The 8 Best Tambourines of 2022

Tambourine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In many countries of the world the tambourine is played, as this idiophone instrument offers happy rhythms in different musical genres or cultural manifestations. However, there are so many models of tambourines on the market that you could get confused, so here we recommend some of the best. For example, the Samba 4952, which is made with brass jingles and a skin membrane, materials that provide a good sound. Similarly, the Samba 5013, which is a tambourine with a diameter of 32 cm and 20 pairs of jingles, being useful to accompany folk dances and weddings in Asturias.

The 8 Best Tambourines – Opinions 2022

There are many tambourines available on the Internet, but in this section we will show you several of the most outstanding, so that you know their most important qualities and make a good purchase decision.


Galician tambourine

1. Samba Panderet a Galician double rattle 25cm

This could be the best tambourine to make folk rhythms in Spain, given that it has a Galician design with 7 pairs of jingles and is 25 cm in diameter. In this way it is ideal for the use of children and adults in popular dances such as the muñeira. This dance is carried out in various provinces of the country, especially Galicia and its surroundings, for example, Castilla y León.

Likewise, it has been specially manufactured to be played while dancing in a group with 6/8 rhythms, together with the bagpipes, the tamboril, the shells and other musical instruments.  

On the other hand, it is important to know that this Galician tambourine has a skin membrane, which can be hit with the fingers and the palm of the hand. In the same way, we mention that its design has brass jingles, which make this instrument elegant.

Perhaps this is the best tambourine of the moment, so we invite you to review its most important qualities in the following section.


Type: It is a Galician tambourine with which various folk rhythms can be played while dancing.

Jingles: It has a standard shape similar to any tambourine, however, it has 7 pairs of jingles that differentiate it a bit from other models.

Material: The jingles are made of brass with silver and gold finishes. At the same time, the cone is made of natural skin, thus offering a pleasant sound.


Size: This model is not available in various sizes, only 25 cm in diameter. 

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2. Samba 498 Galician tambourine double jingle 20cm

It is one of the best tambourines of 2022, as it has a compact design of 20 cm, so it will be very comfortable to store and move at any time. It also has 7 pairs of golden jingles, which in turn have a shiny finish that makes this tambourine an elegant traditional instrument.

In relation to his body we can say that he is made of wood. This has a light tone that matches the natural skin of the membrane and the rattles. As if that were not enough, the Galician Samba 498 tambourine has a space in the body where there are no jingles, so that you can pick up the tambourine from there comfortably.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the jingles are made of brass, so they will not rust and will always offer a brilliant sound.

Samba is perhaps the best brand of tambourines, as it manufactures them with excellence and dedication, always respecting their folkloric and artisan forms. These are the characteristics of a tambourine created by this brand.


Size: It measures only 20 cm in diameter, so it will be very comfortable and easy to wear to traditional dances.

Type: It was designed for Galician peals and blows, so that buyers can wear it on the wrist.

Durability: Since the jingles are made of brass, their durability will be greater than other tambourine models.


Price: This Galician tambourine has a high price, however, its good manufacturing materials could compensate for this fact.

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Asturian tambourine

3. Samba Asturian double tambourine 20 pairs of jingles

If you don’t know which is the best tambourine, perhaps this is the right option, as it is used to play in the folkloric manifestations of Asturias or almost any musical genre, rock, gospel, ballad, etc. This is thanks to its 32 cm diameter and the 20 metal jingles that provide a bright sound with good volume.

In the same way, if you want an Asturian tambourine that withstands the sweat of your hands, humidity and climatic changes, we recommend this model, since it has brass jingles, a material that effectively withstands rust and corrosion.  

On the other hand, we inform you that the tambourine is made with natural leather and walnut finishes, which provides not only elegance, but also practicality when it comes to ringing the membrane.

When wondering which tambourine to buy, many options arise, however, review the qualities of this model, as it offers features that attract attention at first glance.


Functionality: It is used to play in different traditional dances of Asturias, as well as musical genres such as gospel or ballads.

Size: This tambourine is 32 cm in diameter, so its membrane sounds a little more serious than others.

Durability: The jingles are made of brass, a metal that does not corrode easily, providing a long useful life to the instrument.  


Color: This model of tambourine only comes in walnut, so you cannot choose between several shades.

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4. Atlas DC-705 D Wood and goatskin tambourine

Due to its low cost and good manufacturing materials, this could be the best value for money tambourine of the moment. It has been made with wood on the sides and silver metal jingles, so it emits a clear and strong sound. Likewise, it offers long durability, so you can use it on many occasions.

In addition to this, it has goatskin on the membrane, which has natural finishes, just like the sides. This makes it a sober and useful product for use by beginners or professionals.  

In the same way, we mention that it measures 20.3 cm in diameter, being comfortable also for children. In addition, it is an Asturian tambourine, so it is used together with traditional Spanish dances. It can even be used in the gypsy dance, which is a typical dance of the nomadic gypsies of Europe.

Perhaps this tambourine meets the requirements of some people, as it has aspects that make it versatile. In the next section we explain some of them.


Sound: Although it is not very big, its sound is strong, so it accompanies dance and various musical genres very well.

Materials: It is made with wood on the sides, metal jingles and goatskin on the membrane.

Size: It has a diameter of 20.3 cm, so it is very easy to move, and can be stored in a backpack or handbag without problems.


Finishes: The goatskin has some imperfections, although this is not a disadvantage for the performance and durability of the tambourine.

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children’s tambourine

5. B Blesiya Drum Musical Instrument Toy

This is a special tambourine model for boys and girls, since it has dimensions of 15 x 4.5 cm and the seller offers various patterned designs, including ladybug, flower, butterfly, lion, among others. This means that you will be able to choose from several designs for your children.

It is a tambourine with which children can learn percussion and play with their parents at home. In the same way, we mentioned that the membrane is flexible, but resistant, so it will be very difficult for your children to break. Therefore, they will be able to hit it and clap their hands to keep the rhythm of the dance.

Another aspect that makes this children’s tambourine stand out is that it comes with 4 pairs of metal rattles, which offer a strong and fun sound for the smallest of the household.    

If you are looking for a tambourine with which your children can learn to keep time in music and develop motor skills, we recommend this model. Here are some of its most important qualities.    


Robustness: The tambourine is made with a flexible membrane that is resistant to children’s blows, in addition, its jingles are made of metal, a very robust material.

Education: It is an instrument with which children can start in musical education.

Dimensions: It measures 15 x 4.5 cm, being comfortable for your child to hold it in his hand and play various songs.


Quantity: Bring only 4 pairs of jingles, however, for the size of the tambourine, they may be enough.

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6. Andoer Tambourine Drum Bell Birch

At approximately 25cm in diameter and 4.5cm in height, this children’s tambourine is quite easy for children of various ages to use.

Thanks to its design with 8 pairs of metal jingles, it can be used for fun at concerts, parties or traditional dances, since it is a quality instrument that provides optimal sound and long life. Also, the membrane is made of lambskin, so it will be resistant to knocks and knocks that the child makes on it.

Likewise, we mention that the sides are made of birch, a wood with few grains, but very elegant and robust. In this way, the finishes of the tambourine are natural, light brown for the body and light colored membrane.

It is a tambourine for children with which they can have fun while developing their musical ear. Next, we will show you its most important pros and cons.


Materials: It has birch for the body and the membrane is made with lambskin. In addition, it comes with 8 pairs of metal jingles, so the materials are of high quality.

Sound: Although it is for children, the sound it offers is strong and pleasant, useful for music education.

Functionality: It is used to play almost any musical genre, for example, pop, rock or traditional and children’s music, etc.


Size: At 25 cm in diameter it may be a bit large for some children, so pay attention to its dimensions before making any purchase decisions.

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christmas tambourine

7. Gerimport Assorted Children’s Decorated Tambourine

Although it is one of the cheapest tambourines, it has a plastic design and metal jingles, which are resistant materials. In addition, it is a Christmas tambourine model, useful for children to play Christmas carols and have maximum fun in the December season.

Also, it should be noted that this model comes in bright colors, for example, green or orange, so that you can choose the one that best suits your child’s preferences.

If you want a compact tambourine for your child to start the world of music, this could be the one, since it measures 15 cm in diameter, being comfortable for small hands. In the same way, in the area of ​​the membrane it has a children’s design with Christmas figures, among which are the face of Santa Claus, an elf, the tree, etc.  

This is one of the cheapest tambourines, however, it has a quality and durability that others may not offer for the same price. Next, we present its main qualities.


Type: It is a special tambourine for the Christmas season, so that your children can play Christmas carols.

Materials: It is made of plastic and metal jingles, so it provides durability.

Ergonomics: Due to its size of 15 cm, it will be very comfortable to use for the smallest of the household.


Usage: It is not for professional use, as it is a toy, however, this is not a problem for many parents who want a nice gift for their children.

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tension tambourine

8. Anandashop Capoeira Wooden skin tambourine for samba

This is a tension tambourine, which means that you can adjust its membrane, achieving more bass or treble sounds, depending on your need or preference. In other words, it brings side fittings, which, when adjusted, exert greater or lesser tension on the skin of the tambourine. For that reason, the sound of this can be adapted to different types of dance or musical genres. However, it has been specially designed to accompany samba, which is the traditional music of Brazil.

We also mentioned that it is 25.4 cm in diameter and has 5 pairs of aluminum jingles. This gives you more comfort when wearing it and a more striking sound. Even its sides are made of resistant wood, so that it lasts a long time, withstanding the characteristic chimes of samba.  

When choosing a tambourine, we recommend you review various options, for example, this is a good option to play samba. In the next section we explain its most important aspects.


Type: This is a tension tambourine useful for playing various musical genres, especially Samba, a Brazilian cultural manifestation.

Size: It measures 25.4 cm in diameter, so it is quite comfortable to play.

Materials: It has been made with hard wood and natural leather, as well as aluminum jingles, so it will last you a long time.


Cover: The package does not include a carrying case, so you will have to buy it separately.

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Tambourine accessories

Tambourine bag

Ortola 6774-001 Tambourine case

Many tambourines on the market do not come with a case included, so this product could be useful to you. It is a cover made of polyester, a resistant fabric that does not wrinkle. Likewise, it has 10 mm of padding in its internal lining, to protect the tambourine from unexpected bumps and scratches.

On the outside, it has ergonomic handles and a shoulder strap, so you can choose how to carry it. Likewise, we mentioned that it is made in black and measures 41 x 9 cm, so it will work for many sizes of tambourine.

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Shopping guide

There are many brands and models of this musical instrument on the Internet, so choosing a certain product is not an easy task. For that reason, it is best to review this guide to buy the best tambourine. Here we will explain some aspects that you should take into account before making any decision. 


In a comparison of tambourines, it is important to review this characteristic, since there are different types, since they adapt to the idiosyncrasy of the people and the different dance styles or musical genres. For example, there are children’s Christmas tambourines, these are characterized by having a design with drawings alluding to the holiday season.

Therefore, they are one of the most suitable for children to learn to play Christmas carols, as they are Christmas songs that attract attention for their happy tambourine rhythms or improvised chimes.

Likewise, for the little ones in the house there are children’s tambourines with all kinds of designs, for example, flowers, bears, butterflies, among others. These are suitable for children ages 3 and up and help them develop motor skills effectively.

Similarly, in the market you will find Galician tambourines, which are used to play muñeira, a popular dance from Galicia. In addition, due to its design with leather membranes, it is possible to use them for other styles of music.

Also, we recommend you to know the Asturian tambourine. This is used in Asturias and symbolizes the cultural identity of this region, thus being used in folk songs and dances.

On the other hand, there is the tension tambourine. It’s called that because it comes with hardware around the rim, which adjusts for when a higher or lower sound is needed. In this sense, what the fittings do is tighten or loosen the natural skin of the tambourine a little. It should be noted that many professional percussionists prefer this model compared to others, because, because it can be tuned, it is better adapted to any musical genre, samba, blues, rock, etc.


If you are interested in knowing how much one or another tambourine costs, this aspect should not be ignored, since it normally influences the price of the instrument. However, online you may be able to find a good, inexpensive tambourine that meets your requirements.

One of the materials used to make a good quality tambourine is metal, since rattles are made from this material. Some of them are made of aluminium, others are made of brass, both good metals, so it is up to you to choose which one to buy.

In addition to this, for the most professional tambourines, especially those for adults, the hoop is made of wood, for example, Galician or Asturian. On the other hand, children’s tambourines are not necessarily made of wood, but also of plastic, which is a slightly cheaper material and easier to manufacture.

In the same way, with respect to the membrane we can say that it is commonly made of natural leather, for a better sound of the tambourine.


Not all tambourines come in the same size, so your choice will largely depend on how you’re going to use them. For example, the largest ones are widely used in musical genres such as pop, gospel and rock, as well as in dances, songs or traditional dances of a certain locality. Perhaps they are the best option for adults, whether they are beginners or professionals.

On the other hand, if you want a child’s tambourine, we recommend that it be 20 cm in diameter or a little less, since children have smaller hands and probably cannot stand long musical days with very large or heavy models.

Of course, you should keep in mind that if you buy a large tambourine, it will sound lower. But if you buy a compact one, the sound it will emit will be higher pitched. It is best that you choose the size according to the musical genre and the age of the person who will use the instrument.


For the care of the instrument, we recommend you purchase a cover, either nylon or polyester, since these are resistant materials. In the same way, when buying it, keep in mind that the cover is greater than 40 cm, because that way you can store the tambourine more comfortably.

On the other hand, the bag should have a compartment to store your sheet music or the adjustment key, in case the tambourine is tension. Likewise, it would be better if it had a padded lining inside, to better protect the instrument from a possible fall while moving it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a tambourine?

Hold the tambourine with your non-dominant hand, for example, if you’re right-handed, use your left hand. Then strike this instrument with the fingers of the other hand or the entire palm. Of course, being an instrument with a skin membrane, you can play it with a drumstick, depending on the musical genre or dance in which you are going to use it.

You need to not hold it too tightly with your left hand. In addition, you should hit the membrane moderately, since, normally, natural leather is a material that can break if you put a lot of pressure on it.

Q2: How to make a tambourine?

To make a tambourine you will need the following materials: a wooden hoop, 10 metal bottle caps, wire, tape, hammer, goatskin, and nails. Once you have all the materials, the first thing you should do is flatten all the sheets and pierce them in the center with a nail.

Subsequently, you must place the plates in the wooden ring; You will do this step with the nails and the hammer. Also, mount the goatskin on the hoop with the help of the wire, so that it is fixed and sufficiently tense. Finally, use the adhesive tape to reinforce the skin, to do this, place it covering the wire, so that the tambourine looks good aesthetically.

Q3: How to play the J on a tambourine?

First, hold the tambourine in your left hand. Afterwards, he opens his right hand to hit the membrane with the ring finger and thumb 5 times in a row, but on the last sound make a small musical pause. Next, repeat this step 3 times, always making the pause mentioned in the last touch.

Subsequently, make 3 blows with the same fingers and 1 with the closed hand, which must be the strongest of all. In the end, you should study the rhythm slowly, building up the speed until you completely master it. We recommend that you play jota music while you rehearse, so that you get used to the time of this musical genre.  

Q4: How to play the crescent tambourine?

Since this tambourine does not have a skin, the way of playing will be different. That is, you do not have to make peals or hits of the membrane. In exchange for this, hold the tambourine in your left hand and hit it with your other hand or some part of your body. Also, you can make it sound in the air with your right hand, moving it to the rhythm of the music that you like the most. Of course, if you’re left-handed, you reverse the use of your hands.  

Q5: How to decorate a tambourine?

There are many ways to decorate a tambourine. Next, we will show you a very simple way to achieve it, so that it is very beautiful, without spending a lot of money. To do this, you will only need markers of various colors. With them you can make figures on the tambourine ring or membrane.

This will give a pretty significant change to the tambourine’s design, but it won’t affect its sound. We do not recommend using stickers, because these do dull the sound of the instrument.

Q6: What family does the tambourine belong to?

It belongs to the minor percussion instruments. Likewise, they enter the list of idiophones, since the tambourine emits sounds through its own body, when hitting or shaking it. Due to its bright and cheerful sound, it is used in traditional or folk music in some regions of Spain such as Galicia and Asturias. It is even used in other parts of the world, as it adapts very well to gospel, rock, pop and other internationally famous musical genres.

Q7: How to clean a tambourine?

The tambourine is an instrument that does not require exhaustive cleaning because, generally, it does not accumulate dust, since it is often shaken by the performer. However, if it is dirty, use a soft cloth to clean it.

In addition to this, avoid leaving it anywhere. On the contrary, we recommend that you buy a storage case, so that you can store it when you are not using it. Of course, the skin of the membrane may sometimes require wax, to make it last much longer, this can be applied with your own hands and is available on the Internet.

Q8: What are the names of those who play the tambourine?

The person who plays this instrument is called a tambourine player and there are recognized artists who have specialized in this field. For example, Eva Tejedor, a percussionist and educator who plays in the group Las Pandereteras, which is made up of a group of female singers.

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