The 8 Best Gongs of 2022

Gong – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The gong is a useful percussion instrument for orchestral music as well as meditation and relaxation, so it could be the right one for you or your child. If you want to buy a gong model, here we present some of the best. Among them, the Klangschalen-Center Feng, which is 20 cm in diameter and offers a quite relaxing metallic sound, useful for yoga, zen, music therapy, reiki and other similar activities. Another model that we recommend is the Klangschalen-Center Tam Tam, which was made by hand with bronze and has a diameter of 40 cm, so it offers an intense and deep sound.

The 8 Best Gongs – Opinions 2022

If you are looking for the best gongs of 2022, check this comparison, because here you will have reviews of the most outstanding models for people of different ages, including children. Our goal is for you to get to know several options and decide on the one that best meets your expectations.

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1. Klangschalen-Center Gong Feng original from China high quality

Perhaps this is the best Feng-type gong with which you can practice Zen, since it was made in China and has a classic 20 cm design that gives it a useful sound in the practice of sitting meditation.

It is a Chinese gong with a string for easy holding and a wooden mallet to play it. In addition to this, its sound is expansive and generates a sense of tranquility in the human being when he concentrates and meditates. Of course, it is not only useful for meditation, but it also provides a lot of help in music, even, due to its compact size, children can use it to learn percussion and improve their level of concentration.

You can combine this instrument with Tibetan bowls, sound therapy tuning forks or other instruments used for meditation. 

If you are an instrument collector or you love percussion, this product should not be missing from your list. So that you know it better, we present its most important pros and cons.


Type: It was made in China and is known as feng gong, so it offers a very open sound that spreads throughout the place. 

Mallet: This instrument comes with a practical mallet made of wood and cotton, so you can hit it and experience its beautiful sound.

Functionality: Due to its size, it is used for musical and meditation practice for both children and adults.


Cover: It would be nice if it came with a cover to store it comfortably.

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Other products

2. Klangschalen-Center Gong Tam Tam Whood Chau

Many of us have wondered what the best gong is, especially if we want to have this beautiful instrument in our music therapy or meditation room. Therefore, we recommend this model from the Klangschalen-Center brand, which specializes in musical instruments for meditation.

It has a Tam Tam type design and is known in China as the Whood Chau Gong. It also offers a deep vibration that lifts your spirit and increases effectiveness in meditation, reiki, yoga and other activities.  

This gong is made of bronze and has a striking golden shine that makes it possible to use it as a decorative element. Although the most important thing is its influence on spiritual and musical therapy, since it elevates your mind with its vibrant and long sound. It will even help you relax at home after a full day of work.  

Next, we will show you the most important pros and cons of this Asian percussion instrument.


Functionality: It is possible to use this gong in Zen workshops, therapies, activities with children, etc.

Sound: Its deep and intense sound allows you to free yourself from thoughts and stress, you just have to let yourself go with its harmonious vibration.

Design: It is a bronze Tam Tam gong with a very nice black line, so it will even serve as a decoration.


Weight: Its weight is a bit high, 4 Kg, so you should hang it to play more comfortably.

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3. Ammoon Hand Gong Cymbals Brass Copper Chapel

If you need a strong and durable brass gong for children, this might be the one for you. It measures 22 cm in diameter, so it will be a great instrument in nurseries and other places where there are activities with children, to help their concentration and relaxation. In addition, with this gong children will be able to improve their sense of rhythm, it will even contribute a lot to their creativity and expression.

Another advantage offered by this small gong for children is that it helps in the development of concentration and coordination of the hands. In addition to this, it should be noted that the package includes the hanging rope and a fairly resistant wooden mallet. On the other hand, it weighs only 310 grams, so children can easily move it from one place to another.

It could be the best gong of the moment for boys and girls, so here we explain its most important aspects.


Type: This is a small children’s hand gong, so you can give it as a gift to your child to develop their musical talent.

Sound: Its sound is bright and striking, so that children educate their ears while having fun.

Weight: It does not weigh much, only 310 grams, so that children can use it comfortably.


Mallet: It would be nice if its head was made of some softer material, since it is made of wood, like the handle.

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4. Meinl Sonic Energy WG-145

It is not easy to choose a good gong for your musical practices or meditation sessions, since there are many brands and models on the market today. However, the company Meinl Sonic Energy offers this 36.8 cm model. In addition, the seller has other design and size options, so you can choose the one that best suits you.  

The highlight is that it has been completely handcrafted from bronze alloy, thus offering a long lifespan and a pleasant vibration that relaxes your mind. Likewise, it relieves you of stress when you use it in zen, reiki, yoga or other activities that relax the mind and body.

Its design incorporates a thin profile that enhances the sound, making it deeper and clearer. In this way, it will also serve in musical accompaniment and music therapy.

Perhaps Meinl Sonic Energy is the best brand of gongs, so we summarize the main pros and cons of a product made by this company.


Material: It has been made by hand with bronze alloy, a material that gives it elegance and sonority.

Functionality: It is used for meditation and relaxation, as well as composition and musical arrangements.

Brightness: It has brightness on both sides, which is why it is also known as a double light gong.


Rope: It does not come with a rope to hang it, so you will have to buy it separately. However, this does not affect its sound quality.

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5. Yibuy Brass Instruments Copper Cymbals Opera Gong

It is a 15.5 cm gong for boys and girls, so you can give this product to your children, if you want them to start hearing training and develop the sense of rhythm.

And, if you are worried about its sturdiness, this gong is made of pure copper, so that it withstands knocks or scratches that children can cause it very well. It also has two holes in the rim and a handy string, so children can use both hands to play it; In this way, they will learn to coordinate the movements of their hands and improve their concentration.   

Although it is made of metal, it only weighs 170 grams, so that children can play it more comfortably. In addition, it should be noted that the product incorporates a wooden mallet.

We know that this is one of the cheapest gongs, but its sound is nice for children; review its most important pros and cons.


Educational: It is used in classes with children, helping them in their creativity and musical ability.

Material: It is made of pure copper, a material that withstands corrosion and the use of children.

Mallet: The package includes a wooden mallet for the little one to play the gong and experiment with the rhythms they want.


Sound: The sound is a bit bright, but this is understandable as it is quite small.

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6. Klangschalen-Center Feng Gong Wind 7016

This rimless feng gong is quite small, but offers striking sound diversity that is useful in music therapy, zen, reiki, yoga, and other meditation or relaxation activities. If you have never practiced this type of activity, just let yourself be carried away by the harmonious vibrations of this instrument, which is known as a wind gong.

Another aspect that we can highlight about this product is that it comes with a small wooden mallet, so you can start playing from the first moment.

In addition, this gong was handcrafted from tin bronze, and has been duly polished to show a golden shine that is striking at first glance. Depending on how you play it, you can get soft and intense sounds. And, if you want the kids to relax a bit, you can also use it at school or at home. They can even touch it as it is small and light.   

If you still don’t know which gong to buy, check out the following positive and negative features of this instrument. 


Manufacturing: It is handmade with tin bronze, so it offers a long service life.

Mallet: The package includes a wooden mallet so that you or the children can play it correctly.

Functionality: It is not only used for meditation, but you can also use it for musical teaching of children or as a decoration object.


Sound: It does not have a very loud sound, but this is understandable due to its size, which is 15 cm.   

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7. SM SunniMix Educational Toy Metal Gong Instrument

Perhaps this is the best value for money gong, so it is one of the cheapest, but it has high functionality in the education of children. With this instrument children will be able to experience rhythms freely, at school or at home.

Also, it is a useful metal gong for children to develop hand-eye coordination. The package has a red rope to hold it and a wooden mallet. This last one is the accessory with which the little ones in the house can learn to keep the rhythm of the music.

On the other hand, we mentioned that it is a traditional Chinese design gong, so it will serve to decorate spaces in the home or meditation centers.

In the following lines you will be able to see the pros and cons of this percussion instrument for children; read each of them carefully.


Materials: The gong has been made of metal and the mallet is made of wood, both materials are resistant for the use of children.

String: It has a red string for the little one to hold the gong comfortably.

Functionality: The instrument will serve for more entertaining classes at school and children’s auditory training. 


Size: This is a very small children’s gong, only 10 cm, however, it is of good quality and offers a good sound.  

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8.Percussion Plus Chinese Gong

This Chinese gong is made of bronze and has been hammered by hand, to give it a handcrafted and striking touch, as well as an authentic sound. It measures 16 inches and features a combination of shiny gold and black, which means it’s stylish and will fit in with your home or music academy decor.  

Also, we mentioned that it has two holes on the edges, in which there is a rope to hold in the hand or hang on a gong support. The package even includes the mallet to make the peals on the instrument.

Its sound is long and warm, so it can be used in meditation sessions without any problem, for example, in yoga, reiki, zen, etc. Also, it should be noted that you can use it as a decorative element in the space you want.

This gong also stands out among the Chinese and handcrafted models, due to its excellent finishes and good sound.


Sound: It has a long and intense sound, although you can also play it softly and get different nuances to relax the body and mind.

Materials: The gong is made of bronze and has handcrafted finishes. For its part, the mallet is made of wood with a soft cloth head.

String: It has a string to hang the gong somewhere or hold it by hand when playing it.


Size: This model does not come in different sizes, you can only choose the 40.6 cm.

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Shopping guide

If you want to make a wise choice, check out this guide to buying the best gong. In it we will explain some aspects that are essential when buying this type of musical instrument. 


In a comparison of gongs you must take this aspect into account. There are many types of gongs on the Internet, but now we will talk about two outstanding options. For example, there is the feng gong, also known as wind gong, in Spanish wind gong. This type of gong is rimless and offers a more open sound.

On the other hand, there are the Tam Tam gongs, which do have edges, therefore, their sound is deeper, that is, serious. These are very useful to combine with symphonic gongs or other types of gongs rich in harmonics.

Although these are very common, there are also other gongs such as planetary gongs, which are made with a specific tuning, depending on the planet to which they correspond; each note is used for a specific therapy.


There is something that every gong should have in terms of sound, a long vibration. It is one of the things that makes this instrument so useful in therapies, relaxation, meditation, etc. Likewise, the gong must have a variety of sounds, depending on where you play it, the center or the sides. And when we talk about sounds we are not referring to musical notes DO, LA or FA, but to the different nuances.


Functionality is very important when choosing a gong, because if you want it for meditation, maybe the wind gong or maybe some Tam Tam gong could help you. For professional musical arrangements we recommend the symphonic gongs and also the planetary gongs, especially the latter, because they have a specific tuning.

However, the same seller or the brand of the gong can inform you about the uses that you can give to a certain gong. For example, some are very good for developing concentration in children, others help to enter meditation, whether you practice reiki, zen, yoga, etc.


The most common is that you get bronze gongs, but due to the wide variety of models, some are made of brass, copper or some special metal alloy. Of course, bronze is the preferred material, since it is what the Asians originally used when making these types of instruments.

However, nowadays you can find other types of metals, so study about them before deciding on a certain gong.


Normally, the fact of how much a gong costs varies depending on the size of the gong. However, if you carefully review the different options on the Internet, you may find a great and cheap one.

If you want a gong to give to your child, you should choose a small one, that does not weigh much, so that he can play it for a long time without getting too tired. On the other hand, if you want a gong to use in large yoga rooms, it is best to buy 30 cm and up. These emit a stronger sound and more harmonics.

Another tip that we give you is to choose the gong according to the sound you are looking for, since the bigger ones are more serious. For brighter sound effects, choose gongs shorter than 30 cm.


The mallet is the utensil with which you must hit the gong. It is not recommended that you play it with makeshift objects, as they may damage the shape or aesthetics of the gong.

For this reason, it is good that the mallet has a strong head, but of a material that does not scratch or dent the gong. If the gong you are going to buy is for your child and his mallet has a wooden head, cover it with some soft material, for example, cotton fabric. This way you will make the instrument last much longer for the little one. We say this because most of the mallets for children are simple, completely made of wood.


The finishes of the gong are the definitive details that are normally carried out by hand, for example, with hammering. Other finishes may be done with some machinery, for example, painting.

On the other hand, we inform you that you should check if the gong is well polished, since it looks more elegant if it shines like gold. A gong with good finishes can even be used to decorate a space, for example, the living room of your house, the company or some other place.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a gong?

The first thing you should do is take the gong with one hand, from the rope that it has to hang on some support. This way you will prevent your handprints from being marked on the instrument, and you will even prevent the gong from getting dirty quickly. After that, take the mallet with the other hand, but holding it by the handle. Then hit the gong softly or loudly, depending on the need of the moment.

If it is for meditation, we recommend that you experience the sounds of the gong little by little, playing soft, strong, slow and fast. Also vary where you hit the instrument.

But if you’re an academic musician, follow the conductor’s instructions or play to the score. Also, you must respect the black rests, dotted eighth notes, etc., because in this case you would be playing together with other musicians, it is not you who should stand out.

Q2: How to make a gong?

To make a gong choose the material, which can be a sheet of copper, bronze or brass. Then cut the sheet, making a perfect circle, to start folding the edges with a hammer. This tool should be somewhat pointed, but not sharp, just to create the edges of the gong.

Later, with a drill, open 2 holes, to place a rope and be able to hang or hold the instrument in your hand. Once you have the gong ready, make a mallet, for which you will need a thick wooden stick. You cut it in the size that you think is convenient, for example, 23 cm could be enough, but this will depend a lot on the size that you have given the gong. At one end of the stick place an oval head and ready, you will have a mallet to play the gong.

Q3: How to install a gong?

Do not get complicated, you can hang the gong on a metal or wooden support, depending on what you have at home, whether you have made it yourself or bought it separately. In the gong you must place a string, with it you will hang the instrument on the support.

If you have several gongs, you can make a special support, simply take the necessary measures so that the instruments do not collide with each other when you hang them.  

Q4: How does the gong sound?

The gong emits sounds through the vibration of its material when struck with a mallet. Generally, the sound can be low if you have a big gong and high if the instrument is compact. However, this is relative, since the material and the shape that the manufacturer has given to the gong also have an influence. Also, the gong can emit many harmonics if it is properly made of brass or other high-quality material.

Q5: Who invented the gong?

The gong was created in Southeast Asia around 500 BC, but the name of the person who first invented it is unknown. Burma, China, Annam and Java were some of the places where they made the most use of gong, they even had up to 7 types, depending on the location.

On the other hand, it is believed that the Bronze Age has a lot to do with the appearance of the gong, since perhaps someone from that time struck a similar utensil and discovered its spectacular sound.  

Q6: How to clean a gong?

Do not use warm or hot water to clean the gong, as this could change or damage the tuning of the instrument, since it is made of metal. It is best to clean with a soft cloth and room temperature water. If the gong is extremely scratched and dirty, use some kind of polishing fluid for the type of metal your instrument has.

Some people recommend choosing the right product when polishing your gong, as otherwise you could damage the metal. In other words, the polishing fluid should be as non-abrasive as possible.

Q7: What material is the gong made of?

Gongs are made of metal, for example, copper, nickel, brass, bronze, and tin, etc. The brand that makes the gong can tell you about the type of metal or alloy used in manufacturing. That is, some brands use special alloys, which gives their gongs a unique sound, as well as greater durability in most cases.


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