The 8 Best Tibetan Bowls of 2022

Tibetan Bowl – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The path to meditation is filled with positive thoughts, spiritual calm and a beautiful harmonic sound to guide you through it all. Exactly for the latter, Tibetan bowls are used and therein lies their importance. These instruments are manufactured with great attention to detail in order to maximize the results obtained thanks to their melodies. Obtaining a Tibetan bowl like the Cahaya 7 metals is a good way to combine good design and quality sound to achieve your well-being when using it. In the meantime, buying a set like the EnergySound 7 bowls set will allow you to experiment with different tunings and have an instrument always ready for you.

The 8 Best Tibetan Bowls – Opinions 2022

Comparing different models of Tibetan bowls is really important if you want to get the best option. Fortunately, this list has the most outstanding alternatives on the market to help you in the selection process.

Tibetan bowl of 7 metals

1. Cahaya Set of Tibetan Bowls 7 Metals

Tibetan bowls are instruments used for hundreds of years that, over time, have evolved. However, due to its importance in meditation, it is preferable that your creation always have a handcrafted touch. In this case, this 7-metal Tibetan bowl has been handcrafted in Nepal by skilled craftsmen who have added the symbols of gratitude, compassion, awareness and enlightenment into the design, along with a Buddhist mantra to enhance its power of relaxation or being an impressive addition to your collection.

To provide a more comfortable and easy use, the instrument comes with a sewn cushion, which will serve as a support for the product. In addition, it also includes a small mallet made of quality wood that, when used with the bowl, provides high, bright tones and long vibrations.

Thanks to its dimensions of 8 centimeters in diameter and a light weight of 220 grams, it is easy to mobilize the instrument.

Due to its details and exquisite design, this could be the best Tibetan bowl of the moment.


Manufacturing: Its craftsmanship by Nepalese experts offers a very good quality.

Mantra: The engraved Buddhist mantra, along with the 4 symbols, provide a unique design.

Set: The offer, in addition to coming with the instrument, also comes with a quality wooden mallet and a sewn cushion to use as a support.

Portability: To accompany you to any yoga session, this Tibetan bowl is small and light.


Cushion: Although it is offered as reddish, the cushion can come in other colors, which cannot be chosen.

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2. Vibratis Tibetan Singing Bowl 7 Metals Handmade

Having a Tibetan bowl at home is a good way to decorate your home or start your path to meditation and, in this case, this Vibratis model stands out for various qualities. However, the most remarkable thing is the fact that it is a Tibetan bowl of 7 metals, made up of gold, mercury, copper, iron, tin, lead and silver. Each one represents a planet, a day of the week and a main chakra.

This attention to detail, coupled with the craftsmanship by Nepalese experts, makes for a quality instrument. On the other hand, the wooden mallet, in combination with the bowl, provides a constant vibration, with a brilliant sound. In addition to this, this one has a synthetic suede protection to give it more durability.

As if this were not enough, the offer comes with a rather elegant gift box and a small cushion made of silk to support the instrument.

It is difficult to choose the best brand of Tibetan bowls, however, Vibratis is one of the most prominent as it is dedicated to the manufacture of these instruments.


Set: To have everything in one place, the purchase comes with the included wooden mallet and a support cushion.

Manufacturing: The Tibetan bowl has been handcrafted by artisans in Nepal, to provide a very good quality.

Gift: This instrument comes with an elegant gift box to be given as a present to whoever you want.


Book: If the instrument is purchased as a gift, the fact that the included book is electronic may be inconvenient.

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Tibetan quartz bowl

3. Energysound Set of 7 quartz crystal bowls

There are those who say that having a Tibetan quartz bowl is the best option to be able to align the chakras and, on this occasion, Enrgysound brings you a set with 7 of these instruments in different dimensions and colors so that you can experiment with different sounds and enjoy of a more complete experience. The instruments also come with 3 rubber O-rings and 3 rubber mallets so you can play as soon as your purchase arrives.

The reason behind its quantity is not only to provide bowls tuned to the 7 base musical notes, but also to represent the 7 chakras that you have. Rubbing the mallet against the instruments will provide resonant sounds that have proper projection, making it easier for yoga instructors and other professionals who want to use the bowls in class. In addition, these are identified with musical notes to facilitate their use.

If you have no idea which Tibetan singing bowl to buy, this offer from EnergySound is worth purchasing, as it offers quality and variety.


Quantity: When making this purchase you will not receive just one Tibetan bowl, since the offer has 7 units so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Varied sounds: Each of the 7 instruments is tuned to a different note of the musical scale.

Identification: Tibetan singing bowls come with musical notes marked on them for ease of use.


Quartz: Although quartz is a quality material, it is relatively new and there are those who still prefer metal bowls. 

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4. Topfund Crystal Singing Bowl with Sacral Chakra Design

Among the best Tibetan singing bowls of 2022 is this Topfund model, as it provides everything you may need to enjoy the sounds that characterize this instrument in a comfortable and complete way. The first thing that stands out about this offer is its padded carrying case, which provides enough space to carry everything and has handles to move the instrument comfortably. Also its small bag for accessories, as it will keep the accessories organized.

For its part, the Tibetan quartz bowl stands out for its transparent design and for having a percussion diameter of 25 centimeters, which provides a resonant tone and rich in sonority.

This instrument, tuned in D, comes with a mallet and an O-ring to be able to play it comfortably as soon as you receive it. In case you don’t know how to do it, then you can read the instruction manual included in the purchase.

Looking for the cheapest options may sound like a good idea, however, sometimes it pays to invest in quality instruments like this one offered by Topfund.


Case: The instrument’s padded case provides an easy and completely safe way to move the singing bowl.

Design: Thanks to the quartz glass, this product has a clear design that captivates. Ideal for those who enjoy minimalism.

Instructions: Those who do not know how to use a Tibetan bowl can find guidance in the included instruction manual.


Size: Although size is an advantage for those who want large bowls, it can be uncomfortable for others who are used to small models.

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Other products

5. Shalinindia The Meditation Bowl Tibetan Buddhist Art

Are you one of those who considers that design is everything when it comes to buying an instrument? Then this model from Shalinindia could easily be the best Tibetan bowl for you. The product, with a diameter of 10.2 centimeters and a weight of 518 grams, has an exquisite aquamarine design, which is complemented by golden details, which have been hand-painted. It is so striking that it serves as a decoration, if you want to use it in this way.

This Tibetan singing bowl has been handcrafted by experts from Nepal, which explains the great attention to detail and the quality of sound that the instrument provides. Also, it has great loudness and bright tone.

On the other hand, to give you the complete experience, the purchase comes with a wooden mallet and a cushion, which also stands out for its design, to serve as a support.

With a contrasting design and dimensions that facilitate its use and mobilization, this Tibetan bowl has many characteristics that make it a very good option.


Design: The beautiful design with gold details easily catches the eye and allows it to be a practical decorative object.

Size: The small size of the Tibetan bowl and its lightness allow for easy handling. In addition, they facilitate their mobilization.

Quality: The craftsmanship really stands out when listening to the quality of the sound, as it is bright and resonant.


Cushion: It may be necessary to clean the cushion to use it, since it is easily impregnated with environmental odors.

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6. Ohm Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

When looking only for the best value for money Tibetan bowl, it is possible to lose sight of such striking and quality options as this model is. Manufactured by the Ohm Store brand, a company dedicated to products of this class, the Tibetan bowl stands out because it has been created by hand in the vicinity of the Himalayas. Hand hammered to give the best quality.

With a weight of 454 grams and quite small dimensions, this instrument will be easy to mobilize and also to handle. However, despite its size, it will capture everyone’s attention if used as a collector’s item, as it has a beautiful golden color on the outside, which is complemented by coppery tones on the inside.

For added convenience, this set comes with the wooden mallet for playing the bowl and also comes with a brightly colored, donut-style, sewn-in cushion.

Ohm Store knows what you want when you are looking for total relaxation, for that reason, it is famous for being a brand that manufactures quality objects like this instrument.


Design: The all-gold body provides an elegant look that will captivate all who see it. In addition, the inclusion of the mallet and the support give a more complete visual experience.

Size: Thanks to the small dimensions of the instrument and its lightness, playing the bowl will be comfortable and easy.

Manufacturing: The completely handmade manufacturing process makes the difference, both in design and sound.


Design: Although many consider it an advantage, others could see the minimalist design of the product as a negative point.

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7. Nasum Shiny Copper Music Bowl

Unlike other cheap models available on the market, this Nasum product has decided to respect the origins of Tibetan bowls, so the instrument has been made by hand in Nepal. The fact that it is handcrafted ensures good quality, as great attention to detail has been paid so that everything works as expected.

The bowl has been created with various types of metals, including tin, copper, iron and zinc. The combination of these elements provides very good durability and a bright, clear tone. In addition, the instrument has a quite striking copper tone that will be complemented by the support cushion included in the purchase.

To give you greater ease of use, this product weighs just 570 grams. In addition, its diameter of 11 centimeters makes it easier to hold and the tone is sharp, as many people prefer.

This Tibetan bowl is ready to accompany your yoga lessons and provide you with quality, as it has been manufactured with every important detail in mind to give you the best performance.


Set: In addition to bringing an appropriate wooden mallet to use the bowl, it also comes with a quite comfortable support cushion.

Design: The shiny copper colored bowl provides a minimalist yet very elegant look that will stand out in any collection.

Size: The dimensions of the bowl facilitate its use, as they make it easy and comfortable to handle.


Sound: This Tibetan singing bowl does not have as resonant a sound as others, so it is not the best option for use in large rooms with many people.

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8. Shalinindia Handmade Metal Bell

It can be difficult to choose the best Tibetan singing bowl on the market, however, if you like traditional models, then this instrument may be the most suitable option for you.

This starter product is made of metal and has been manufactured following traditional Tibetan methods. The simple design, varnished in two tones, gives it a handcrafted touch that can captivate many. This is complemented by the wooden mallet, which also has a classic design. The fact that neither the bowl nor the mallet have any decorations or highlights makes the cushion stand out even more. This support included in the purchase has a complex design that combines black and white on a bright red base. 

Regarding its dimensions, this Tibetan bowl has a diameter of 12.7 centimeters and a height of 7 centimeters, so it will be easy to manipulate the instrument and move it too, if necessary.

With this Tibetan singing bowl you can get quality, ease of use and a pleasant sound in the same product.


Size: Its small dimensions, along with its lightness, will allow you to easily manipulate the instrument and move it without any problem.

Cushion: The inclusion of the cushion will provide good support for the instrument, which is also striking for its beautiful design.

Initiation: This is a good model to start with, as it is made to serve as a Tibetan initiation bowl.


Appearance: The traditional design of this bowl might not appeal to those looking for more sophisticated looking models.

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Shopping guide

To get started correctly in the art of meditation using Tibetan bowls, you need to know exactly what to buy and what to take into account when buying it. For that reason, taking the time to check out a buying guide and compare a few options is a good way to ensure the right purchase.


Like all instruments in the world, the materials that have been used to make the Tibetan bowl must be taken into account, as these are quite relevant. However, when comparing Tibetan singing bowls, you will notice that the materials of these instruments not only affect their sound or durability, but also the meaning behind the instrument and the energy charge that the Tibetan singing bowl has. This is extremely important in the context in which these instruments are used, since they have been manufactured taking care of all these small details.

Most of the time, Tibetan bowls will have been created using 7 specific metals. These are usually gold, mercury, copper, iron, tin, lead and silver. Although at first glance they may not change the appearance of the instrument, you will know if the bowl is of this type by hearing the quality and resonance of it. The importance behind this combination of metals is the fact that each metal represents a day of the week and a chakra.

On the other hand, certain manufacturers have decided to put aside metals and start making Tibetan bowls with quartz crystal. The use of this material affects how much the instrument costs, however, choosing between metal or glass is entirely up to you and which material makes you feel better and more comfortable playing it. The reason many have moved away from metals to quartz is because its chemical composition provides a vibration that may be more in tune with the frequencies needed by the body. Although this, as has been said, depends entirely on the person using the instrument specifically.


Following a guide to buying the best Tibetan singing bowl is a good way to ensure that you make the best decision; and it is that, although it may not seem like it, when it comes to these instruments, you always need to see the beyond before deciding on a specific model.

For example, in this case, the size of a Tibetan bowl is not only relevant in terms of its mobility, weight or how striking it will look in a room as a decorative object. Although this is important, it is not the most remarkable thing about its size.

Actually, the dimensions take on special significance when it is known how size affects the vibrations of the instrument. Therefore, the effect of the sound of the Tibetan bowl on the body varies depending on the size of the bowl.

The smallest ones, which have a diameter of between 7 and 15 centimeters, are good for making some sound baths and, since their sound is quite high, they are considered bowls designed to activate the nervous system.

On the other hand, medium-sized Tibetan bowls are between 16 and 20 centimeters in size. These are the ones most commonly used in guided meditation and chakra release therapies.

Finally, the Tibetan bowls that go from 20 cm onwards are already considered large instruments. These bowls have a lower tone, so they are used in sound or vibroacoustic massages, designed to sedate the nervous system.

Be clear about what you intend to achieve with your Tibetan singing bowl, as this will determine the ideal size of instrument for you.


Finally, it is now possible to focus on more superficial things about Tibetan bowls, such as whether the option you checked is good and cheap, or if it has a nice design that will stand out in your living room.

Most of the time, whether they are quartz or metal bowls, the instruments have a single color design. However, there are times when they have mantras written on them in striking tones, or have symbols that represent spirituality. This, according to the belief of many people, can increase the effectiveness of the vibrations, due to the load that they bring with them.

In addition to this, the design also includes the cushion that many models come with as an extra to function as a support. This usually also has a striking and colorful appearance, which matches the design of the Tibetan bowl.

As if this were not enough, certain models come with an elegant gift box so you can give the instrument as a present to someone special to you.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a Tibetan bowl?

Although they seem very delicate, Tibetan bowls are quite resistant instruments that only need a little neutral liquid soap to be impeccable.

If you notice that the bowl has accumulated dust and other dirt that interferes with its vibrations, then fill the bowl with soap and hot water and let it sit overnight. This should be all you need, however, if it doesn’t work, fill the bowl again, but this time use warm water and lemon juice, letting it sit overnight.

Q2: How to play a Tibetan singing bowl?

Being able to play a Tibetan bowl is as simple as simply making circular movements with the wood, while it makes contact with the sides of the instrument. On the other hand, you can just tap lightly with the mallet.

Q3: How to tune a Tibetan singing bowl?

Tibetan bowls are special for a great diversity of things, however, something that characterizes them is that, unlike many instruments, they have a unique tuning.

What is meant by this is that while you can experience a wide variety of musical notes with a guitar or keyboard, the singing bowl comes tuned to a specific pitch. To change its base tuning it would be necessary to modify its structure, and although this sounds like something negative because the tones are limited to a small range, it also has a positive point, and that is that it is almost impossible for the instrument to go out of tune.

However, in case you want to experiment with other frequencies and sounds, all you have to do is find some water in your kitchen and an application that registers the hertz of frequency that the bowl produces.

Find out about the hZ produced by each musical note and record the current sound of the Tibetan bowl. This way you will know the tuning it has. 

After that, start filling the bowl with water and test the sound while you record the data. You will notice how the instrument produces another frequency, therefore, you will be able to progressively reach the musical note you want.

Q4: Why does a Tibetan singing bowl stop sounding?

For a Tibetan singing bowl to stop sounding correctly, something must have happened that has deteriorated or completely damaged it. As explained above, it’s nearly impossible to get a singing bowl out of tune, so as long as you give it a good treatment, the sound shouldn’t change.

However, if the instrument has been dropped or you have accidentally hit it hard enough that the material cracks or warps, then the sound will start to change. In fact, the vibrations may be interrupted or sound “turbulent”; that is, without achieving a clear tone.

However, if this is not the case and your singing bowl suddenly stops sounding when you hold it in your hands, then there is a simple explanation, and that is that you are holding it wrong.

When using a Tibetan singing bowl without a stand, your hands must be extended without touching the sides of the instrument, because when using the wood, the bowl will not sound, since it will not be able to vibrate correctly.

Q5: What is a Tibetan bowl used for?

The Tibetan bowl is an instrument that, from its manufacture, serves to cure, heal and relax people. The vibrations emitted by the instrument are designed to make the body, both mind and spirit, vibrate at the same frequency in a healthy way.

If played by a professional, especially in a yoga session, then the bowl can be used to induce states of mind of well-being. These have been used for years to calm disorders such as anxiety and stress, increasing concentration.

Q6: How to use the Tibetan bowl?

It is possible to use the Tibetan bowl for many things, such as to relax, to lead guided meditations or to accompany yoga classes, for example.

Q7: How to make a Tibetan bowl?

Making a Tibetan bowl like the professionals is an ancient art, therefore, as long as you do not train yourself in this craft activity, it is quite difficult for you to be able to make a Tibetan bowl by yourself.

However, if you don’t have one and want to play it, you can improvise a Tibetan singing bowl without leaving your house. All you need is duct tape, a small plastic cylinder, a piece of wood, and a metal kitchen bowl.

To get started, simply cover a section of the wood with the plastic and tape the materials together. That way, you will have the mallet ready and you can start playing the bowl. It will sound and also change pitch if you decide to add water.

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