The 9 Best Rainsticks of 2022

Rainstick – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Rain sticks are one of the simplest instruments out there, as making them is easy and, on top of that, making them sound quite simple. However, there is more to them than simply turning them frequently to make them sound and, for that reason, there are models that stand out from others. For example, the Meinl RS1BK-S stands out as a rain stick with a handmade design and a structure capable of producing resonant sounds and long projection. While products like the Asia Design 00986 stand out for having a suitable size for professionals and a bamboo structure that provides strength and durability.

The 9 Best Rain Sticks – Opinions 2022

Many brands have decided to venture into the world of rainsticks and this, fortunately, has filled the market with different options to buy. Here you can view 9 of the most outstanding so that you can find the alternative that best suits your tastes and requirements.

1. Meinl RS1BK-S 40cm Rainstick

Seeing this product, it is not difficult to think that this could be the best value for money rainstick, because, despite its low cost, it is an instrument that stands out in all aspects.

The first thing that comes to light is its beautiful design, since the brand has paid special attention to every stylistic detail of the instrument. The central image is of a small lizard, while the surroundings have a pointillism pattern showing various bright colors contrasting with each other. All of this has been hand painted on quality bamboo wood.

The dimensions of this rain stick are 40.64 x 8 x 8 centimeters and its weight is only 500 grams, therefore, its use is quite comfortable and easy. This contributes to the fact that the noise it produces has a long projection and has a very good sonority.

Whether you want it as a decoration or as an instrument, this product could be the ideal alternative for you.


Design: The entire design of this rain stick has been painted by hand, which makes its appearance stand out among other options.

Materials: Bamboo is a material that is considered high quality, due to its durability and lightness.

Price: The low cost of this rain stick makes it one of the best options in terms of price.

Dimensions: Its dimensions and light weight make it easy to use and transport, which is an advantage.


Wicker: The wicker of the ends can deteriorate easily, so care must be taken.

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2. Asia Design Bamboo rain stick 60 cm

If you are wondering what is the best rain stick you can buy, this model is probably a good option. The reason why this product has received so many positive reviews is because it fulfills the two functions for which a rain stick is usually bought: it is a good instrument, but it is also an outstanding decorative element.

To catch the eye, the Asia Design brand has several different decorative motifs, which combine the lines with colorful pointillism patterns to give a striking contrast. In addition, in the central part, you can see the shape of an animal to give greater detail.

As for its structure, this instrument has been made of bamboo wood, a material noted for its strength and durability. In addition, it has a length of 60 centimeters and reaches a weight of 500 grams, so it will not be an exaggerated effort to transport or use it.

If you are looking for something that makes an impact visually and audibly, this could be the ideal instrument for you.


Design: The design of this instrument combines pointillism, stripes and a striking diversity of colors that make it stand out.

Sound: This rainstick provides quite a distinguished sound, with good resonance and projection.

Size: Its size is adequate to be easy to carry and use. In addition, it makes the drawings look in great detail.


Cable: The cable on which the rain stick hangs could be stronger, which is a disadvantage.

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3. Purity Fair Trade Cactus Rainstick 25cm

For those who value an instrument’s ability to be completely portable, this option from Purity could probably be the best rainstick on the market. This is because it is a product that has dimensions of just 25.2 x 6.6 x 6.6 centimeters and a light weight of 180 grams, so it can be comfortably transported anywhere.

The rustic aspect is something that stands out, as it is in contrast to other models that usually have very detailed designs. However, people who value the classic will appreciate the construction of this rain stick, decorated by a multi-colored ribbon at one end.

Another aspect that distinguishes it is that this instrument, made by hand, has cactus as its base material and not bamboo, as is usual. Thanks to this, the product has small holes that provide a better grip.

For many, less is more and for them there are options like this rain stick from Purity, which has a traditional and classic look.


Size: As its size is quite small and, in addition, it is a light product, its transport will be easy.

Cactus: The use of cactus is something that stands out, as it is a durable and striking material that is distinguished from bamboo.

Grip: Thanks to the shape of the rain stick, it will be much easier to hold and use it correctly.


Polishing: The instrument could be better polished, therefore care is needed to avoid splinters.

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4. Meinl RS1BK-XXL Rainstick 60″

Rain sticks, most of the time, are usually purchased because their beautiful sound makes them not only a great musical instrument, but also a suitable product for relaxation. For that reason, Meinl has given his creation what it takes to offer a harmonious noise, long projection and good sonority.

However, this is not the only thing that stands out, as this product has one of the most outstanding aspects. Its design is handmade and is divided into various sections, all of which have a central image that is surrounded by details made in pointillism. Additionally, since the ends are painted black, everything makes a great contrast.

As for the size, this product is considered XXL, since it is 152 centimeters long and weighs 1.13 kilograms. This makes it an excellent product to have around the house for decoration.

In case you are looking for the best brand of rain sticks, Meinl can be an outstanding option, since its instruments, like this one, are of quality.


Design: This is one of the most detailed rain sticks. It has a striking and colorful design that shows special attention to all aspects.

Sound: The sound produced by this instrument is of quality, as it has adequate projection and good resonance.

Decoration: This could be a great decorative item, making it a standout item for collectors. 


Size: Its size can make it difficult to use, if your purpose is to use it as a musical instrument.

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5. Carved Culture 1 Bamboo Rain Stick

This may not be one of the cheapest rainsticks on the market, however, when you take into consideration the design and quality of the instrument, its price might be justified. By purchasing this alternative, you will get a rainstick from a set of 8 from Carved Culture that you could purchase additionally to have a collection at home.

The rain stick is characterized in that it has a length of 15 centimeters, making it easy to transport. In addition to that, it is a suitable instrument for use by children from approximately 36 months.

The little ones, in addition to being surprised by the bright color and the handmade pointillist design, will experiment with the texture of the rain stick and have a better grip.

Finally, it is worth noting that the product is made with bamboo obtained by fair trade. This gives durability without interfering with the sustainability of the material.

If you want to get a quality long-lasting purchase, then this product is a very good option for you.


Fair trade:  With this purchase you will have a rain stick whose materials have been obtained with fair trade.

Design: The design, with bright color and a pointillism pattern will catch everyone’s attention.

Children: This instrument, in addition to being decorative, is suitable for use by children from 36 months on their own.


Price: To acquire this product it is necessary to invest a little more money than would be done with other models.

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6. Hape Rain Stick Barrutoys E0327

It is never too early to enjoy music and if you are looking for one of the best rain sticks 2022 for kids, this is a very good option. The Hape model is an instrument made specifically for the little ones and this shows in its structure, as well as in its design.

The product combines wood and plastic in its structure to thereby provide very good resistance to use. In turn, this allows the rain stick to have a transparent section so that the little ones can see the colored balls fall through a maze that will stimulate their senses.

As the balls fall, the toy will produce a harmonious sound similar to rain, but it can also be used as a rattle. Finally, the curved structure will allow a better grip on the part of the children, since their little hands will adapt to the rain stick correctly.

Children will be able to have fun and stimulate all their senses with a product like this, which is why it is a very good option.


Structure: The curved structure of the product allows children to have a better grip and use the instrument with ease.

Design: Its design will capture the attention of the little ones, since it is possible to see the balls move through a fun maze.

Children: This is a product that has been manufactured specifically for children, therefore, they will feel comfortable and safe when using it.


Sound: This instrument manages to produce a nice sound, however, it is not as rain-like as others.

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7. Meinl RS1R-M Rainstick

It is almost impossible to determine what is most striking about this product, since both its sound and its visual appearance will attract the attention of anyone who is nearby. Meinl, as is often the case with the products it manufactures, has given this rainstick a completely hand-painted design, using different painting techniques, including pointillism.

This is divided into different sections, where animals, nature and different colors can be detailed. So it can be taken as a collector’s item.

On the other hand, the noise produced by this instrument is rich in nuances, with a good sonority and adequate sound projection. Its 60-centimeter structure facilitates easy use and this is complemented by a light weight that does not even reach 700 grams.

As it is made of bamboo wood, this instrument has been designed to last over time, as it is a resistant and durable material. It is difficult to choose the best rainstick of the moment, however, the choice could be easier when there are products like this model.


Design: The design of this instrument is detailed and has been painted by hand, in order to give it a look worthy of collection.

Size: Its size is suitable for adults to easily touch it.

Bamboo: Bamboo wood is an ideal material for this type of product, so the fact that this is the base element is something positive.


Care: Because the painting is handmade, it must be taken care of delicately to prevent it from deteriorating.

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8. Lhkj Wooden Rain Stick baby kids

Some rain sticks, due to their design and materials, may not be suitable for babies. However, in this case, LHKJ has manufactured a product suitable for the little ones, as it adapts to all their needs.

First of all, this rain stick has a colorful design that will surely catch the attention of children. Your vision will be stimulated and it is a good way to learn about colors. On the other hand, its structure is small, light and ergonomic, so that babies can hold the instrument correctly and have fun without complications or effort.

On the other hand, the instrument has been manufactured with quality wood, which is very well polished to avoid any type of accident. In addition, the material allows the interior of the product to resonate to mimic the soothing sound of rain. With the instrument, children will develop their musical sense and also their motor skills.

Among the cheapest options on the market there are also options for children, as is the case with this model.


Babies: This is a rain stick made specifically for babies, so they will be safe to use.

Frame: Due to the wood used to make this frame, the instrument is durable and will stand up to constant use.

Colors:  The inclusion of various colors will stimulate the creativity of babies and help them learn the names of these.


Gift: Unlike some models that come with a gift box or bag, this rainstick only comes with a plastic bag.

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9. Bean 302593 Rainmaker Wormy

Children of all ages could be delighted with this beautiful rain stick that Haba has designed especially for them. The first thing that will capture the attention of the little ones is the appearance of the instrument, since it comes with a motif of a happy little worm and comes in different colors to stimulate the child’s vision.

All this is complemented by a transparent center section with a curved drop for added fun. The children will be able to see all the balls fall from one side to the other and the best of all is that, while this is happening, they will also be able to enjoy the sound effects.

It is possible to enjoy a melody similar to falling rain, however, the most playful can simply make the toy sound like a rattle.

As for the structure, it has small dimensions and, in addition, it has a fairly light weight. Thanks to this, the rain stick is very easy to transport and use.

There is no need to think too hard about which rainstick to buy for your child when there are options dedicated exclusively for children, like this model from Haba.


Design: This original rain stick comes with a colorful design of a beautiful little worm that is sure to delight all the little ones.

Transparent: The fact that it has a completely transparent section means that children have fun watching the balls fall.

Dimensions: This is a small and light product, therefore, children can have fun without exerting effort.


Stuck: The balls could get stuck for a moment, interrupting your little one’s play.

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Shopping guide

To have a quality rain stick you must know what characteristics to take into account when buying it. Therefore, take a few minutes to check each of the most relevant aspects and make sure you use the information when making your decision. Surely this will make a difference.


Because rain sticks are usually simple products, when compared to other types of instruments that can be found on the market, there are buyers who may not pay due attention when buying them, which may lead to purchasing a rain stick. wrong rain that fails to meet the needs you have.

It is true that its structure is less complex than that of other instruments, however, each characteristic of this affects the final sound result that the product can offer. For that reason, pay close attention when doing a rainstick comparison.

First of all, the materials can directly influence the sound you will get, so you should know which one you want to choose.

Traditional rain sticks have been made from cactus for many years, however, nowadays, it is more common to find a model made from bamboo, as this wood has become standard. This change is due to the fact that bamboo, in addition to being durable, offers a better vibration and this improves the sound of the product.

On the other hand, if the most important thing for you is how much the rainstick costs, you can find cheap products made with synthetic materials, although this affects the sound.

Likewise, the measurements and weight are also included in the structure, so, in the same way, they are characteristics that are worth evaluating.

It is possible to find rain sticks from 15 to 25 centimeters to be portable instruments and suitable for children. However, you can also find models from 60 centimeters onwards for adults and, finally, options that measure more than one meter to serve as decoration.

In this order of ideas, if it will be used in professional settings, the rainstick should be mid-range and light in weight to facilitate its use.


When it comes to design, the rainstick market has options for all tastes, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find the right one for you. It will only take a few minutes of searching in a guide to buy the best rain stick to find the perfect model.

There are people who, for example, value the traditional above anything else and, for them, there are articles made with cactus, which retain a completely rustic appearance. This woody style with few color decorations is the classic from many years ago and, for that reason, they continue to be manufactured.

On the other hand, if you like more sophisticated designs or want to use your purchase as a display in a collection of instruments, then the best alternative is to get a rainstick that has a decoration made by hand and paints of the best quality. For these cases, verifying the portfolio of brands such as Meinl is a good idea, as it is one of the many companies that stand out for providing complex designs, which involve various painting techniques such as pointillism or tonal gradients.

Finally, when it comes to a design for children, it is recommended that the item you are going to buy be very colorful and striking. In this way, you will be able to attract their attention and retain it for the duration of the musical game session. However, these should not have a delicate painting, as constant and often careless handling can deteriorate their appearance very quickly.


It is necessary to understand that, although the difference in the sizes of the rain sticks and the various materials can directly influence the sound of the instrument, really judging the quality of a rain stick depends entirely on the functionality with which it has been used. been created.

For example, although these instruments usually have a cylindrical structure, if it is an instrument for young children, it should have a curved body to facilitate ergonomic grip by children. Among other characteristics that are recommended for children’s rain sticks are a size suitable for their little hands and a light weight that does not complicate their use.

In addition, it is preferable that it be a textured product with striking designs, because, in this way, the product will manage to stimulate several senses simultaneously.

Therefore, keep in mind what kind of function you want to give the rainstick and check its features with this in mind. This way you will be able to find the best rain stick for you.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a rain stick?

Making a rain stick is a very easy activity that, fortunately, can be done with children and can be a great opportunity to have a lot of fun in the process.

To get started, you need:

– Cardboard tubes

– Toothpicks

– A needle

– Pair of scissors

– extra cardboard

– Glue

– Decorative materials

– Scotch tape

– Rice, seeds or pebbles.

As a first step, you will have to start gluing several cardboard tubes using the adhesive tape so that the structure is long. The length makes the musical fall appreciate in a better way.

The adult should take the needle and subtly open small holes in the tube, without crossing to the other side and in a spiral direction.

Taking the sticks, they should be inserted one by one into the holes, from the outside. When they fit, the excess of these should be cut and, using glue, the holes should be sealed.

As a next step, you will need to cut the rainstick caps out of the extra piece of cardboard. This should be done after marking the tube measurements.

Glue the first lid and, through the free hole, insert the content you have chosen for the rain stick. Test the sound by covering the hole with your hand, making sure this is the one you want.

To finish, cover the last end and start decorating.

When it’s dry, your rain stick is ready for you to enjoy a day of music.

Q2: How to decorate a rain stick?

There are no rules when it comes to decorating a rain stick, as these instruments rather stand out because, most of the time, they have elaborate designs full of different details that differentiate them from each other.

If it is an instrument for children, it is recommended that the decoration be quite striking and have drawings, such as animals, to capture the attention of the little ones.

However, if the product will be used by an adult, then it is recommended to use colors that inspire relaxation or look good on display, in case you want to show everyone your creation.

In any case, always use quality paints, no matter how you are going to decorate the product, as constant handling can damage your creations.

Q3: What family does the rain stick belong to?

The rain stick is considered a percussion instrument, so it belongs to this family.

Q4: What is a rain stick for?            

Most of the time rain sticks are used to create sound effects. However, this also has other uses.

Some people actually use the rainstick as a percussion instrument and can create beautiful melodies with it. While, in certain cases, there are those who use the product as a relaxation method.

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