The 9 Best Loop Stations of 2022

Loop Station – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Accompanying your voice or creating a base of harmonies on which to play an instrument is possible without the help of other people, because what you really need is to obtain a loop station that is responsible for giving you those rhythms and melodies that you so desire. A model like the Boss RC-505 will give you the opportunity to experiment with up to 5 different tracks simultaneously to have a unique sound, while a loop like the Akai Professional APC40 will help you with music production on your computer, due to its various effects and sound software.

The 9 Best Loop Stations – Opinions 2022

Boss, ammoon and Digitech are just some of the brands found on this list with exciting products to help any artist find their best beat. Loop stations make a difference at the time of a presentation, and any of these can surely help you with yours.

Boss Loop Station

1. Boss RC-505 Loop Station

When talking about a Boss Loop Station, this product stands out among many others, as its different qualities make it one of the best options for DJs, singers or beatboxers of all levels. This console model is quite complete to facilitate its use, since it comes with 5 stereo tracks with personalized and unique controls so that you can overdub your voice, musical instruments or any other melody. You will have buttons to add effects to the recordings, increase or decrease the volume, and, in addition, you will be able to delete a track and record another live, without stopping the other functions.

The RC 505 Loop Station’s various audio and USB inputs give you more ways to use it and a greater variety of sounds to integrate. Its structure has dimensions of 42 x 21 x 6.8 cm and weighs 1.5 kilograms, therefore it will not be difficult to move or store.

For many, this device is the best loop station of the moment, as it is one of the most complete and versatile products today.


Tracks: The 5 stereo tracks will allow you to make your overdubs more easily. You can create a band only with you.

Effects: The included effects will complement your bases to give you a more unique result.

Controls: The controls come with their names and are easy to use.

Audio: The different audio inputs will allow you to make use of various artifacts to have greater variety.


Batteries: To use this product it is necessary to have batteries, which causes an expense when they run out.

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2. Boss RC-202 Loop Station

Those looking for a compact and versatile Boss Loop Station, but with all the best features of the brand, will find a good purchase option with this model. This is a table top loop station and it has the quality of offering effects to complement all your beats and make them more unique. The device has two stereo tracks with simple and individual controls to be able to use them simultaneously, set their duration times, repeat them or stop them.

The device has 17 varied rhythmic patterns, even suitable for odd measures, with a memory of 64 phrases to record those that you will use. These are highlights that will maximize your experience. On the other hand, there are several audio inputs to be able to have auxiliary or instrument connections, if you wish. You can also expand the controls by connecting pedals, while, through a USB cable, you adapt the loop station to your computer.

Boss is qualified by many as the best brand of loop stations, as it manufactures varied products suitable for different artists and all of great quality; as well as this model.


Size: Being compact, it is easier to transport it to your practice sessions or presentations.

Rhythms: The variety of rhythms included and the large memory of the product will give you more opportunities for sounds when using it.

Use: The controls are quite simple to use, therefore, in a short time you can learn to manipulate it.


Tracks: Unlike other more complete products, this loop station only has two tracks, making it suitable for simple mixes.

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Loop Station Beatbox

3. Akai Professional APC40 MKII USB MIDI Controller

Beatboxers are known for making various rhythms with their mouths, however, that doesn’t mean they can’t create more tunes with one of the best loop stations of 2022. This brightly designed, multi-button product is ideal for those who want to get everything. quickly and without complications. Its plug-and-play system will allow you to use the device as soon as you connect it to your computer, using the USB cable. In addition, it comes with different software included in the purchase to be able to work like a professional.

In terms of design, this beatbox loop station is tabletop and will give you exceptional control of your beats. The structure comes with 8 potentiometers to manage the instruments you have decided to use, while the lights indicate the status of the loop: if it is recording, playing or loading. This together with the 9 integrated faders will allow you progressive and natural transitions that will make its use easier.

DJs and beatboxers will be able to get the most out of this Akai loop station, as it has all the necessary controls for professionals and beginners.


Controls: The great variety of controls in the structure of the loop station makes the device more complete and easier to manipulate.

Softwares: The different audio software included with your purchase will give you more opportunities when building your rhythms.

Installation: Its plug-and-play system will make installation simple and instantaneous, avoiding waiting to download drivers and other programs.


Touch: The buttons could have a more resistant material, however, they fulfill their function.

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4. Boss RC-300 Loop Station Looper Drum Pedal

This beatbox loop station is one of the best options for those who want to get everything in one purchase. Beginners and professionals alike can find inspiration in the loop’s rhythm guide, featuring different drum patterns, while concentrating on the sound using the included Keepdrum headphones. There are 3 hours of stereo recording that you can make with this product, using the 3-track pedal, ideal for clean and synchronized overdubbing.

If you are wondering which is the best loop station, it is necessary to consider that it allows the connection of instruments and a microphone to give you the opportunity to sing and make musical rhythms in the same place. The great advantage of this product is that you will only need to use your feet and your hands will be free for other devices. Additionally, to avoid confusion, the product separates the stop button from the one used for looping.

With the Boss quality seal, this device is one of the most outstanding, as it provides a variety of rhythms with the possibility of recording various tracks and creating incredible melodies.


Headphones: In order to hear the melodies optimally, this device comes with stereo headphones.

Pedal: If you want to have your hands free, it will be possible to do so, since you can only use your feet to control this product.

Tracks: The 3 autonomous tracks will allow you to have multiple sounds simultaneously for better overdub.


Price: This product has a high cost for being one of the most modern and comprehensive pedals on the market.

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Other products

5. TC Electronic Ditto Looper Phrase/Looping Pedal

The TC Electronic brand has managed to eliminate the inconvenience of other large pedals and put everything you need in a compact device of 10.16 x 9.91 x 6.35 cm, so you can put it next to your other controls without inconvenience and connect it in series without altering the signal flow. 

Its use is intuitive and very simple, you just have to adjust the loop level you want on its upper rotary knob and press the lower button each time you want the loop effect in your performance. In addition, the materials that make up the pedal are resistant to use.

On the other hand, it can offer up to 5 minutes with unlimited overdubs and has an internal memory, to keep loops even after turning off the device. Similarly, you should know that the device has technology that allows it to provide good clarity to the sound.

This could be the best loop station for your guitar. Learn more about him in the next section.


Ease of use: The pedal’s simplified design makes it easy to connect and use.

Durability: It is made of wear-resistant materials, so you can enjoy its benefits for a long time.

Configuration: Includes the Undo/Redo function with just a long press of the button.


Basic: Compared to other loopers, this one only keeps 5 minutes of recording, which might put it at a disadvantage.

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6. Nux Pedal Looper and Drum Machine

This equipment has 99 memories to record phrases with unlimited layers for a period of up to 8 hours, with 24-bit audio quality. In this sense, it allows you to play the guitar with 40 realistic drum rhythms, 10 in 3/4 and 30 in 4/4, therefore, you can experiment with styles such as jazz, blues, rock, pop, among others.

It offers End mode, which plays until the end of the last bar, as well as Fade out, which progressively decreases the volume during the last 10 seconds. For its part, the Normal stop mode works with Double tap and Instant stop.

As if that were not enough, it is possible to connect the device to a PC or Mac computer via the USB Mini-B connector, to download the recordings and make a backup copy of your favorite creations. 

If you want a functional and durable loop station, you may be interested in this model, so we invite you to analyze in more detail the pros and cons of the product.


Connectivity: Bring a USB Mini-B connector to transfer the tracks to the computer and thus have a library with your musical work.

Capacity: Supports up to 8 hours of recording with multiple layers and offers 99 saved memories.

Versatility: You can play different genres, such as pop, rock, jazz and blues, thanks to its 40 drum rhythms.


Compatibility: It is necessary to mention that this model is only compatible with WAV format files at a speed of 24 bits and 44.1 kHz.

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7. ammoon Looper POCK LOOP Guitar Effect Pedal

This model is the best example of how a small size does not mean less performance, because in this compact loop station it is possible to store phrase loops of up to 11 tracks to have a greater variety of sound. In its vintage design, you will notice that the upper part will allow you to choose different effects, such as increase and decrease the speed of the loop, reverse, and a comfortable volume adjustment.

The device has an audio input and output so you can plug in an instrument and an amp, and having everything set up and going, you can have loops of half an hour each, with a maximum recording of up to 5 hours. To vary your sounds, the micro USB interface will allow you to import and export recordings. 

Despite having a metal casing, this product has a weight of only 240 grams and dimensions of 6.5 x 3.7 x 11.4 cm that will facilitate transport and storage.

This pedal is among the cheapest alternatives on the market, however, its effective operation and durability make it an ideal option for all types of musicians.


Tracks: You can record up to 11 tracks to experience a wider range of melodies and rhythms.

Structure: The metal structure of the pedal gives it more resistance, however, this does not affect its weight and size, so it remains portable.

Storage: With a possibility to store up to 5 hours of audio, this product has a convenient memory.


Adapter: The power adapter is not included in the purchase, therefore, it is necessary to make an additional expense.

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8. Sonicake Boom Ave Bass Preamp DI Box Multi Effects

This looper pedal is a product made specifically for those whose favorite instrument is the bass. In addition to being a loop station, it is also an effect pedal to affect the sounds to your liking. You will be able to modify the level of the sound in octaves, imitate the sound you would get with a 3-band Ampeg, obtain an aggressive sound with great projection, or use the boost and compressor combo as a final effect. All of them are identified with colors.

In addition to the amp and your bass, you can also plug a microphone into the XLR audio input so you can accompany the beats with your voice. By requiring only your feet to loop, it will be easier to focus on the instrument and your vocal harmonies. As a final touch, the 9V power adapter is included in the purchase so you can start using this 500 gram product as soon as it reaches your hands.

If you have a bass and you want to acquire a suitable looper to exalt the sounds of this instrument, then it is not necessary to think much about which loop station to buy, since this device is suitable for this.


Effects: The included effects, in addition to the loop, will allow you to customize and modify the sounds to your liking.

Structure: Its small and light structure will make it easier to move from your home to your practice sessions.

Connections: This product gives you the opportunity to connect your main instrument, the amplifier and a microphone to make your beats.


Instrument: The manufacture of this artifact has been made exclusively with bass players in mind.

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9. Asmuse Multi Effect Pedal Electric Guitar MG100

For those who want to save money, this product can be considered the best value for money loop station, as its different qualities make it stand out. Designed for beginners, this loop station is suitable for various types of instruments and its small LCD screen will show information on its operation. It can be used with 6 double A batteries, which will allow up to 8 hours of continuous use, or with a power adapter.

Phrase loops are up to 40 seconds long, and having two footswitches makes it easy to switch between effects. In addition to that, it will be possible to make the recording by layers more smoothly. 

On the other hand, the 58 effects included will allow you to play with your recordings and, if you want to use them simultaneously, you can choose up to 8 at most. To complete your rhythms, you can choose between the 72 configurable sounds, with 36 presets and another 36 to store your melodies. 

You can save money and get the best quality with this modern loop station from Asmuse, as it comes with various sound effects and large storage.


Instructions: So that you do not have complications, this device comes with its instruction manual to guide you step by step.

Sounds: The variety of sounds and effects included in the artifact will give you the opportunity to add diversity to your productions.

Use: You can use this loop station with batteries or with a power adapter, depending on your preferences.


Microphone: This product does not have an XLR connection, therefore, you will not be able to adapt a microphone of this type.

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Shopping guide

Knowing what to look for in a loop station will ensure that your purchase is exactly what you need. Adding sounds, repeating them, and making harmonies on your own can liven up your practice sessions and help you experience a greater range of sounds in less time.


Loop stations are gadgets that can turn a one-person presentation into an amazing event. The ability to create rhythms and harmonies without the need for a second instrument or background vocals is the most exciting aspect of loop stations, and for that reason, many want to purchase them.

These devices come in different sizes and have different functions, therefore, in your guide to buying the best loop station, it is necessary to take into consideration what exactly you need. A singer who requires a single backing vocal might need some basic equipment, however, if you’re a beatboxer you need to ditch the cheaper product and spend money on a higher quality alternative.

Pay attention to the product you have chosen and make sure it has the ability to do significant audio stacking to give you better effects. It is these layers of recordings that will achieve a complete harmony without the need of anyone but you. The most basic ones will let you record a base sound and overdubbing, while the more complex models will let you add other beats. It’s usually easy to tell one device from the other by the number of buttons, but always check.

Also remember that, in addition to the number of recordings, you should also take into account the duration that each one can have. This way the loops can be adjusted to your preference and be longer, if you need them.

Structure and connections

When making your comparison of loop stations you will notice that the structures can be different from each other. This is because not all models are made for the same artists, nor for the same type of activities.

One of the first things to check about the structure is the manufacturing materials. This can affect how much the product costs and also its weight, however it is a good idea to always have a top quality looper for durability. Metal is one of the most recommended elements because they are resistant to constant use, despite this, plastic can also be a suitable material.

In addition to materials, dimensions and weight are also very important details. Although professional sets are usually larger, if you want a portable device to practice comfortably, then it is better to buy a small product, as they are lighter and easier to store. Smaller loop stations don’t have as many features, but they will give you more freedom of movement.

Some loop stations are made to be used with your feet, but others are tabletop so you can use your hands. The former are the devices chosen by instrumentalists, because with free hands it is possible to play a guitar or a keyboard while the foot takes care of the looper; on the other hand, tabletop gadgets are better for a DJ, singer, or beatboxer.

Another detail that you should not miss is the number of connection inputs that the product you have chosen has, whether it is a pedal or a table. The best thing you can do is buy a device that allows you to connect several instruments to really enjoy a complete sonic harmony. That way, you’ll be able to have a microphone for your voice, while you make a base with your keyboard and a main rhythm with the guitar. The audio output is also relevant, remember, because then you can choose between speakers, your computer or any other playback method you want to use.


The key to getting a good and cheap alternative is to take into account all the little extra details of the loop station to complement the use you give it and maximize its benefits. A basic looper is only used to record sounds and play them, one on top of the other, following the instructions you give it. However, in the case of more advanced artifacts, this is only a part of all the things you can do.

Some additional aspects that you can get in the most modern loop stations are the “samples” or small musical samples to use as a base or as complements, and the effects. 

These effects include qualities such as distortion of rhythms, melodies that sound with higher or lower octaves, fading of harmony, among other things. Although it may not seem that important, a looper and effect pedal can easily make an electric guitar sound like a DJ mix, and that will surely turn your performance into quite a show.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a loop station?

To use a basic pedal loop station, the first thing you should do is connect the microphone or instrument, and turn it on. The structure of the pedal comes with a button and this will be in charge of almost everything.

Press the pedal and it will start recording the sound you make. Pressing it once more after recording will allow you to overdub, capturing a second sound you want to make.

If you want to play a sound again for added effect, you can press again to make the phrase or rhythm play again. At the end of your presentation, press the button twice and the loop station will stop.

For more rhythms it is necessary to purchase a more complex pedal or station, however, all of these come with their instructions.

Q2: How does a loop station work?

The loop station, not to complicate itself with difficult terms, could be considered as a modern recorder that, instead of being able to play a single audio tape, manages to do so with several following the artist’s instructions.

A button is pressed with your foot or hand, depending on the model, to start and stop recording a sound. By pressing a second button you will be able to listen to what was recorded to decide if you will delete it or not.

The loop station, at that moment, saves the recording and allows you to play the sound at the intervals you indicate or record another one to do “overdubbing”. This process consists of recording more sounds and adding them to the base; in this way, different audios are stacked and the layers create harmonies and rhythms.

Q3: How to use a loop station on Android?

In the Android Play Store it is possible to find “loopers” applications that work like a loop station to record different rhythms and create unique melodies from the comfort of your home using only your mobile phone.

One of the most famous is the “Loop Station-Looper” app which will give you an experience as close to a professional one. Using the app is as easy as downloading it and following the steps to calibrate your device and your headphones.

When you finish, you can start recording, using a metronome if you wish, or simply capturing your voice or different instruments to be able to make the mixes with ease.

Q4: How to connect a loop station?

All loop stations have patch outputs to accommodate a variety of playback devices and instruments. Those designed to connect to computers will be able to do so via a USB cable. However, if the station or loop pedal is connected to other products, it will usually be with AUX cables.

Fortunately, all these connections will be indicated in the user manuals of the equipment and identified in the structure of the device.

Q5: What is a loop station pedal for?

Loop station pedals are quite functional devices for musicians who want to create rhythms with their feet while playing an instrument with their hands. This device is especially popular with guitarists as they can easily create harmonies. One of the most famous examples is the British singer Ed Sheeran.

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Boss RC-3 Loop Station Effects Pedal

Este loop station es uno de los productos más baratos de la marca Boss, sin embargo, esto no afecta su calidad, pues es un pedal que ofrece las mejores cualidades posibles en un tamaño compacto, portátil y ligero. Este producto viene con dos salidas y dos entradas de audio para conectar lo que necesites. De hecho, para facilitarte esto, la compra viene con un cable para guitarra de 3 metros.

Es posible utilizar un cable USB para adaptar el pedal a un ordenador y hacer importación o exportación de audios. De esa manera, al finalizar las 3 horas de grabación estéreo posibles con este looper, podrás compartir el resultado con facilidad. La resolución de audio del Boss loop station RC 3 es de 16 bits/44,1 kHz, para que la reproducción de los 10 patrones de tambor incluidos y los ritmos que crees sean adecuados para cualquier situación.

Los que deseen un producto portátil para tener sus ritmos en todas partes encontrarán un buen aliado en este pedal de Boss. Compacto, de calidad y con buena resolución de audio.


Batería: Este artefacto puede usarse con batería o con una fuente de alimentación.

Tamaño: El pequeño tamaño del pedal evitará complicaciones a la hora de moverlo de un lado a otro.

Cable: El cable de guitarra incluido hará que no sea necesario gastar dinero en uno de estos productos y, además, su longitud de 3 metros te dará libertad de movimiento.


Básico: Este es un producto de cualidades básicas, por lo tanto, es adecuado para quienes no requieran de variadas pistas en overdub.

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