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Drum – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

The study of music provides great benefits to children and adults, since musical instruments are tools that help achieve comprehensive development, increasing creativity and memory, as well as being positive for health. Drumming has been shown to help strengthen the natural immune system, among other benefits. Among the best drums, the MUSIKID DJ0001 stands out, ideal for children due to its dimensions of 40 x 20 cm and being made of selected goat skin. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a marching drum, with a wooden shell and that includes the strap and drumsticks, we recommend the Chester F893000.

Comparison chart

Opinions on the best drums on the market

To choose the best drum today, it is advisable to know the properties, sound and style of each model, before choosing the right instrument for you. We advise you to be attentive and study all the positive and negative characteristics of each model so that you can acquire a drum that meets your needs.

african drum


The MUSIKID DJ0001 African drum is an ideal option if you want your child to excel in percussion or you simply want him to invest his free time in an activity that provides him with a series of mental and physical benefits.

This model is considered by many users as a great alternative thanks to the high quality of its manufacture and the materials used, such as selected goatskin and Alstonia Bonei De Wild wood. In addition, this drum has the peculiarity that it does not go out of tune, since it has a set of pre-stretched strings.

On the other hand, this product includes a practical bag that helps protect the instrument and allows it to be transported comfortably. Its measurements are 38 x 20 x 20 cm and it weighs approximately 1.4 Kg.

If you want to know which is the best drum, we recommend you look at this model, which includes a practical DVD with which you can learn to play this instrument like a professional.


Materials : This musical instrument has been manufactured with high quality materials such as Astonia Bonei De Wild wood and selected goat skin.

Accessories : One of the main benefits of this instrument is the practical accessories that it includes, such as a protective bag and a learning DVD.

Lightweight : This drum has a light weight of only 1.4 Kg, which allows you to easily carry it anywhere.

Transport : thanks to its transport bag, you can easily take this musical instrument anywhere you want to play it.


Size: The dimensions of this instrument may be a bit small for an adult to use.

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child drum

Chester F893000

The Chester F893000 children’s drum is considered one of the best drums of 2022 thanks to the manufacture of its shell that includes six layers of high-quality wood and aluminum parts, which gives it great durability and resistance.

This drum is produced in China and has compact dimensions of approximately 32.4 x 31.8 x 15.6 cm, making it an ideal alternative for your child to start in the world of percussion.

You won’t have to worry about how this drum is held, since it includes a practical holding strap and a pair of sticks or drumsticks so that your children can play the instrument anywhere.

If you are still wondering which drum to buy, we recommend you take a look at this practical and beautiful children’s drum that, among other positive features, incorporates up to 4 tensioners per drum, which helps it maintain better tuning.


Manufacturing : This drum offers great quality and durability thanks to its manufacturing materials such as wood and aluminum.

Tensioners : This model has four tensioners that allow it to keep its tuning for much longer.

Accessories : With the purchase of this drum, you will get a practical strap to hold it and a free pair of drumsticks.


Age : The indications of this product assure that it is an ideal drum for children from 3 to 4 years old, however, it is a musical instrument that is too big for such small children.

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Holy week drum

ammoon silver

This Ammoon drum is an ideal alternative for student bands and other musical groups that use drums at Easter, since it has a chamber made of nine layers of maple wood and finished with the electroplating technique, so it has a metallic coating applied by electrolysis.

The head of the drum is made of high quality polyethylene terephthalate or PET, which allows it to generate, in combination with the interior of the chamber, an excellent sound.

This drum is considered the best drum of the moment, since it offers a great sound, in addition to incorporating everything necessary for immediate use such as a strap to carry it, two drumsticks and even a special drum key.

Before choosing your new drum, we recommend you take this instrument into account, especially if you belong to a student band, as it guarantees great sound clarity thanks to the smooth interior walls.


Materials: This drum is made with a high-quality maple wood body with an electroplating finish.

Accessories : This practical drum incorporates a strap, two sticks and a special key to adjust the instrument.

Wall : The inner wall of the drum is completely smooth and delicate, ensuring a good-sounding snare drum.


Tape : The included transport tape is not of high quality, so you will probably have to buy another one later.

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japanese drum

Goldon 50205

If you are looking for a Japanese drum for children that you can give as a gift to your children, we recommend this traditional Goldon 50205 drum which, due to its attractive red and white colour, will be an attraction among children. In addition, its white patches are well fixed to the body of the drum thanks to very resistant steel rivets.

This model has a rigorous German manufacture and has high quality materials that guarantee hours of fun for your children. In addition, any child will be able to hold it and take it wherever they want thanks to its approximate dimensions of 180 x 80 mm.

This drum includes a pair of wooden sticks or drumsticks of good thickness and resistance, ideal to start playing right away, in addition to ensuring a good grip and a long useful life.

If you are looking for a children’s drum that can teach your children the traditional Japanese sound, we recommend you take into account this beautiful drum made with the techniques of traditional Japanese drums.


Dimensions: Thanks to its dimensions of 180 x 80 mm, any child can use it comfortably.

Manufacturing : This children’s musical instrument is manufactured in Germany under the standards and procedures for the manufacture of a traditional Japanese drum.

Materials : This drum guarantees a long useful life thanks to the fact that it is made with high quality materials.


Price : The cost of this children’s drum can be considered higher than that of other models of children’s drums.

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chinese drum

Sharplace Wood

This Chinese drum is an ideal instrument for adults and children who are familiar with percussion and is especially used to animate Chinese folk dances. This model is a waist drum, so it includes a strap to facilitate its use.

This traditional Chinese drum is for users who are at an early learning level, so it will help them continue to increase their skill with this musical instrument. Its approximate dimensions are 12 x 12 x 27 cm, making it easy for children and adults to hold.

Also, from an economic point of view, this practical Chinese drum is one of the cheapest alternatives, so your pocket will not be affected much.

If you still don’t know which drum to buy, we recommend this beautiful and versatile model, since it can be used by both adult users and children who are at an early learning level.


Versatile : This musical instrument is ideal for both children and adults alike thanks to its dimensions and ease of use.

Accessories : This drum includes a pair of wooden sticks and a strap to hold the instrument, so it is ready for use from the moment you buy it.

Material : This model is made of high quality wood, so a good sound and long durability are guaranteed.


Tape : At first glance, the hanging tape that includes this drum looks a bit uncomfortable, since it does not have any padding that can soften the friction with the body.

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drum toy

REIG Pocoyo

If you are looking for an instrument that favors the motor, sensory and intellectual development of your child, we recommend this beautiful toy drum with the theme of Pocoyo. It has been shown that the use of this instrument favors the relationship between cause and effect, in addition to developing coordination between the eye and the hand.

This beautiful drum stimulates attention and imagination, making it ideal as a first musical instrument, since children will be introduced to the world of music in a very pleasant way.

It is very possible that your children will spend long hours playing with this drum, since it has a very attractive design with the children’s television character, Pocoyo. It measures approximately 19 x 19 x 8.5 cm.

Before choosing, it is advisable to look at an alternative that is within the budget you have. If you are looking for the best price-quality drum, we recommend this beautiful children’s drum.


Stimulation : This musical instrument stimulates the child’s attention, rhythm and imagination of your children.

Favors : With its use, your children will achieve greater motor, intellectual and sensitive development, in addition to favoring the understanding of the cause and effect relationship.

Brand : The REIG brand of children’s toys is considered the best brand of children’s drums for development on the market.


Strap : The strap that incorporates this drum does not allow it to be reduced, so if your child is very young, he will be dragging the drum.

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children’s drum


This is an ideal children’s drum to develop your children’s creative skills, making it one of the best and cheapest children’s drums on the market. This instrument is an ideal alternative for your child to start efficiently in the world of music.

This drum model includes a practical case and a ribbon with which your child can easily carry his new gift anywhere.

Thanks to its dimensions of approximately 11 x 11 x 25.5 cm and weight of only 336 grams, it is considered a toy drum suitable for children aged 3 and up.

If you are still not sure which model to buy, we recommend that you continue looking at the advantages that the drum offers for your child. This practical toy drum exercises your child’s imagination as well as develops his rhythm.


Materials : This instrument is made with high quality materials such as the two special patches, as well as metalized lugs and hoops.

Ribbon : This toy drum incorporates a ribbon that will allow your child to be able to play music anywhere.

Development : This musical instrument can develop your child’s creative abilities, making it a great gift for children.


Head : The head of this toy drum is not replaceable, so if your child plays roughly with it, it could damage it beyond repair.

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rociero drum

Samba 9592

If you are looking for a traditional rociero drum model, we recommend this model, which is an ideal alternative if samba drums are your thing. This high-quality, professional instrument features a strong string braid that will help maintain the best tuning for a longer period of time.

This model has dimensions of approximately 30.5 x 30.5 x 30 cm and a weight of 15 Kg. In addition, its body is painted green, with the possibility of painting it with the colors of Andalusia for approximately 20 euros more. On the other hand, the rings are made of wood, which ensures great resistance and optimal sound.  

The heads of this model are made of leather, which, together with its wooden body, guarantees good sound quality and its 100% Spanish manufacture.

Next, we present the most outstanding positive and negative characteristics of this model, which is considered one of the best drums on this list.


Materials : The body of this spray drum is made of high quality wood, which guarantees great durability.

Patches : The patches of this drum are 100% leather, which significantly improves the sound quality of this musical instrument.

Design : This beautiful rociero drum is painted green with white rims, so it has a very nice design and appearance.


Weight : The high weight of this drum model makes it a bit uncomfortable to move from one place to another.

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drum accessories

drum sticks

Gonalca Percussion 2022

In case you need to replace or acquire a new pair of drumsticks to be able to continue with your musical practices, we recommend you take a look at these Gonalca Percussion 2022 drumsticks, since they offer great durability and a comfortable grip.

The length of this model of drumsticks is 37.5 cm, so they are ideal for adults.

The tip of each drumstick has a small ball 2.3 cm high and 1.5 cm wide, which gives a good playing precision. Plus, each drumstick weighs 190 grams, making them comfortable to hold.

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How to choose the best drums

To choose the best drums it will be necessary, first of all, that you are clear about your needs before proceeding to buy the product. Think about whether you or your child are going to play it, if you want it as a gift or even if you want a toy model or a really professional drum.

However, you have to know certain aspects that every percussionist should know before going crazy and buying the first drum you see, without wondering how much it costs or making an effort to find the most practical and economical model. For this reason, we want to help you by preparing the following guide to buy the best drum, with which you can guide yourself when choosing your next drum.

Shopping guide

user age

In the first place, it is advisable to know the age of the person who will use the musical instrument, so it is necessary to know if the drum is going to be for personal use or that of our small children, since, depending on this factor, many Other characteristics may vary considerably, such as, for example, its size, weight, manufacturing materials, sound quality, durability, resistance, tuning, among many others.

In view of this, it is advisable to make a comparison of drums, taking into account the models on this list and those that stand out in the current market.

Manufacturing materials

In any buying guide for drums you will find that the manufacturing materials play an extremely important role when choosing the best drum model. This characteristic varies between the different models according to several factors, such as the age at which the product is directed and the level of music for which it is required.

Drums are traditionally made of wood, but you can find a wide variety of different models and materials such as drums made of aluminum or steel and plastic models. Therefore, it is important to know what you are going to use it for.


The heads used by the drums are normally made of 100% pure leather, however, if you are looking for a drum for children, you will surely be able to get models with their heads made of a resistant plastic material. However, remember that the sound changes a lot depending on the material of the head, so you will have to choose the drum that generates the type or style of sound according to what you need, whether it is to play it in a school band or to play it in a folk act.


The elements present in most drums known as tensors are responsible for keeping the skin taut and well attached to the body of the drum. A drum with quality tensors is recommended, since this way you can guarantee that the instrument will offer you the highest quality in terms of sound.

You have to consider that the turnbuckles are sometimes made with very tight strings or, on the contrary, metal pegs that help maintain the tuning of our instrument. What is certain is that, depending on the quality of the tensor, the instrument will be able to maintain its good tuning for a longer time. In this sense, take care that the tensors are of quality or that you can easily replace them in case of any damage.


All the drums on the market vary in weight depending on the use you are going to give them, therefore, a toy drum for children can weigh much less than a professional model. It is very necessary to pay attention to the weight of the product, since some drums are used at waist level, supported by a special strap, as is the case with models for school bands. In this case, what is sought is a model with sound quality but one that is light enough so that the musician can carry it comfortably.

On the contrary, there are models of drums that weigh a few kilos, which is why they are used, mostly, in traditional African, Japanese or Chinese folkloric celebrations, for example. In this case, the weight does not matter so much, since the instrument will always be resting in the same place.

Accessory quality

Some drums include handy accessories such as a pair of sticks or drumsticks, which allow you to start playing as soon as you receive the product or a strap to hang the drum comfortably on your shoulders, as long as the type of drum is for the drum. waist, which are used in school bands.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to care for a wooden drum?

In general, all musical instruments require delicate treatment, as well as frequent maintenance, so that they can preserve their sound for longer. Keep in mind that most drums are made of wood and leather, and the quality of the leather is determined by the amount of fat they have. There is a product called shea, which is a butter of African origin that protects the patch of skin from dryness, without affecting the rhythm.

Q2: How should a children’s drum be?

A children’s drum should be light and strong, since you will probably want to walk around beating your drum and probably won’t measure how hard you hit the head. In addition, the models for children tend to have much more vivid colors and designs, and sometimes include children’s themes such as illustrations of the fashionable characters, to make it look more attractive to children.

Q3: Are there any drums that are played with the hands?

There are several drum models that are not played with drumsticks or any type of stick, but with the hands, among which is the Djembe, an African percussion instrument that is very popular in some countries. It is made of wood with a 100% goat leather head and a traditional tension system consisting of ropes and metal rings. Other models of drums that are played by hand are the Bongos, Afro-Cuban instruments that are played with the palms of the hands and the fingertips. However, they can also be used with mallets or timbale sticks.

Q4: How to tune a drum?

Normally, all instruments need correct tuning so that they can perform their function optimally and produce the sound perfectly, and drums are no exception. It is interesting that some drums must be exposed to heat to tighten the head, since they have a fixed tension system. Other models, on the other hand, allow the leather head to be tightened or loosened by means of screws, as is the case with drums, bongos or the triple drum.

Q5: What is the best drum for beginners?

It is recommended, if you are beginning to practice percussion and you are looking for a drum for beginners, that you choose a model according to your level and avoid unnecessary spending at this point, since, for now, with an instrument that ensures the production of a good sound is enough, since the most important thing in the beginning is to learn to hold the drumsticks, as well as to know the different beats and rhythms, which will take a while, depending on the duration of your daily practices. Therefore, it is enough to buy a cheaper and better drum model if it includes a manual or course to get started in percussion.

Q6: How to paint drum?

To change the color of the drum of your battery you must start by removing all the hardware such as screws, towers and rings to store them in a safe place. Then, using a hair dryer, loosen the vinyl glue around your drum kit until it’s completely removed. Continue removing all the glue residue, using very fine sandpaper. Lastly, 2-5 coats of varnish are applied, sanding lightly after each coat is completely dry for a full gloss finish.

Q7: How to adjust a metal snare drum?

When a snare continues to vibrate for a long period of time, it can happen for two reasons: Firstly, it is likely that the strap used to hold the snare is not thin enough, being slightly separated from the resonant head, which tends to happen frequently, especially if you have changed the part. On the other hand, it can be due to the snare being out of tune, which happens almost 90% of the time. In this case, try slightly tuning the resonator to a point higher than the beater to try to reduce harmonics.

Q8: Which is better, bass drum or snare drum?

In general, the two instruments are percussion instruments with a wooden body and tense animal skin patches by means of strings and leather clamps, or more modern systems such as aluminum or metal, which are played by means of drumsticks or mallets and even, can be touched by hand depending on the type of celebration. Both have a cylindrical body and an internal chamber made of wood.

How to use a drum

Knowing how to use a drum requires practice and perseverance, as is the case with all musical instruments, however, there are models for beginners that incorporate a drumming tutorial or you can even find any guide online that will help you learn the technique. On the other hand, it is also important that you know the maintenance, since it is what will guarantee that the drum continues to sound perfectly for much longer. For this reason, we wanted to help you in this task by making a small guide to know how to use a musical drum.

open the package

First of all, you must open the package and remove all the contents in a previously cleared place, so that you can organize the accessories that your drum includes. In case you have loose parts or spare parts of the tensioners, it is very important to place them in a place that they will not be lost. In addition, many drums include a pair of drumsticks to start playing and a protective bag that will help you care for and transport your instrument easily.

Learn to hold the drumsticks

Now yes, the first thing you should do to be able to start practicing and play the drums or drums is to learn to hold the sticks or drumsticks, also called, on some occasions, sticks. There are instruments that include complete instructions to start playing drums in the best way.

Know the basic strokes

Next, the next thing you should learn to perform are the basic shots such as flams, flamacues and paradiddles, among many others. Remember that there are 26 basic or elemental blows and many other special blows, so you will have to learn them all. It is very important that you dedicate all the necessary time to this point, since the blows are responsible for generating the different sounds of the drum.

take care of your instrument

Frequent maintenance of your musical instrument is highly recommended as this will ensure that your instrument always produces the best sound and can guarantee a long life for your drum. In general, all instruments need constant and delicate maintenance, and the case of drums is no exception. Most are made of wood and with a 100% original animal skin patch, so it will tend to dry out over time, forcing you to apply a special product to help maintain hydration and flexibility.

Fundamental Tips

Finally, if your interest is to seriously learn to play a drum, it is very important that you practice regularly, especially trying out the beats on some songs, which will help you improve your execution and your playing skills. It is also advisable to practice 10 well-executed strokes rather than 50 quickly and weakly. Also, when learning to play paradiddles, keep in mind that the hand not playing the diddle should be raised slightly, allowing that hand to be ready for the paradiddle. Practice this way so you can improve your timing, while the beginning of the paradiddle can sound much better.

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