The 8 Best Gramophones of 2022

Gramophone – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the biggest advantages today is that we can combine the practicality of technology with the old-fashioned look, resulting in appliances that evoke feelings of nostalgia, yet are compatible with our modern devices. If you want to continue enjoying your acetate records, but you love the appearance of gramophones, there are different options on the market, such as the Aubaho Antiguo model, with a crank included, so you can wind it up. Or, if you’re looking for something more versatile, the Lauson CL-147 is a stylish player for both vinyl and digital music.

The 8 Best Gramophones – Opinions 2022

Finding the best gramophone is not an easy task, it must be a careful selection process so that you really take home the best device, which has the appearance you are looking for and offers you all the advantages you expect. Next, we show you our selection of the gramophones best valued by users in this 2022. 

old gramophone

1. Aubaho Old Style Gramophone with Horn

If you are looking for something for decorative purposes, rather than musical, then you might be interested in this proposal from the Aubaho brand, since it is an old gramophone with an elegant design, made with pieces of wood, metal and plastic. Its appearance, which includes hand-carved decorations, could add a nostalgic touch to the room where you place it. 

On the other hand, it has its traditional crank, which you will have to turn to be able to listen to the album and it is compatible with 78-revolution acetates. Another advantage of this model is that if you don’t have a disc to test it, you don’t have to worry, since one is included with the purchase.

If you are wondering about the quality with which it plays records, you will be pleased to know that you will be able to hear some subtle imperfections, like those that characterized the original gramophones, which complements the experience and could make it the best gramophone in this comparison, It is also one of the cheapest.

Having a beautiful decorative and functional object at home does not have to cost you too much. Read more about this Aubaho brand gramophone. 


Finishes: The gramophone’s aged appearance is part of its appeal, making it appear more authentic.

Dimensions: Its size of 38 x 38 x 70 cm makes it a device that does not take up too much space.

Handmade: This model is the result of several hours of manual work, which adds value. 


Sound fidelity: Those looking for a device to play high-quality music will have to look elsewhere. 

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modern gramophone

2. Lauson Nostalgie Retro Turntable Stereo Mini System

If you are wondering which is the best gramophone, but you are demanding about the sound quality of the music you listen to, then you will be interested in knowing this product in detail. It is a model capable of playing acetate discs at 3 different speeds: 33, 45 and 78 rpm, being compatible with most formats. In addition, it has two stereo quality speakers.

Regarding its connectivity, it can be linked via Bluetooth; And if you want to transfer the music from your old records to other formats compatible with your mobile devices, such as MP3, you can also do it through this versatile modern gramophone. That is why it is considered as a versatile device.

We could not forget about his appearance. In this sense, it has also been well valued by users; for its robust appearance, good finishes, but mainly, for the elegant style it projects.

Lauson could be the best brand of gramophones on the market due to its experience in manufacturing this type of device. Check out the pros and cons of this particular model below.


Functions: It has a CD player, AM/FM radio and gramophone, among others, making it versatile.

Connectivity: It includes an auxiliary port, a USB port and also Bluetooth, so you can link it to the device you need. 

Sound: The sharpness of the audio is of good quality, for a better user experience.


Weight: The manufacturer indicates that the weight of this product is 7 kilograms, so it is not recommended to move it frequently.

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gramophone record player

3.Retro Turntable Gramophone with 3 speeds CD USB

If the only thing that has stopped you from buying a gramophone record player is that you do not have a table or the appropriate place to place it, this proposal may be the solution. It is a model that includes its own base and a lower shelf, which you can use however you find most convenient.

On the other hand, it is a versatile model in which you can listen to records of different sizes and configure it at 33, 45 or 78 revolutions, in this way you will not have limitations to listen to the favorites of your collection.

To make it even more versatile, CD playback, AM and FM radio, as well as reading from portable storage media such as a USB flash drive have also been included. And as far as the furniture and structures are concerned, it is natural wood with hand-carved details and luxury finishes, which give it a refined look. This is why it is valued among the best gramophones of 2022.

If you need more elements to decide which gramophone to buy, here is a summary of pros and cons that you can analyze.


Functionality: Its wooden structure with a lower shelf makes it a practical and decorative element. 

Sound: You will be able to enjoy your discs with good quality audio when playing them on this device.

RCA: You can send the signal of this model to other devices, for the practical purposes that you need.

Appearance: It is a gramophone very rich in details and decorations, so it will not go unnoticed.


Connectivity : Unlike other turntables in our comparison, this one will not be able to link it to your mobile devices via Bluetooth.

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vintage gramophone

4. Music Turntable Vinyl Record Player

One of the most complete models in our comparison, in terms of technology and appearance, is this vintage gramophone. To begin with, it has a speaker decorated with shields on the outside, engraved in relief, but also a base that evokes one of the most characteristic styles of the 70s, with rounded edges and made of rubber wood.

As for its use, it is very simple, and thanks to the fact that it has Bluetooth connectivity, you will be able to transmit your favorite music contained in your mobile devices and listen to it in this beautiful accessory. In the same way, you could play it from a pendrive. In addition, you can adjust the bass and treble levels with its equalizer, for a better sound experience.

Finally, if you’re wondering what kind of operating systems it’s compatible with, you don’t have to worry, since it’s ready to work with both iOS and Android, to avoid inconveniences.

If you like the vintage style, we invite you to learn more about this interesting gramophone, which may not be the cheapest, but has many outstanding qualities. 


Colors: You can choose this gramophone in three tones, to adapt it to your preferences.

Radio: You can also tune in to your favorite FM stations, to expand your usage options.

Sound: You can adjust the acoustic effects of the sound with its equalizer.

Power: Due to its 36 watts, you will be able to listen to your records at a volume level suitable for a standard room. 


Recording: This option does not allow you to record your discs to transport them to a more modern format, as it happens with other models.

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Lauson Gramophone

5. Lauson CL747 Bluetooth Retro Gramophone Encoding Function

In case your search is preferably focused on multipurpose models, rather than affordable ones, let us recommend this Lauson gramophone, which combines style with technology in a balanced way.

So that you don’t have limitations when using it, you will like to know that it not only plays old records, but you can also listen to CDs, music on USB media and mobile devices. In addition, you can easily control everything through its front panel of buttons. On the other hand, if you prefer wired connectivity, it also includes a mini jack and an RCA auxiliary port, so you’re well covered in terms of options to connect it.

Its appearance, another important aspect, could be to the liking of those who prefer articles with an antique look, but in which simple and elegant lines predominate, because they combine very well with other modern accessories.

We invite you to review more aspects of interest related to this model, perhaps it is the best gramophone of the moment for you.


Versatility: The technology included in the model offers you a wide variety of uses, to take even more advantage of the gramophone.

Sound outputs: You can connect this device to other external amplifiers, to obtain a greater volume.

Encoding: You can transfer your analog records to current digital audio formats, to enjoy them in other playback media.


Cost: It is not the cheapest gramophone, but its functions, which are among the most complete among the models mentioned, can compensate for this.

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Other products

6. Aubaho Old Style Gramophone with Horn

For the experience of playing a record on a gramophone to be complete, many believe that the crank should not be dispensed with; therefore, this model adds it to its design. In addition, its cost is not very high and it may well be the best value for money gramophone in this list, especially if you are looking for something classic.

Speaking a little more about its appearance, it is worth highlighting its natural wood base, carved by hand, and the decorative golden appliqués on its octagonal structure. This shape offers an alternative to most models on the market, which are rectangular, and gives it a more classic touch. Also, its size is not too big, so it could decorate a small countertop.

As for its sound, its mechanism gives those subtle irregularities that many are looking for, so it will also evoke memories in your guests, or surprise those who have never had the experience of listening to an authentic gramophone before.

This model could capture the interest of many lovers of the classics. Here are its pros and cons.


Spare parts: You should not worry about the needle deteriorating with use, since the set includes a spare part for this piece.

Mechanism: The fact of being able to turn the crank, to start this gramophone, offers an authentic and different experience.

Appearance: Its design is attractive and classic, so it can fulfill not only a practical function, but also an ornamental one in your home.


Sound fidelity: It does not stand out for its sound quality, but those who opt for this type of model may not consider this point a priority.

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7. Gramophone Turntable 3 Speeds 33/45/78RPM

In the event that you want to highlight the decoration of your home, not only with an object as striking as a gramophone, but with a very peculiar one, we present this model. Its box is made of oak wood, and you can choose it in both natural color or white lacquer, to give greater prominence to its design, making the sound outputs more attractive.

On the other hand, the careful carving of the wood stands out, which gives it the quality finishes that you can appreciate every time you use it to listen to your favorite records.

Speaking a little more about the user experience of this device, we must add that thanks to its added tweeter, combined with the speakers, you will be able to enjoy a balanced sound and take advantage of such quality also to play the music you have on your mobile, for example, because it has Bluetooth.

In this beautiful model, you can have the best of a turntable with the advantages of digital technology at your fingertips. Check out more features below.


Compatibility: The gramophone is compatible with 33, 45 and 78 revolution records, so you can play all of your collection.

Formats: Not only plays MP3 tracks, but also WMA, for added versatility.

Versatility: You can also enjoy your CDs, and music contained in USB sticks.


Price: It is not the cheapest product on the list, but its good sound quality and the materials of its box justify this cost.

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8. Lmcljj Antique Gramophone Turntable Phonograph

With vintage and European style, this beautiful looking gramophone can add a very special touch to your home decoration. But in addition, it will also allow you to enjoy any vinyl record you have in your collection, since it can be adjusted to 3 rotation speeds, 78, 45 and 33, respectively.

To make it even more practical and that your investment of money provides you with more benefits, it will also allow you to play the music that you have contained in digital formats such as USB, or on your mobile, since it also has Bluetooth connectivity. 

On the other hand, when it comes to its sound, you will be able to experience good clarity and power, thanks to the fact that it combines a 20W woofer, capable of reaching an appropriate volume to be heard without problems in a standard room, and a 5W tweeter. to intensify the treble of your melodies.

The best purchase is the one that offers you the most benefits for your investment. You will be able to determine with greater certainty if this product is what you are looking for by reading more about its characteristics below.


Quality: The good finishes of the model convey a sense of elegance and style.

Versatile: It combines analog technology with digital, to offer more options for use.

Sound: The built-in speakers can provide a very pleasant listening experience, as they reproduce both bass and treble sounds effectively.


Recording function: Those who want to transfer their favorite melodies from analog to digital format will have to choose another model, as it does not include such an option.

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gramophone accessories

gramophone needles

Lopbinte Turntable Diamond Stylus for Phonograph

Unlike today’s players, which can last for a long time without any maintenance, gramophones may need a replacement, from time to time, of the part that is responsible for reading vinyl records.

We refer of course to gramophone needles.

However, you don’t have to worry too much, because it is becoming easier to find good quality spare parts at an affordable cost, like this one from the Lopbinte brand; which can even improve the sound.

In addition, its installation is very simple, so you can do it without any setbacks. 

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Shopping guide

Due to the fact that there are currently many manufacturers that have access to analog and digital media playback technologies, it is complicated to be able to select a model, since the offer is so wide that it can confuse us. That is why we have made this guide to buy the best gramophone, where we expose the aspects that you should not overlook when selecting your purchase options.


We’ll start our guide by referring to what you plan to use the gramophone for. This is because many people, when thinking about acquiring one, have different perspectives in mind. While some want to hear even the subtle sound imperfections that have characterized these devices, others are more demanding and want a clear and powerful sound experience, even if it is an old-looking device.

If you are one of the first, you will be able to find versions that combine the use of a crank, to be able to wind the gramophone, just as it was done before, which will cause some irregularity in the speed of rotation and that special effect in the reproduction. If you are wondering how much one of this type costs, it may even be cheap. In the second case, it will be necessary to opt for a completely electric one, so that the rotation is controlled and constant.

Compatibility and versatility

Not all acetate discs were manufactured in the same way, some need to rotate at a higher or lower speed so that the rhythm of the melody when heard is correct. So that it does not happen that certain copies of your collection cannot be played, you must verify that the device can be configured at different revolutions per minute. The most common is that they offer 33, 45 and 78 rpm, to cover this need.

On the other hand, if you want a gramophone, it doesn’t mean you have to give up playing music from other sources. Well, this is one of the best advantages that manufacturers add to their models, making it possible to link wirelessly with your mobile, tablet, etc., so you can take advantage of the sound quality of your speakers and enjoy your digital music. Similarly, compatibility with storage options such as cards, pen drives, CD input or include auxiliary ports could be included. The more the options, the better.

At this point, we will add that if you have a sound system installed at home, it might be of interest to you to know if there is the alternative of interconnecting your gramophone. In this case it will be important to verify if it has an RCA output, for example, to cover such an option and check that in your comparison of gramophones you select those that meet this requirement.


We cannot forget to mention the appearance of the gramophone, since it is largely what makes these devices a decoration alternative that many resort to. And it is that the large upper tube, usually made of metal such as copper, never goes unnoticed and you can find options in which this element is a true work of art, with beautiful relief engravings. However, if you prefer the simpler designs, you could also identify many options that will be to your liking.

The base case of the gramophone is another element that you must analyze carefully, because in addition to combining with the style of the horn, it can also have a vintage appearance, with rounded shapes or with a more European and refined trend. In the latter case, stylized edges, straight lines and rectangular shapes predominate. 

Choose the design that best meets your preferences without forgetting to review the manufacturing materials. The best thing is that they are resistant, and if possible, contribute to good acoustics. After all, it is the soundboard that will project the sound, which is why it is preferred that it be made of wood.


There are not a few who want to recover the music they have on their vinyl records to also enjoy it in other more modern means of reproduction. If this is your case, you should make sure that the model you choose includes a decoding function for the analog format to convert it to digital. Offering the option of recording on MP3 tracks, for example, what is being heard simultaneously.

spare parts

Because gramophone needles have an estimated lifespan, you might also be interested in checking if the manufacturer has added any spare parts for this part. In this way, you will not have to worry about replacement in the short term, having more time to enjoy your purchase without having to invest more money. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a gramophone?

The process is actually very simple. The first thing you should do is verify that the device is connected to electricity. Then, very carefully and holding by the edges, you must place the record you want to play on the turntable. It is important that you prevent the center post from touching any surface of the disc during the process, as it can damage the tracks.

Now, adjust the spin speed to the one indicated by the disk. This information can be found on the cover, generally. Check the number of revolutions and identify in your device the way to choose such configuration. Once the platform is turning, you just have to gently take the tone arm, lift it and take it to the record, gently placing it on it. This in case it is a manual gramophone. If it includes any automatic function, you only have to indicate it and the device will do the work for you.

Q2: Who invented the gramophone?

The character to whom the manufacture, for the first time, of this device is attributed is the German Emile Berliner in the year 1888. However, we must not forget that it is a modification of the phonograph, that the famous Thomas A. Edison had previously elaborated.

Q3: How to repair a gramophone?

Most problems related to gramophone malfunctions are caused by the arm mechanism, which could have been damaged, or by the needle, which is a replaceable part. Our recommendation is that, if the sound is the one that has deteriorated, being of lower quality than it used to provide, you first resort to a needle change. In case the arm is the one with the problem, the procedure is more delicate, so we recommend that you request the help of an expert.

Q4: How to clean a gramophone?

Since the parts of the gramophone are generally made of different materials, each section will have to be treated separately. For the upper trumpet, if it is copper, you should use a soft cloth and a metal cleaner to restore its shine. Be careful not to make too sudden movements or it could be damaged, since being attached to the rest of the gramophone the process is usually uncomfortable.

For the base, if it is wood, it is best to use a dry cloth and with it remove all the dust that has adhered. Afterwards, you could apply some protective oil. Finally, for the turning platform of the disk, which is usually made of plastic, it is advisable to use a soft microfiber cloth.

Q5: Which is better, gramophone or record player?

This will depend on your preferences. If you go for the elegant look and vintage style in your decor, it could definitely be more eye-catching to opt for a gramophone. But if you are looking for practicality, a turntable may be easier to place, transport and store.

Q6: How to make a cardboard gramophone?

A very interesting and cheap DIY project that you can do to reproduce your vinyl records is by means of some cardboard, a thick screw (that fits more or less to the center hole of the record) and a needle.

Cut a section of cardboard 20 cm wide by 38 cm long, then mark on it, but without cutting, 2 sections of 20 cm, you should have a third section of 18 cm. Fold the cardboard so that you have a triangle on the base of 20 cm and at the end of the 20 x 20 cm section, mark a hole at one end 3 cm from the edge of each side. There you will place the screw, it will be the axis where the disk will turn. Then, at the end of the cardboard that touches the base, you must place the needle diagonally.

Finally, you need to cut a cardboard disc to the size of approximately 10 cm in diameter and pierce it through the center, this will be the rotating base of your disc, place it on the screw and on it the disc of your choice. Check that the needle can softly touch the record with the tip and that’s it, when you turn it, the cardboard section will act as an amplifier of the sound and you will be able to enjoy what is recorded on it.

Q7: How to assemble a gramophone?

For this process you need to carefully follow the instructions of the manufacturer of your model. In this way the objective will be fulfilled without major difficulty and successfully.

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