The 8 Best Guitar Bags of 2022

Guitar Case – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Guitar bags are essential accessories to store or transport the instrument with greater safety and comfort. Therefore, if you require one of them, you may like one of these models. The Cahaya EV0033 case is one that we recommend, because it is 8 mm thick, in order to better protect your guitar from possible bumps when you move it. In addition, the front pocket is spacious, to store sheet music or tablature without problems. Another prominent case model is the Rayzm 600D, which is specially made for stratocaster or telecaster type guitars. It also has 10 mm of padding, so you can safely move your instrument.

The 8 Best Guitar Cases – Opinions 2022

There are many models and brands of bags, so choosing one could become a complicated task, but to make your purchase decision easier, we present a list of the best guitar bags of 2022. We believe that by reviewing the various most outstanding options on the market will make your choice easier.


Spanish guitar case

1. Cahaya Upgraded Version Padded Universal Guitar Case

This could be the best guitar case for its elegant and serious design at the same time. In addition, it has a very secure interior, with 8 mm of padding, so whenever you want you can take your guitar to music school or band rehearsals. Even with this case model, it will be easier and more practical to store the guitar in your home.

Its back part has two straps, so that you can balance the weight of the guitar on your shoulders, which makes transportation much more comfortable. In the same way, next to the straps there is a small handle to take the cover with one hand if you want. Also, thanks to this handle it is possible to hang the cover on a wall bracket.

In addition to this, we mention that this Spanish guitar case has a fairly large front pocket, in which you can carry your music notes, tuners, spare strings, etc.

Because it is not easy to find the best guitar case of the moment, we present these pros and cons, perhaps through them you will find the answer you are looking for.  


Material: The cover is made of Oxford fabric, so in addition to withstanding water, it is quite resistant and durable.

Compartments: On the front it has two compartments, a small one in the guitar neck area and another 25 x 37 cm for folders or notebooks with scores.

Type: Its design and size is suitable for Spanish guitars of various sizes, 1/4, 3/4 or 4/4, being more effective with the larger ones.


Wrinkles: When you buy it, it may arrive a little wrinkled, however, this is solved through use.

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electric guitar case

2. Rayzm Electric Guitar Case Padded Gig Bag

Many people wonder what is the best electric guitar case, but they can’t find a quick answer, since there are many options on the Internet. However, this product might be right for you if you have a stratocaster or telecaster guitar as it is made from 600D nylon and has 10mm padding. In this way, you will move the instrument with greater peace of mind anywhere, concerts, conservatories, musical rehearsal rooms, etc.

Also, it is an electric guitar case with a height of 99 cm, so it will not be very large to store at home. 

Another aspect to highlight is that it has two adjustable shoulder straps, so you can carry the case comfortably. Likewise, it comes with a handle to vary the grip and transfer mode. As if that were not enough, its two metal zippers offer greater durability and facilitate access to the guitar when storing it.

Rayzm could be the best brand of guitar bags, so we invite you to review the most important qualities of a model created by this company.


Safety: Thanks to its 600D nylon fabric and 10 mm padding you can protect the instrument from scratches and liquid splashes.

Pocket: The bag has a large front pocket to store digital tuners, tablature, guitar manuals and other things.

Ergonomics: It has two backpack-type straps, so you can take the instrument anywhere without getting too tired.


Compatibility: It is not suitable for Les Paul electric guitars, something very important that you should know if you use that model of instrument.

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acoustic guitar case

3. RockJam Padded Acoustic Guitar Bag with Handle

This is a standard acoustic guitar case with a length of 105cm and a width of 42.5cm. Therefore, it is suitable for guitars from 36 to 41 inches, for example, dreadnought-type acoustics.

In addition, it could be the best value for money guitar case, since it is one of the cheapest, but it has a waterproof and resistant fabric. It even comes with 5mm padding to protect the instrument from soft knocks.

On the other hand, it should be noted that its design is elegant in black with red lines, so that it will combine with almost any type of guitar. It’s also easy to transport, thanks to its handy handle and adjustable shoulder straps.

Another important aspect is its front pocket, in which you can store straws, song chords, spare strings, etc.

Although it is one of the cheapest covers, its qualities could meet your requirements, here we explain the most outstanding ones.


Waterproof: The fabric of the case withstands water, so the guitar will be better protected if it rains lightly or you accidentally splash some liquid on it.

Zipper: Its double zipper opening offers greater ease and speed when storing or removing the acoustic guitar.

Straps: At the back it has two adjustable straps to carry the instrument more comfortably, as if it were a backpack.


Padding: Its padding is not very thick, only 5 mm, so you should avoid strong blows while moving the instrument.

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classical guitar case

4.Ammoon 600D Water Resistant Oxford Fabric

This is a classical guitar bag with 600D nylon, also known as oxford fabric. For that reason, it is quite resistant and waterproof, so if it rains, your instrument will not get wet. In addition, its material is padded and soft, to protect the guitar from unexpected bumps and scratches. It even comes with rubber protection at the bottom, so that you can place the instrument on the ground with greater safety.

Another quality that we should not ignore is its beautiful design with a blue camouflage print, which combines with various classical guitar colors and gives the musician a unique style.

In addition to this, 41-inch classical guitars fit inside, so you will have no problem storing the standard adult models.

If you want to know which guitar case to buy, this model may adequately answer your question. Therefore, please read its following pros and cons carefully.


Material: The case comes with Oxford material, so it is quite strong and durable, thus protecting your guitar from dust and liquids.

Comfort: You decide how to carry the case, since it has backpack-type straps and two practical handles.

Pockets: In the front part it has a main pocket with two zippers and another small one in the upper part to store tuners, sheet music, straws, etc.


Size: For some guitars it could be a little big, so we recommend using only with 4/4 classics.

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Hard case for Spanish guitar

5. Gear4music Single Cutaway Acoustic Spanish Guitar Case

A hard case for Spanish guitar may be what you need if you are going to tour with your band or have a high-priced instrument. With this product you will take better care of the guitar from knocks on planes, trains, cars, boats or other transport vehicles.

It is a wide cover with soft plush fabric inside. In it you can store acoustic, Spanish, classical or flamenco guitars, whether they are standard or cutaway design, that is, with a crescent on the soundboard.

In addition to this, this case has a black leather-like external design, which provides greater seriousness and elegance to the product. The locks are made of chromed metal and offer security when moving the instrument, you can even use a key, so that no one takes your guitar out without your permission.

This is a useful case for high-end guitars, so perhaps reviewing the following pros and cons will help you in your choice.


Robustness: It is a large and robust case to protect your guitar very well.

Security: Bring metal closures with key, so that your guitar is safe and does not open easily in the middle of a trip.

Pocket: Inside it has a pocket where you can store some accessories such as a digital tuner, straws, strings, etc.


Practicality: It is not a very practical cover for everyday use of the guitar, since it is larger and heavier than fabric covers.  

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guitar hard case

6. Rocktile 10161 Deluxe Classical Guitar Case

Perhaps this model is the solution for those who need a hard case for a standard concert or classical guitar, as it is quite resistant to shocks and the soft lining inside prevents scratches on the surface of the guitar.

In addition, despite its price, it is a comfortable case to carry, because it has a hook for the typical shoulder strap and a side handle. And, as for its external design, we can say that it will not disappoint you, since it is a black leather type, so it combines with most guitars.

Another aspect that stands out in this bag is its internal size, 102.5 x 38 x 12 cm, thanks to which a concert, classical, Spanish or flamenco guitar will fit without problems.

To help you buy the right accessory, we will explain the pros and cons of models like the Rocktile 10161, a robust and safe case.


Size: In this case you can protect a Spanish, classical or flamenco guitar, thanks to its internal dimensions of 102.5 x 38 x 12 cm.

Compartment: Its internal part offers a compartment where you can store straws, digital metronomes or spare strings.

Softness: The lining is soft and prevents scratches on the instrument, in addition to protecting all its strings when you make certain sudden movements in the transfer.


Strap: Although the cover has a hook to attach a strap, the latter does not come in the package.

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3/4 guitar case

7. RockJam Size 3/4 Padded Acoustic Guitar Bag

If you use a small guitar or have bought one for your child, this 3/4 guitar case could come in handy as it is specially designed for that size and has 5mm padding that protects the instrument from some unexpected knocks.

Also, it is a nice cover with red details on the edges, which combine very well with the black hue of the fabric. This allows you to store handmade design guitars or guitars in different colors without any inconvenience.

In another order of ideas, we can say that it is a very practical case, since its double zipper offers a quick opening and closing, so as not to take time storing or removing the instrument. It even has an external zippered pocket, where you can store music notes, strings, straws, capos, straps, among other things.

Guitars must be well protected when storing and moving them, especially if they are for children, for that reason we show you the advantages and disadvantages of this 3/4 case.


Protection: With 5mm padding and waterproof fabric, your 3/4 guitar or your child’s guitar will be more protected.

Pocket: The external zippered compartment offers enough space to store various accessories and sheet music.

Straps: Its rear design has two adjustable straps, so that the musician can carry the guitar comfortably.


Zipper: The fabric is of high quality, but the zipper must be used very carefully so that it does not present problems.

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hard case for electric guitar


8. Gator GW-SG-BROWN Hardwood Electric Guitar Case

It is not easy to get a hard case for SG electric guitar, but this model may meet your expectations. Its dark brown external design gives it a retro touch, so it will pair well with SG guitars from Gibson, Ibanez, Epiphone and other brands. In addition, it has quite strong and durable metal closures that keep the instrument safe inside while you move it from one place to another.

In the same way, it is necessary to highlight the fixed hinges that it brings, since these provide a simpler and smoother opening to the cover. Also, we mention that it has a padded handle for greater comfort in the transfer. It even has a soft, padded magenta lining inside, which will take care of the instrument from possible bumps and scratches.

In addition to this, the case is made with 5 layers of wood, for greater safety of your electric guitar.

There are several hard cases for SG electric guitar, however, this is one of the most prominent, so we recommend you read its main pros and cons.


Material: This case is made of 5 layers of wood and plush lining, so it offers a long service life.

Closures: It has quick-opening metal closures, so in a few seconds you can store or remove the guitar from the case.

Compartment: Inside it has a compartment for a tuner, strings, metronome, capo or other accessories.


Weight: The weight of the case is 3.53 kg, which added to that of the guitar could be too much for some people.

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Shopping guide

There are various brands and models of covers on the Internet, so it is difficult to choose a specific model. For this reason, we present a guide to buying the best guitar case. Our goal is for you to understand the main characteristics of this musical accessory and make a good purchase choice.


This quality must be taken into account whenever you make a comparison of guitar bags, because there are several types. For example, the acoustic guitar ones, which are usually large. These types of covers are suitable for guitars with metal strings, but not necessarily all models, since there are folk, dreadnought, jumbo, etc.

So, to choose the right case, you have to ask the seller the exact size of the case or what specific type of guitar it was made for. For example, jumbo guitars tend to be larger, so a folk bag may not work for you.

Also, if you have a classical guitar, you should buy the bag that fits it, since this instrument is smaller than folk guitars. But that’s not all, the case where you will find the greatest differences and incompatibility is in that of electric guitars, since there are stratocaster, telecaster and SG. In this sense, it is best to make sure if the Internet model is compatible with your type of electric guitar.


The material is the other most important point that you should check before buying a cover. However, the most common thing to find is Oxford fabric, which is a resistant and durable material that also withstands splashes of water. Also, there are other materials for covers, leather, cotton, polyester, etc.

Other materials that you should know are those used in the manufacture of the pockets. These sometimes have Velcro closures and other times they have zippers. Both are very effective, but the purchase decision will depend on your personal tastes. Some people prefer the quick release of the hook-and-loop closure, but others like pockets with zippers, since zippers are usually more durable.

In addition to this, the material inside the case must be soft, so that the guitar does not receive scratches every time it is stored. Even the softness of the inner lining will help keep the strings from being damaged.

padding thickness

The padding has a lot to do with the previous point, because if it does not have good materials it will lose its usefulness in a few months. In addition, it is not a good idea to buy a bag with very little thickness in the padding, since in this way the unexpected blows that the guitar suffers in the transfer could be very damaging, even breaking the instrument.

At this time you may be wondering what is the right thickness for the guitar, but that will depend on the use you are going to give the instrument. If it is for daily use and you are going to travel by train to your rehearsals or musical classes, a cover with padding of 5 mm or less is not suitable for you, since it will hardly protect the instrument from accidental knocks that it could receive. In those situations the best is a cover with padding of 8 or more millimeters.

On the other hand, to use the guitar only at home, a bag with 8 or 10 mm padding is not mandatory. Perhaps a 5mm sleeve will suffice as there is less chance of the guitar taking a beating.

On the other hand, we mentioned that, if the case is for your young child, it is worth buying the one with the greatest thickness, especially when the guitar used by the child is mid-range or high-end. That way, the guitar will be better protected.

Rigid covers

Before asking yourself how much a certain cover costs, think about its robustness, because even though its fabric is very thick, it is still fragile against strong blows. For example, to tour with a band and travel constantly, you need a hard case, also known as a hard case. This case is much more robust than the cloth ones and is used to carry the instrument on the plane, bus or train.

The main disadvantages of hard cases are that they weigh more and their prices are higher. However, you may be able to find a good, cheap case online, due to the sheer number of options out there.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a guitar case?

A guitar case must be opened very carefully, using both zippers, up and down. This is because if you use only one, it could be damaged. Also, by using both, your opening will be faster. But if the zipper is not double, you can use the only one that comes with it in the same way, that is, carefully, without exerting much force, so that its useful life is longer.

Likewise, the guitar must be inserted and removed slowly, trying not to let the zipper damage the paint or the strings.

Q2: How to make a cloth guitar case?

If you have previously made clothes, perhaps making the guitar case is not a complicated task for you. First, measure the instrument and then choose the fabric, which can be Oxford, cotton, polyester or another of your choice. Next, make a sketch of the guitar on the fabric you bought. Respect each measurement very well, so that in the future the guitar fits perfectly in the case.

When you draw the sketch of the guitar on the fabric, add 1.5 cm more to each part, so that you have more fabric to make the seam. Then, you will be able to sew each part according to the sketch you have made. For the first time, we recommend placing a lower opening zipper, so that its attachment to the cover is not so complicated.

Q3: How to customize a guitar case?

A good way to personalize your guitar case is with a sticker, as it’s quick and easy. Simply buy a fabric sticker that won’t come off easily and place it on the part of the cover you want.

Also, you can write your name somewhere on the cover through white, red or the color that you like the most. This option is more durable, however, the sticker may fall off over time.

Q4: How to clean a guitar case?

Covers usually come with a padded material inside, so they can’t be machine washed, but you can clean them with a soft, damp cloth. In case you want to give the cover a good aroma, do not use any liquid, but a special one for the type of material with which it is made.

If it’s just a little dusty, it’s just a matter of wiping the cover with a soft, dry cloth and it will come clean.

Q5: How to sew the handle of a guitar case?

To sew the handle, find a needle and some thread, preferably black or depending on the color of the cover. Put the thread on the needle and tie a knot at the end. Next, start pulling the thread through where the original thread mark on the handle left off. If there is no mark, make it with a piece of chalk and sew straight, so that the cover does not appear aesthetically repaired. Finally, cut the excess thread and tie the final knot.

The knot at the beginning together with the end will make the seam stronger. If the guitar is heavy, sew another line, next to the one you already made, this will strengthen the handle even more.

Q6: Can I put an electric guitar in a Spanish guitar case?

Of course yes, the electric guitar is usually smaller. However, this has a great disadvantage and that is that the electric guitar is very loose inside the case. This causes the tuning pegs to move as the instrument moves. That is, when you arrive at the destination, you must tune the instrument again.

Q7: Which is better, guitar case with zipper or snaps?

The zippered case is quite secure and does not open easily while you are carrying the guitar, even though it is heavy. However, the zipper teeth may wear. In this sense, you have to change it for a new zipper, but this task is a bit difficult for some covers.

For their part, snaps are safe and, above all, faster to open and close than zippers, because they work under pressure. Also, another advantage of snaps is that when they get damaged you can easily replace them. You just remove the old stitching and remove them, then attach the new snaps. This means that both options can serve you, the decision of which is better will depend on your requirements.


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