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Bass – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

To give more emphasis to the rhythm in a melody, it is best to have a bass in the band. Its deep sound accompanies other instruments and complements them. However, there are so many aspects to consider, such as whether it is acoustic or electric, number of strings, types of wood, etc. So it is not easy to choose one in particular. But if you are looking for good options, one can be the Stagg BC300-WS, a 4-string electric bass made of alder wood. If you prefer an acoustic bass, you can use the Dimavery AB-455, made of nato, fir and agathis wood, also featuring a built-in preamplifier and equalizer, very easy to use.

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Opinions about the best basses on the market

Among the long list of options on the net, we have selected some basses that stand out due to their qualities and below we present a brief description of them. Probably among these you will find one that manages to meet your expectations, so that you add it among your purchase options.

Electric bass

Stagg BC300-WS

If you are looking for a cheap electric bass, we present this Stagg brand model, which is made of a good combination of materials, as it includes an alder body, rosewood frets and maple neck, so it could offer a good sound without be too high in cost, so it may well be among the best basses of 2022.

On the other hand, due to its single coil pickups, we can say that it offers a bright sound and interesting bass nuances. Its design is also remarkable, for which a brown varnish with a matte finish has been chosen, which allows you to appreciate the natural wood of the body of this electric bass, which for many is an additional attraction, for being basic and versatile.

It should be added that due to its tone scale, it will be very useful for interpreting different styles, especially for classic rock and other variants, as well as compositions that you come up with on your own.

We invite you to review the pros and cons of this model, with which it will be easier to decide if it is the best bass of the moment that you could acquire.


Classic: Because it has 4 strings, it is considered a classic model, which will be useful for a large repertoire of musical pieces.

Appearance: Its matte brown varnish in a natural finish could be to the liking of those looking for a bass that looks untraditional.

Tuner: Thanks to the fact that it includes this function in its pre-amplifier, you do not have to purchase one separately.

Quality: Several users who have purchased it, rate it positively for its value for money.


Versatile: Those looking for a bass with a wider tone range may not go for this model.

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acoustic bass

Dimavery AB-455 

When it comes to looking for the best bass, the Dimavery AB-455 model is another interesting option. In this case, we are talking about an acoustic bass with a traditional character and with all the quality necessary to improve your performances.

This five-string bass features an Agathis body, nato neck, rosewood fingerboards, and spruce top. All these woods offer high sound, good resistance and are dyed in different shades of black, forming a magnificent exterior image for the piece.

Regarding its electronic part, it has a preamplifier with a three-band equalizer, volume adjustment by means of a potentiometer and presence adjustment. Just what you need to optimize sound output in the way that suits you best.

If you don’t know what bass to buy, we leave you the results of our analysis regarding what this model offers you.


Construction: Its high-quality construction has different woods, which give the piece high resistance and considerable sonority.

Headstock: The headstock maintains the tension of the strings and makes it easy to adjust the same when necessary.

Neck: The guitar has 21 frets in total, to give you a greater variety when playing any piece.

Electronics: Its electronic part includes a preamplifier, equalizer and even a small screen, where you can clearly see what you are doing.


Handling: It is not an easy piece to handle, at least for users who have never used one of these instruments.

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Bass Ibanez

Ibanez GSR205B

If you are looking for a versatile model to play current melodies, you will be interested in knowing more about this bass. In its electronic composition, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of 2 Dynamix H humbucker pickups, which are qualified as efficient in their task of transmitting sound. In addition, they have been placed in such a way that you can give the nuance that you like the most, either playing near the neck or the bridge.

On the other hand, you will also be able to make use of its Phatti Equalizer to make other important adjustments and as regards the quality of the body of this Ibanez bass, due to its combination of mahogany with a maple neck, it can even provide some sustain effects that could please you

We do not want to forget to mention that it is a 5-string bass with 22 frets, so you can count on a greater number of low notes.

Now we present a list of what we consider most relevant in this bass, so that you consider it in your selection of models.


5-string: Because it offers a broader range of low notes than standard 4-strings, it is considered versatile.

Materials: Being made of mahogany and maple, it is considered a model with good acoustic qualities.

Pickups: The placement and model of the pickups can offer attractive sounds and effects.

Design: Due to its natural appearance, it may be a bass with a striking aesthetic.


Weight: The model weighs more than 4 kg, so it may not be considered light, but this drawback is likely to be compensated by other advantageous features.

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Bass Fender

Fender Affinity Jazz Bass BK

We could not leave out of our list of featured models a proposal from the Fender brand. In particular, we have chosen one that could well be qualified as the best price-quality bass, as it has several qualities without increasing its cost too much. We will begin to describe it by mentioning that it includes two single-coil pickups, a Standard Jazz Bass for the bridge and another Single-Coil Jazz Bass for the neck, so they offer a good combination to configure the clear and powerful sound you are looking for, or to adjust effects as required by the style to be played.

As for its scale, this Fender bass model has a 4-string configuration, has 20 frets and a neck length of 86.3 cm, so it has a medium fret spacing. In addition, its design is reminiscent of a modern electric guitar, you can choose it in a red or black finish.

If you think that Fender could be the best bass brand, we invite you to review its features in detail in the following list of pros and cons.


Finishes: Due to the strict quality standards of the brand, the bass has a good aesthetic and choice of materials.

Active preamplifier: By offering this quality, you can configure some qualities of the sound from it, which can be practical.

Power: Due to the type of pickups included, it is possible to obtain a powerful sound with this model.

Color: Since it is available in several color options, you have more alternatives to choose from.


Note Scale: Some players may find that it falls short of notes compared to other 5- or 6-string models. But for playing classic styles of music, it can be a good choice.

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Yamaha Bass

Yamaha TRBX304

It is normal for you to wonder which is the best bass as there are so many options, let’s see what the Yamaha brand can offer you in its attempt to cover the needs you might have. First of all we will start by saying that this model is designed with a long scale, which can go very well with those who have previously played this instrument and feel comfortable with this size, or who seek to adapt to a standard type while learning..

Another quality of this Yamaha bass is that by having 5 strings, you will have a greater bass range to use in your performances and compositions, which adds versatility. In addition, it includes 2 ceramic MHB3n pickups among its electronic mechanisms, which can provide good equalization so that you do not lose sound quality. So it may well be a bass for intermediate to advanced players.

Before you buy your new bass, we invite you to take a look at our list of pros and cons, so that you have more elements to support your decision.


Materials: By combining this model mahogany and maple wood, it can be considered as upper mid-range. Also, you can get cool effects on your sound.

Arm: Due to the constitution of its 5-piece arm, it can offer resistance and a good transmission of vibrations.

Pickups: Thanks to its two ceramic MHB3n pickups with switch, the sound can be amplified with various nuances.

Selector: By offering 5 positions for its pre-equalization selector, it provides a good variety of options to choose the sound you are looking for.


Cost: You may find options at more affordable costs, however, some users may consider that this corresponds to its quality.

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Bass Hofner

Hofner HCT

If you don’t want to separate yourself from your favorite instrument, you can take it with you without major problems if you decide to choose this Hofner bass model, this is due to its reduced dimensions both in the body and in the arm, since it is a bass short at 76 cm with a body of approximately 26 cm wide, which can be comfortable and light compared to one with standard measurements.

In addition, it has an appearance that has been well rated by users, since both the high-gloss paint finishes and the quality of its mechanisms make it look modern and interesting while still being one of the cheapest.

On the other hand, you will have the possibility to make changes in the tone and volume of its sound with the buttons included in its equalizer. In addition, its simple two-coil pickup can be a good alternative to amplify without further complication.

Below, you can learn a little more about this bass in our analysis of advantages and possible disadvantages.


Short scale: Being made up of a 76 cm arm, you can quickly go through it, which can be useful in melodies with many changes.

Compact: Due to its reduced design, it can be considered as a practical and comfortable bass.

Tones: Due to its 24 frets, you can have a sound scale equivalent to a standard size bass.

Aesthetics: The model offers an attractive appearance both in color and finishes, which adds value to the model.


Pickup: The model only offers one pickup, which can limit sound shaping options, but some players may not find this to be a major issue.

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Fretless Bass

Ovation b778tx

If you want the freedom to play notes and create effects without the frets getting in the way, it’s best to choose a fretless bass, since not having the frets physically means you can run through the neck without interference. On the other hand, this type of bass is characterized by offering a greater sustain effect, which can make it even more attractive compared to a standard one.

To describe the Ovation b778TX model, we will mention that it is an electro-acoustic bass, with all the advantages that this may imply. But in addition, it has a very striking appearance, thanks to its matte black design, with a soundboard very similar to that of a guitar. However, it adds a sound output that can also be described as decorative, and for added convenience, it has a cutaway design that allows you easy access to all the frets, including the highest ones.

If you are a professional performer or looking for a versatile and eye-catching bass, here is a list of features, which can make it clearer what you can expect from this model.


Electroacoustic: Thanks to its resonance box and electronic mechanisms included, you can use this bass in various ways.

Aesthetics: Due to its matte black styling and design, it can be described as an eye-catching bass.

Musical scale: By not including frets on the fretboard, it is easy to make changes between notes with greater freedom and achieve a greater permanence of the sound.

Materials: Being made of maple, rosewood and rosewood, it can offer an efficient balance of sounds.


Number of Strings: Players looking for a bass with an amplified scale of notes might not be interested in this model.

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electroacoustic bass

Gear4music AB-100BK

For those who prefer versatile options, this electro-acoustic bass can be a good alternative, especially if they are looking for an affordable model. Gear4music presents us with this instrument that, among its qualities, also has a preamplifier with a 3-band equalizer, so you can configure the sound according to your needs.

As for its appearance, its design is very similar to that of a guitar, with subtle decorative details such as its perimeter outline on the top and around the sound hole, and for greater comfort, you will be able to find the correct tone more easily thanks to its guides. visible, which also act as decorative details.

As regards the materials that make it up, you will be pleased to know that it is made of poplar wood, with a spruce top and sapele body, which can offer a good sound without raising the cost of the instrument too much.

Now let’s get to know the highlights of this model, which is one of the cheapest in the following summary.


Appearance: The matte black color and its decorative details can give the model an attractive aesthetic.

Equalizer: Because it includes a 3-band EQ pickup, you can easily find the sound setting you need.

Light: Being a bass with acoustic box, it is lighter and therefore more comfortable to transport than a solid body.


Scale: The bass is only designed for 4 strings, but it could be useful in various classical musical styles, so it may not be too much of a drawback.

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bass accessories

bass tuner

Rayzm ETT-2

Having a bass tuner is necessary if you want your instrument to always produce the sounds corresponding to each musical note; for that reason, acquiring a device like this is a good option.

This small and lightweight tuner features a large LCD screen to display relevant tuning data, plus it comes with an auto power-off system to conserve battery power and keep it working properly.

Thanks to its 360° rotation, the ability of the hook to be attached to a width of up to 2.5 centimeters and the possibility of adapting to various instruments, it could be said that this is a comfortable and versatile product.

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bass amp

Asmuse 5W

In order for you to achieve sufficient volume to highlight the sound of your instrument, without having to carry a device that is too large for this, you can get a bass amplifier like the one presented by the Asmuse brand in its 5W version.

This, in addition to being portable and compact, offers versatility, since it can support the frequencies of both a bass and a guitar without much problem. In addition, you can use it without a forced connection to the electrical current, since it includes a rechargeable battery with an autonomy of around 5 hours, which can be very convenient.

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notes for bass

Sheets STK0157014190

If you are learning to play the bass and have found it difficult to find the correct note in each lesson, a guide to bass notes could be very useful. With them, you can identify the correct place where you have to press the string, especially if it is a fretless type.

In this case, it is a guide of stickers, which you can place on the fretboard of your instrument, these adhere firmly and are resistant so that they do not fade. While on the other hand, they come in various colors to differentiate between tones and midtones more easily.

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bass strings

D’Addario EXL170

In the event that one of the strings on your instrument has begun to wear out due to use, you should have a complete change of bass strings on hand. Thus, you will not have to stop playing due to lack of this important accessory.

A good alternative could be the D’Addario brand, due to its cylindrical design, which can provide comfort. While on the other hand, its nickel-plated steel wound adds resistance and gives brightness to the sound. In addition, you may be interested to know that they are compatible with both short and long scale models.

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How to choose the best bass

If you have any doubts about the features that you could analyze when making a comparison, here we present a guide to buying the best bass, with which you could have a clearer understanding of what is considered relevant in these instruments, in order to identify the one that covers the best with your expectations in the end to which you have it destined.

Shopping guide

body type

Among the broadest classifications of basses, we can find the type of body, which could be hollow or solid. If it is an acoustic bass, it will be a hollow body, something that mainly influences its lightness and what is sought is that the sound bounces inside. Those basses usually have a slightly less defined sound, but it can also be said that it is capable of producing more serious sounds than an electric one.

To talk about the solid body ones, we can say that they are much heavier, but in them the definition will depend largely on the electrical parts that are added to the instrument, which will be of greater or lesser quality and thus transmit the vibrations to the amplifier..

how is it made up

Vibrations are a very important issue in a bass, the more solid it is, the better the vibrations of the instrument are perceived. In such a way that it influences a lot if the mast is adhered with glue, if it is only screwed or if it is a single piece between mast and body.

Generally this also influences how much the instrument costs, but if the sound it produces is what you are looking for, it may be worth investing your money in the model. However, you can find a cheap bass with a good structure, it’s just a matter of reviewing this aspect in detail.

Pickup Types and Location

Another important element in the bass is the pickups, there are active and passive ones, but what does this refer to? The active ones usually have a greater signal clarity, so they may be the ones indicated when looking for greater sound clarity and background noise to be eliminated. On the other hand, the passive ones can offer a greater range of sounds, so that in a bass comparison, this point must be taken into account and check if it meets the needs.

The location of the pickups is another important point, since it is not the same to play the strings near the neck of the instrument as near the bridge. So you could analyze your preferences in this regard, to determine where at least one of the pills should be located if you have several.

scale type

If you are concerned about comfort when playing a bass, we can say that the long scale, which is approximately 81 cm, is the most common. However, it is a fact that the distance between frets can be more difficult for some players. Or put another way, on a short scale bass, which is approximately 76 cm, it is probably easier and more comfortable to execute fast fingerings, because the distance between frets is smaller.

In terms of sound, those short-scale basses may have less tension in the strings and define a little less, but they also reach interesting bass nuances. So choosing between a short and long scale bass will depend on the musician’s preferences.

sound scale

In principle, we can say that the basses began with 4 strings, these were used in almost all the music we know composed until the mid-80s, but in more recent times we find compositions with more variety of sounds, which is why basses emerged. called larger scale instruments.

Here the basses were also modified, adding the 5-string bass with an extended bass scale and also the 6-string basses, which also add more treble sounds to the instrument. If you are looking for a bass to play modern music, you may find it more versatile to have a 5 or 6 string. In this way you will not fall short when trying to interpret a melody that needs higher or lower tones.


On the other hand, an instrument not only fulfills its function by generating a pleasant and balanced sound, it is also usually sought that it has an attractive appearance, that the finishes are of quality and that it has ergonomics that help to play comfortably. So we invite you to also evaluate these aspects in your selection, because with a bass that motivates you to play, you can surely have better results and be better inspired.


If we talk about the materials of a bass, we must mention types of wood. As in other instruments, this aspect will give the instrument a very peculiar sound, being balanced, brighter in the high registers or even achieving a sustain effect in the bass that many musicians look for in a bass. Some of the most used materials are maple, which achieves defined bass, and mahogany, which can be described as fairly balanced in tones.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to tune 5 string bass?

Some musicians use this type of bass to have a greater variety of sounds in their melodies. To get a bass with this number of strings to be in tune, you must start by tuning the thinnest string to the G note, then, as happens in a 4-string bass, the next string will have a D tuning, following the, E and finally, you must tune its last and fifth strings, which are the thickest in Yes. To achieve its tuning, you can use a suitable bass tuner or a digital tone generator.

Q2: Is it essential to use a bass amplifier?

On very specific occasions in which there is not an amplifier specially designed for bass, it is possible to use a guitar amplifier without this meaning a high risk for the amplifier, since they currently have a greater resistance, however, it is necessary to note that a special one for this type of instrument is better prepared in terms of materials and design, to support these very low frequencies that are generated by the instrument, so that in the case of a recording of melodies where it is sought to reproduce a good sound, if it could be considered as essential, to give higher quality to the final product.

Q3: What is a double neck bass used for?

These instruments are not very popular, although visually they could be very attractive. In fact, they are hard to find and are sometimes purchased by special order. This is mainly due to their large size and the high weight they can have, which makes their use relatively uncomfortable. However, they can put some interesting effects within the performer’s reach, which he can perform himself, complementing the melody, since each of the arms can provide sounds in different octaves. Thus having two instruments in one.

Q4: Can I use a guitar pedalboard for bass?

Yes, it can be used, but since each of these instruments work at different sound frequencies, you may not get the sound you expect from your own bass pedal. Some musicians, however, enjoy experimenting and creating interesting effects by mixing guitar pedals with a bass. So there is not in itself a compatibility problem or it is an action that could damage the pedalboard. But in most cases it would be better to dedicate a bass pedal to this particular instrument.

Q5: How to turn guitar into bass?

In case you are looking for a versatile and affordable option to emulate the sound of a bass without having to buy another instrument, you can do it with your guitar. For this you only need to acquire a specific pedal for this function such as the Pure octave from the Mooer brand, but there are also other brands. The purpose of this type of pedal is to transform the sound you receive from the guitar and make it deeper. It usually has several buttons where you can set how many octaves you want to aggravate the sound and some other options to emphasize highs, lows or perform mixes.

Q6: What is the difference between a bass and a guitar?

There are several differences that we can mention, for example the most notable could be that the bass has 4 strings, while the guitar has 6. On the other hand, the sound corresponds in note to the guitar strings, but in a more serious scale, which helps to accompany the songs, being an instrument preferably to mark the rhythm, just like the drums do.

Q7: Which bass is better, Fender or Ibanez?

This will depend on the model to be analyzed, since both brands have very efficient mode

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