The 8 Best Recorders of 2022

Recorder – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Recorders are among the oldest instruments in the world and, thanks to their beautiful sound and ease of use, they remain widely known and purchased products. Regardless of whether you are a professional flutist or a novice who wants to improve, you will find suitable options for you on the market. Buying a model like the Hohner B9560 is a good idea for those who want to enjoy a wooden flute, comfortable to wear and with professional fingering. While a flute like the Yamaha YRS-23 is recommended to help children learn to play this beautiful instrument, due to its German fingering and its resistant material.

The 8 Best Recorders – Opinions 2022

There are several models of recorders that are worth comparing, however, not all of them will be the instruments that you need. Taking the time to review their qualities will make the final decision easier and probably more accurate.

Hohner recorder

1. Hohner B9560 Recorder in C soprano

For those looking for quality, a Hohner recorder can be a very good purchase alternative, as it is a prominent brand in the world of instruments. In this case, it brings this model made of pear wood to provide very good resistance to constant use. This recorder has dimensions of 50 x 25 x 35 centimeters and a weight of only 136 grams, so its use and mobilization will be comfortable processes.

Made in Germany, this instrument stands out for having a baroque double hole fingering. Thus, learners will be able to get used to playing the flute like professionals from the very beginning. By having double holes, it is possible to play the chromatic scale with higher pitch, giving you the opportunity to cover a wide musical range.

On the other hand, being a flute tuned in C soprano, it will be quite easy to play various compositions with high tones that require good sonority.

Thanks to its positive feedback, Hohner could be considered the best recorder brand for beginners and professionals.


Baroque: Baroque fingering is used professionally, so this flute will help beginners get used to it.

Wood: Being made of wood, this instrument is resistant to constant use and is considered durable.

Double Hole: This flute has double holes to provide a better tuning in the musical scale.

Tuning: Its soprano tuning in C provides high tones with a very good sonority.


Fixed: The structure of this flute is fixed, so it cannot be adjusted to provide a more ergonomic position for the low C note.

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Yamaha recorder

2. Yamaha YRS-23 Soprano Recorder in C

For many years, owning a Yamaha recorder has been synonymous with quality. Thanks to this, it continues to be one of the preferred brands when buying flutes for students. In fact, this model is a good option for this type of beginner musician.

To make it easier for children to learn to play, the instrument comes with German fingering so they can play the notes without any problem. In addition, since the structure is divided into 3 pieces, it will be easier to adjust the position to adapt to the little fingers.

In addition to this, since the body of the flute is made of ABS resin, the instrument withstands constant use by children and adults without deteriorating. The structure has dimensions of 32.72 x 2.54 x 2.54 centimeters and weighs 90.7 grams, so its lightness makes it easy to handle. Finally, this instrument has a quite striking ivory color.

If you don’t know which recorder to buy for your little one, this model is a good option, as it is made specifically for beginners.


German: This instrument offers a German-style fingering that will make it easier for the little ones to learn musical notes.

Materials: The material used in this flute is quite resistant to shocks, falls and constant use by children.

Pieces: Being divided into three pieces, people will be able to clean the flute more easily. In addition, it is possible to slightly adjust the position to have a more comfortable grip.


School: This is a flute for school use, therefore it is not suitable for professionals.

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tenor recorder

3. Mollenhauer Sings 2406 Tenor Recorders

The standard version is definitely the soprano, however, when other types of melodies are needed, a tenor recorder may be a suitable model for you. In this case, this Mollenhauer instrument comes with a warmer and slightly lower musical range, however, it has a baroque fingering equal to that used on soprano flutes.

Made entirely of pear wood, this flute is designed to be comfortable to play, but also to withstand frequent use. However, despite the wood, the structure is light enough to facilitate comfortable handling of the instrument. In addition to that, since it is a double hole flute, the musical range is complete to give you greater freedom of use.

This instrument comes in a set with a cotton bag, maintenance instructions and even a chart for proper fingering. This way you will be ready to play the flute as soon as it reaches your hands.

If your goal is not to find one of the cheapest flutes, but rather a unique model that suits your needs, then this could be a good option.


Fingering: The instrument has the same baroque fingering as professional soprano-type flutes.

Set: This flute comes in a set so you have everything you need in one place. In addition, the instruction manual will make its use easier.

Materials: The pear wood used as base material is an element that provides strength and durability.


Tenor: Physically this flute is very similar to the soprano, which could cause some confusion.

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soprano recorder

4. Classic Cantabile Baroque Maple Soprano Recorder

It is difficult to know which is the best recorder with so many models on the market, however, if you are looking for a very good soprano recorder, then you can be sure that Classic Cantabile has an option for you. In this case, this model first stands out for having an elegant design, with a clean finish and a striking color. However, there are more qualities besides its looks that are worth mentioning.

One of the most relevant features is that it is a flute that comes in a complete set with a plastic case, cleaning brush and cork grease. In addition, being made of maple wood will provide good durability to constant use and a correct sound.

On the other hand, because it works with baroque fingering, it is a suitable model for experienced players and beginners alike, tuned in C soprano to give the characteristic sound of these instruments.

By acquiring this soprano flute you will have in your hands an instrument to accompany you in all your presentations and practices.


Set: So that you get everything in one place, this flute comes in a complete set.

Baroque: By using a baroque fingering you will have a greater musical range, so professionals can also use the instrument.

Design: This sweet flute has a very peculiar design that differentiates it from other models. In addition, it is made of maple wood to provide comfort and resistance.


Price: Due to the wood and accessories included, this flute is priced higher than other available models.

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wooden recorder

5. Eastar Soprano Flute Maple Wood C fingering

Among the best recorders of 2022 should be a wooden recorder, because, although plastic is used more frequently, wood, especially maple, provides a characteristic, striking and resistant design that makes the instrument stand out. All this without affecting its size or weight.

The structure of this flute has three independent sections to facilitate cleaning, which can be done comfortably with the bar included for this activity. The set also includes a case, fingering chart and grease. Thanks to the accessories you can keep the flute in good condition at all times.

This instrument has been designed with baroque fingering to give you greater freedom of use, with double holes that allow better tuning, allowing you to reach higher notes in a clear and stable way. Also, being tuned to C soprano, this flute will suit most players correctly.

Beginners and professionals alike will be able to practice their skills with this eye-catching recorder from Eastar.


Case: Thanks to the case that comes in the set you will have a safe place to store your flute and transport it.

Sound: The sound that you can get from this instrument is quite precise, since its baroque fingering and double hole provide better tuning.

Structure: Thanks to its structure made of resistant wood and divided into 3 sections, it will be much easier to clean this flute.


Tuning: Being three pieces, you may need to tweak each section a bit to get a good tune.

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professional recorder

6. Yamaha BYRT304BII tenor recorder

When it comes to getting a professional recorder, you can be sure that Yamaha will provide a quality and elegant model for you. In contrast to the ivory-colored school models, this tenor flute has a stunning black base color, which allows certain light details to stand out.

Designed to complement the tones of the soprano and alto models, this tenor recorder stands out for its deep, centered sound with clear, melodious detail. With baroque fingering and double holes, this flute will produce a wide musical range with correctly tuned notes.

The flute has a structure that is divided into three sections, which will allow you to adjust to the position you prefer and make it easier to carry out the cleaning process. In addition, the instrument comes with a thumb rest that will give you a more comfortable use. The instrument has dimensions of 44 x 5 x 11 centimeters and, in addition, has a light weight of 400 grams.

This could be the best recorder of the moment if you are looking for a model for experts, with a beautiful and elegant design.


Tenor: This flute is of the tenor style, therefore, professionals dedicated to this type of sound will be able to find a model specifically dedicated to them.

Comfort: The lightweight structure and the fact that the flute has a thumb rest provides comfort in use.

Professional: This is a professional quality instrument, not only in its design, but also in its sound.


Cost: Because it is a professional instrument, its price is somewhat high, so it may not be the best option for those who want to save.

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bass recorder

7. Classic Cantabile Bellissima Bass Flute

Having a bass recorder is an opportunity to explore different sounds that are usually not captured when using a soprano-type instrument. In this case, this model has the characteristic structure with the inclined mouthpiece and has a design with different outstanding details that provide a concert-worthy appearance.

The instrument is made of a plastic that provides a body resistant to use and has the quality of having a woody appearance. The material provides a good sound that will exalt each musical note so that it is projected correctly. In addition, since it is a flute divided into 3 sections, its cleaning will be easy.

Although it is not one of the cheapest models, it could be the best recorder of this type, as it provides quality, a baroque fingering for professional use and, in addition, it comes in a set with a case, strap, cleaning rod and grease for cleaning. cork.

If people are not captivated by the design, surely they will be by the beautiful sound that this flute can produce in expert hands.


Set: This offer includes a set with various accessories that will make the experience more complete; such as a case, strap, cleaning rod, and cork grease.

Structure: The instrument has an inclined structure that achieves the sonority that characterizes bass type flutes.

Design: Despite being made of plastic, this flute has a woody appearance that makes it stand out.


Price: This is an expensive recorder, however, its attention to detail and great sound make every penny worth it.

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baroque recorder

8. Fuzeau 8264 Baroque soprano flute

When talking about the best value for money recorder, most people think of school models with German fingering. However, in this case it is a baroque recorder with a good sound quality, considering that it is a model for beginners.

Its structure is small and, in addition, it is quite light, therefore, it is easy and comfortable to handle. This is complemented by a sleek black design that has ivory accents for contrast. It will be easy to carry the instrument with you in the semi-rigid case included in the purchase, with brush and fingering tablature.

In addition to that, since the flute is divided into 3 sections, it will be easier to adjust comfortably and it will also be easier to clean the instrument. On the other hand, since its main material is plastic, it is a resistant instrument.

Those who wish to learn to play the flute will be able to find a very good option in this Fuzeau model.


Set: The instrument comes in a set and it comes with a semi-rigid case, a brush and a tablature for fingering.

Structure: The structure, being made of plastic, is durable and resistant. In addition, it is divided into three sections to facilitate cleaning and provide greater comfort when playing.

Design: Unlike other models that usually have an ivory color or a woody appearance, this product has a black color that provides elegance.


Sound: The final sound quality is not equal to that of other more advanced models, so it is exclusively for beginners.

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Accessories for recorder

sheet music for recorder

Easy Classical Masterworks Classical Masterworks

Having recorder sheet music is the best way to practice and improve your ability to play the instrument. In this case, these Easy Classical Masterworks scores offer different musical pieces by great composers. 

Although some believe that the recorder is just a beginner’s instrument, this book brings complex compositions from the minds of musicians such as Vivaldi, Wagner, Mozart, Handel, Beethoven, Schubert, and Brahms.

The small book comes in a soft cover format for easy portability and, in addition, it has 80 pages of musical content that could help you become one of the best flutists.

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mute for flute

Muteflute Pack Premium 3 Mutes for Recorder

Having a recorder mute or several can be the best way to practice your instrument at home, without disturbing anyone else. For that reason, Muteflute brings you a pack with 3 units, so you can silence your recorder without interrupting your practice sessions.

All flutes for school use can be complemented with these mutes, regardless of the brand, so you will not have any problem. The pieces are small, flexible and manage to adapt correctly to avoid problems when using them. The best thing is that you can choose whether you want to mute the flute partially or completely.

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Case for recorder

TGI Tgrbn Case for flutes

Although most flutes come with a case to keep them safe at all times, there are other alternatives that do not come with this accessory. In these cases, it is recommended to purchase a recorder case, as this will be cheaper than risking damage to the instrument.

This black TGI product comes with a velcro closure to keep the flute secure and a small handle to facilitate grip and mobilization. In addition, thanks to the padded interior, the instrument will not have scratches. Finally, it has space to place a card with the owner’s name.

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recorder cleaner

Hohner 321604 Flute Brush

Although you keep your flute stored to prevent dust from reaching the instrument, it will also fill with saliva, due to the constant blowing that is done when using it. This, in addition to generating a bad smell, allows bacteria to proliferate inside the instrument. In this sense, a brush is the best recorder cleaner you can buy, as it is an accessory that manages to get rid of the dirt accumulated on the inside of the flute. 

This brush comes with a fiber head and a metal rod that allows for easy use on recorders made of wood. In addition, its dimensions and lightness facilitate handling.

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Shopping guide

Do not rush to buy a recorder, because you could overlook things that will affect your experience of use and the sonority of the instrument. To prevent this from happening, in this buying guide you will find relevant information for the acquisition of this type of instrument, preventing you from buying one that, in the end, is not to your liking.

flute type

When you take a guitar in your hands with the naked eye, it is easy to tell if it is an acoustic, classic or electric model. In the same way, it is easy to make this type of identification with different instruments. However, when it comes to a recorder, this is a bit more complicated.

When making a comparison of recorders, you may notice the difference in colors between each model, however, what will really tell you the type of recorder it is may take more time to inspect.

Although the most common recorders are sopranos tuned in C, there are other models that offer lower or higher melodies. All of these differ only by slight modifications to the front and size. The sopranissimo flutes are the smallest and highest, while the great bass type are the lowest and largest. However, the most commonly used models are: soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

After you have correctly identified what type of flute you want to take home, then you need to ask yourself if the instrument that catches your attention is professional or for beginners. A trick can be to look at how much the flute costs, because, although you can find a good and cheap option that looks professional, most of the time the cheapest are usually school.

Also, if you want to get carried away with the fingering, then it is possible to check the fifth hole of the flute and detail its size. If it is smaller than normal, then it is a German fingering flute, made for beginners.

Finally, do not ignore the importance of the materials with which the flutes are made. You can find plastic and also wooden models; choose the one that best suits you.


When checking out a guide to buying the best recorder, you should keep in mind that the recorder can vary in the way it is used, depending on the model it is. It is almost impossible to differentiate between a Baroque or a German fingering model, since an almost imperceptible detail must be identified in the front fifth hole of the soprano recorder. However, the sound distinction between one flute and another is notorious.

German fingering flutes have been manufactured to facilitate the initiation of people in the world of flutes. Due to this, these models have a different tuning that influences the musical range that you can explore with it.

They are flutes a little more limited in their sound and some notes must be played differently, avoiding the position of forked fingers on the musical note F, for example. This model is usually the one used in musical schools so that children gradually manage to move their fingers correctly, without this interfering with the sound quality of the base notes.

On the other hand, baroque fingering flutes are made to be used by professionals, although there are models for beginners who wish to learn directly with this type of variation. On these flutes you will need to use a bit more complex finger placement, but doing so will result in clearer, crisper sounds. In fact, you will be able to access a greater number of musical notes of all kinds without going out of tune: sharp, low, sustained, etc.

It’s also important to make sure that any flute you buy is double-bored in the last two holes. This detail also influences the tuning and allows you to achieve optimal sonority, avoiding weak or very soft notes.


Finally, when you have decided on the type of flute and the fingering you want, then you can look at other things that, although relevant to the instrument, will not directly influence the quality of the sound.

In this case, it is advisable to purchase instruments that come in sets with accessories that complement their use. For example, the fact that the flute comes with a case will save you money and time in the future, as it is a necessary thing that should not be missing. Having a bag or case will make it easier to transport the instrument, but it will also protect it from bumps or falls.

In addition to that, some sets also include cleaners that will take care of getting rid of saliva and dust that can accumulate inside the flute. The more complete the offer, the better it will be for you.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to play the recorder?

The recorder is one of the best known instruments on the planet and, in addition to that, it is usually the first contact that children have with the musical world. In some countries it is compulsory to learn to play these instruments in schools, while, in conservatories, flutes are usually the first instruments used by the little ones.

All this is due to two things: the price of the instrument and how easy it is to play. Getting a good sound on the flute just depends on plugging a few holes and blowing, so anyone can learn to play the flute in no time, just know the correct finger position and you’re good to go.

Q2: When did the recorder appear?

The flute, thanks to its simplicity, is one of the oldest instruments in existence. It is known that the “sweet” or “peak” model has existed since the Middle Ages, however, it is not known exactly when the instrument was created. Models have been found dating back more than 40,000 years, so drawing the exact timeline since their appearance is almost impossible.

What is possible to determine is the moment in which the flute became relevant in the world of music, since the golden age of the recorder occurred during the Renaissance and the Baroque period. This is because the musical notes obtained by the instrument were adapted to the stylistic characteristics of both periods.

Q3: How do you do the high F on the recorder?

The note of F on the recorder depends exclusively on two things: the level of instruction of the flutist and the type of instrument the musician uses. When it comes to a professional flutist, then he will use a baroque fingering flute; On the other hand, students of the instrument could use a German fingering flute, which is considered the most common in schools.

If it is a baroque fingering flute, then the high F is performed in the following way: The first four holes and also the sixth of them are covered, while the rear hole is half covered.

On the other hand, if you have a German fingering flute, then it will only be enough to cover the first four holes and half cover the later one.

Q4: How to tune a recorder?

When it comes to professional recorders it is very difficult for them to go out of tune. However, if you own a school flute, specifically any model that is divided into different sections, then you may need to tune your instrument from time to time.

To find out if the flute is in tune, use a tuning app to verify that the pitch is correct for each note. If not, proceed by adjusting the sections; many times applying a little more pressure or moving the pieces a few millimeters laterally can be enough. Doing this retests the pitch of the flute so that the flute is fully in tune.

If it still doesn’t work, it may just require cleaning. For that reason, from time to time, it is worth cleaning the inside of the flute to avoid the accumulation of saliva and dirt.

Q5: How to play E treble on recorder?

The high E is one of the most used high notes in musical compositions for the recorder, therefore, it is worth learning how to play the note quickly, because in a short time it will appear in any score.

The fingers should be positioned in the first 5 holes, while the thumb half covers the back hole. This will give a high tone, similar to a whistle.

Q6: How do you do the F sharp on the recorder?

Like the high F, there are some discrepancies about the correct way to play this musical note, however, it all comes down to the comfort you feel when playing the note and the song you are performing.

The F sharp, regardless of whether you use a baroque or a German flute, can be done in the following ways: Covering all holes except the fourth or covering all but the fourth and seventh.

The first option is usually the most famo

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