The 9 Best Djembes of 2022

Djembe – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Known in Africa and many other parts of the planet, the djembe is one of the most versatile and fascinating percussion instruments. It is capable of enchanting both those who play it and those who dare to dance to its rhythm. In addition to the range of musical tones, which its goatskin head allows to achieve, the Meinl Percussion ADJ7-M stands out with a distinctive design, made with colored nylon cords. For its part, the body of the 20 cm Double Duck is a professional piece of wood painted and decorated in the best aboriginal style. In addition, its height of 20 cm makes it ideal for children who dream of being great percussionists.

The 9 Best Djembes – Opinions 2022

If you want to make African music, having the perfect Djembe in your hands is the first step. Here we have gathered for you nine of the best proposals on the market, so that you can compare and choose according to your taste.

african djembe

1. Meinl Percussion adj7 de m djembe

Producing the sounds of African musical culture and tradition will be possible by having one of the best 2022 djembes on the market. If you are a professional musician or you are in search of the true and characteristic sound of an African djembe, there is no doubt that this is one of the most outstanding options.

Once you put your hands on its goatskin head, you will be able to perceive its qualities to create sounds that will resound alone or combined with any other type of music. However, its attractive style is the first thing that catches the eye.

It has a 50 cm high body, whose upper part is wrapped with nylon cords of an intense yellow, red and black color. And to make its appearance even more striking, its lower area shows a beautiful hand carving.  

The notorious care in the products of this manufacturer leads many musicians to value Meinl Percussion as the best brand of djembes. As an example, the characteristics of this striking instrument stand out.


Material: The mahogany used for its elaboration makes it an instrument of solid, resistant construction and good acoustics.

Cords: It is a string djembe with pre-stretched nylon cords that allow a good tuning.

Brand: It is a recognized manufacturer in the market, which offers djembes that achieve warm and resonant tones.


Size: This is an easy-to-play, medium-sized djembe that might seem small to an adult percussionist.

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2. Aklot Djembe African Drum Bongo Congo Painted

The quality of this African djembe can be seen with the naked eye, as the instrument has been handcrafted under the supervision of experts, to give a beautiful appearance and an excellent sound. On the other hand, the drum has been carved from a piece of mahogany, a wood that provides good hardness, and in the lower section the colorful decoration stands out against the dark background.

Its dimensions reach 24.13 x 50.8 centimeters, so if you are wondering which is the best djembe for beginners looking for professional quality, this model could be the right one. The weight of the instrument is about 4 kilograms, so it will not be very difficult to mobilize.

For the creation of the djembe head, adult goat skin has been used, an element that provides a good sound and a correct volume to project the tones with great detail. In addition, it is a durable and resistant material.

People who are just starting out in the world of the djembe will be able to enjoy this model of a quality instrument that could help them improve their skills.


Finishes: Being a handmade instrument, the djembe finishes are quite detailed and this gives it a striking appearance.

Materials: The goatskin head and mahogany body give the instrument the durability to keep it in good condition for quite some time.

Size: The size of this instrument is small enough to be easily moved.


Materials: Due to the fact that the head is made of goatskin, this is not an instrument that vegans can use.

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djembe drum

3. Double Duck products Professional Wood Djembe Drum

A djembe drum, to be good, does not need to be very expensive and this is demonstrated by the Double Duck model, considered the best value for money djembe. Children will be able to start with a quality instrument by obtaining this product, as it is made specifically for them with professional materials. 

The 8-inch-high frame is made of mahogany for strength and durability, importantly, to withstand handling by children. Meanwhile, the 10-centimetre-diameter head is made from real goatskin, so the sounds are resonant and resemble the most sophisticated models. Also, its small dimensions make the instrument lighter, approximately 500 grams.

The black tuning strings, on the other hand, contrast with the other colors, especially with the lower design, which is sure to stimulate the senses of the little ones due to its brilliance and its texture. 

There is no minimum age to fall in love with music, so this model will help children learn about the djembe with a quality instrument.


Children: This is a model that is made specifically for children. Manufactured according to your needs.

Materials: The chosen wood and goat skin give the instrument adequate resistance to remain in good condition.

Design: The design of the instrument is quite attractive and, due to its size, it could also serve as a decoration.


Head: The size of the head limits the number of sounds this djembe can produce. However, these are enough for children.

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4. World Rhythm MDJ012 Mahogany Djembe

Both beginners and professionals will be able to make use of this djembe drum and this versatility is one of its best qualities. The wooden structure offers durability, so you can use the instrument without worry, while the goat skin of the head provides a good sound quality, sensitive to the rhythmic touch.

Unlike the colorful models, this instrument stands out for choosing a carved decoration on a completely black structure, which gives it an elegant appearance that will stand out. Even the tuning strings are the same color. In addition, everything has been done by hand, which means that the details have been created with more care.

As for the dimensions, these reach 40 centimeters in height, while the head has a diameter of 20 centimeters, to provide greater musical range, including high and low tones. For its part, the weight is about 3 kilograms, so it will not be difficult to mobilize the djembe.

The different qualities of this instrument and its beautiful appearance could make this product the best djembe of the moment.


Dimensions: This instrument has an adequate size to be comfortable to use and also to transport when needed.

Quality: The materials used in the creation of this product provide a very good sound quality.

Handmade: Its handmade creation makes the finishes more detailed, giving it a unique and striking design.


Colors: If you prefer colorful djembes, then this model might not be the best alternative for you.

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African djembe drum

5. Ciffre Djembe Bongo Drum from Africa

The djembe, an instrument that not only attracts for its sound, but also for its appearance, has one of its best representatives in this model. One of the main reasons is that it has been made following the quality standards of the European Union and the manufacturing process has been completely by hand. But on the other hand, in addition to being beautiful, it is one of the cheapest in the selection.

Another aspect to note is its decoration, with a pointillism technique and various bright colors that contrast with each other. Such qualities give it a look that easily stands out in any musical ensemble.

As for its dimensions, it weighs 2.3 kilograms, so it will not be difficult to store or move, especially considering its size of 41 x 20.6 x 17.4 cm.

For a low price it is possible to get a quality instrument like this. With this purchase you will save money and get a good sound.


Design: The bottom design provides a striking multi-colored look that contrasts nicely with each other.

Materials: Mahogany is an ideal wood for djembes, as it offers durability and resistance to constant use.

Manufacturing: The manufacturing process of this instrument has taken into account all the necessary quality standards. 


Size: The size, despite facilitating mobility, can be uncomfortable for people used to larger djembes.

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handcrafted djembe

6. African Djembe Drum Authentic Djembe African Drum

An artisanal djembe is an instrument that has been made with great care, to provide the best. In this case, this model stands out for this, as it has been created by hand by professional African musicians in Ghana, and shows Adrinka symbols that reflect Ghanaian culture to add some history to the music.

The instrument is made of African cedar and this wood has been obtained under the license of the country’s forestry commission, to avoid deforestation. As for the head, it uses goat skin as the main material, to give a good musical range and great durability, which allows constant use without wearing out quickly.

The body has a height of 65 centimeters, so you can play comfortably while sitting down, while its surface has a diameter of 33 centimeters, to provide rich and detailed sounds. Purchase comes with 3 additional instruments to maximize the fun.

In case you don’t know which djembe to buy, this option made in Ghana offers music and also the opportunity to learn more about African culture.


Instruments: By acquiring this djembe you will also get a cas cas, a shequeré and a caxixi to enjoy more music.

Design: The inclusion of Adrinka symbols provides a unique design that offers a glimpse into Ghanaian culture.

Size: The dimensions of this djembe facilitate the use of the instrument and add comfort.


Color: This djembe retains the natural color of the cedar, so it is not the best option for those who prefer more colorful instruments.

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Other products

7. Musikid Djembe children bag DVD method

The best stage to get started in music is childhood and, for that reason, there are djembes made specifically for children, so that they can learn with an instrument suited to their requirements. In this case, this beautiful wooden djembe has dimensions of 40 x 20 centimeters, to adapt to the size of the little ones and facilitate its use.

Made in West Africa, this djembe has been created following traditional manufacturing methods. The pre-stretched strings prevent detuning and the goatskin head provides good resistance to handling.

This purchase comes with a protective case that has also been handcrafted with a colorful African motif. The inclusion of this bag will facilitate mobilization and protect the instrument from dust. On the other hand, the purchase also includes a DVD in 3 languages, to help children use the djembe correctly.

Among the cheapest alternatives on the market, this product stands out, manufactured with the best quality for children.


Accessories: With the purchase of this product you will get a colorful carrying case and an educational DVD to improve musical skills.

Manufacturing: The traditional manufacturing process of this djembe, in Africa, ensures quality and, above all, attention to every detail.

Children: This product is made specifically for children. Giving them the opportunity to learn at their own pace.


Basic: This is a beginner’s instrument, so it should only be used by children who are learning.

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8. Ciffre B20 Djembe African Design

Choosing the best djembe among so many options can be difficult, as there are many quality models. However, if what you value most is that the instrument has a traditional African design, then you will surely love this model, which has a carved section at the bottom.

The djembe has been made with mahogany wood, which, thanks to its quality and durability, is the most used material in these instruments. For its part, the head uses goat skin as the main element and, with a surface of 26 to 29 centimeters in diameter, it is possible to experience a wide musical range.

The manufacture of this instrument has followed high standards to provide the best quality. In addition to this, since the djembe is 60 cm high, it will be much easier to play it comfortably when sitting down. Due to this characteristic and the rest of its qualities, it is currently considered one of the most outstanding alternatives.

This djembe has many outstanding qualities that together provide excellent quality for professional and amateur musicians.


Dimensions: The dimensions of this djembe are those used in professional models, so you can use the instrument comfortably.

Design: Carved symbols on the bottom provide a highly detailed, traditional African look that is sure to turn heads.

Materials: The combination of mahogany with a goatskin head provides durability, quality and resistance.


Price: This is one of the most expensive models and, for that reason, it is necessary to invest a considerable amount of money to obtain it.

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9. Nino Percussion Mini Djembe Grape

Although many prefer natural materials, other musicians enjoy using instruments made from synthetic elements, and if this is the case for you, then you will surely enjoy this djembe. The mini instrument is made of a plastic shell and a synthetic head, so you can use it outdoors without any problem.

Suitable for use from the age of 3, this djembe is small, only 26 cm high and with a diameter of approximately 15 cm. This, together with its light weight, facilitates its mobilization and also its storage. Also, if used as a product for children, they will feel very comfortable with the dimensions. In fact, the instrument can be used as a toy, but also as a decorative element in the home.

As for the design, this mini djembe is completely unicolor and has a glossy finish, which will contrast with the black edges and the white head.

Both children and adults will have fun with this small djembe that, despite its size, offers a great sound.


Exterior: Thanks to its synthetic materials it is possible to use this djembe in outdoor spaces, as they are resistant.

Weight: The lightness of the instrument facilitates its mobilization and also storage. In addition, it will be easier for children to manipulate.

Design: This djembe stands out for having a quite modern and minimalist appearance, with a bright color.


Size: Although it is designed for children, it may be too small for some.

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Shopping guide

If you want to amaze everyone with your djembe playing skills, then you need to make sure you have the best model possible. Therefore, do not make a purchase without first verifying what you should take into account when evaluating a djembe, to get the best out of it.


At the time of verifying a guide to buy the best djembe, you must take many things into account. However, the first on your list should always be the materials that have been used in the creation of the instrument.

Since its inception, djembes have been made using wood for its main structure and animal skin to make the head. However, with modernization, new types of djembes have come onto the market and these use synthetic materials, both in the structure and in the head. The items used can affect how much each djembe costs and will also affect things like its use, durability, and type of sound.

Traditional djembes use, most of the time, woods such as cedar and mahogany, the latter being the most common. The reason why these woods are the most recommended is because they are dense and this allows the sound to be brighter, as the vibration will be more vivid and clear.

On the other hand, the patches are usually made with goat skin and, more recently, with cowhide. This type of material manages to transmit sound clearly and, additionally, is usually quite resistant.

As for synthetic djembes, these instruments usually have a plastic main frame and a head made of fake leather or other similar elements. These are sought after by certain people because, unlike traditional ones, they do not need as much care and can also be used outdoors without any problem. On top of that, djembes of this type are usually cheaper.


After making the comparison of djembes taking into account the materials, then you can focus on the size of these instruments. As you can see, these vary from one model to another, so you should pay close attention before making a hasty choice.

At these times, the first thing to keep in mind is who will be playing the instrument and what level of skill this person has. For example, if it is a child, it is possible to find children’s models that adapt to the requirements of the little ones. These djembes are usually 10 to 12 inches tall, light in weight, and small in diameter.

However, if it is an adult, then it is better to focus on models that are approximately 50 to 70 centimeters tall. This is because it is a height that will allow you to comfortably play the instrument if you are sitting down. It is recommended that the diameter is greater than 30 centimeters, if you want to play like a professional, although a 30 head is also suitable for amateur musicians.

The reason diameter is important is because the more surface area there is, the more musical range you can get with each hit you give the djembe. This will give you more opportunity to try different combinations and rhythms.

If you want to pursue playing traditional African percussion music, then purchasing an African djembe is recommended. That is, made from natural materials, and with a large patch. However, if you want to limit yourself to other musical rhythms, then a small djembe will suffice.


Like almost all instruments, if you want to move the djembe safely, it is advisable to have a carrying bag or cover, which can protect it from bumps and falls. It is possible to acquire this accessory after purchasing the instrument, however, there are options on the market that include this accessory and others.

If you want to get more for less, and are determined to find a good, cheap option, then it’s worth keeping an eye out for complete sets that give you everything in one set.

There are several models of djembes that come with carrying cases for effective mobilization and many of these have beautiful designs, similar to the decorations that these instruments sometimes have on the bottom. However, this is not all that can be found in one of these sets. Some djembes made for beginners, for example, also include instructional books or videos to guide the learning process step by step.

These little details could make all the difference and could also give you the opportunity to save money. Therefore, they are worth looking for.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How is the djembe played?

Like any drum, the djembe is played by tapping the fingers rhythmically on the head.

Q2: How to change the skin of a djembe?

Over time it is possible for the djembe head to deteriorate and could even open holes if the skin wears or comes into contact with an object that could damage the material. Even when the patch looks in good condition, it may require a change if you have been wearing it for a certain time, giving it constant use.

To carry out this process, the first thing you should do is remove the string ring and the second fixing ring. You must do this carefully, avoiding damaging the strings so you can use them later. 

When removing the patch, make sure that the edges of the wood have no splinters and are completely smooth to continue with the next step, which will be to prepare the skin, letting it soak for about 4 hours, and stretching it. Place it on a clean surface with the hair facing up and place the fixing ring there. Using a string, fold the skin inward and tie it off.

Now you can put the skin over the djembe, string side up, and install the string loop. At this time you should do the braiding. For this, it is advisable to watch video tutorials or consult an expert, since the braiding can vary from one djembe to another. The easiest thing to do is to take a photo of your djembe before making the change and repeat the braiding with the new head.

When you’re done tying everything up, loosen the top rope that’s holding the fur in place and let it dry for a few days. During these days, stretch the braid vertically and, when the skin is dry, tighten it horizontally, preventing the rings from being crooked.

Q3: Where is the djembe from?

Also known as Djembé, this instrument originated in the ancient Mandinga region. Currently, this territory is shared by Mali and Guinea.

Q4: How to tune a djembe?

To tune a djembe you just have to stretch string by string, starting to the right of the one with the main knot. Upon reaching it again, untie the knot and re-tie it with the new tension of the entire braid.

Q5: How to make a djembe?

Unless you are an expert in woodworking, it is very difficult to make a djembe yourself, as these instruments have very specific and unique structures, which can be difficult to replicate.

What is possible to do is find the wooden body of a djembe and mount the skin, doing the braiding yourself. This, although it can take several hours, is not very difficult to do, as long as you have experience with these instruments.

The process to place the skin is the same as explained above, except for the step of removing the old patch. And for braiding, it is recommended to review a tutorial in detail and practice to do it correctly and know exactly which ropes to buy to do a better job.

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