The 8 Best Classical Guitars of 2022

Classical Guitar – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

No matter how old this instrument is, it continues to arouse the interest of music lovers. This is why there are so many options on the market. If you plan to acquire a copy, you should not do it lightly, it is better to consider aspects such as the type of material, its shape, cost and the sound it can offer. In this sense, two good options are the Rocket XF201AN XF, recommended for entry-level learners or the Admira Sara EC, which comes ready to be connected to an amplifier. In addition, it is made with pine wood and a rosewood bridge, so you can enjoy a pleasant sound.

The 8 Best Classical Guitars – Opinions 2022

When playing a classical guitar the experience can be very different depending on the quality of the instrument. In this sense, comfort and sound may vary from one model to another. Here we present 8 guitars that, due to their qualities, could be the best of this year.

Spanish classical guitar

1. Rocket XF201AN XF Series Classical Spanish Guitar

Those who are interested in learning to play the Spanish classical guitar may have many doubts when purchasing their instrument. However, in these cases, it is recommended to opt for one that combines cost and quality; like the Rocket XF201AN, which despite being one of the cheapest has surprised its buyers with its good finishes. That is why they recommend it as the best classical guitar for beginners.

As for its design, it offers a nice light tone for the lid, which offers an interesting contrast with its burgundy sides. On the other hand, the fingerboard and bridge section are made of maple wood, so it has good resistance.

Also, if you are wondering about the accessories included in the package, you should know that you will not have to purchase the transport bag separately, since it is included in the purchase. 

The best guitar of the moment is the one that suits your needs and budget. Let’s review the highlights of this model so you can decide if it’s what you’re looking for.


Purchase set: In addition to the guitar, the bag, the hood and a pick are included, so you can start playing as soon as you receive the instrument.

Design: It has a traditional and beautiful style, which contributes to a good user experience.

Sizes: The manufacturer offers this model in several sizes, in case you need a smaller one.


Beginners: You must bear in mind that it is a guitar focused on basic level students.

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electrified classical guitar

2. Admira Sara EC Electrified Guitar, Cutaway

Being able to be heard clearly in a live performance is very simple if you have an electrified classical guitar like the Admira Sara EC, which already includes the set of components to connect it to an amplifier. Its size is suitable for adults and its design combines a light-toned lid with walnut-colored edges for a conventional style.

On the other hand, we must highlight the design of its acoustic box, which will allow you to comfortably access the frets with higher tones, in case you want to develop fingerings.

In addition, the body made of sapele wood offers a good sound, resistance to use and is combined with a pine top, to obtain a balanced sound. Likewise, it must be added that it could be the best model for those looking for a versatile instrument that they can take everywhere. 

Taking into account the pros and cons of a model is a good strategy to determine if it is the most appropriate instrument. Read more below.


Versatility: It is a robust instrument with a good sound, which you can take to presentations or use to learn.

Cutaway: The design of its harmonic box allows you a comfortable access to the high frets.

Electrified: You won’t have to adapt microphones or modify the instrument to connect it to an amplifier.


String set: The sound of the instrument could be improved if the string set were of better quality.

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Alhambra classical guitar

3. Alhambra Z-Nature Pack Classical Spanish Guitar Case

A manufacturer that over 50 years has managed to stay in the classical guitar market is Alhambra. This is not a coincidence, because their specimens are for many people a synonym of quality. That’s why they look for them when it comes to choosing an instrument that will be useful for many years and sound is a relevant issue.

On the other hand, you should also know that the set of strings that it includes offers comfortable playing and a high-gloss sound, so you won’t have to change them to enjoy adequate resonance and volume.

Regarding the subject of its materials, we are facing an Alhambra classical guitar made with a cedar wood top, which is combined with a sapelli back and sides, characteristics that give it resistance and a warm sound.

If you want a guitar made by one of the best Spanish manufacturers, give this model a chance in your comparison.


Acoustic: It is a guitar that stands out for the bright and clear sound it offers.

Resonance box: The dimensions of its box offer comfort during performance, as it has a standard size and provides good sound projection.

Materials: It is a model made with good quality wood, so it offers resistance to use and the passage of time.


Cost: Compared to other beginner guitars, this may have a higher price, but it is due to its acoustic qualities and materials.

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Other products

4. Yamaha C40 II Classical Guitar 4/4 Wood Guitar

If we are looking for the best classical guitars of 2022, then it is worth taking a look at the Yamaha models, because it is a brand that puts great care in offering quality instruments. In this sense, the C40 II is a guitar designed for beginners who need an instrument that offers comfortable playability, good sound and practicality.

Its size is light, compared to other guitars, so you can take it to your practices without getting too tired, but at the same time it is resistant, due to the fact that it is made of spruce and meranti wood.

In relation to the fingerboard, it has rosewood, so it resists frequent use and the passage of time. As far as its appearance is concerned, this is a traditional type with a nice natural tone, but it is also available in other finishes.

Yamaha is for many the best brand of classical guitars, therefore, one could not be missing from our selection.


Purpose: It is a guitar designed for students, so it offers comfort, affordable cost and good sound.

Lightweight: It only weighs 1.5 kg, which makes it easy to transport from one place to another.

Size: Due to its dimensions, it fits young and adult students for comfortable use.

Materials: Thanks to the combination of materials that make it up, it is resistant, so it can last for a long time.


Acoustics: You should consider that it is not ready to be connected to an amplifier.

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5. Navarra NV11 Classical Guitar

The Navarra brand presents us with a model that may well be the best value for money classical guitar on our list. It is a copy with which you can get closer to music and enjoy the versatility of this instrument, to set your meetings and acquire musical skills.

Regarding its performance, we can say that it has very good comments alluding to its sound, which is due to the fact that it has a box made of basswood, with a maple arm. In addition, given its materials, it also offers good resistance to use if properly cared for.

Its size, on the other hand, is designed for adults and its weight, being 2.1 kg, can be classified as standard. Likewise, its attractive mahogany color with a black bridge should be highlighted, so it will be attractive on any band.

If you have a tight budget and do not know which classical guitar to buy, we recommend that you analyze this model in detail.


Durability: The wood from which it is made is resistant, so you do not have to worry about premature deterioration.

Size: It is a model that you can buy in different scales, depending on the age of the student.

Accessories: You do not have to purchase the case and the carrying straps separately, since they are already included in the purchase.


Tuner: A tuner could be missing among the accessories, but with an application on your mobile you can supply this device.

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6. Martin Smith W-560 Classical Guitar

Introducing children to the world of music is easier if they are offered an instrument to suit them. If you want to give your son a real instrument, so that he begins to experience its sound, and you wonder which is the best classical guitar, then take a look at this model. 

Its ¾ size fits the hands of children between 8 and 10 years old, so that they can hold it more comfortably and do not get tired when forced to adopt postures that tense their muscles. While at the same time its light weight of just 1.2kg makes it easy for you to transport the guitar without hassle, 

On the other hand, it includes a set of nylon strings, so fingering is also easy and you get a clear sound without having to press too hard, thus offering a more pleasant user experience.

If you are looking for cheap guitars for children, this may be a good purchase option.


Scale: Because it is a ¾ guitar, it can be played comfortably by tweens

Design: It is a guitar that has attractive finishes and a reddish color that will not go unnoticed.

Classes: Along with the purchase you can have access to free classes, so you could learn without having to invest more money. 


Colour: Some musicians may be interested in other tones in the lacquer of guitars, but still, its color is considered traditional and beautiful.

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7. 3rd Avenue STX20AN Full Size Classical Guitar

The 3rd avenue brand offers different packages of classical guitars for those who are interested in learning to play. In this case, it presents us with a basic option that consists of a guitar and a case, which will allow you to safely carry your instrument from one place to another to take your lessons, without worrying about it receiving a small accidental blow.

On the other hand, if you need a special size for a child or a pre-teen, you can also choose this guitar in its ½, ¼ and ¾ scales, in addition to the standard size, so it adapts to the particular needs of the student.

In relation to its appearance, it should be added that it can be chosen in both traditional tones and more modern ones, such as blue or red with black shading, which can be attractive to children.

Due to its color, this model could be the favorite of children, but to decide to choose it, you may be interested in some additional highlights.


Convenience: Includes lower button to load the guitar with strap, making it easier to play standing up.

Sound: It offers good acoustic qualities so you can enjoy playing your favorite tunes. 

Colours: It is possible to choose between 5 different and varied colours, to satisfy the student’s preferences.


Cover: This accessory could be more padded, to offer greater protection to the instrument.

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8. Dawoo Classical Guitar Beginner Kit

If you are looking for a complete kit to start practicing guitar, we invite you to check out this proposal from Dawoo, as it includes everything you might need to start learning this instrument. For example, a case, pick, strap and tuner.

If you wonder if it will be the right size, you should know that it has standard measurements, being suitable for youth and adults. Its neck is divided into 19 frets, so you will have a very wide musical scale in terms of notes and its tuning mechanisms are smooth, so it will be easy to tune the guitar and get it ready every time.

In relation to its appearance, it has a classic style, with a slightly wider box in its lower part, which gives it good acoustics, and in the center we can see a nice decorative detail, which gives it a special touch.

Each interpreter is different, therefore, they need a guitar according to their requirements. Let’s see if this model meets your expectations.


Cost: It is a guitar that is offered at an affordable cost, so you can learn to play without having to invest a lot of money in the project.

Design: It has a classic appearance and eye-catching decorative details, which make it stand out anywhere.

Size: Due to its length of 99 cm, it adjusts to the needs of young and adult students.


Color: Although the color combination it offers is beautiful, it cannot be chosen in other shades.

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classical guitar accessories

Sheet music for classical guitar

Bridget Mermikides The Classical Guitar Compendium

To practice the skills you’ve acquired in your classes, it’s best to have some classical guitar sheet music on hand, allowing you to play melodies while, at the same time, helping you stay motivated to keep learning.

In this sense, the proposal of the guitarist Bridget Mermikides is very varied, and includes pieces of different levels of difficulty. 

To mention an example, it has compositions by Chopin, Faure, Pachbel and more.

In addition, you can listen to the melodies online at the speed you need, to complement the practice process.

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Headstock for classical guitar

Andoer Classical Guitar Tuning Pegs Gold Plated

One of the main flaws that guitars suffer over time is that the tuning mechanisms can begin to harden or, in the worst case, break.

If you need a pegbox for classical guitar, check out the one offered by the Andoer brand, which due to its gold plating is resistant to deterioration.

But also, it is a complete set for all 6 strings, so you can change both parts.

On the other hand, we must highlight the subtle decorations included on the external faces, which add style to the guitar.

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Classical guitar case

All instruments must be protected from the effects of weather, dust and accidental knocks.

If you have bought a guitar and it doesn’t have a case, we recommend you consider this practical and lightweight classical guitar case among your accessories, which has dense foam inside, so it effectively protects and prevents it from moving.

On the other hand, it will also allow you to transport your scores or study notebooks thanks to its front pocket.

And, to make transporting the instrument comfortable, it has straps to carry it as a backpack, or as a briefcase. 

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classical guitar stand

Proel FC720 Universal Stand for Bass Electric Guitar Classical Guitar

Guitars are instruments that cannot be placed on any surface, as they could fall and be seriously damaged.

It is best to have a classical guitar stand on hand, which is safe and keeps the instrument ready to be picked up during practice.

In this sense, the Proel support is very versatile, since you can also use it with electric guitars or basses.

Its structure can support up to 10 kilograms of weight and, in addition, thanks to its soft coating, the paint of the instrument is prevented from being damaged when placed on it.

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classical guitar strings

D’Addario EJ27N Nylon Classical Guitar String Set

Even if you have bought the best classical guitar on the market, if the strings it has are not of good quality, the sound will not be what you expect.

In this sense, you should analyze the ones that best suit your fingering style and offer comfort.

If you need options, the EJ27N are classical guitar strings that have been constructed in such a way that they offer a medium tension, so you can press them comfortably.

Plus, they’re corrosion-resistant, so you don’t have to replace them often.

You should also know that they are long enough to fit standard sized guitars.

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Shopping guide

If you are determined to buy a classical guitar, it is normal that you have some doubts in relation to the aspects that you have to take into account so that your choice is successful. Here are some tips so you can identify one that is good and economical.


It is not the same to buy a guitar for professional presentations, to practice in a studio or to have it at home, than to buy one to take lessons and transport it constantly. Nor will they be the same needs if you want it to take to a picnic or set the mood for your meetings with friends. That is why we will begin our guide to buying the best classical guitar by inviting you to analyze very well what is the objective you have in mind for your guitar,

In the case of teenage students, who are just approaching this instrument, it might be convenient to look for a guitar that is made with resistant materials. Let us remember that the acoustic box, up to a certain point, is quite fragile, but some woods in this sense are softer than others and could crack more easily if they receive an accidental blow, something that is common when children transport this instrument.

On the other hand, if it is a guitar for presentations, you might be interested in that in addition to a good sound, it has the possibility of connecting to a speaker, so that you can be heard clearly. In this case, you could look for finer woods like mahogany, maple, etc. Depending on the nuance you prefer sound.

Finally, if you want to take it with you everywhere, you could consider making it light and have good resonance, as well as offering a comfortable distribution of frets and strings.


Another aspect to consider is the size of the guitar, especially if the player will be a child. If you provide him with a smaller than standard size, he might have less trouble reaching the strings without straining his fingers too much. For this same reason, you may have better results than with a traditional size.

In this sense, you will be able to acquire a perfectly functional guitar at a scale of ½, ¾, and more. Just check the age for which the model is recommended and compare it with that of the future student. While this may seem like a short-term investment because children grow quickly, we want to emphasize that it is well worth it. Also, if you’re wondering how much a smaller sized guitar costs, you’ll be glad to know that they tend to be cheaper.

Similarly, some adults find it very practical to go for a small guitar, because it is easier to carry around constantly, but you should keep in mind that it will also have less resonance.

appearance and design

For many performers the appearance of the instrument is very important. In fact, they are much more motivated to play when they find a guitar that suits their preferences and looks that match their personality.

If this is your case, and you like unconventional alternatives, you can find a guitar option that has a bright color, striking decorations, or a special cut on its soundboard. In the same way, it is possible to find for your comparison of classical guitars others that retain standard finishes, such as the natural color of the wood and traditional-cut acoustic boxes, with decorations on the mouth of the box or rosette that make them more attractive.

Other important points to check are the strings and their tension. At this point, the classical guitar uses nylon strings, but there are different types, some are easier to pluck and help students achieve a clearer sound without having to press too hard. 


Although the most essential thing to play the guitar alone is the instrument, there are some accessories that could improve the experience of use. For example, to prevent your guitar from receiving bumps little by little that are marked on its exterior, because when transporting it from one place to another it is difficult to avoid shocks, it is best to store it in a briefcase or at least in a cover. This will also protect it from the dust that adheres to the pegs and hinders its mobility. While on the other hand, it prevents moisture from damaging wood and finishes.

Similarly, it might be convenient to have a strap handy to play comfortably when you’re standing up; a plectrum that allows the strings to be plucked with greater force or a cap, which changes the tuning tone of the instrument.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to play classical guitar?

The way classical guitar should be played begins with holding it correctly. It should be on your lap with the guitar arm towards your less skilled hand, which will be the one that will be in charge of pressing the strings on the fretboard. It is necessary that the arm is higher than the acoustic box to be more comfortable.

Next, you’ll need to identify the frets and the notes on each of them, so you can start playing a melody. For its part, the most skillful hand should be resting on the lower curve of the acoustic box, so that the fingers reach the strings. At first it can be difficult to make changes quickly, but with a few exercises, you will be able to gain speed and skill.

Other more advanced aspects that are part of classical guitar teaching are chords, which are played by pressing several strings at the same time, and rhythms, which is the frequency with which the strings are pressed to emit sound. There are as many rhythms as musical styles exist or invent, so you can experience your favorites. Some are very simple, but others, like flamingos, can be really complex.

Q2: How to study classical guitar?

Although many people learn by listening and imitating and manage to become true guitar virtuosos, it is very convenient to use some method that allows you to read sheet music, so music theory is considered essential. If you learn basic music theory you will have the opportunity to study other instruments later and it will be much easier to understand how they are played. 

Q3: How is a classical guitar built?

Although the construction of a guitar is really meticulous and takes time, we will try to summarize the project in the main steps. The process of building a classical guitar begins with the choice of the wood that is going to be used for its different parts. The quality of the sound that it is capable of reproducing, its nuance and resonance will depend on this.

Next, the tops, sound box, neck, hoops are formed and the assembly of the basic parts begins. Various alignment and grinding processes are carried out. The holes are made where the pegs are going to be placed and, later, the entire guitar is sanded several times with different grits until the finest sandpaper is reached, which will leave it ready for painting.

To finish, the missing pieces such as bones, pegs and strings are assembled. Adjustments are made again to confirm that the strings do not touch the frets when vibrating and the guitar is ready.

Q4: How to tune a classical guitar manually?

On the guitar there are equivalences between strings that serve as a reference for tuning. For example, if the sixth string is pressed at the fifth fret, it should sound the same as the open fifth string, that is, without pressing on any fret.

This is because they should both sound like the note B or B. In turn, the 5th string when pressed at the 5th fret should sound like the open 4th string. The 4th string when pressed at the 5th fret should sound like the open 3rd string. The 3rd string when pressed at the 4th fret should sound like open string 2 and the 2nd string when pressed at the 5th fret should sound like open string 1.

As you can see, although there are references between strings, it is necessary to have a first sound to imitate, so that the guitar is correctly tuned in the musical scale.

Q5: Who invented the classical guitar?

By making an important modification to the mandolin in 1850, the Spanish Antonio de Torres Jurado gave rise to the basis of the classical guitar as we know it today.

Q6: How to read classical guitar sheet music?

Basically, two ways of reading guitar music are used: the tablature system and the traditional stave system. In the first one you will be able to identify, by means of numbers, the fret on which you have to press the string to emit a note. In the staff method, you will have to learn to place the notes according to which key the score is written in and which section of the staff it is in.

Broadly speaking, we could say

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