The 8 Best Organs of 2022

Organ – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are looking for this information on the net, you may be interested in learning to play the organ or you need to change the one you already have, so it is important to look at the latest models offered by the market and make a comparison between the features offered by these products. Among the most prominent organs is the RockJam RJ761-SK, which has 61 keys and a fully adjustable stand. Likewise, we recommend the Yamaha YPT-260, which has the Duo Mode, in case you want to learn accompanied by another person. Also, it comes with 9-Step Lesson mode, which is very useful for music school.

The 8 Best Organs – Opinions 2022

If you are interested in acquiring the best organ, either to practice at home or to give as a gift, it is essential to look carefully at all the important aspects and technical details, so that you compare between the cheapest and most functional models on the market.

Musical organ

1. RockJam RJ761 SK Teaching Piano Keyboard

This musical organ is ideal for piano teaching and practice thanks to its adjustable stand for the size of the player, be it an adult or a young person, as well as having a variety of 61 full-size keys. Thanks to its 200 installed rhythms and 30 practice songs, this model is considered one of the best organs of 2022.

You will not have to buy any extra accessories to start playing this instrument, since the purchase includes a practical stool with a thick padded seat that also matches the keyboard stand. Also, it is fully adjustable.

On the other hand, this instrument has an accessory kit that includes headphones, which will allow you to play your favorite songs with a higher level of privacy and without bothering anyone. 

Before choosing one or another organ model, it is vital that you make a comparison of all the technical aspects and functionalities offered by each instrument on this list, starting with those of this RockJam organ.


Panel : The touch panel that this organ incorporates allows adjustments to be made, as well as the selection of the rhythms and the pre-installed tones very easily.

Connections : It has a wide variety of connections, from the possibility of connecting a microphone, headphone, to a MIDI connection.

Songs : Includes a wide variety of famous songs such as some of the most popular movie themes and classic, pop and children’s songs.

Kit : The purchase of this product includes a sustain pedal, headphones, stool and adjustable stand.


Unstable : You have to be careful not to touch it too energetically, since it can wobble and you run the risk of throwing it to the ground.

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2. Alesis Melody 61 MKII Portable Piano Keyboard

If you are looking for a musical organ that allows you to rehearse and has a variety of up to 300 built-in piano, guitar and string sounds, percussion, brass, marimbas, wind instruments and even sound effects, ideal for all your mixes you want, we recommend this practical model from the Alesis brand. 

On the other hand, with the purchase of this organ a complete kit is included that consists of a very easy to assemble stand, an adjustable bench of up to 3 heights, headphones, a microphone and even a music stand to easily place the scores.

In case you want, you can record your own songs by pressing just one button and using the microphone, in addition, you can connect the organ directly to a power outlet in your house or use it without cables by inserting 6 AA batteries.

If you still don’t know which is the best organ for you, continue reading the list we have prepared, as well as looking at the pros and cons of this versatile model.


Keys : Includes a complete variety of up to 61 professional piano keys with which you can play your favorite songs.

Speakers : Listen to your performances comfortably thanks to its built-in speakers.

Assembly : Its simplicity stands out when assembling the piano support, which will allow you to keep your keyboard safely.

Kit: Includes a practical adjustable bench, a microphone, music stand to place your sheet music and a pair of headphones that will allow you to practice privately.


Sensitive : If you are looking for a keyboard that has keystroke sensitivity, we recommend choosing another model.

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Electronic organ

3. Yamaha YPT-260 Beginner Portable Digital Keyboard

If you want your child to start in music, this instrument may be the best option for him, as it has 61 keys with a wide variety of functions and sounds that will help the beginner to quickly become familiar with the instrument.

Likewise, one of the most outstanding functions it has is the recording function, which will allow the child to capture the sounds or melodies that they want to listen to at another time.

In addition to this, it has two learning systems, the first is the Duo Mode. Thanks to this, the child will be able to learn to play the organ in your company. The other mode is 9-Step Lesson, a learning program created by Yamaha to make it easier for users to play the instrument. 

Next, find out what the pros and cons of the Yamaha YPT-260 keyboard are, it may be the one your child needs to learn to play.


Scores: The organ comes with a book of easy scores, which you can download from the manufacturer’s official website so that the child can learn progressively. 

Library: It has a wide library of 400 voices, in this way, the little one will be able to play different musical genres. 

Input: It has a 3.5 mm AUX input, so that the child can connect an external sound source and practice with their favorite tracks.


Case: It is missing that the package includes a case to store and transport the instrument.

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4. Reig 8922 Electronic Organ 61 Multifunction Keys 

If you are looking for an economical electronic organ to learn to play, perhaps this model is the most suitable. It has a low price, but it has 61 keys, which are distributed or organized in 5 octaves. In addition, it has various base rhythms, to give more joy to your songs. Likewise, you will be able to change the tempo of the rhythm, to gradually learn the positions of the chords.

Also, it should be noted that it comes with different sounds or voices, including String, Guitar, Piano, Bass and, of course, Organ. With this last sound you can play rock and roll, ballad or gospel, according to your preferences. In addition to this, we mention that the organ has an LED screen where you will see the number of the sound or rhythm that you have chosen.

These are the outstanding qualities of the Reig 8922, so review each of them very carefully to find out whether or not it is the most suitable electronic organ.


Keys: It has 61 keys to make various chords and song melodies. In addition, they are arranged in the classic way and the standard size, starting with the note C.

Sounds: This keyboard offers different sounds for you to choose the one you like best, from Piano to Horn.

Rhythms: It has various rhythms such as Ballad, Jazz and March, so that you can better accompany your favorite songs.


Functionality: It is recommended for beginner adults or children.

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Casio Organ

5. Casio SA-46H5 SA-46 Electronic Keyboard

This 32-key Casio organ is ideal to give to any child on a special occasion, since thanks to its green and black colors, as well as its varied functionality, it is a product that is very attractive to the eye and widely useful. It includes 100 pre-installed tones, as well as 50 patterns that serve as musical accompaniment. 

This model stands out for having 8-voice polyphonic sounds, which makes it far from being a simple toy. In addition, this instrument works both with power supply provided by the electrical network and with the use of 6 AA batteries that allow the instrument to be used autonomously.

Its dimensions are 40 x 20.5 x 5 centimeters and it weighs only 998 grams, which allows the instrument to be carried anywhere comfortably. On the other hand, it incorporates 2 0.5-watt speakers with which you can listen to the songs that are played.

If you are looking for the best organ of the moment, it is vital that you carefully assess the positive and negative characteristics of this and the other models on the list.


Practical : Thanks to its “Melody Cut” training system, your children will be able to become professional musicians.

Patterns : It has a selection of 50 accompaniment patterns.

Polyphony : This organ has 8-voice polyphonic technology, so you can get varied and very pleasant sounds.


Batteries : If you want to start using this organ autonomously, you must purchase the batteries, since they are not included with the purchase of the product.

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6. Casio CTK-24H7 Electronic Keyboard

If you are looking for a Casio organ that gives you the possibility to practice to improve your performance or that of your children, this is a great alternative for you. In addition to the fact that Casio is considered the best organ brand, this particular model incorporates the “Melody Cut” system, which will allow you to improve the quality of interpretation quickly.

It has a pattern of 100 rhythms, 50 practical units and 100 timbres with which you will be able to interpret and play a wide variety of songs. Plus, this versatile model has polyphonic sound for up to 12 voices with 10 tones and 50 pre-installed parts to get you started.

It incorporates 2 speakers of 1.6 watts each, so your friends and family can comfortably listen to the songs played with this organ. It has a “Jack” input for headphones and its dimensions are 99.7 x 27 x 10.8 centimeters.

If you still do not know which organ to buy, we recommend you analyze the positive and negative benefits that this model offers you.


Screen : It incorporates a practical screen with which you can comfortably see the rhythm, sound and song that you choose to play.

Tuning : Its tuning is variable with approximately 440 Hz and plus or minus 50 cents.

Consumption : This product has an energy consumption of 9.5 volts and 5 watts, in addition to allowing you to use it with AA-type batteries.


Pedal : If you are interested in acquiring an organ that allows you to use a pedal, you should look at another alternative.

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church organ 

7. OS Organum maestoso III midispi eltisch Main Organ

If you are looking for a church organ, we recommend this beautiful model made of oak wood varnished with a light-colored layer and with additions of polished brass and other types of wood. Its classic and elegant design stands out with an updated interior and MIDI system or interface, with its system and wiring completely hidden from view and with the possibility of connecting it to a computer.

This model, despite its large size, fits very well in any room and, above all, it will look great in the parish church. Its manufacture has lateral reinforcements 4 centimeters thick. 

This organ has an integrated electrical power supply of up to 230 volts, in addition, it has dimensions of 193 x 72 x 125 centimeters and weighs approximately 160 kilograms. 

Before opting for a specific model, it is advisable to take into account the most important characteristics and see that the organ fits your needs perfectly.


Interface : It has a MIDI interface that allows you to connect this model with a computer to record, edit and synchronize the songs you play.

Design : This organ has a very elegant and classic design, which will look great in any room.

Materials : It is made of resistant and high-quality oak wood, in addition to being varnished in a light color.


Price : This organ has a very high price compared to the other models on this list, so if you do not have the necessary budget, you should look at another model.

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yamaha organ

8. Yamaha PSR-F51 Beginner Portable Digital Keyboard

One of the best models you can find on the market is the Yamaha PSR-F51 organ, which is manufactured by one of the best instrument brands and is specially designed for students and beginners who want an organ with a built-in metronome that helps the practitioner to get the rhythm right.

Among its most notable features are its 120 voices, 114 accompaniment styles and 30 pre-installed songs to practice. This organ has 61 full-size keys and, in addition, incorporates a “Jack” output connection for headphones.

It stands out for its powerful sound with dual speakers of 2.5 watts each, allowing your friends and family to enjoy your performances at any gathering. This keyboard incorporates a music stand that will allow you to support the scores you are playing.

If you are still not convinced of the model you are going to choose, we recommend reviewing the positive and negative aspects of this and the previous organs that we have selected for you.


Autonomy : You can use this practical organ with batteries or rechargeable 1.2 volt Ni-MH batteries, which will allow you to play it wherever you want.

Metronome : The integration of a metronome will allow you to keep an appropriate rhythm in the songs that you interpret.

Portability : Thanks to its dimensions of 38 x 99 x 16 centimeters and weight of 3.9 kilograms, you can comfortably move this organ.


Pressure : Like any organ, this product is not sensitive to the pressure of the keys, unlike pianos that are sensitive to said pressure.

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Shopping guide

Whenever you are interested in acquiring a new digital organ, it is very important to take into account the opinions of the most experienced users, the technical characteristics and how much the product costs. However, with so many models on the market today, choosing an organ that suits your needs can be a bit more complicated. Taking this aspect into account, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best organ, so that your choice is a little easier.

number of keys

In any comparison of organs, there is a number of keys that will determine the use that you will be able to give to the instrument. Keep in mind that if the instrument has a small number of keys, you will not be able to play many songs correctly. On the other hand, if you opt for an organ with a greater number of keys, the instrument will allow you to play a greater repertoire.

A keyboard with 88 keys usually belongs to the high range of these instruments, since it is the same number of keys that a classical piano incorporates, in addition to the fact that it will reach up to 7 octaves. Therefore, a keyboard that has approximately 25 keys will have a range of only 2 octaves. Remember that each octave is made up of 7 white keys and 5 black keys.

On the other hand, it is important that you bear in mind that an organ with a greater number of keys will be larger and heavier, so if you are looking for an instrument that you can comfortably carry from one place to another, we recommend that you pay attention to this feature.

Sounds and special functions

One of the aspects that stands out about electric organs and keyboards is the possibility that these instruments offer you to achieve special sound effects, coming from pre-installed sounds of other musical instruments such as string, wind, percussion, synthesizer sounds, among others. much others. Therefore, many musicians and performers look for models that have a greater selection of effects installed, thus, having a greater repertoire of possibilities.

Sound effects are subdivided into voices, rhythms, and sounds, and each organ model offers a different variety depending on the price and purpose of the instrument. If you are looking for the cheapest model, keep in mind that this feature significantly increases the cost of the product.

Interface and connections

The functions presented by digital keyboards and organs are accessed through an interface located on the upper part of the body of the instrument, so we recommend choosing an organ that has software that is easy to use and that offers greater easy access to buttons that control settings for sounds and special effects. In addition, they should be organized and grouped in an intuitive order, so that you can easily remember their location.

Likewise, it is recommended that the organ has an LCD screen that allows you to easily read the selected settings and effects, however, this feature is present in most digital keyboards on the market. Even today you can find several models of organs with touch screens that significantly increase the comfort of use.

Level of learning

Another aspect that you must take care of and be clear about before making a very high financial outlay is the level of interpretation and knowledge that you have about this instrument. If you are learning to play the organ, it is important that you look at a model that suits your needs and offers you an excellent relationship between quality and price.

If, on the other hand, you need it to give to a child, all the more reason you should avoid acquiring a professional and delicate model, since it will surely give it a more improvised use. Likewise, if you are a concert performer and have your own musical band, it is vital that you choose a model with a wide range of keys, which is polyphonic so that you can press several keys at the same time and even allow you to play songs. in duet


Finally, something very important to take into account are the accessories that are included with the purchase of the organ, so that you have the necessary equipment to start your rehearsals. Among the most important accessories that electronic keyboards usually come with is the base, which in some cases is foldable and adjustable to the height necessary for the type of user, the chair, a music stand, and even a microphone and headphones.

Frequently  asked questions

Q1: How to use an organ?

The musical instrument known as organ, piano or electronic keyboard, is played by pressing some keys, each of which has a different sound and in combination, together with the rhythm in which the pressures, generate complex songs and very pleasant sounds. The organ usually rests on a base or table, so you will sit comfortably in front of it and using the fingers of both hands, you will be able to play the necessary scales to interpret your songs.

Q2: How to learn to play the organ?

The first thing you should do to get started in the world of the organ and know how to use it is to learn everything you can about the keys and their range of octaves. Scales are the sequences of notes that the organ has, so it’s basically the main part of piano technique; You will have to practice initially with two fingers of the hands and little by little you will introduce another.

In addition, it is vital to learn to read sheet music, since the complexity involved in learning to play this wonderful instrument will require that you be able to easily read sheet music. Remember to carefully study the treble clef, bass clef, musical note parts such as the stem, head, and bracket, as well as meter and rhyme. However, it is recommended that you get a piano teacher to guide you and you can learn to play this instrument optimally.

Q3: Which organ is better, Casio or Yamaha?

It’s not about which organ is better, nor is there a single brand or market leader in organs. Actually, to determine which is the best organ, it is essential to know the level of interpretation you have, since each brand presents models of this instrument that are ideal for both beginners and the most experienced.

The Yamaha brand offers an excellent performance PSR-F51 portable electric organ that has 61 keys and the possibility of playing in pairs thanks to its duo mode. On the other hand, Casio offers the CTK-240H7 that incorporates up to 49 keys and stands out for having the “Melody Cut” function, it is polyphonic with 12 voices and includes two speakers of 1.6 watts each, which will allow you to play for your family and friends.

Q4: How to read organ sheet music?

If you are starting out with this instrument and you want to learn to read sheet music, it is best to start by knowing the basic elements that you will find in them, in addition, you should not rule out the idea of ​​looking for a piano teacher to help you learn the interpretation technique.

Among the basic elements you can mainly find the staff, which is five lines on which the notes are placed, in addition, its position on the lines will determine its tone. Another basic element is the clef and this is placed at the beginning of the lines drawn on the staff. The keys can be Sol that indicates the tones Mi, Sol, Si, Re and Fa. Likewise, the bass clef indicates the Sol, Si, Re, Fa and La tones.

Q5: What is the oldest organ in the world?

In a news published through an article on the network, the oldest organ in the world is exposed and is fully operational. In a castle in Switzerland, exactly in Sion, capital of Valais, lies the oldest organ known to date, which was built in 1430, making it more than 550 years old. Thanks to some mural paintings you can see the history of the organ and after a thorough investigation the name of Ktesibios appears, an engineer from Alexandria and who is known as the inventor and manufacturer of this ancient organ.

Q6: What should an organ be like for beginners?

Beginner organs often have a series of music lessons pre-installed that will help the student follow certain songs and rhythms, adjusting to their playing level. Although many organs have fewer keys than others, it is recommended to start with a model that has a large number of keys and sound effects, which will expand the possibilities of any student.

Q7: How to know how many scales an organ has?

To know the number of scales that an organ has, it is necessary to look at the number of keys it incorporates, since, if the instrument has a small number of keys, you will be able to get a smaller number of scales. For example, synthesizers commonly have 61, 76 and even 88 keys, thus reaching 5, 6 and 7 octaves respectively.

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RenFox MQ 6104 Piano Keyboard

Si estás buscando el mejor órgano de relación calidad precio, te recomendamos mirar este modelo ideal para dar como regalo a cualquier niño o niña que esté empezando a tocar este maravilloso instrumento. Este piano digital incluye 61 teclas, además de un grupo de 8 sonidos de instrumentos, 16 efectos, 10 ritmos y 2 modos especiales para el aprendizaje del órgano.

Incorpora una amplia pantalla LCD para visualizar los ajustes realizados y tono seleccionado, además de que es un modelo ideal para la práctica, así como para grabar tus propias canciones gracias a la función de grabación con el micrófono que se incluye junto al producto.

Este órgano electrónico tiene unas dimensiones de 19 x 66 x 5,5 centímetros y está fabricado con un material seguro para los niños y respetuoso con el medio ambiente. Tiene un diseño delicado con bordes redondeados y superficie lisa y suave.

Buscando entre las alternativas más baratas encontrarás este modelo de órgano para niños, por lo que es recomendable conocer sus ventajas y desventajas.


Botones: Este versátil modelo incluye una amplia selección de ajustes que podrás elegir y configurar fácilmente gracias a su amplia variedad de botones para cada función.

Sonidos: Incluye una variedad de 8 instrumentos, 10 ritmos, 16 sonidos y 2 modos de aprendizaje que te permitirán subir de nivel fácilmente.

Micrófono: Incluye un práctico micrófono externo, con el que podrás practicar y grabar tus propias canciones.


Polifónico: Si buscas un órgano con teclas polifónicas, deberás mirar otro modelo, ya que este modelo no cuenta con esa función.

Yamaha PSR-E263 Teclado digital portátil para principiantes

En caso de que estés interesado en un órgano electrónico, te recomendamos este modelo de la reconocida marca Yamaha, con el que podrás comenzar a tocar este instrumento de manera divertida gracias a que incorpora una práctica función de aprender de manera individual o en grupo con la opción de modo dúo.

Este instrumento produce un sonido de alta calidad, además de que cuenta con un conjunto de efectos de sonidos digitales que podrás ajustar gracias a su ecualizador maestro. Así mismo, este teclado digital incorpora 61 teclas, 400 voces de instrumentos, 112 canciones preinstaladas y hasta 130 estilos para interpretar acompañamientos.

Este equipo tiene un peso de aproximadamente 4 kilogramos y tiene unas dimensiones de 94 x 31,7 x 10,6 centímetros. Por otra parte, podrás utilizarlo de manera autónoma, insertando hasta 6 baterías AA, lo que te permitirá tocar este órgano en donde lo necesites.

Para estar convencido de qué modelo debes elegir, antes de escoger un instrumento en específico, es necesario conocer las características técnicas y calidad de sonido de cada modelo. A continuación, te mencionamos los aspectos más importantes de este modelo.


Sonidos: Este modelo cuenta con una selección de 400 voces de instrumentos, 130 estilos y 112 canciones.

Teclas: Este órgano digital cuenta con una selección de 61 teclas de tamaño completo que podrás utilizar cómodamente.

Dúo: Podrás interpretar tus canciones favoritas en grupo junto con un amigo gracias a su modo dúo.


Sensitivo: Si buscas un modelo de ór

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