The 9 Best Electronic Keyboards of 2022

Electronic Keyboard – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Among the musical instruments, the electronic keyboard stands out a lot, since it not only offers sounds similar to a classical piano, but also emulates organ sounds, trumpets, vibraphone, guitar, etc. In addition, the keys of the instrument are arranged in the classic way. That is, groups of 2 black keys followed by 3 and their respective white keys (natural notes). The Yamaha PSR-E373 is one of those special keyboards for beginners and moderately advanced people on this instrument. It has 622 high-quality sounds and 205 musical styles to accompany you while you play and sing. Another recommended model is the RenFox Digital 61, whose keys are similar to the real piano in terms of size. In this way, it is used for the musical practice of classical pieces composed by Mozart, Chopin, Bethoven, etc.

The 9 Best Electronic Keyboards – Opinions 2022

In this article we have created a list of the best electronic keyboards of 2022. Perhaps one of them is the one you need to start playing or give to another person. Carefully review the details of each model to find out which one best suits your requirements and tastes.


Yamaha electronic keyboard

1. Yamaha PSR-E373 Digital Keyboard

This could be the best electronic keyboard for beginners, because it offers 622 sounds of different instruments, organ, guitar, grand piano, electric piano, etc. In addition, this Yamaha electronic keyboard has many accompaniment styles, 205 in total, being quite useful for playing in recitals, church services, weddings, among other activities.

Similarly, we mentioned that it has an excellent learning function known as “Key to Success”. Thanks to her, you can learn to play some songs on the keyboard. Another aspect that we must highlight about this electronic instrument is that it has 61 keys, all of them have sensitivity. The latter means that the keyboard will sound with the nuances you want, loud or soft, depending on the need of the moment.

Also, we inform you that the keyboard has a MIDI function via USB, so that you can use it as if it were a controller in your DAW program.

Many people will be able to learn to play with this Yamaha instrument, as it has various qualities that could be quite useful for beginners.


Octaves: Thanks to its 61 keys distributed in 5 octaves you can play different chords and melodies.

Sounds: The 622 instrument voices will help you play any song, as you will adapt the keyboard to the need of the moment.

Learning: This keyboard offers a fairly intuitive learning system, so you can progress little by little.


Manual: Its user manual is difficult to understand for beginners, however, this does not affect its good quality in terms of sound.

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2. Yamaha Sonogenic SHS-500 keytar Digital keyboard with JAM function

If you are wondering which is the best electronic keyboard to play all your favorite songs, even if you are not a professional, you should check out this model. It has the practical Jam mode, which will help you play any song, even if you don’t know much about music. This mode will make the keyboard sound good, because the notes will be adjusted to the key of the songs automatically.

And not only that is its advantage, since it has a compact size with 37 touch-sensitive mini keys. This means that you can play with the various nuances you want, for example piano, forte or fortissimo.

Similarly, this Yamaha electronic keyboard has Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels, so you can make various musical arrangements and solos for your songs. Also, you should know that this keyboard comes with USB and MIDI function, so you can use it in Home Studio.

Next, we present the main qualities of this Yamaha electric keyboard. They may be tailored to your requirements or preferences.


Voices: Despite its small size, this keyboard offers 30 instrument voices, so you can make various musical arrangements.

MIDI: In addition to being an electronic keyboard, you can use it as a MIDI controller, thanks to the fact that it has a USB and MIDI function.

Strap: This keyboard comes with a handy strap, so you can play it like an electric guitar.


Octaves: It only has 3 octaves, which can be too few to play some songs or solos.

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musical electronic keyboard

3. RenFox Digital Piano Portable Electronic Musical Keyboard with 61 Keys

This electronic musical keyboard has a design inspired by a real piano, since its 61 keys are of the classic size. Thanks to this you can practice piano at home or anywhere else, without having to worry about transporting it.

In addition, this keyboard comes with 200 voices and varied rhythms, so you can develop your creativity to the fullest by creating new music. In addition to this, we mention that the keyboard has a special compartment for 6 AA batteries, so that you can play it, even if you do not have a wall outlet nearby.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it has audio inputs for microphone or line, as well as a headphone output. With the latter you can study the keyboard at any time without disturbing the people around you, for example, the neighbors when you play at night.

It is not easy to find the best electronic keyboard of the moment to learn to play this beautiful instrument, so in the following lines we leave you the most important qualities of the RenFox Digital.


Octaves: It has 5 octaves (61 keys), therefore, you will have greater comfort to play almost any song.

Voices: Its 200 rhythms and voices, as well as the 60 demo songs will allow you to enjoy a very complete keyboard.

Recording: In music education this aspect is important, because you can record your progress and listen to it later.


Pedal: A port is missing to connect the expression or sustain pedal, although this does not affect its sound quality.

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Casio electronic keyboard

4. Casio CTK-3500 Digital Keyboard 61 Responsive Piano-Style Keys

A Casio electronic keyboard could be useful if you want to learn to play. This is because it has 61 touch-sensitive keys and great sound with 400 different voices. Also, it comes with 100 rhythms and 50 dance patterns.

Similarly, it has 60 preset songs and the possibility of recording up to 30 unreleased songs. It also has Casio’s Step Up Lesson function, with which you can learn to play the keyboard more easily and according to your own rhythm.

In addition to this, this electronic keyboard comes with MIDI function, making it possible to control VST instruments from their own keys, including percussion instruments. In addition, it should be noted that it offers a wide polyphony of 48 voices, so you can play many keys at the same time, being able to make the song you want.

Casio could be the best brand of electronic keyboards, since they have been making these types of instruments since 1980. Here is one of their most important keyboards for beginners.


Octaves: The Casio CTK-3500 has 5 octaves, so it will be quite comfortable to play different chords, arpeggios and solos.

Sounds: Thanks to the fact that it has 400 sounds and 100 varied rhythms you will be able to create very complete and striking music.

Speakers: It comes with 2 speakers of 2 W each, so you can hear your performances clearly and without having to connect it to any external audio equipment.


Stand: The sheet music stand is very small and plain, so some sheets won’t hold properly.

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Electronic keyboard for beginners

5. Miagicfun Portable Electronic 61 Key Digital Piano Keyboard with Music Stand

If you need an electronic keyboard for beginners, this could be the one. It has 61 keys distributed in 5 octaves, so you’ll have a lot of freedom to play any melody or chord. Also, it has two lesson modes (Okon and Follow) which can be quite useful for adults and children.

Likewise, it serves to record and later listen to what you are playing, so you can also evaluate children in a music school or from your home. Regarding its size, it is a compact keyboard, since it has dimensions of 86 x 29.8 x 9.4 cm. In addition, this keyboard has 16 voices, 6 pre-recorded songs, 8 percussion sounds and 10 rhythms.

On the other hand, we mention that it comes with a small music stand to place the sheet music and song lyrics there when you are playing.

Knowing which electronic keyboard to buy is not an easy task, so we present the qualities of a model that could be useful for learning your first songs.


Octaves: Its 5 octaves are enough to start playing this musical instrument, being able to play various songs and musical styles.

Size: It has a small size of 86 x 29.8 x 9.4 cm, so you can comfortably transport it anywhere.

Practicality: If you want to learn to play, with this keyboard you can do it, as it offers two learning modes.


Sounds: This is one of the keyboards with less sounds (voices) and rhythms, however, this does not affect its quality and durability.

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Children’s electronic keyboard

6. Twfric Electronic Keyboard Piano 37 Keys for Kids

This could be the best price-quality electronic keyboard, since, although it is one of the cheapest, it offers fun options for children’s musical learning. For example, it has 10 demo songs, 4 animal sounds and 8 different voices, so that the child can become familiar with the instrument and identify its sounds.

It also comes with 4 percussion sounds and a recording function, so that the little one can listen to how he plays his favorite songs. In addition, this electronic keyboard for children allows you to convert animal sounds into percussion instruments, thanks to a conversion button.

In the same way, if your child touches the convert button again, he will be able to change the percussion sound into music. In addition to this, it should be noted that the keyboard incorporates a speaker that will help to better develop the child’s left perception, since it is located towards that side.

Next, we will show you the positive and negative qualities of this electronic keyboard for children from 3 to 8 years old. Maybe it’s the keyboard you’re looking for to give to your child this year.


Octaves: It has 3 octaves that will be enough for the little ones at home to learn.

Sounds: It has been designed with 10 demo sounds and 8 tones, as well as various musical rhythms.

Practicality: It works with 4 AA batteries, so your child can play it anytime, anywhere.


Toy: Please note that this product is only a toy to motivate children regarding music. It is not designed for formal learning of the instrument.  

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Other products

7. RockJam RJ361 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

The RockJam RJ361 is a very useful keyboard for adults and children who are starting to learn the keyboard at home or at a music school. Its 61 keys (5 octaves) will help you learn the first chords and various songs. In addition, this keyboard offers 200 varied rhythms to make musical practice much more entertaining. Likewise, it facilitates learning with applications for iOS and Android, so you won’t have to pay for keyboard courses.

Also, we mention that it has 40 demo songs, which are very useful to get familiar with the sound of the instrument. And, if you don’t want to disturb your neighbors when you study at night, you can connect headphones to its audio output.

In another order of ideas, this keyboard offers recording, so you can listen to yourself and easily evaluate the progress. In addition to this, it should be noted that it comes with a support or lectern to comfortably place your musical scores.

On this occasion, we summarize the pros and cons of this keyboard for children or adults learning music. Our intention is that you are safe when buying an electronic keyboard.


Tones: It has 200 tones and rhythms that you can use to your liking, depending on the song or the need of the moment.

App: Works with Simply Piano learning app for phone, so you can study keyboard with your own device.

Accessories: The package includes the sheet music stand (music stand) and a power adapter, so you do not have to purchase these accessories separately.


Sensitivity: It has no sensitivity for you to make nuances while you play. However, this does not affect its sound quality.

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8. Wostoo Electronic Keyboard 61 Keys Portable Piano with Music Stand

It is a safe electronic keyboard for younger children, since it does not have toxic materials, but ecological ones. In addition, the edges of the keyboard are smooth, so the child will not get hurt when using it. In this sense, you can rest easy if your child uses it to play at home with his friends, parents or siblings.

Likewise, it is a very complete keyboard that serves as a musical toy and at the same time for the child’s learning. It has a convenient port to connect the microphone and provide more fun with music. Also, you should know that the keyboard incorporates 5 musical rhythms, 16 voices (sounds) and 6 demo songs. In this way, children will be able to learn to differentiate sounds and musical notes, developing the left part of their brains much better.

This is one of the cheapest keyboards for children, so perhaps the qualities that we present in the next section will help you.


Octaves: Although the keys are smaller, it has 5 octaves, so that the child has the notes he needs in any song.

Recording: With this keyboard the child will be able to record his way of playing and have fun listening to himself.

Volume: This instrument has a volume control, so that parents can adjust it according to their preferences.


Cable: The USB cable that comes with the package is very short, so you must connect the keyboard to a socket that is close enough.

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9. Roland GO-61K Electric Keyboard

With Roland Go: Keys you can become a composer without much musical knowledge, thanks to its Loop Mix function. With this it is possible to make new songs and accompany them with drum rhythms.

And if you’re worried about vocals, this electronic keyboard offers over 500 sounds, so you can play around with them and create some pretty cool music. In addition, all these sounds are of great quality, so you can enjoy them to the fullest. In fact, this instrument has 5 octaves, so you can make hundreds of chords and solos.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it has Bluetooth technology, therefore, you can connect your devices (phones, tablets or computers), play your favorite music and on the go. Also, we inform you that it comes with a power adapter, but, if you wish, you can use it with 6 AA batteries.

In the following section, we present the main features of a keyboard that offers various options for beginning and intermediate musicians.


Keys: Its 61 keys allow you to play any type of music, as well as various piano solos.

Sounds: With more than 500 different sounds you can experiment and create as many times as you want.

Bluetooth: It is possible to connect your phone via Bluetooth and play music, so that your experience is much more complete.


Practicality: It is a bit complicated to change sounds, since it does not have number buttons to directly select the ones you need at the moment.

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Shopping guide

When buying an instrument of this type, you should know its main qualities, for example, sounds, sensitivity of the keys, number of octaves and type of power supply. Therefore, we have prepared this guide to buy the best electronic keyboard, it may help you choose the right product.


Without a doubt, sound is an issue that you should take into account when you are going to buy a digital keyboard. The sounds are also known as voices and are varied, for example, guitar, violin, bass, drums, grand piano, among others. All these sounds are usually imitations, that is, they have not been created from real instruments. However, some companies use real sounds when designing high-end electronic keyboards, enhancing the artist’s playing experience.

In any case, we recommend you check this aspect before buying a certain keyboard. You must know both the quality and quantity of sounds that the keyboard has. In addition, some of these instruments have musical rhythms, automated accompaniments and other advantages that should not be missing in a comparison of electronic keyboards.

Key sensitivity

The keys of the instrument must be sensitive if you want to play respecting the various nuances of the songs. But, if you are a beginner, you should not worry too much about this aspect, since at first you may not have the ear developed enough to notice the difference. However, we decided to talk about this aspect in the article because the sensitivity of the keyboards offers greater realism and dynamism in the performance.

But what is the sensitivity of the keys? Well, it’s about the response of the keys with respect to your way or intensity of playing them. In simpler words, if you play hard it sounds loud and if you play soft the volume of the keys (notes) will be lower. When the keyboard has no feedback sensitivity it is impossible to tell when you are playing soft or hard. In short, choose a keyboard with sensitivity if you want to dedicate yourself deeply to studying and playing this musical instrument.

number of octaves

The number of octaves the keyboard has is usually related to how much a certain model costs. For children, 2 or 3 octave keyboards are recommended. In contrast, adults will be much more comfortable with 4 or more octaves. Also, it is important that the size of the keys is similar or equal to those of a classical piano, so that you do not have problems with fingering.  

Although keyboards with more octaves almost always have a higher price, the truth is that you can find a good and cheap model that is as complete as possible. This is due to the great competition in the music market, especially from various new brands whose labor or production is cheaper.

Feed Type

The electronic keyboard was traditionally powered by a power adapter, but this has changed over time. Now, some models also work with batteries, others with a USB cable and the 5V charger (those used in Android phones). In fact, many models of USB powered keyboards can be connected to a USB port on your computer.

Ultimately, the important thing is that your keyboard has more than one method to power it. In this way, if the batteries run out, you can continue playing it through a power adapter or a USB port on your computer.

inputs and outputs

Regarding inputs, it would be best if the keyboard had microphone ports. This is necessary for people who will be playing and singing at the same time. If you are not one of them, the keyboard without microphone input will be enough for you.

Another important aspect is the number of outputs. For example, if you are going to use the keyboard as a controller for recording with VST instruments, a keyboard with a MIDI port would be most suitable. Lately, this port comes in a USB format, but there are also models that have 5-pin DIN ports.

Another of the most important outlets is the headphone outlet, since this way you can connect headphones and study songs or exercises in private. This output can be very useful if you live in small flats or apartments, because the neighbors will not hear you practicing.

Purpose of use

If you are looking for an electronic keyboard on the Internet, you should know what you want it for. This will determine the effectiveness of your purchase. That is, if you are going to use it as a MIDI controller, you do not need a microphone port or speakers. Likewise, you don’t need a keyboard with lots of preset sounds if you’re going to be using the grand piano.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to play an electronic keyboard?

The electronic keyboard, also known as a digital keyboard or simply “electric”, is an instrument derived from the classical piano and harpsichord. In this way, you must play it as if it were a piano, using the classical techniques. For example, you have to play with all the fingers of your hand, you don’t use just one, because that way you wouldn’t have fluency when playing songs. Major, minor, diminished, augmented, etc. scales are played with the same fingering that we use on the classical piano, either grand or upright.

Normally, one hand does the harmony, especially the left. For its part, the right hand can perform melodies and chords. In any case, a progressive and constant learning is essential to master this instrument. 

Q2: When was the electronic keyboard invented?

The electronic keyboard was created by Robert Moog in 1964. Originally, it was a modular synthesizer and it was not until the late 1960s that the instrument began to be used in popular music. The first groups to use a synthesizer (electronic keyboard) were Pink Floyd, Doors and Deep Purple.

The keyboard evolved until it became the one we know today, taking elements from synthesizers, but with a much simpler operation than before.

Q3: How to tune an electronic keyboard?

Some digital keyboards like the Clavinova CLP 230 have different tunings; you may accidentally change the factory settings at some point. If you hear that your keyboard sounds out of tune, go to the user manual and look for the “Tuning” or “Temperaments” section. You change the parameters to see which one sounds best to you, so you can fix the tuning. Note that this tuning problem does not happen on electronic keyboards, only acoustic pianos, which work with strings, go out of tune over time.

Temperament is the form of tuning that is used in each part of the world. For example, in Spain it is customary to use the Western temperament. If you listen to a keyboard with another temperament or tuning, it will simply sound strange to you, but this does not mean that it is out of tune, but rather that your ear is not used to those sounds. In the East they use a different tuning system, so for the people of that place a keyboard tuned in a western way might sound strange. Having a different tuning means that the intervals have different distances, for example, jumps of thirds do not have the same frequency in oriental music.

Q4: What family does the electronic keyboard belong to?

According to its usefulness and form, we could say that it belongs to the family of electronic keyboard instruments. This is because it doesn’t work without electricity, just like synthesizers, MIDI controllers or electric guitars. Also, these devices have a keyboard like the classical piano, sometimes their keys are the same size, but generally they are small and soft to play. On the other hand, the classical piano belongs to the family of strings, it works mainly through a resonance box and a set of metallic threads that are struck when each key is pressed.

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