The 9 Best Self-Powered Speakers of 2022

Self-powered speaker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Self-powered speakers have multiple inputs and outputs for connecting microphones or other external media devices, so they’re great for amplifying music from your phone, tablet, or computer. For that reason, they are used for DJ music and Karaoke. A recommended active speaker could be the Pyle PSBT105A, which offers a 1/4″ microphone input and even has Bluetooth to play audio wirelessly. Likewise, the Ibiza XTK8A model could be the one for you, since in addition to microphone and line input, it provides RCA audio input to connect DVD, Blu-ray or other equipment through cables.

The 9 Best Self-Powered Speakers – Opinions 2022

To find good speakers on the Internet, you must review the qualities of various brands and models. Therefore, in this article we present a list of the best self-powered speakers of 2022.


Bluetooth powered speakers

1. Pyle PSBT105A Battery Powered Portable Speaker

This could be the best value for money self-powered speaker, because it is one of the cheapest, but it has several options to reproduce the audio. For example, it has a USB input, so you can play hundreds of albums or songs that you have stored on a flash drive on it. You can even use MicroSD memories with lots of music to liven up meetings or birthdays at home.

In addition to this, it is a model of self-powered Bluetooth speakers, so that, if you do not want to connect a flash drive, you can pair your phone, tablet or computer to it to play all the audio you want. As if that were not enough, this speaker comes with a rechargeable battery, for use where there is no power outlet.

Another aspect that we cannot fail to highlight is its 1/4″ microphone input, so that you can amplify your voice in Karaoke. Also, it will be possible to say a few words to guests at weddings or birthdays.

It may be the best self-powered speaker of the moment, so check out its pros and cons, which we explain below.


Power: Its power is 1000 W, the woofer is 10 “and the tweeter is 1”. In this way, it emits sufficient sound for small and medium-sized spaces.

Connectivity: It not only serves to connect a microphone, but you can also use pen drives or MicroSD cards.

Portability: Its compact size makes it very portable, it also has a handle and wheels for your convenience.


Distortion: It could sometimes distort a bit, depending on the music you’re listening to and the volume level you put on it.

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2. Trevi XFEST XF 1200 KB Portable Powered Speaker with MP3

If you are looking for the best portable self-powered speaker, be sure to check out this model from the Trevi brand, since it is small and has a 12 V input, so you can adapt it to a car battery and a compatible generator. In addition, you can use it on your camping trips, since it offers a rechargeable battery.  

In addition, this is one of the most outstanding self-powered Bluetooth speakers, because you can pair it with another speaker of the same model, adding more power and volume to your favorite music.

In addition to this, it has a 3.5 mm input, so that you can connect MP3 players or other devices through an auxiliary cable. It even comes with an input for a USB flash drive or MicroSD memory, so that you can listen to the audio files in MP3 format that you like the most.

If you are still wondering which self-powered speaker to buy, this model could give you the appropriate answer, so check out its following important aspects.


Connectivity: It is used to connect different equipment through Bluetooth or via cable. Also, you can connect pendrives or MicroSD cards with a lot of music.

Karaoke: On the control panel it has a 1/4″ input, so you can connect a microphone to sing Karaoke.

Lights: Thanks to its blue LED lights you can give a more cheerful touch to meetings with family and friends.


RCA: It would be good if it had an RCA input for the connection of DVD or other equipment that has this type of output.

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200W powered speakers

3. Ibiza XTK8A Active ABS Speakers

When you don’t know which is the best powered speaker, the purchase choice is more complex. Therefore, here we present a model that could be the option you need. This is one of the most versatile 200W self-powered speakers, offering adequate sound and volume for listening to your favorite songs in average-sized living rooms or bedrooms.

In the same way, it is one of the best cheap self-powered speakers, which in turn offers quality and durability, since it has been made of resistant ABS.

Another aspect that we can highlight about this speaker is that it has line and microphone inputs, the first XLR type and the second 1/4″. It also offers stereo RCA inputs and outputs, which are widely used to connect external equipment via cable, for example, PlayStation 3, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.

Although it is one of the cheapest speakers, it provides a nice and balanced sound, so we recommend that you know its main pros and cons.


Settings: On the back you can find the controls to adjust the treble and bass, as well as the classic Karaoke Echo effect.

Bass: With its 2-way Bass Reflex system you can enjoy powerful bass for various musical styles.

Practicality: Among its outputs, the Speaker output stands out, which will be used to connect another speaker of the same model and increase the power of the sound.


Storage: It does not have entries for storage devices such as pen drive or MicroSD memory.

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Behringer powered speakers

4. Behringer B108D 8″ 300W Powered Speaker

If you need self-powered speakers, Behringer can purchase two units of this model, the B108D. This is because it offers a power of 300 W and its driver is 8″, which is enough to provide surround sound in various spaces. In addition, it has a 1/4″ input and an XLR type input to connect a cable microphone. Likewise, you can control the input volume with a potentiometer.

Also, it should be noted that this Behringer speaker brings 2-band equalization, that is, for bass and treble adjustment. In this way, the voices and tracks will be heard according to your needs or preferences.

On the other hand, this speaker offers Digital Wireless technology, so you can connect a USB wireless receiver for 2 wireless microphones to it. It even has an XLR output, to connect another speaker of the same model.

This could be the best brand of self-powered speakers, since Behringer specializes in making sound equipment and musical instruments. 


Power: It is a speaker with 300 W of power, which is provided through an 8-inch driver and a small tweeter at the top.

Practicality: In the control panel you will find the USB Digital Wireless input that will help you to connect 2 wireless microphones at the same time.


Handle: It is missing that it brings a handle to grab it more easily when moving and installing it.

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Professional self-powered speakers

5. JBL 10” two-way bi-amplified box

If you are looking for professional self-powered speakers, you can buy several units of JBL EON610, since it is a model that can be connected in series for larger monitoring in various places such as churches, theaters or halls. This is possible thanks to its male XLR output called THRU.

In addition, it is a speaker with 2 inputs for microphones and musical instruments compatible with XLR or 1/4″ jacks. That is, at the same time you can connect a microphone to sing and a digital keyboard for accompaniment. It is even possible to connect 2 microphones at the same time to sing duets with another person.  

And if you’re worried about equalization, this model offers compatibility with the EON Connect app. It is thanks to it that you will be able to control the equalization from your mobile device via Bluetooth. Also, you can adjust the gain or general volume of the audio.

The sound of this speaker is powerful and clear, so reviewing its pros and cons might help you make a proper purchase decision.


Power: With 1000 W of power it will be enough for live music monitoring in various indoor scenarios.  

Equalization: From the EON Connect application or directly from its control panel you can control the equalization.

Practicality: It is possible to connect this speaker to others of the same model for a louder sound.


Auxiliary: It does not have a 3.5 mm input for auxiliary audio, so you will not be able to connect phones, tablets or computers.

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Self-powered Skytec speakers

6. Vonyx SPJ-1200A Powered ABS Speaker

This is one of the most highly recommended self-powered Vonyx loudspeakers, offering both XLR and 1/4″ mic inputs. In this way, you will be able to sing Karaoke or perform other musical activities without problems. In addition, its power is 300 W, enough if you want to amplify your voice in small and medium-sized environments.

Also, this speaker has bass and treble equalization, thanks to its Bass and Treble rotary buttons on the control panel. You can even control the volume of the microphone through a practical button.

Another aspect that we can highlight is that it has XLR and RCA line inputs, to connect DJ mixers, DVDs, MP3 players or other external devices. And, if you want to increase the volume or power, you can connect this product to other powered speakers, thanks to its XLR line output.

The sounds of this speaker are heard clearly and at a good volume, so it would not be a bad idea to review its pros and cons, it may be the product you need.


Power: Its power is 300 W RMS, being useful for using it as a live monitor or for playing music at family gatherings.  

Equalization: The volume and equalization controls on the control panel will give you a unique experience in comfort and audio quality.

Inputs: The line and microphone inputs are varied, XLR, RCA and 1/4″, so you can connect various audio devices via cable.  


Accessories: It is missing that the package includes a tripod or at least the carrying case.

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Self-powered DJ speakers

7. Pioneer Club 5 Bluetooth Speaker LED Lighting

This could be very useful if you are looking for self-powered DJ speakers, as it offers a Bluetooth connection to listen to all the music you want through your phone, tablet or computer. Likewise, it has a USB input to connect your storage devices.

Another outstanding aspect is its ability to carry out voice commands, making it easier to find your song lists.

Also, if you don’t want to use the Bluetooth function, you can opt for the 3.5mm auxiliary connection. In addition, it is a device with controls to adjust the bass and treble to your liking, depending on the musical genre or the songs you are listening to.

On the other hand, its design makes it very practical, because you can use it vertically or horizontally, depending on your preferences. It also has two LED lighting modes, making it more attractive and cheerful to listen to music at parties or family gatherings.

Pioneer is one of the leading companies in DJ equipment, so if you want such a speaker, consider the following pros and cons.


Power: The speaker has 2 drivers of 60 W each, so it provides adequate sound for almost any space in the home.

Commands: Through voice commands you will be able to find your favorite songs with greater comfort and ease.

Lighting: In the back, as well as in the control panel and the front area, it offers bright and cheerful LED lighting to liven up your family parties.


Microphone: An XLR or 1/4″ input is missing to connect a microphone without the need for a converter.

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15-inch powered speakers

8. SkyTec CSB215 Active PA Speakers

If you want self-powered 15-inch speakers, perhaps this Skytec model is the right one, since it comes with 2 drivers with these dimensions and an air outlet to prevent sound reflection in the speaker box. In addition to this, it brings a maximum power of 1600 W, being enough to fill environments of various dimensions with sound.

Also, it is a great speaker to amplify the sound at events, for example, weddings, birthdays or live performances. For the latter, two units of this speaker are recommended, so that you can emit the stereo sound of the music.

On the other hand, we mention that it has 2 microphone inputs, so you can use it to sing in the company of another person. It even offers echo effect for Karaoke or other activities.  

Below, we present the most important qualities of this speaker model, perhaps they will help you make the best purchase decision.


Power: With a power of 1600 W and its 2 15″ drivers you can enjoy deep bass and adequate volume.

Robustness: Its box with protectors on the corners is quite resistant to take to your events or live presentations.

Inputs: The microphone ports are accompanied by stereo line inputs and outputs in RCA format.


Bluetooth: It does not come with Bluetooth technology to connect external devices wirelessly.

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Pair of self-powered speakers

9. Malone PW-EV-15A Black Edition Pair of 2-Way Speakers

If you are looking for high-quality stereo sound, perhaps this pair of self-powered speakers is the most suitable solution. It is a pair of speakers with 15-inch drivers and a power of 750 W RMS. In addition, they are capable of reaching a maximum of 1500 W, for high-volume sound.

In addition to this, we mention that they are PA speakers, so you can connect them to each other to save space and facilitate cable connections in the place where you are going to use them. They’re also made of strong ABS for durability, even though you move them around often.   

On the other hand, it should be noted that each speaker has 2 1/4″ microphone inputs with their respective volume controls. Also, it offers RCA inputs and outputs to connect other types of devices.

These are the most outstanding positive and negative qualities of the Malone PW-EV-15A pair. Review each aspect and compare with your needs for a better choice.


Power: The power of these speakers is 750 W RMS, but they also reach a maximum of 1500 W.

Inputs: On the control panel you will have 2 microphone inputs, as well as RCA inputs and outputs.

Ergonomics: Although they are large 15″ speakers, they offer high comfort when moving them, since they have a side handle.


USB: It does not have a USB port to connect a flash drive and listen to the music you have on it.

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Shopping guide

In this guide to buying the best self-powered speaker, we will explain the characteristics that a product of this type must have. Take each of them into account before making the choice.


In a comparison of self-powered speakers, the power characteristic must be reviewed, because its quality will largely depend on it. Power for compact speakers should be 300W or less as they are used in small living rooms or rooms. Also, these speakers are recommended for closed places, that is, indoors.

On the other hand, large speakers should be 300 W and up, some can exceed 1000 W. These are useful for large rooms or halls, even in auditoriums or open stages.

driver size

The driver or driver is the element that emits the sound and is located inside the speaker box. In addition, it has a cone shape to project the sound in the best way.

When you buy a speaker, don’t worry too much about the external measurements or dimensions of the box, because this may not have much influence on the sound quality. That is, the box may be very large, but have small drivers, producing poor sound anyway. Better check the size first, but not of the box, but of the controller. This is measured in inches and is represented by the symbol “, similar to quotation marks in Spanish. Some vendors or manufacturers put this information in centimeters, but the most universal way is for it to appear in inches, like phone screens.

The driver is also known as a woofer or speaker, so many people could get confused, so learn this now so you don’t make a mistake when choosing a certain model.

Normally, the larger the driver, the greater its power and volume, so for very large and open places, speakers with drivers of 15 inches or more are used. Of course, the fact of how much a speaker costs can vary, depending on the size of the driver. That is, speakers with larger drivers could have a higher price. However, due to the wide variety of speakers on the Internet, it is not impossible to find an affordable model.


The inputs of a self-powered speaker may vary depending on the model you choose, although here we will explain in a general way what the most common inputs are. The microphone ports are one of the most seen in self-powered speakers, since you can connect this type of audio device to sing and have fun with your friends. Typically these mic inputs are 1/4″ or XLR female jacks. Before buying the speaker, make sure that the microphone you have at home is compatible with one of these inputs, otherwise you will have to purchase a separate converter.

Another port that self-powered speakers commonly have is the 3.5mm auxiliary. This will serve to connect equipment with an auxiliary audio cable, for example, phones, tablets, computers or MP3 players. If you want to make this type of connection, check if the model you want includes it.

Also, there are speakers that have RCA or 1/4″ line ports, which are used to connect musical instruments, mixers or other sound devices.


As for the outputs, sometimes people get confused as they are very similar to the inputs. However, its function is very different; the outputs are the ones that transmit the sound that has entered the self-powered speaker. In other words, you shouldn’t plug the mic into an XLR or 1/4″ audio output, it won’t sound.

Taking this into account, the outputs are for connecting other PA speakers or, for example, a computer with a DAW application. The latter is used to record everything that is being played on the speaker in real time. For this, the RCA L and R outputs represented by the colors white and red are used, in addition to an audio cable.


Bluetooth technology in a speaker helps make wireless connections from Android, iOS, Linux, or Windows phones, computers, or tablets. All you need to do is turn on Bluetooth on your device in order to pair it with the speaker. This technology will facilitate the connection, because you will not need cables, which sometimes become very annoying when organizing the furniture where you have the speaker mounted, in case it is a table model.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use self-powered speakers?

First of all, place the speaker in a cool place where ventilation reaches it, since being self-powered it can get hot. Also, you must mount it in a place where it does not receive much humidity, for greater durability. Another tip is to turn it on before turning up the volume, otherwise you could cause loud sounds that damage the speaker driver.

And, if you want to project the sound better, use a tripod. Normally, this type of loudspeaker has an entrance at the bottom for its respective tripod.

Q2: How to connect powered speakers?

Some people on the Internet recommend connecting the audio cables with the speaker turned off. Then, when you have connected all the cables, turn on the equipment. Of course, insert the cables carefully, without applying too much pressure, for example, the male microphone jack or the auxiliary audio cable.

Q3: Where to install self-powered speakers?

This will depend on the type of loudspeaker, because there are some models that are used to install on stage as part of the monitoring of the artists. Others are intended for domestic use, so they can be set up in the living room of the house. Also, if they are small in size, they may go well on a TV cabinet or other type of table.

In the same way, it is recommended to install in dry and cool places, for greater durability of the equipment. However, we recommend that you review the user manual; This may contain information on where to install your speaker model.

Q4: Which is better, powered or passive speakers?

If you want to use equipment that is easier to install and use, a self-powered speaker would be best for you, because it does not require external equipment to output sounds. On the other hand, if you like to use separate amplifiers, it is best to buy a passive speaker. This type of speaker does not have amplification, so you must connect it to the outputs of an amplifier so that you can hear it.

For professional use in large concerts, especially in open spaces, the most recommended is to use passive speakers. However, this can vary, depending on the sound engineer and the structure of the sound you have.

Q5: Why do my powered speakers have distortion?

Distortion is a very common thing in speakers, both powered and passive, but it mostly happens when you turn it all the way up. The solution is to set it to an appropriate volume, plus loud sounds can damage your hearing system.

If you put low volume and the music still sounds distorted, it could be because the driver has deteriorated. It is very common for the driver membrane to be damaged, because it is often made of cardboard or a similar material. When you play songs with very powerful bass and at high volume, you put a lot of demands on the driver’s membrane; this produces its deterioration over time.  

Q6: Which powered speakers are better, Pioneer or Bose?

Pioneer is a brand specializing in car audio equipment as well as DJ equipment. Perhaps for many it enters the number one position if they are going to buy a car radio and their respective passive speakers. Similarly, for self-powered speakers for domestic use, Pioneer works very well, because its products are of high quality, always offering a clean and powerful sound at the same time.

In contrast, although Bose also manufactures home appliances such as sound bars or computer speakers, one of its best products is active PA speakers. In the latter they outperform Pioneer, offering larger self-powered speakers for professional use. The downside is that Bose PA speakers are priced higher, with some models exceeding $1,000.  

Q7: Why are my powered speakers not playing?

The cause of your powered speakers not sounding could be because the safety fuse has blown. This happens when there is an overload in the electrical power or perhaps a short circuit in the network where you have the speaker connected.  

Therefore, the solution is to change the safety fuse with a new one and test if the problem persists. In case the fault continues, it is best to take the speaker to the technical service of the brand, Pioneer, JBL, Behringer, etc. Probably, if you try to repair the speaker yourself, you will no longer be able to use the warranty.

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