The 9 Best Pitchers of 2022

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Unless you’re familiar with the world of belly dancing or meditation, you may not have heard of finger cymbals. However, for those who do have knowledge in these areas, these instruments are quite important. Due to its very specific use, it is necessary to find the right model to meet our requirements and, for that reason, there are products available on the market such as the Andoer 4334199845 cymbals, which are made of brass and are suitable for musical initiation. Others, such as the Stagg FCY-7 cymbals, have been cast in bronze to provide a resonant, professional-quality sound. Taking the time to evaluate each alternative will be decisive in making the right decision.

The 9 Best Pitchers – Opinions 2022

To be able to enjoy the sound of the crotalos in its greatest splendor, it is necessary to acquire a quality alternative. For that reason, here you can find 9 options from various brands, among which it is possible that there are the ideal dishes for you.

1. Andoer Belly Dance Crotalos Gold Musical Instrument

You may think that buying cheap cymbals might be a bad idea, however, this model from Andoer is a good option for those who want to get started in this art.

To begin with, this pair of cymbals has been made of the highest quality brass, making it an instrument that will stand up to wear and tear and will also deliver a bright and fairly crisp sound. Thanks to this quality, they are suitable for having fun or for use in Arabic dance practices. The latter is complemented by its adaptability, since the finger straps are elastic to fit the hands correctly.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the instrument is comfortable to use, as it has dimensions of 5.5 x 5.5 x 0.6 centimeters and weighs approximately 60 grams per pair. Additionally, they will be easy to take with you anywhere you want.

These cymbals can serve as an initiation instrument to practice with different sounds. Let’s see more information.


Weight: Being a light instrument, it will be easy to get used to its use. In addition, its transportation will also be easy.

Comfort: Thanks to the elastic straps, these cymbals will adapt better to the hands.

Resistance: Brass is a material that provides durability, so you can practice without a problem.

Price: This Andoer product has a low cost, so you can get a good instrument without investing a lot of money.


Beginners: Brass is a strong material, however, for professionals it is better to use copper or bronze finger cymbals.

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2. Stagg FCY-7 Bronze Finger Cymbals pair 7 cm

Stagg is a company dedicated to the manufacture of quality musical instruments and this is the case of this pair of cymbals, which have been designed to adapt correctly to belly dancers or people who want to experiment with the sound of the instrument.

The purchase comes with a pair of cymbals, which have a traditional design to suit the tastes of those seeking a classic style. They have a diameter of 7 centimeters and a weight of 80 grams, so they will be easy to use. In addition, you can also hold them comfortably, as they have elastic straps for the fingers.

On the other hand, to suit the most experienced musicians, the material used in the manufacture of this instrument is bronze. This provides a clear, bright sound with proper resonance. Additionally, the product has the resistance it needs to be used frequently.

It is difficult to choose the best brand of finger cymbals, as they are very specific products, but Stagg could be a good option, as they are dedicated to creating quality instruments.


Comfort: Elastic finger straps provide the comfort you need to play the cymbals.

Material: Being made of bronze, these cymbals stand out for having a high resistance and providing a very good sound.

Practicality: This instrument can be used for practice and also for dance performances, so they are versatile.


Design: Unlike some cymbals that have stylistic patterns, this product has a traditional look.

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3. PL LP LP863050 Pitchers

Some might think that this is not the best purchase option due to its low price, however, considering that they are among the best cymbals of 2022, and that they have been entirely handcrafted, then this product could be worth purchasing..

Made for professionals, this pair of cymbals has a diameter of 6.35 centimeters and a weight of 181.44 grams. Their weight is somewhat high due to the fact that they are cymbals made of cast bronze, however, this material also provides durability and a clear, delicate and melodious sound. Thus, people with previous experience will be able to get used to it easily.

The cymbals come with the brand’s logo on the front, in a black color that contrasts with the bronze tone of the background. In addition, the instrument has straps that can be knotted to adapt its size and adapt to the musician who is going to use it.

Every one of the salient features of these cymbals demonstrates professional quality, from their practical and elegant design, to their beautiful sound.


Bronze: This product has been manufactured by hand with cast bronze to provide great durability and quality.

Strips: It is possible to adapt the strips to the size of the fingers, thus providing greater comfort when playing.

Sound: The tones that can be achieved with these rattlesnakes are sharp, bright and clear.

Manufacturing: The crotalos are handmade to take care of every little detail.


Weight: Those who are not used to professional cymbals may have difficulties at first due to the weight. 

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4. Sabian 50101 Light rattlesnakes

Among so many options on the market, it may take you a while to be able to choose the best pit vipers; however, this Sabian model can be a good alternative. The first thing that stands out about them is a somewhat “rustic” aspect, as it seems grainy, but this gives it a unique design and does not detract from its elegance.

The cymbals have been made of bronze, a material that gives them resistance to constant use and that, in addition, provides a sound of great resonance to project adequately in open spaces. On the other hand, the dimensions of this pair are 10.16 x 0.64 x 11.43 centimeters and have a weight of 113.4 grams. It is necessary to point out that, to be made with bronze, their weight is considered to be light.

Finally, the toe straps will fit any player correctly, ensuring comfort when belly dancing or practicing.

These cymbals, in addition to offering you a good design, give you the opportunity to create resonant melodies with ease and comfort.


Bronze: Solid bronze has been chosen as the material because it ensures a good sound and also good durability.

Weight: Despite being made of bronze, the brand has managed to maintain a lightness of 113 grams to make them easier to play.

Sound: The sound produced by these rattlesnakes has a wide projection, however, it is not distorted to always keep the tone clear.


Straps: The straps are light in color, which could easily get dirty from constant handling.

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5.ammoon 2.6in 6.5cm Handmade

The cymbals really are multifunctional instruments, as they can be used in different situations. One of the best ways to use finger cymbals is to meditate and this model from ammoon has been made for exactly that. For that reason, the pit vipers have a detailed design with embossed Buddhist symbols and a worn look that makes them stand out.

As for its size, this pair has a radius of 6.5 centimeters each and weighs approximately 190 grams. Due to their size and weight, it is easy to transport the pit vipers. In addition, these come with a string made of leather that connects to each unit and allows the instrument to be held more easily.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to take into account the sound, as this determines the quality of the product. In this case, being cymbals made of copper, they are resistant and provide a very good sound, with bright and resonant tones.

With these crotalos you will be able to accompany your meditation session without problems and with comfort. Also, this is one of the cheapest options for you to get quality at a low price.


Design: The design of this instrument has outstanding details, such as embossed Buddhist symbols and a worn copper-colored appearance.

Materials: Copper and leather are quality materials that stand out for their durability.

Sound: The cymbals produce a good sound, with adequate resonance and bright tones.


Fastening: The leather strap does not allow individual fastening of each unit of the pair, which could make its use somewhat uncomfortable. 

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6. Percussion Plus Indian Cymbals

If you do not know which are the best rattlesnakes, but you are one of those who are looking for more for less, this model could be a suitable option for you. Unlike other alternatives, this offer comes with 2 pairs of rattlesnakes so you can maximize their possible uses. Each pair is joined by a strip that will facilitate its correct and comfortable handling.

Although they are small traditional Indian cymbals, these have been made in Italy and, for their creation, the best quality materials have been used. In this case, the base element that has been chosen is brass, so it can be said that these cymbals have good durability.

These instruments are small in size and fairly light in weight, so carrying and using them will be easy. On the other hand, the sound emitted by these rattlesnakes is clear and resonant.

This model is a good option for those who want more than one pair of cymbals to enjoy their beautiful sound.


Quantity: This purchase comes with two pairs of finger cymbals so you can give one pair as a gift or use both if you wish.

Sound: The sound produced by these instruments has good resonance and is projected clearly.

Design: Although the appearance of these instruments is elegant, their design is still traditional, for those who prefer classic models.


Brass: Brass is a good material for finger cymbals, but it is not suitable for professional use.

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7. Dharma Store Tibetan Tingsha Dishes

Finger cymbals are also functional for meditation, so having some Tibetan Tingsha cymbals might be a good idea. For those who want to start with meditation, Dharma Store has this instrument, which has been manufactured and tuned by hand in Nepal, respecting the traditional Tibetan formula of the 7 metals.

These crotalos have an approximate weight of 225 grams, while, in terms of size, each saucer reaches a circumference of 6.2 centimeters and, additionally, they have a thickness of about 5 mm. For ease of use, the finger cymbals are attached by a leather strap.

Finally, it is really worth highlighting the design of this product, because in addition to having an elegant coppery appearance, the cymbals have 8 Buddhist symbols of luck in relief. Despite all this, they could be considered the best value for money rattlesnakes, since their qualities do not influence their cost.

If you are looking for a good balance between design, sound and practicality, these cymbals could be the best option.


Design: The design of these instruments is outstanding, as it brings 8 Buddhist symbols of luck to relief.

Manufacture: The manufacture of these crotalos has followed a traditional Tibetan process. In this sense, these instruments have been tuned and made by hand, paying attention to detail.

Strap: The strap that joins the cymbals facilitates the use of these instruments, as it will make it easier to hit each other.


Treble: The sound is a little higher than that of other cymbals that can be found on the market.

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8. Fortcop Pitchers

In addition to having a good sound, the cymbals must be comfortable to use in every way, as this will facilitate their use and will make the sound result better. Fortcop knows this and, for that reason, the brand has paid attention to this, adding an adjustable strap to each cymbal to adapt it to the fingers.

In addition to this, these rattlesnakes are quite light and have an adequate size, which makes people adapt more quickly to them. Even the transport of the cymbals will be simple, since the purchase comes with a case so that the dishes are always organized and can be taken anywhere.

Being made of brass, this set of two pairs of cymbals offers a bright, high-pitched sound with good resonance. Additionally, this material gives them resistance so that they last long enough in good condition.

In case you don’t know what crotalos to buy and you want to have an easy to transport product, this could be the right alternative for you.


Quantity: This offer comes with two pairs of cymbals, so you can play using both hands.

Case: To facilitate transportation and make it a more comfortable and organized process, the purchase comes with a case.

Straps: The individual adjustable straps allow the cymbals to adapt correctly to the fingers, giving a better hold.


Sound: These rattles emit a sound similar to that of bells, therefore, it is a little higher than the sound of other options.

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9. Amaoma Finger Cymbals Brass Cymbals

Probably the first thing you’ll notice about these Amaoma rattlesnakes is their appearance. This is understandable, since, in addition to their gold color, which contrasts with the black strips, the cymbals come with a stylistic raised pattern that really stands out and provides an elegant look.

However, this is not the only thing that makes them special. In fact, the brand has also put an emphasis on creating a quality product. With this in mind, the cymbals are made from brass and have a sturdy body to withstand constant use, specifically when belly dancing.

If you want to give this product as a gift, you will be pleased to know that the cymbals come in a beautiful gift bag and that, in addition, since their straps are elastic, these cymbals will adapt to the fingers of any person. In the same way, its sound is pleasant and has a suitable resonance, correct for presentations and practices.

Choosing the best crotalos of the moment depends on your tastes and needs. In this case, if what you value most is practicality and good design, these saucers could be a good option.


Bag: The gift bag is a good accessory if you want to give a gift. In addition, it is an easy way to transport the instruments.

Design: The beautiful design complements the quality of this product, giving it elegance.

Strips: The elastic bands adapt to the fingers to give a better and more comfortable hold.


Brass: Brass is a resistant material, however, it is not the most recommended element for professional presentations.

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Shopping guide

Whether you are looking for some cymbals to meditate or to complement your belly dance sessions, it is recommended to check a buying guide to be able to know about the qualities of these instruments and what you should take into account before purchasing a pair of them.


Although they are not very well known around the world, due to the fact that they are quite specific products, cymbals are musical instruments. For that reason, when checking out a guide to buying the best rattlesnakes among so many options, sound should be among the first features to check.

However, the quality of the sound of the cymbals is not determined by the tuning given to them, nor by the experience of the player. These cymbals have varied sounds that depend on several factors, such as what they are made for, what material is used in them, and their size. 

The two contexts in which the rattlesnakes are used the most, for example, are in guided meditations and in belly dance practices. For the first situations, it is recommended to buy cymbals of Tibetan design, which are joined by a string and, most of the time, are manufactured following traditional processes in an artisanal way, with 7 metals.

On the other hand, the cymbals used in the dance vary in size and have individual fastening straps. Dance professionals usually acquire bronze cymbals. These are a little more expensive, but their sound is deeper and more resonant. However, for beginners and those who prefer higher pitches, there are brass cymbals that, fortunately, are just as resistant to constant use.

In fact, it is recommended to have different types of cymbals so you can experiment with the sounds or, if possible, consult with a dance instructor or meditation professional to find out exactly which model is best for your needs.


Another thing that must be taken into account when making the comparison of cymbals is practicality, as this could facilitate the use of these instruments and even improve the final result of the performances, since their use will surely be more comfortable..

Some people opt directly for the lighter models, as these provide greater comfort. Most of the time, though, the lightest rattlesnakes are those designed for beginners. Therefore, they are a good way to get started, improve coordination and get used to holding instruments; however, it is recommended to move on to the brass cymbals when you feel ready.

Another aspect regarding practicality would be the type of support offered by the cymbals. Some have straps that tie to fit around a person’s fingers, while others have elastic bands. Choosing one option over another depends on personal taste, although most consider the second alternative to be more comfortable.

As for the dishes used in meditation, these usually come with a rope that joins them and are held in another way. Here the length of the rope and its resistance are considered more important.

Lastly, one way to make transporting and storing your rattlesnakes safer and more organized is to have a case. Therefore, it is worth purchasing an option that brings this accessory with you, as this will save you money in the future.

And since we are talking about money, it should be borne in mind that sometimes the cheapest may not be the best option, therefore, do not focus so much on how much each product costs and rather pay more attention to each quality.


Finally, it is possible to focus on more superficial aspects, such as design. The appearance of the cymbals varies between models, and although this does not affect their sound, it may be important to certain people.

The design is more noticeable in cymbals made for meditation, since, most of the time, these instruments have quite prominent stylistic patterns that stand out against the background and have different meanings.

Many are the models that include Buddhist symbols that give messages of luck or of another type. Which is a highlight for certain people. Similarly, some professional-grade cymbals, made for belly dancing, also have raised designs of curved lines, which attract attention. In other cases, certain rattlesnakes retain more traditional designs, unicolored and completely smooth. These are more in line with those who prefer classic models.

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