The 8 Best Karaoke Speakers of 2022

Karaoke Speaker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 

One of the funniest activities that has become fashionable in recent years and that is perfect for gathering a group of friends and animating any party is singing karaoke. Therefore, if you are planning a different weekend where everyone can feel like rock stars, we recommend buying a karaoke speaker, among which the Dynasonic 025 stands out, which incorporates two microphones to sing in a duet, as well as USB and SD input to take tracks directly from removable drives. If you are looking for a model that allows a Bluetooth connection and has a remote control, we recommend the Woxter Rock’n’Roller.

The 8 Best Speakers for Karaoke – Opinions 2022 

To choose the best speaker of the moment, it is important to make a comparison between all the models offered by the current market, while paying attention to the positive and negative technical aspects of each one.

Bluetooth speaker for karaoke

1. Dynasonic Portable Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker with 2 Microphones Included

If you think you have talent as a singer but you don’t risk paying for a recording studio yet, the ideal thing is to buy this Bluetooth speaker for karaoke, with which you can embody your favorite singer from the comfort of your home or at any party with your closest friends.

This complete set includes two microphones with a 3.5mm Jack connection cable, making it ideal for singing as a couple, with an input and volume control knob for each one. In addition, it has a USB and an SD slot, which you can use to take the tracks directly from a flash drive or removable card, respectively.

In addition, it has a 5-volt DC input where you can connect a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet. Its dimensions are 29 x 14 x 12 cm and it weighs approximately 998 grams, so, thanks to its upper plastic handle, it is an easy speaker to carry comfortably.

Considered the best speaker for karaoke, here are its most important technical aspects.


Autonomy : It has a slot to insert an extra BL5C type battery, which allows you to double the duration of its autonomy.

Control : It includes a practical control to be able to control some more important functions remotely.

ECHO : This speaker has an echo sound function that will add an interesting effect to your songs.

Format : It is capable of playing MP3 format song tracks from the external drives you use.


Stations : Keep in mind that you will not be able to manually save the FM stations that you like the most, doing it automatically.

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2. Fonestar Triumph Bluetooth Speaker 

If you are interested in a karaoke speaker but want one that has a modern and very distinctive design, then we recommend you take this model from the Fonestar brand into account. This Bluetooth karaoke speaker features separate control for music volume and microphone volume.

Draw the attention of your friends with the lighting function that this speaker incorporates, making it ideal for livening up any party. It incorporates a USB input and a microSD, as well as a 5 volt DC input of 1.5 amps, with which you can play your favorite songs in MP3 format.

In addition, you can connect any smart device via a Bluetooth connection. It includes a 3.5 mm stereo connection microphone and independent volume control.

Considered one of the best karaoke speakers of 2022, these are the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Slots : This speaker has a USB slot and a microSD slot to connect various removable cards that contain the songs you want to play.

Lighting : This speaker has a variable lighting function that allows you to liven up parties with your friends.

Microphone : Includes a microphone with a 3.5mm Jack cable that you can connect to the auxiliary input with independent volume control.


Buttons : The size of the buttons can be uncomfortable for some users with large hands.

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Karaoke speaker with microphone

3. Woxter Rock´n´Roller Trolley Speaker with Karaoke Function

If you are looking for a karaoke speaker with a microphone with 80 watts of power, we recommend this model with an LED screen and Bluetooth connection, ideal for connecting any smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

In addition, it incorporates an SD input and a USB where you can connect any removable device to play your favorite songs. Plus, two microphones are included with your purchase, so you can start enjoying karaoke quickly.

This karaoke speaker with wireless microphone has a remote control with which you can control several of the basic functions, such as passing the track, turning the device on and off. On the other hand, it incorporates a high-capacity battery that offers a duration of up to 8 hours of autonomy.

Located among the best karaoke speakers of 2022, we recommend you look at the most important technical characteristics of this model.


Compatibility : It is a karaoke speaker in which you can connect a wide variety of devices such as a computer, smart phones, DVD, CD, LD, TV, MP3 and radio players, as well as any electronic piano or other devices with audio output.

Portability : It has a top handle that you can use to comfortably carry this speaker anywhere.

Accessories : Includes two wireless microphones and a practical remote control.


Price : This karaoke speaker can be quite expensive compared to other similar models. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new speaker, we recommend choosing another alternative from this list.

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4. Fonestar Portable Karaoke With Microphone USB/SD/MP3 BOX-35LE

If you are looking for a karaoke speaker with a microphone that you can take to any party thanks to its compact dimensions, we recommend this model with a compact design with dimensions of 39.6 x 32 x 21 cm and a total weight of 3.58 kilograms, which thanks to its upper handle you can easily take it wherever you need it.

It has a slot for microSD cards, one for removable USB drives and an auxiliary 3.5 mm Jack connection input, in which you can connect the audio output of a television, a computer, a laptop or a DVD. Likewise, it incorporates an exclusive input for a 6.5 mm microphone.

The purchase includes a practical remote control with which you can control some basic functions such as choosing the track, changing it, increasing and decreasing the volume, as well as turning it on and off.

If you know little about these devices and still don’t know which is the best speaker for karaoke, we recommend you look at the pros and cons of this model.


Accessories : A handy remote control and microphone are included with the purchase of this speaker.

Inputs : It has a microSD slot, a USB input and a 3.5mm Jack auxiliary connection.

Handle : It incorporates a practical carrying handle with which you can take the speaker anywhere without any difficulty.


Display : It is important to keep in mind that this model does not have a screen or display with which you can know the number of the track that is being played. 

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portable karaoke speaker

5. Archer Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone

In case you are preparing a celebration at home and want to offer a fun experience to your friends, what better than to feel like a rock star singing with a portable karaoke speaker.

This model includes a practical jack connection microphone that you can use to start singing quickly. In addition, it has an auxiliary input and headphone output. Get play your favorite songs from TF card or USB flash drive.

It incorporates a 2400 mAh rechargeable battery that offers a range of up to 8 hours depending on how you use it. It has an output power of 10 watts and its dimensions are 35 x 19 x 10 cm, weighing approximately 1.47 kg. In addition, the wireless use distance reaches up to 25 meters.

Considered one of the cheapest models, we recommend you look at the positive and negative aspects of this karaoke speaker.


Controls : It has a knob to control the main volume, microphone volume and echo effect.

Autonomy : This speaker offers an autonomy of up to 8 hours, as well as a recharging time of 4 to 8 hours.

Mobility : Ideal for taking to any event, conference or party, this karaoke speaker comes with a convenient handle.


Voice elimination : This speaker model does not have a voice elimination system, so you will continue to hear the singer of the song in the background while you use it for karaoke.

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6. MaxellPower Portable Wheeled Trolley Speaker 

If you want to take the party with you everywhere you can do it easily if you buy this MaxellPower karaoke speaker. By making this purchase, you will receive a multifunctional system that will allow you to carry out several activities in one place. For example, it can function as a music speaker, guitar amplifier, and karaoke set.

The connection is quite simple, since the speaker will allow you to use devices connected by USB, AUX and also by Bluetooth. Thanks to this, the system will be able to adapt to you and your needs on each occasion. The purchase comes with a charging cable, a microphone, the amplifier and an AUX cable. This way you can connect an artifact immediately.

Thanks to its 3500 mAh battery, this device can work for several hours if used at moderate volume. That way, you’ll be sure the speaker will work throughout the party.

By purchasing this product you will have everything you need to enjoy singing, listening to music and dancing all night.


Battery: Thanks to the 3500 mAh battery of this device, you can enjoy singing karaoke or listening to music for several hours.

Compatibility: This karaoke system is compatible with many devices, to give you more freedom of use. It has USB input, AUX and, in addition, it can be linked via Bluetooth.

Set: In addition to the amp, this purchase comes with a microphone, charging cable, and manual.


Sound: The sound quality of this product could improve, however, it does its job.

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tower speaker for karaoke

7. Music Life Portable Karaoke Speaker with Microphones

Ideal for connecting two microphones simultaneously, this karaoke tower speaker is an ideal option to liven up any gathering or party with friends. It has an internal rechargeable battery and the possibility of inserting a second BL-5C type battery if you want more autonomy.

It includes a microphone with which you can use this speaker quickly when you take it out of its packaging, in addition to having a TF card slot, a USB input and a 3.5mm Jack auxiliary input. In addition, its dimensions are 15 x 12 x 31 cm, making it a compact model and very comfortable to carry.

Considered one of the cheapest alternatives, it has a practical musical equalizer that you can use to switch between pop, normal, rock, jazz, and classical sound modes. You will be able to play songs in MP3 format and, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, you will have the opportunity to link any wireless device such as a mobile phone, computer and tablet.

Considered the best value for money karaoke speaker, below we present its most outstanding technical aspects.


Power : It has two speakers of 5 watts each and achieves a frequency that goes from 100Hz to 20 kHz.

Transport : It has a practical upper handle to comfortably carry this speaker wherever it is needed.

Microphones : You can connect two microphones, in addition to controlling the volume level of each microphone individually.


Material : This speaker is made of a material such as hard cardboard which can be a bit flimsy.

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8. LG Xboom OK75 High Power Speaker

Considered the best brand of karaoke speakers, LG presents a very powerful equipment with up to 1,000 watts and an 8-inch woofer. This professional speaker includes two scratch decks for DJs, as well as a complete series of buttons for effects such as Loop, vocal elimination, equalizer, among many others.

This karaoke tower speaker features two USB inputs for recording and playing your favorite tracks from any USB removable device. In addition, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, you can link any device such as a mobile phone, computer, tablet or television.

Enjoy its lighting system that changes to the rhythm of the music, plus you can sing as a couple thanks to its double microphone input. Its dimensions are 32.8 x 92.5 x 36.1 cm and it weighs about 20.7 kg.

If you still don’t know which karaoke speaker to buy, be sure to look at the technical characteristics of this model.


Connection : You will have the possibility to connect two similar LG systems to create a surround sound effect and liven up any party.

Effects : You can enjoy any of the 18 vocal effects that will enhance the fun at your parties.

CD : Includes a tray to play musical CDs, so if you have an old collection of records, with this speaker you can listen to them again.


Price : The price of this karaoke speaker is considerably higher than other models, so if you do not have a large budget, you should choose another.

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Shopping guide

If you are planning a celebration and you are looking for a way to encourage all the guests, it is highly recommended to get a fun karaoke with which your guests can embody their favorite star. For this, it is important to make a comparison of karaoke speakers, paying attention to the most important technical aspects of each model.

However, if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, as we’ve put together the following guide to buying the best karaoke speaker so you know what features to look out for.

The power

Regarding the most important technical specifications that must be taken into account when choosing between one or another speaker for karaoke, before thinking about the price, it is vital to check what power the equipment has, being perhaps the main characteristic that you should look before making the investment.

The power determines the sound quality, as well as the volume level that the speaker is capable of reaching. Also, keep in mind that there is a wide variety of models and powers available on the market. A small, inexpensive karaoke speaker can be as low as 10 watts, while larger, more expensive models can go as high as 300 watts.

Faced with such a difference, rather than worrying about how much the speaker costs, we suggest you look at its power, especially if you are looking for a model that gives you good sound quality and a high volume level.

Sound quality

We have already seen how power affects sound quality, so it is another of the most relevant features when choosing a new karaoke speaker.

Logically, you always want your voice and the music you listen to to sound great, therefore, we can classify these devices into three groups: low-end, mid-range and high-end.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the device, since you will use it very little or do not give much importance to the sound, a lower-end model may be enough for you. However, if sound quality matters to you and you will use the speaker constantly, it is best to opt for a high-end device.

playback formats

Another of the technical aspects that determine a good from a bad investment is the ability to reproduce the different music formats that we can find on the market. Modern karaoke speakers boast great playback versatility, allowing you to listen to your favorite songs from CD, DVD, VCD, MP3 and MP4.

It is very common to find systems with USB, SD, microSD, TF inputs and even a Bluetooth connection. This expands the possibility of enjoyment depending on the model we have chosen. Therefore, if you are looking for a product with which you can play the tracks stored on a removable device, a mobile phone, a tablet, a television or a computer, it is very important to look at what are the compatible formats and devices.

microphones included

If you are looking for a model that allows you to start the party quickly, you need to see if the karaoke speaker includes a microphone. Currently, the market offers a wide variety of models, so manufacturers compete with each other by offering more features and incorporating more accessories to their products.

Therefore, it is very common to find speakers that include one or even two microphones, which gives you the opportunity to start singing seconds after opening the package without the need to incur another expense. If your intention is to throw a party with your best friends and have a singing competition, we recommend purchasing a speaker that includes two microphones.


Sometimes you’ll want to take the equipment on your travels, to the ballroom, or to a friend’s house, so consider where you’ll be using the karaoke speaker and whether you’ll need to take it to other places. If that is the case, it is vital that you choose a model that is lightweight and has a handle that makes it easy to carry. In addition, if you want to take it on your trips and enjoy it on the beach or in the countryside, another key aspect is presented: autonomy.


Finally, keep in mind that portable models of karaoke speakers usually incorporate an internal rechargeable battery and even the possibility of inserting a second battery to achieve greater autonomy.

Many of the models that offer autonomy usually last from 6 to 8 hours with low volume. However, the greater its volume, the greater the consumption of the load, thus reducing its autonomy.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a karaoke speaker?

Karaokes are sound equipment that plays a song in the background, allowing one or two microphones to be connected to them, in addition to the fact that they usually have their own screen or have the possibility of connecting directly to a television or computer.

In this way, users will be able to interpret the songs they want, following the lyrics that are projected on the screen, making them spend a pleasant time, feeling like all singing stars.

The first thing you should do is connect the karaoke speaker in the place where you will need it. Then connect the microphone, either wired or wireless, and choose the song you want to play. If your intention is to read the lyrics, the next thing you should do is plug in a screen that projects it when you play the track. 

Q2: How to connect a karaoke speaker to PC?

There are several ways to connect a karaoke speaker to your computer, depending on the model you have. The easiest way to connect one of these devices to your computer can be through a USB connection, a Jack cable or a Bluetooth wireless connection.

If it is through a Jack connection, the indicated thing is to connect the cable on one side to the auxiliary input of the speaker and on the other to the headphone output of the computer. In this way, any song that you play from your computer can be heard through the speaker, not to mention that you can follow the lyrics of the track from the monitor.

Q3: How to play music on a karaoke speaker?

Depending on the model and type of connections that your karaoke speaker has, the most common way to play any song is through a removable device through a USB removable drive, an SD card or a device with a Bluetooth connection.

Insert or connect the device that stores the songs you want to listen to, choose the track and press the play button. Adjust the volume and, if your model allows it, activate the vocal removal function, especially if the track is not prepared for karaoke.

Q4: Which is better, tower karaoke speaker or Bluetooth karaoke speaker?

To determine which type of speaker is best, it is best to be clear about what type of device you will use to store the songs and the size of the karaoke. If you do not plan to move the speaker from place very often, it is indicated that you acquire a tower model, since you will surely connect it through a connection cable.

However, if you plan to purchase a lightweight model that you can easily move, we recommend purchasing a Bluetooth connection model, with which you can link any device, be it a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer to play music.

Q5: How to upload songs to a Bluetooth karaoke speaker?

The first thing you should do is link the device that contains the music tracks, be it a computer, smart tablet or phone, activating the Bluetooth connection option on both devices. After successfully pairing, what you need to do is open a music player and select a playlist with the songs you want to enjoy.

Q6: How to set the lights of a karaoke speaker?

In karaoke speaker systems such as the Sony MHC-V21D, to activate the lighting function known as “Speaker light” you have to follow a few steps that may be similar in other models. First, press the button indicated for the lighting system until it turns on. Repeatedly press the lighting mode button to select the mode and color you want. Finally, to deactivate this function, you will have to press the power button until the LED lights turn off.

Q7: Where to put karaoke speaker?

If you want to use it to animate a celebration at home, it is best to place the karaoke speaker in a room near the video system you are going to use, be it a television, a computer or a tablet. A large space is recommended so that users who are going to sing have good freedom of movement and can be seen by everyone. The type of connectivity will depend on the type of karaoke speaker you have, which can be a Jack, HDMI, USB or Bluetooth connection.

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Maxellpower Altavoz Karaoke Portátil con Bluetooth

Si estás buscando un altavoz para karaoke que se presente en una variedad de cuatro colores para elegir el que más te guste y con un diseño moderno, te recomendamos considerar este modelo de la marca Maxellpower.

Este altavoz portátil para karaoke cuenta con una entrada USB y tarjeta SD para reproducir tus canciones favoritas de algunos dispositivos extraíbles. Cuenta con un altavoz FC-GTBT2 de 5,25” con 20 vatios y un subwoofer de 2” con 5 vatios.

Incluye un micrófono con cable y, además, cuenta con una entrada de línea en donde podrás conectar cualquier tipo de reproductor externo como, por ejemplo, un ordenador, un televisor o un equipo de sonido. Con una autonomía de hasta 6 horas, este equipo tiene unas dimensiones de 44 x 25 x 15 cm y peso aproximado de 2 kg.

Considerada como otra de las alternativas más baratas, no dudes en mirar sus ventajas y desventajas.


Micrófono: Incluye un práctico micrófono con cable, por lo que tendrás el altavoz listo para usar en cualquier momento.

Asa: Cuenta con un asa de transporte con el que podrás llevar a cualquier lugar este altavoz para karaoke.

Bluetooth: Conecta cualquier dispositivo inteligente como un móvil, ordenador o tableta de forma inalámbrica.


Cercanía: Para conseguir una mejor calidad de sonido, deberás acercar el micrófono a tu boca considerablemente.

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