas virtual, que viene con un controlador DJ que cuenta con lo fundamental para que un principiante aprenda. Posee unos efectos agradables debido a las luces de color. Dispone de una tarjeta de sonido incorporada para practicar en cualquier espacio, incluso la habitación.

Se constituye de un armazón robusto con dos platos sliders, potenciómetros y 8 pads, lo que aporta una mayor sensación de DJ profesional. En cuanto a la compatibilidad, está dotada de un software virtual y una conexión Plug and Play para Mac y PC.

Dispone de dos canales, ideales para usar para salidas de altavoces y auriculares. Su peso es ligero, menos de 1 kg, y tiene unas dimensiones de 19,7 x 32,5 x 5,1 cm. Con ella se podrá crear un ambiente de fiesta, para que tus amigos sean los amos de la música en la pista de baile.

Si tienes dudas acerca de qué mesa de mezcla comprar, evalúa las comparativas online para obtener mayor información:


Tarjeta de sonido: Party Mix está equipada con una tarjeta de sonido para que puedas mezclar donde quieras y cuando quieras, muy útil para principiantes.

Luces: cuenta con un sistema de luces incorporado que añadirá mayor ambiente al reproducir tus canciones para que puedas entretener a todo aquél que invites a es

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