The 9 Best Rosin of 2022

Rosin – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Although rosin is not a well-known product on the market, its importance in the artistic and sports scene is well recognized. The beautiful sounds of the viola, violin, and cello depend on this natural resin, as does the grip of some athletes and dancers who use the product for good traction. When it comes to music, purchasing a rosin such as the light-colored, versatile-use D’Addario VR200 or Hidersine 6V, exclusive to the violin and containing 30 grams of content, is a way to ensure that instruments are properly maintained and clear and professional sound.

The 9 Best Rosin – Opinions 2022

Almost all colognes are very similar to one another, so if you’re not familiar with them, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you. In this list you can take into account pros and cons to make an informed decision that will help you with what you need.

rosin resin

1. D’Addario Natural Resin VR200 

With the D’Addario seal of quality, this rosin has been manufactured under strict standards in accordance with the demands of the music industry. The model stands out for its versatility, since it can be used both on horsehair and synthetic hair bows.

For your greater comfort, its plastic protection allows a much simpler application and a safer mobilization as well. The latter is complemented by small dimensions of 5.84 x 2.54 x 3.3 cm and a light weight of just 39 grams, which make storing the resin and transporting it easy.

This product has been elaborated making exclusive use of natural elements, to avoid adverse reactions to its composition and also the deterioration of the strings that could be caused by any chemical additive. In addition to that, this model is a suitable rosin for students and can be used on violins, cellos and violas without any problem.

It is difficult to choose the best brand of rosins among so many manufacturers, however, D’Addario is a brand that consistently produces high quality products, such as this natural resin.


Versatile: This rosin is suitable for a variety of instruments and suits synthetic and horsehair bows alike.

Manufacturing: The manufacturing process has followed strict quality and safety standards.

Ingredients: The ingredients used in its formula are completely natural to avoid causing allergies.

Plastic: Its plastic protection prevents you from filling your fingers with resin, to give you greater application comfort.


Students: This rosin is designed for students, so professionals should look for other alternatives.

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2. Pangda 2 Pieces Rosin Natural Resin

Among the best rosins of 2022 you can find this Pangda purchase alternative: a 2-piece set so that you always have rosin for your instruments. Each unit comes in a practical container to facilitate its application, preventing you from filling your hands and, in addition, it comes with a handkerchief for cleaning. One of the rosins is round and the other is square, so you can use the one that gives you the most comfort.

This product has a suitable viscosity to enhance the tones of different musical instruments, such as the violin, viola and cello. This positive change in sound is most noticeable in the treble, providing a better musical range.

In addition to this, the resin is also notable for adapting to bows made of synthetic hair and horsehair. The rosins are natural and have a structure that is difficult to crack, preventing them from deteriorating over time.

If you always prefer to have an extra quality resin, with this alternative you will be able to obtain exactly what you need.


Set: This purchase comes with a kit of two quality rosins, each a different size and shape.

Bow: It is possible to use these resins correctly with synthetic hair bows and also with horsehair models.

Composition: The formula of these rosins is composed only of natural elements to avoid negative reactions.


Dust: These rosins may produce a considerable amount of dust when applied. This will cause it to need to be cleaned frequently, which can be a drawback.

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Rosin for violin

3. Hidersine 6V DL Rosin Violin Rosin

The first thing that will catch your attention about this violin rosin is its design, since the combination of its burgundy box and handkerchief with the black color of the rosin provide an incredible contrast. The composition of this rosin has been achieved with the mixture of different waxes and resins, however, its entire formula is natural to avoid allergies or adverse reactions.

The rosin is very fine grained, so a more natural and clean sound will be achieved with the bow, due to the correct friction with the steel strings. This rosin is made exclusively for the violin, and can be used by beginning and professional violinists.

As for its presentation, the rosin comes wrapped in its handkerchief to protect its mobilization and is packaged inside a sealed box. Its dimensions are small, so it will be easy to find a place for it and transport it to where you need it.

If you don’t know what rosin to buy and you have a violin, getting this option made specifically for your instrument is a good option.


Handkerchief: The inclusion of the handkerchief facilitates the application, mobilization and protection of the rosin. As well as making cleaning the violin easier.

Fine grain: Thanks to this, the rosin gives a more natural and clean sound to the violin. This will definitely improve the quality of performances.

Experience: This rosin is made to suit violinists of all ages and experience levels.


Violin: This rosin is only recommended for use with violins. Therefore, cellists and violists will have to find another rosin for them.

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4. Inception Pro Infinite Greek Pitch Rosin 

This product is not among the cheapest on the market, however, its 500 gram content and the diversity of uses that can be given to it make the investment of money worth every penny. Unlike full solid rosins, this package comes in small pieces of various sizes that can be melted to a melting point of 60-135° for use in a variety of ways.

Depending on your requirements, this violin rosin can also be the ideal resin for making soaps, making paints, making lubricants and also for creating adhesives, among many other things. It is only enough to follow the necessary process to obtain each of these products.

This rosin is quite clear and it is possible to dissolve it with different products such as acetone and alcohol. Thanks to its natural formula, it is safe for the skin to come into contact with rosin without the risk of allergies.

At first glance, this option may be less attractive than others, however, its qualities could make you reconsider your previous decision, as this is a practical and quality product.


Versatility: This is not only a violin rosin, but for the creation of different products and to use it in different activities.

Quantity: This package contains 500 grams of rosin, which stands out when compared to other models on the market.

Pieces: Coming in pieces, it will be easier to separate the exact amount you want to use, avoiding melting more resin than necessary.


Process: The process involved in melting rosin may be tedious for some people.

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Other products

5. Gewa 451170 Resin powder

With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the best rosin, however, with the Gewa seal of quality, this product could be suitable for musicians of different educational levels. Unlike resins that come in chunks or solid structures, this product comes in powder form.

To apply the rosin to your violin or viola, it will only be necessary to shake the container. The upper part of the bottle is the same as that of a salt shaker, so the resin will come out in controlled amounts to avoid accidents. In addition to this, your fingers will not have to come into contact with it at any time.

With a weight of 18 grams and measurements of 4.7 x 2.6 x 2.6 centimeters, it will be very easy to find a place for this resin in your backpack, pencil case or in your home. Additionally, it will not increase the weight load when moving the instrument.

If you don’t mind experimenting with new types of rosin, this product may be your next big purchase.


Use: Unlike other rosins, with this product your hands will not have to come into contact with the resin.

Quantity: The amount that you will pour on your instrument will be controlled, since the pot will prevent more content from coming out than you want.

Instruments: This product is suitable for use with violins as well as violas. This is an advantage if you have both.


Cleaning: Due to dust, you may need to clean the instrument a bit more after using the rosin.

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6. Rosenice Natural Rosin for Violin

In case your main interest is to get more for less, this purchase comes with four pieces of rosin so that you always have one available to continue playing your instrument, regardless of whether it is a violin, cello or viola. In addition to this versatility, these resins are also suitable for use on steel and synthetic strings.

The 4 included pieces are clear, but have a solid construction that produces little dust to avoid discomfort and a lot of cleaning. By applying the rosin, the instrument will provide better friction between the strings and the bow, resulting in a more penetrating and clear sound.

These products stand out for being suitable for beginners and also for jobs with high demands and performance. The rosins have been made by hand and have followed the strictest controls to be able to go on the market, which will give you the certainty of quality and safety.

Some of these resins could be the best rosin of the moment, due to its quality, so it is worth making this purchase.


Elaboration: The manufacture of these rosins has been carried out under strict quality controls to provide the best result.

Versatility: These rosins will be perfectly suited to different instruments, as well as musicians of different experience levels.

Set: By making this purchase, you will take home 4 pieces of rosin to maintain your instruments and keep playing.


Delicate: It is necessary to treat the resins delicately, as they could break if they are not given proper care.

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7. Forenza FA11CO Rosin Cake

Although there are many rosins suitable for various instruments, few are made specifically to address the needs of cellos. In this case, if you are a cellist, this could be the best rosin for you. The product is suitable for use on cellos of any size, regardless of the type of bow and the professionalism of your player.

This rosin comes in elegant packaging and is quite convenient to use, as it is contained within a rectangular block for easy application and to prevent rosin on your fingers. This also protects the rosin from being cracked by bumps or drops.

Another relevant aspect is that this light-colored rosin will also facilitate the cleaning process of the instrument, since it does not produce much dust when applied. Finally, its small size and light weight prevent the resin from taking up a lot of space or being uncomfortable to carry.

Little prone to cracking, easy to apply and made for all types of cellists, this product provides quality and optimal sound.


Cello: This rosin has been made specifically for cellos, so your instrument will sound amazing with this rosin.

Dust: When used, this product will not produce much dust. This is a great advantage, as it will prevent you from over cleaning.

Application: The rectangular block will make the application of the resin easier, preventing you from filling your fingers.


Content: This rosin only comes in 10 grams and its price could be considered high considering the amount of content.

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8. Andoer Bow Resin Rosin Greek Pitch 

With a structure of quite particular reddish tones, this resin with 25 grams of content is suitable for use with different instruments, specifically violins, violas and cellos. With a size of 4.5 x 2.5 x 1 cm, this rosin fits perfectly between your fingers and you can easily move it in any case with your instrument.

Manufactured in Austria under strict quality standards, the product is contained in a small structure that acts as a support and also facilitates the application of the rosin. It will not be necessary to fill your hands to achieve it.

Its dark color indicates that it is a resin that provides a good grip so that the bow has better friction with the strings. This results in a louder, clearer sound, giving you the opportunity to perform better, no matter your level of education or experience.

Among the cheapest alternatives on the market you can find this reddish rosin, which is versatile, high-quality and easy to use.


Application: Being contained in a small structure, it will be much easier to apply the rosin without filling your fingers with rosin.

Instruments: This rosin can be used on violins, cellos and violas without any problem.

Size: The size of the product allows it to adapt more easily to your hands, giving you greater comfort.


Structure: This rosin could be prone to cracking if not given proper care, so be careful.

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9. ammoon Transparent Natural Orange Rosin

This could easily be the best value for money rosin, when all of its positive qualities are taken into consideration. To begin with, the rosin comes in a circular pot with a lid to preserve the quality of the product and a base to apply it to the bow easily, without dirtying your hands.

You don’t have to settle for using rosin with just one instrument, as it is suitable for violins, cellos, and violas. In addition to that, when applying the product, it will produce little dust to prevent you from cleaning more than necessary. This is a high quality rosin to give a better sound, giving a warm and quite crisp result.

Light in color and with a bright orange hue, this 9-gram resin is made from completely natural materials to avoid adverse effects. Its small size makes it easy to move and store.

Getting quality does not mean spending a lot of money and this is demonstrated by the ammoon brand with this clear rosin, made to clean your favorite instruments. 


Dust: A positive aspect of this product is that, when applied, it will not generate much dust and will keep its shape.

Instruments: This rosin is suitable for use with different instruments such as violin, cello and viola.

Application: To apply it, it is not necessary to dirty your hands, because this resin comes in a base to facilitate the process.


Content: The resin has lower content than others on the market, so it could be finished more quickly.

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Shopping guide

Rosin, although little known by the general public, is a highly valued element in the artistic and sports scene due to its adherent qualities. This resin is especially important for violinists, violists and cellists, as it is necessary to be able to play the instruments. Due to its specific importance, it is necessary to follow certain parameters to correctly choose this product.


Although the models offered on the market seem to be very similar products, they usually have some different characteristics, depending on what the rosin is made for and what its main purpose is.

Although most people might think that rosin is used exclusively to improve the sound of some stringed instruments, since this is its most well-known use, this product actually has many other functions. For that reason, in order not to make a mistake, it is necessary that, when making the comparison of rosins, you look at this aspect.

Rosin is used to improve the grip and adherence of certain objects, which is why it is usually applied to the shoes of various dancers or to the hands and gloves of certain athletes. Thanks to this natural resin, it is more difficult to lose balance or control when doing this type of physical activity. Rosin can also be used to supplement some pharmaceutical and artistic substances, such as paint. To make a good purchase, you must verify that the composition of the product is suitable for the use you want to give it.

In addition to this, it is necessary to take another aspect into account regarding the rosin formula. Although few people suffer from allergic reactions to this resin alone, the number of people affected may increase if some added elements used in the composition of certain types of rosin are taken into consideration. Because of this, always check the ingredients of the resin you are interested in.

If you’re not too sure or you know you have sensitive skin, then it’s best to buy hypoallergenic rosin directly to avoid any inconvenience.


Like almost all products on the market, rosins come in different sizes and also contain an amount of resin that varies from one model to another. This detail affects how much rosin costs, however, it is necessary to pay close attention to the relationship between quality, quantity and price. Buying a good and cheap rosin is not paying the lowest price, but buying one that lasts longer and gives you better performance even if you have to invest a little more money.

Most rosins are usually offered with a content of 15 to 30 grams. However, certain models can reach 500 grams so that you have enough to be able to use the product for a long time. In addition to all this, there are different types of resin and each of them comes in a different presentation.

The presentation of these resins, in addition to differing in size and quantity, also vary in their type. Some of them come in a small rectangular presentation, while other rosins come in a circular shape. For greater ease of use, these usually come integrated into a base or with a small handkerchief. That way, you won’t have to fill your fingers with resin.

On the other hand, some rosins come in chunks so they can be melted down and used in various activities. As well as there are other models that come in powder form and are presented in special bottles to dose their use and adapt to different artistic and sports practices.


If you want to make your own guide to buying the best rosin for you and your goal is to use it exclusively for your instrument, then you should pay attention to another series of aspects that will ensure better product performance. Most of the time, rosins created especially for musical instruments work for the violin, viola, and cello, however, some models may be made for one of them in particular. To know this, it is usually enough to read the package.

In the same way, some manufacturers of this type of instrument usually indicate which rosin is suitable for their strings. Therefore, if this is the case for you, check that the rosin you are interested in is compatible with the strings of your instrument. Otherwise, the performance might not be what you expect.

Finally, the different shades of the resin say a lot about its quality and effects. If you will be using the instrument in a place with low humidity, low temperature and need more grip, then a dark rosin is your correct choice. This is frequently used in orchestras, by cellists. On the contrary, if the place has a high temperature and more humidity, you can use a clear resin. This is mostly used by violinists.

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