The 8 Best Drums of 2022

Hype – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The bass drum is one of the largest percussion instruments and offers bass sounds. In addition, it is the main one to keep time in marches and diverse groups. Therefore, here we recommend some of the most prominent kick drums. Among them, the XDrum MBD-226, which has dimensions of 66 x 30.4 cm and 4 handles with their two respective straps, to be able to play comfortably on marches. Another outstanding model is the Pure Gewa Basix Junior, which offers a size of 55.8 x 17.7 cm and, in addition, its body is very resistant, thanks to its 6 layers of wood. 

The 8 Best Bass Drums – Opinions 2022

If you want to make the right purchase of a percussion instrument, check this list in which we present the best bass drums of 2022. Perhaps one of these models is the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Bass drum for parades

1. XDrum MBD-226 marching bass drum 

This could be the best bass drum for marching as it is a suitable size for military bands as well as Holy Week processions. Similarly, if you want a bass drum for parades, this could work for you, as it offers a deep and strong sound, which allows you to hit the strong beats more easily. This is how all the percussionists and trumpeters in the band will be able to accurately keep the rhythm. 

In addition to this, this bass drum has 4 carrying handles where you can place the shoulder straps, to walk and play at the same time. Also, it has 16 tension screws, so it is possible to tune the synthetic membranes according to the occasion. It even comes with a white body and black sides, adding a touch of elegance to these large drums. 

Perhaps it is the best hype of the moment, as it has various qualities that make it stand out. Next, we briefly explain some of them.


Size: It is a large bass drum, as it has dimensions of 66 x 30.4 cm, so it can emit loud and clear sounds. 

Tuning: Offers high tuning control for each membrane, thanks to its 16 tension screws. 

Accessories: This instrument comes with 2 mallets and 2 shoulder straps, so you can start playing in parades whenever you want. 


Patches: The patches are not very resistant, so you should beat them moderately if you want them to last long. 

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marching drum

2. Pure Gewa Basix Junior Marching Bass Drum

If you want to know which is the best bass drum, you may find the answer in this instrument, since it has a robust body with 6 layers of wood, to withstand continuous use for several years. 

Also, this marching bass drum will be very useful in children’s parades, due to its compact size of 55.8 x 17.7 cm. Simply, the child must hang it on his shoulders and carry the base rhythm of the music.

In another order of ideas, we highlight its tuning system, which has 6 tensioners, to adjust both patches according to the music that the little one plays. In addition, the package includes 2 small tuning keys, 1 mallet and 2 shoulder straps, so you don’t have to buy these accessories separately. 

In the following section we present the main advantages and disadvantages of this drum for children, so pay attention to each of them.


Sound: Because it is smaller it has a softer sound, which is a great advantage for children. 

Body: The body is made of 6 layers of plywood, so it will withstand a variety of knocks that kids might throw at it. 

Tuning: It has 6 tensors to tune the two patches, depending on the type of music the child plays.  


Clubs: It is missing that it comes with two clubs, since it only has one. However, this does not mean that the bass drum is of poor quality.  

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Other products

3. Pure Gewa Chester F893012 Broken Toms

We present this tom of 30.4 x 25.4 cm, with which you can play in football stadiums to cheer on your favorite team. Also, it will be possible to use it in music bands and cultural activities in your province. 

This tom offers a medium to low sound that can be used to imitate the bass drum in various types of music. In addition, it has a beautiful black design that fits various tastes. 

Another important aspect of this tom is its body, which has 6 layers of wood, so it will withstand frequent use in different festivals of the year, including Easter activities. Even, like other drums, it allows you to tune both heads to your liking, thanks to its 12 screws, which go into 6 turnbuckles. 

This is one of the cheapest marching toms, so if you’re looking for an affordable instrument, check out the following features. 


Size: It measures 30 x 25 cm, so its sound is between medium and low frequencies, to carry the rhythm along with the bass drum in music bands and cultural parades. 

Material: This tom has high quality metal screws and wooden body, so it will have a long service life. 

Strap: The package includes a strap to hang the tom on your shoulder and play while you walk in the parades. 


Smell: The strap has a smell that could bother some users, but with use it disappears. 

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4. Jinbao Bombo march

If you want to play in parades and stadiums, this could be the bass drum for you, as it measures 55 x 30 cm, so it is comfortable to carry on the shoulder and play marches or other types of music. In addition, it is very useful in bands, due to its comfortable support for the shoulders. In the same way, it comes with two handles and their respective straps, which gives you more stability while you play. 

Its sound is powerful and allows you to adjust the tension of the two patches, according to your preferences or needs. Also, it should be noted that the instrument comes with a mallet, to be able to play from the first moment you receive the order.

On the other hand, we inform you that it has a beautiful white design with black rings, so it will combine very well with almost any musical band outfit. 

If you still don’t know what bass drum to buy to play in military or traditional marches, this could be the one, so check out its main pros and cons. 


Size: It has dimensions of 55 x 30 cm, so it will be useful for young people and adults. In addition, it emits a deep bass sound that follows the tempo. 

Support: It has a special shoulder support, to use it in military marches and educational institutions with greater comfort. 

Mallet: The package also includes a mallet with a padded head to hit the drum membrane. 


Cover: It would be nice if it came with a cover to store it and move it more safely. 

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5. Stagg MABD-2012 for kick drum 

Its size of 50 x 30.5 centimeters is enough to obtain a strong and deep sound that helps to keep the tempo in military or civil marches. In addition, it has a very nice white design with black rings and 8 pairs of chrome turnbuckles for tuning. Likewise, the package includes the key to tune each patch to your liking. 

This bass drum is made from 7-ply Basswood, a strong and durable wood, so it will last for years to come for parades or marches. Also, we mention that it comes with a strap and a mallet, so you will not have to buy these accessories separately. 

Another quality that stands out in this bass drum model is that it has handles to place the strap without any problem and comfortably play while you are walking. 

Stagg could be the best bass drum brand, as it is specialized in the manufacture and international distribution of this type of musical instrument. 


Sound: The sound is powerful to keep the rhythm in processions or parades, it is also used to encourage football stadiums. 

Material: With 7 layers of basswood it offers long life and good resonance, so you can play in various traditional festivals of the year without problems.

Accessories: The package includes a strap and mallet, so you can start playing as soon as the product arrives. 


Weight: It weighs 6 Kg, so it may not be very practical for children, because they will tire quickly in parades. 

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6. DB Percussion DB0048 Band Bass Drum

If you are looking for a bass drum to learn to play march this could be the one, since it is small, 45.7 x 25 centimeters, so it will even work for children to keep the rhythm. The latter is possible thanks to its poplar body, a light wood that gives the bass drum a weight of 5 Kg.

Likewise, this instrument has metal rings, so that it will withstand various unexpected blows that the bass drum could have. Another aspect is its wine red color, which makes it stand out at first glance. 

And, as for accessories, this product comes with a mallet and strap, so you can start playing in parades comfortably. In addition, since it comes with these accessories, you will not have to make extra expenses. For these attributes, it is perhaps the best product for beginning percussionists. 

Next, we will explain the most outstanding pros and cons of this DB Percussion bass drum, it may be the instrument you need. 


Size: It has dimensions of 45.7 x 25 centimeters and weighs only 5 Kg, which makes it lighter than other models on the market today.

Materials: The body is made of poplar and the hoops are metal, so it will be a bass drum that will last you several years. 

Color: It has a rather striking wine color that matches the tastes of many users.  


Volume: It is not highly recommended for playing in stadiums if you want a strong and deep sound, due to its compact size. 

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7. Jinbao Child Bombo

This might be the best value for money bass drum for kids, as it is one of the cheapest, but it does come with 2 mallets for playing and 2 shoulder straps. Thanks to the latter, children will be able to play while they are walking in the parade or the festivities of the province. In addition, the straps are attached to 4 practical handles that the body of the bass drum has. 

In another order of ideas, we mention that it has high quality materials, so that children can touch it during various cultural activities without inconvenience. 

In addition to this, the straps are made of nylon, a material that supports the 4.7 Kg of the bass drum without problems, so your child will be safe with this instrument. Likewise, the instrument has 6 screws for each patch, so that children learn to tune it easily. 

In the next section we will briefly explain the pros and cons of this Jinbao children’s drum, it may be a good gift for your child. 


Size: It has dimensions of 40 x 17.5 cm, so it is not very cumbersome for children. 

Tuning: It has 6 screws on each ring, so that the little one can learn to tune the bass drum heads. 

Straps: The package includes 2 mallets and 2 straps, so that the child can play various rhythms while walking in a musical parade. 


Case: It would be nice if it came with a case to store it when in use. 

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8. Stagg 25021375 MatD-1412 Marching Tenor Bass Drum

It is a tenor bass drum with dimensions of 35.5 x 30 centimeters, so it is small and light, that is, much more comfortable to play in marches or parades of all kinds. In addition, it only weighs 3.8 Kg, so you won’t tire as quickly as other bass drum models. 

Likewise, it is made with 7 layers of basswood, a resistant wood that will give this Stagg bass drum a long life. Likewise, it has screws with their respective key for tuning the patches. 

On the other hand, you should know that the package includes two drumsticks and a strap, so you can walk and play at the same time. This makes it easier to play the drum in long parades, as you will feel more comfortable, better balancing the weight of the instrument.   

There are many bass drums on the market, but this one is tenor, so it has a shallower sound, which is useful for brighter hits; these are its most important qualities. 


Size: It measures only 35.5 x 30 centimeters, so it emits higher pitched sounds, in addition, it is played with light sticks. 

Material: It is made with 7 layers of basswood and high tension chrome screws, for a more precise tuning. 

Strap: The package comes with a strap for you to play while walking, so this bass drum is very comfortable to use. 


Drumsticks: It would be nice if it came with 2 pairs of drumsticks, to have a spare kit. However, the game included in the package does its job. 

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Bass Drum Accessories

kick pedal

DW Bass Drum Pedal 3000 DWCP3002

If you are looking for a double bass drum pedal for your acoustic drums, this product may be the one for you. It is a double pedal with which you can make fast chimes in various musical styles, such as rock, death metal and heavy metal. 

In addition to this, this DW pedal has an elegant black design and has non-slip material for your feet. This way you can play a variety of fast rhythms without worrying about your shoes slipping. Likewise, it should be noted that they have double chain traction, for greater resistance to the different peals. 

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mallet for bass drum

ammoon High Quality Bass Drum Snare Grosse Trommel Drumstick

If you want to buy a good bass drum mallet, this product could be useful to you, since its handle was made of a resistant aluminum alloy. In addition, it has an ergonomic grip with wrist lock on the handle. In other words, it won’t fall off easily while playing in the middle of the parade. 

Its length is 32 cm long and the head is padded to protect the bass drum head. In addition to this, it weighs only 32 g, so you can use it for long days of music without getting too tired. 

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Shopping guide

If you want to choose a suitable bass drum for you or your child, you should review aspects such as size and sound, manufacturing materials, tuning system, etc. That is why here we present a guide to buy the best bass drum; maybe she will help you buy the right instrument. 

size and sound

When you make a comparison of bass drums, do not forget their dimensions, since the size greatly influences the comfort and sound of the instrument. In other words, the bigger it is, the more powerful the low frequencies will be. This means that generally a large kick drum offers a louder and deeper sound. 

But we know that you don’t always need this type of sound, so you can also opt for a small bass drum, whose low frequencies are weaker, adapting to various styles of music. Likewise, the small drums are lighter to move, so if what you are looking for is ergonomics, these are the most suitable models.


If you wonder how much a certain bass drum costs, read this feature, because the price of the instrument will largely depend on it. However, due to the wide variety of drums on the market, you can still find a good and cheap one. 

The most important material of the bass drum is its body, which is also called the shell by some Internet sellers. This part of the bass drum needs to be sturdy, so it’s usually made of plywood. By this we mean multiple layers of wood bonded together, which offers greater durability and in most cases good resonance. Of course, the layers are made of various woods, for example, basswood, poplar or others. 

Being plywood, that is, in layers, the woods used withstand continuous use, humidity, shock, dust and other factors. That way, don’t worry too much about the wood, but pay attention to how many layers it has. 6- or 7-ply bodies are high-quality, so either option will last you a long time.  

Other aspects that you should review in terms of materials are the rings and screws, as they must be chromed for greater resistance to moisture or climatic changes.

Likewise, the membranes, which are also known as patches, must be very resistant to the blows of the mace. This way they will last much longer, preventing you from buying new patches often. To know this aspect, check the opinions of users who have already bought and used the hype you want to buy. 

tuning system

The long or short screws that a bass drum has around its body hold the hoops and tighten each head. If you adjust them, you raise or lower the note of the head, to get the tone you need in parades. For a more precise tuning it is good that the bass drum has enough screws, for example, 8 for each side. Also, it is important that the bass drum comes with a tuning key, which is a small metal part that is used to adjust the screws.

straps and handles

If you want to play comfortably in Easter marches or parades of all kinds, it is best if the bass drum comes with shoulder straps. When it comes to a large bass drum, it should have two shoulder straps, on the other hand, if it is small, only one will suffice. 

But it is not only important that the package includes straps, but you should also check if the bass drum has handles for them. This is because some bass drums don’t include them, but you have to put the latter on the tuning screws. That way, it would be more uncomfortable to hang the bass drum on your body, regardless of whether it goes on your waist or shoulders. 


Another important accessory is the mallet, with which you can hit the bass drum, for that reason, you should check that it is resistant. Also, it is important to know if the head is soft or padded, so as not to damage the heads or membranes of the bass drum quickly. To know this, just check the photos of the product on the Internet.  

In the same way, the number of clubs included in the package must be taken into account. Larger bass drums usually come with two mallets, so you can hit them on both heads. In contrast, small bass drums require a single mallet. Also, some bass drums use standard sticks, like those used by drummers. Take all of these qualities into account before purchasing a particular bass drum.  

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to play the bass drum?

Many people believe that you have to hit the bass drum very hard to make it sound powerful, but that is not correct. The ideal is to play softly and with a padded mallet head. This is because this will prevent dents in the heads and loss of sound quality. That is, the more dents you have on the head, the worse it will sound. 

Also, the correct use of the two mallets is important, in the case of large bass drums. The correct thing is to play each patch separately, one after the other, alternating. Only on some occasions will it be necessary to play both patches at the same time, depending on the music you are going to play and the instructions of the director in the parade. 

Q2: How to assemble a bass drum?

First you must buy the pieces to assemble the murguero bass drum, which you can find on the Internet. For example, shell or body, hoops, heads and turnbuckles. Then, you have to paint the drum to your liking, in case it is not dyed. 

Subsequently, place the hoops and patches with the help of the tensioning screws. The hoops should be made of metal for durability, but you could also use wood, but it should be quite sturdy. In the end, you just have to tune the bass drum and voila, you can start playing. 

Q3: How to paint a bass drum?

To paint a bass drum professionally you must use a gun and mahogany varnish or the color you want. Another way to paint is using a brush, but this gives the drum a more handmade finish.

When painting, you must apply a first layer, let it dry and apply the second. In the same way, you apply up to 5 layers, so that the paint is more durable and is not damaged by a simple scratch. Some people apply more coats of paint, but this may decrease the resonance of the bass drum.

It is not recommended to use stickers before or after painting, because these also decrease the quality of the sound and that is not what we are looking for with this type of musical instrument. 

Q4: How to make a homemade bass drum?

It is easy to make a homemade drum, because you only need a large paint container, preferably 20 liters, cylindrical and plastic. Also, you can use goat skin to create the patches and bolts. The latter will serve to hold the goat hides. 

But before installing the leathers you must open the lower hole of the container, which you can do with heat, that is, by heating a metal tool. This step is not recommended for children, but adults who want to make a bass drum at home.  

Next, you paint the plastic container to your liking and with a brush. The best thing is that you clean the plastic very well before painting, it is also important that you apply several layers to the drum. 

When the paint has dried you can place the leathers, the upper and lower, with the help of the screws. However, don’t forget to stretch the leathers and let them dry before installing them, so that they give a deeper sound to the bass drum. The leathers must be installed with enough tension, so that they sound good. If you want, use some kind of metal or wooden hoop to mount the leathers correctly, so that you can tune them in the future.

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