The 8 Best Transverse Flutes of 2022

Transverse Flute – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you really want to get a quality flute playing experience, you need to pay close attention to getting the right model. The market has various alternatives that vary in size, manufacturer and materials; however, deciding on one or the other depends entirely on the musician. For students there are outstanding models such as the Yamaha YFL-222, a lightweight flute made of resistant materials to withstand constant use, or instruments such as the Roy Benson rbfl102, a flute adapted to children with simple mechanisms and a small size. However, although there are very good student options, professionals can also find a quality flute if they look for it. 

The 8 Best Transverse Flutes – Opinions 2022 

Weight, structure, use and cleaning; flutes vary in many things. Therefore, keep in mind every little detail and evaluate the 8 most outstanding options in the current market, to choose the one that is best for you.

Yamaha transverse flute

1. Yamaha YFL-222 Student Intermediate Flute International Version

A Yamaha transverse flute will always be a good alternative for those who want to start in the art of this instrument, therefore, this is one of the best transverse flutes of 2022 for apprentice musicians. With a quality design and designed for beginners, this product has a mark on the foot of the instrument to fit even the youngest flutists. This ease of use, in turn, is complemented by a light weight of 1.3 kg and dimensions of 7 x 34 x 9 cm that allow rapid mobilization.

As for the structure, it is characterized by being resistant and offering durability to constant use; This is due to the nickel-plated body of the flute and the forged keys that minimize the risk of breakage. In addition to that, such sensitive and closed keys allow beginners to use the flute easily. 

Bearing the Yamaha seal of quality, this flute is designed to prepare young players in the art of music. 


Beginners: Made for beginner flutists, this product suits novice musicians to ease their playing. 

Resistance: Its nickel-plated structure provides correct resistance to constant use, to remain in good condition for long enough. 

Case: The case with a handle included in the purchase facilitates the portability of the instrument.

Sensitivity: The keys are sensitive in response, therefore, you will not need much effort to play the flute.


Student: This flute is a strictly student model, therefore, it is recommended that more experienced musicians look for another model for their level.

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2. Yamaha Professional 687H Series Flute in G Line

Professional musicians need quality instruments that suit their needs; for that reason, this Yamaha transverse flute, despite not being one of the cheapest models, is a suitable alternative for experienced players. The structure of 49.3 x 13.3 x 10.2 cm and 1.65 kg of weight; It is nickel plated and has a shiny silver look, making it ideal for those who enjoy classic models. besides that it is light and easy to mobilize. 

As for the musical tone, this flute provides a rich and enveloping sound thanks to the combination of its dynamic range and the handcrafted foot. All this is possible due to the manufacturing process with heat that manages to offer the acoustic and stable tone. Additionally, the keys have a sensitive and quick response, to make it easier to play the flute. 

Yamaha is a company recognized for its quality, therefore, it is considered by many to be the best brand of transverse flutes on the market.


Professional: The sound of this flute is quite dynamic and with rich tones to give a wide range of musical possibilities.

Manufacture: The detailed processes required for the manufacture of this flute provide a suitable result for experienced musicians. 

Keys: Quick-response keys make the instrument easier to play, as they don’t require much pressure. 


Case: This product does not come with a case to transport the flute, therefore, an additional expense is necessary to acquire it. 

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Transverse flute for children

3. Roy Benson RB700390 Children’s Transverse Flute

For younger flutists it is necessary to obtain a product suitable to their abilities. For that reason, if you are looking for the best transverse flute, this children’s model could be what you need to acquire. The structure of this instrument is made to adapt to the smallest, therefore, it comes with a simplified mechanism and a body 7 cm shorter than usual, which allows it to adapt to them. This additionally gives it a unique curved design that makes the children’s transverse flute quite an eye-catcher.

Regarding the mobilization, this process is also simple because the flute has a weight of 0.35 kg and comes with a light case to carry it with greater comfort and safety. The purchase also includes the cleaning rod and cloth, so that the instrument remains impeccable. Finally, its tuning reaches up to low D, so it has a suitable musical range for children. 

To make its use easier, this flute comes with everything necessary for children to play comfortably. Learn more about this model below.


Weight: Having a light weight of 0.35 kg, children will not have problems manipulating the flute or moving it to where it is necessary. 

Structure: The body of this flute is adapted to be easier for children to manipulate. 

Accessories: In addition to the instrument, the purchase includes accessories such as a light case and cleaning supplies. 


Cleaning: The structure is not removable, therefore, cleaning could take longer than usual. 

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Other products

4. Odyssey OFL100 Transverse Flute

Elegance goes hand in hand with care with this Odyssey transverse flute, since the purchase, in addition to bringing the instrument, comes with a case with a handle to facilitate mobilization. This black accessory has a soft, sectioned interior to give the flute space and prevent scratches that could damage it, while its exterior is hard and will protect the instrument from knocks and falls. 

As for its structure, the body of the flute is made of nickel, except for the springs, pins and rods, as they are made of stainless steel. The combination of materials gives the instrument strength, while the lip plate is ergonomically shaped for easy blowing; these details make it a suitable instrument for constant use. Lastly, when it comes to handling, this starter flute is comfortable to use as it weighs 1.14kg. 

Those who want to start playing the flute and do not know which transverse flute to buy, could find the ideal instrument in this product, due to its qualities. 


Ergonomics: The body of this flute, as well as the blow hole, is made with ergonomics to provide comfortable use.

Case: The robust case facilitates the mobilization of the transverse flute and also provides security.

Materials: The combination of nickel and stainless steel will make it easier to keep the instrument in good condition. 


Initiation: This flute is suitable for people who are learning, so it is not the best option for professionals. 

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5. Symphonie Westerwald Transverse flute with ring valves

It is difficult to choose the best transverse flute, however, this model could be the one for people who want to learn to play with fast and fluid movements, since it is an open key instrument. In turn, these valves stand out for having been made by hand and for having plastic caps to cover the holes, if you wish, and thus play with closed valves.  

The quality of the material not only refers to the keys, but also to the body of the flute, as it is plated in real silver, to give the instrument a striking appearance and also to enjoy greater durability. In addition to this, the purchase brings with it a carrying case with a comfortable strap and handles to facilitate mobilization; In addition, it includes a wet towel for cleaning. Finally, the handling stands out for its simplicity, since the flute weighs 998 grams and allows easy use. 

Among so many alternatives it can be difficult to choose the best transverse flute of the moment, however, this model is a good option for those who want to experience different types of use. 


Use: Depending on what you want, this flute will offer you a use with open or closed valves to suit your tastes.

 Accessories: For your convenience, the instrument comes with a carrying case and a damp towel for cleaning.

Structure: The body of the flute covered in silver and with details made by hand gives the instrument a striking structure that stands out. 


Caps: Although they serve to close the valves, the plastic caps can make some people uncomfortable when playing the flute.

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6. ammoon Transverse Flute Cupronickel Plated 16 holes C

In addition to being considered the best value for money transverse flute by some musicians, this set also stands out for being quite complete to provide good performance at an affordable cost. In addition to the instrument, you’ll also get a pair of white gloves, a screwdriver, an interior and exterior cleaning cloth, a plastic rod, and a case with a handle. This latest accessory is rigid on the outside to protect against knocks, but the inside section is soft to avoid damaging its glossy finish. 

The flute, on the other hand, is made of cupronickel to provide resistance to constant use and good durability. This material, however, does not affect its weight, since the flute has a body of 980 grams and this facilitates its handling. In addition to that, another quality of its design is that it is striking and provides a beautiful appearance; this is especially important if it will be used in musical performances.

This product is a good option for those who want to obtain everything they need in the same purchase, as it is a complete set at an affordable price.


Set: With this purchase you can also get a case and various accessories that will make it easier to use and clean the flute.

Price: Its low price makes it possible for more people to acquire the instrument and, in addition, save money.

Materials: Cupronickel is considered a good quality material that provides a striking design and correct durability. 


Beginners: This instrument is made to meet the requirements of people who are just starting out in the art of the flute.

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7. Windsor MI-1002 Nickel Plated Student Flute

When buying a transverse flute for students, several things must be taken into account; In this case, this model has been manufactured with the needs of beginners in mind to help them grow as musicians. Its 16-hole structure is ergonomic and makes it easy to blow to achieve a good sound with ease; on top of that, the valves are comfortable and responsive, due to their pads. 

For good strength and durability, this 72 x 2 x 2 cm flute is made of nickel. Additionally, to provide a better experience, the instrument comes with a rod and a soft cloth to keep the instrument shiny, and since it is a removable flute, the cleaning process will be easier. All this is complemented by a case with a plush interior and a rigid exterior that will give the instrument security, while its carrying strap ensures that mobilization is always comfortable. 

Beginners will be able to learn with an instrument according to their level by purchasing this Windsor model; appropriate for younger musicians.


Set: So that cleaning does not take more time than necessary, this purchase comes with a cloth and a rod in the set. 

Students: This Windsor flute has been created especially for students and beginners, providing easy use and an ergonomic structure.

Price: This instrument is suitable for those who want to save money without minimizing the quality they require. 


Case: The fabric of the carrying strap is a bit delicate, therefore, it is necessary to treat it with care when moving the instrument. 

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8. Sonata FLE701 Student Flute

Before playing professionally, students need an instrument appropriate to their level of instruction. In this case, this transverse flute could be the initiation model that apprentices require, since it is made to provide comfortable and easy use for them. One of the most outstanding aspects of this instrument is its resistant and striking silver-plated structure that, additionally, can be disassembled for better cleaning and storage.

Your purchase comes not only with a quality transverse flute, but also with a cleaning rod and cloth, to keep the instrument in good condition. In addition to that, the strap case with padded interior also contributes to the conservation of the flute, providing safety and comfort when moving it. On the other hand, the instrument stands out for being easy to play, since with sensitive response valves it is possible to achieve a good tone without much effort.

Among the cheapest alternatives, this Sonata model stands out, as it provides various accessories, in addition to a resistant and quality flute. 


Accessories: The case, the cloth and the cleaning rod are accessories that provide a more complete and easy use. 

Usage: Getting the right tone isn’t difficult, as the responsive valves mean you don’t need much effort.

Structure: In addition to being an easy to handle flute, the structure also offers a bright and striking appearance that will stand out at all times. 


Professionals: Professional people will not be able to enjoy this instrument, as it is designed for beginner musicians.

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Accessories for transverse flute

Sheet music for transverse flute 

Transverse Flute Learning with Fun 1 

To be able to practice correctly it is necessary to have some sheet music for flute, therefore, this product provides 150 songs for children and beginner adults to learn and practice with instructions that show the musical notes in detail, with drawings and extra information.

In addition to this, the purchase comes with a CD to play with a background band and perceive the sound of the flute when accompanying. 

The book, by having a continuous progression of difficulty, provides progressive learning so that the student can improve their skills at a suitable pace for them.

In this way, and with the help of the instructions, you will be able to train your musical memory and flutist skills.

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transverse flute tuner

Totalbrass® TTM-800 Metronome and Electronic Tuner

Finding a transverse flute tuner is recommended for those who want to always have an instrument ready to play.

This Totalbrass artifact will allow you to adjust the tone of flutes, but also trumpets, clarinets, saxophones, tubas, guitars and many more instruments.

With a 6 cm screen to see all the information you need, the tuner and metronome provides an external microphone, to better capture the sound and offer a more accurate result.

On the other hand, reading is made easier with the LED lights that give information about the tuning. That way it will be possible to keep the instruments with a suitable tone.

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Case for transverse flute 

Tomandwill 33FCC-640 Transverse Flute Case

When looking for a transverse flute case it will be quite easy to find models in black, however, this outstanding option offers a striking design due to the navy blue of its structure.

In addition to the design, this product also provides security and resistance; this is evidenced by the polyester material and the inner foam that make up the cover.

For comfortable mobilization, Tomandwill has added a shoulder strap and also a handle to carry the weight of the flute in your hand.

The case also has an outside pocket to carry accessories that may be needed when playing.

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Shopping guide

Buying the right flute depends on making sure you note the necessary aspects to choose a model that can work properly and suits your level of musical knowledge. For that reason, this decision should not be taken lightly and it is necessary to consider different characteristics before choosing the correct alternative.


In the guide to buying the best transverse flute, it is necessary to take into account different qualities and important aspects, however, probably the most important thing to keep in mind is whether the chosen instrument is suitable for your level of instruction.

Achieving mastery in flute performance is difficult, therefore, there are student flutes and others of intermediate or professional quality. Although from a distance they all look the same, paying attention it is possible to notice certain small differences in their structure that affect use.

For example, professional flutes have more keys than student flutes, since the latter are made to suit younger flutists and allow them to become familiar with the most used notes before learning the more complicated ones. In addition to that, the instruments usually have small modifications on the top to facilitate blowing.

In this sense, the flutes for learning also have differences in terms of alignment. The student ones, following the French model, provide completely linear keys, which forces apprentices to stretch their fingers more and obtain greater motor skills. However, the professionals, following the German model, offer misaligned keys that better adapt to the natural shape of the hand.

Finally, depending on the manufacturer, you can get a structure with a C leg or a B leg. The difference between the two structures is that the second offers the possibility of playing an extra note, the low B, but since it is not a note that is used frequently, it is not considered very important.


When you decide to look at all the options and make a comparison of transverse flutes, you should give priority to verifying the operation that these instruments offer. Depending on the manufacturer, after the flute and the level of instruction required, the way in which the instruments function and are used varies.

The easiest thing to notice is that there are two types of keys, those that are closed and those that are not. Initially, this does not affect the sound, but as people perfect their art, it is necessary to use open key flutes, since covering the holes at convenience provides a greater musical range. Therefore, if you want an effective preparation to take the step and use the flute professionally, then it is advisable to purchase a product with open keys. This also improves the efficiency of the fingers when playing.

The most modern models come with the holes but also have plugs to cover them, if desired. This allows dual use.

On the other hand, it is preferable to acquire flutes with fast and sensitive response keys. Otherwise it may take more pressure to get results. And, finally, the use can also be facilitated when cleaning and storing the flute if it is removable. Therefore, it may be a good idea to purchase a model that allows this.


Flutes are usually expensive instruments, due to the difficulty it takes to make them and the attention to detail that the best brands provide, so you can enjoy a good sound; therefore, it is advisable not only to look at how much the instrument costs but to get more for the same amount of money.

While some transverse flutes come alone in one purchase, other deals come with a variety of accessories that can maximize the benefit and experience gained from the instrument. For example, the most common accessory is the cover. This, in addition to protecting the flute from falls and bumps, also offers an easy and safe way to move the instrument everywhere.

Other accessories worth considering when trying to find a good, inexpensive option are cleaning rods and a cleaning cloth. The first item is used to remove accumulated saliva from the inside of the instrument, while the second accessory can be used for this and to polish the outside.

Although these three items are the most common, some models also include other accessories. For example, some student flutes bring gloves to play the instruments more professionally in some musical performances.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use transverse flute?

To start playing a transverse flute it is necessary to learn the position of the fingers to produce each of the musical notes. That way, you’ll have more speed when actually doing it.

Place the flute on its side and bring your mouth closer to the hole, without completely sticking your lips. Using your diaphragm, take a breath and let it out of your mouth, marking the notes with your fingers.

The force of the air influences the nuances of the sound, which is why professional flutists manage to control their diaphragms very precisely. The tongue also participates sometimes, articulating the sounds correctly. In this way the transverse flute is used.

Q2: Who invented the transverse flute?

The transverse flute is also known as the Böhm flute, since it was the German flutist Theobald Böhm who, studying new techniques, managed to perfect the instrument in 1832. Due to this, he is considered the inventor of this specific type of flute.

Q3: How is the sound produced on the transverse flute?

The beautiful sound that today distinguishes the transverse flute was the result of years of research by the German Böhm, therefore the internal mechanism is complex, but it provides unique results.

The way the flute works is by making the air circulate inside its cylindrical structure after blowing. These vibrations, together with the controlled air outlets by covering some valves, produce the sound that characterizes the instrument.

Q4: What key is the transverse flute in?

The transverse flute is tuned in C 4 and this makes it one of the highest flutes in the family of these instruments.

Q5: What is the highest pitched flute in the family?

In the transverse flute family, the instrument with the highest register is the piccolo. This item, also known as a piccolo flute, is made to a C 5 tuning, unlike the concert flute which is made to a C 4 tuning.

However, despite the fact that the piccolo is the highest pitched instrument in the family, it is not used frequently. Therefore, the concert transverse flute is usually considered to be responsible for the high tones.

Q6: How to make a homemade transverse flute?

Transverse flutes are instruments that require delicate manufacturing processes in order to achieve the sound that characterizes them, therefore, if you want a flute to practice and improve, then it is necessary to acquire an instrument from a recognized brand.

Homemade flutes are only recommended for having fun and practicing manual skills.

One way to make a transverse flute is by finding a PVC pipe, a cork, and having the following tools at hand: a saw, a ruler, and a knife.

Take the meter stick and measure 33 cm from the end of the tube to make a mark. Proceed to cut with the saw, while using the knife to clean the hole. On top of that, cut the cork to 17mm.

From the first hole in the tube, measure 2.9 centimeters and mark. At exactly that point, open a hole with the knife. Insert the cork and blow through the hole using a tuner, this artifact should mark C. That way you will know that the cork is in the right place, because it gives the correct tuning.

When tuning correctly, draw a line from end to end in the center. From the side farthest from the hole mark at the point 5.5 cm, 8.4 cm, 10 cm, 12.8 cm, 14.9 cm and 17.1 cm. In those places you will open a hole and, when finished, you will be able to use the flute.

Q7: How to clean a transverse flute?

One of the most important keys to keeping a transverse flute in good condition is cleaning it, because, due to the constant contact with the mouth and the passage of saliva, this instrument could deteriorate if it is given poor care.

It is necessary to remember that the proper cleaning of a flute should always be done in parts, as it is the only way in which you will be able to take care of each area and leave it impeccable. Because of this, before you start cleaning, separate the flute to deal with each part individually.

The vast majority of flutes come with cleaning rods of the right size to reach the most difficult parts and thus keep the instrument in good condition. 

Remember that, to avoid damaging the flute, it is a good idea not to press the keys while you are cleaning. Always be careful with this.

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