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Flute – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

Flutes are one of the most famous instruments in the world, as they have been on the music scene for many centuries. However, these are not the same as before and the models have evolved and improved to offer louder notes, stronger structures and more beautiful designs. The Odyssey OFL100 transverse flute is a living example of this, as it offers a wide range of sounds for beginners to master the art of the flute until they become professionals. On the other hand, the Percussion Plus PP863 pan flute offers the possibility of playing traditional musical pieces from various countries with soft melodies and with a bamboo structure resistant to constant use.

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Opinions about the best flutes on the market

In this list you will see the best options on the market so that you can choose the flute that suits you best. Check its main characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and acquire the one you like the most.

Transverse flute

Odyssey OFL100

To be a professional flutist, instruments that are up to your talent are required, therefore, this transverse flute is one of the most outstanding options on the market today. The elegant instrument comes with 16 holes and has been manufactured using the best materials to ensure an ergonomic grip and quality sound.

The body of this flute is made entirely of nickel, as are its keys and mouthpiece. This material, in addition to giving that characteristic silver color, provides resistance to constant use. On the other hand, the springs, pins and also the rods have been made of stainless steel to prevent rapid wear. To provide greater comfort and ease of blowing, the mouthpiece has been specially designed.

Your purchase will be complemented by the inclusion of a robust case that will manage to keep the flute safe and will facilitate its comfortable mobilization.

By buying this transverse flute you will have at home an instrument designed to give you professional qualities, even if you are a beginner.


Materials: Nickel and stainless steel are materials that stand out for being resistant and durable.

Case: The inclusion of the case will keep your flute safe.

Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece has been manufactured to facilitate the use of the flute and provide comfort.

Professional: This beginner flute has everything you need to help beginners expand their talent to professionalism.


Cost: Due to its quality, this is a high priced product, which might be too much for some people who want to save.

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Asmuse Tone C

When it comes to a transverse flute, this model could be the best flute of the moment, as it is one of the most complete instruments of its kind and, in addition, it has a price that makes it affordable for those who want to buy one. It has a C tone and is the traditional flute for orchestras and concerts, with a silver cupronickel structure and 16 closed-hole keys of the best quality.

The flute comes bundled with various accessories such as a case, cleaning bar, cotton gloves, cloths, protective covers, and even a shoulder strap. Each thing has a space in the case, which is covered with soft fabric on the inside. It is an instrument for both beginners and experts and can be divided into three parts. Each segment has a resistant stainless joint that withstands constant use so that your flute is kept in good condition.

If you want a flute to practice or just want to have another flute in your home, this model is ideal for you and will surely give you hours of fun and beautiful melodies.


Accessories: This flute comes with various accessories such as cleaning cloths, gloves, and a case.

Versatile: It can be used by beginners, hobbyists and experts alike, without


Materials: Cupronickel and stainless joints make the structure of this flute strong and durable.


Range: Buyers have highlighted that this is not a high-end flute, but a mid-range one, so it is not recommended to have it as the only instrument.

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Pan flute

Percussion Plus PP863

Among the cheap models you can find this Percussion Plus instrument, an ideal pan flute for lovers of these products. Traditional Peruvian music is full of the melodies of this flute and, if you want to play it too, then with this instrument you will be able to vary between 13 different notes and create different combinations just by blowing horizontally on each tube of different size.

This model comes with a resistant rope to hang it around your neck and always be comfortable, although with a weight of only 99.8 grams you will not feel that it is there. Additionally, the tubes have a characteristic woven design of the Peruvian Sierra of various bright colors. The flute is made of bamboo, a fairly strong material. It can be used by anyone, regardless of educational level or age, and the percussion is excellent.

If you are a fan of folk music from various countries and the great history behind the pan flute, then this model may be perfect for you.


Bamboo: Bamboo is one of the easiest and most resistant materials to work with, so you can use this flute without worry.

Design: The woven design gives it a colorful detail that makes it stand out everywhere.

String: For greater comfort, you can always have the flute with you by placing the string around your neck.


Size: Some users have commented that the flute is smaller than normal and this can make it more difficult to use.

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Hohner 9550

If you don’t know which flute to buy, a recorder can always be the right answer, because for beginners it is the best option. This Hohner model comes with baroque fingering to get you used to its use and is made of pear wood, a material that, in addition to being of good quality, will also give a splendid sonority to each musical note.

The weight of 136 grams makes it easy to use because of its lightness and its dimensions give it the perfect size to have room for your fingers. It’s not a B flat flute, but the wide note range allows you to produce this beautiful sound, even though it’s pitched C. The reddish tone of its structure gives it a prominent and quite elegant appearance, since the sweet flutes are usually beige. This model has two segments and comes with its plastic case to take it everywhere.

If you are looking for a nice flute model to learn to play or continue playing as a professional, this is an ideal alternative for you, as it is resistant, comfortable and of quality.


Lightness: Weighing only 136 grams, it will be quite easy to use and move this flute.

Design: The reddish tone design gives it an elegant look that will stand out everywhere.

Fingering: The fingering is baroque so that the flutist becomes directly familiar with the standard used worldwide.


Segmentation: Unlike the 3-part flutes, this one only has 2 segments, which makes cleaning a bit difficult.

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Hohner flute

Hohner Melody 9508

The best price-quality flute could refer to this model, because with its cost this is one of the cheapest sweet flutes. This is a great advantage considering that it is a model designed for the use of children, characterized by always dropping things. This children’s flute is ideal to take to school, because, in addition to coming with a plastic case to move it carefully, it is made entirely of plastic, therefore, it is quite resistant to bumps and falls.

It’s in one piece, so you can’t take it apart, and it comes with a C soprano tuning, so you can play the simplest melodies without a problem. Its design is quite traditional, since the flute comes with the typical ivory color. Its length is 33 centimeters, a measure that allows the little ones to manipulate it without any problem.

Buying a Hohner flute will always be a good idea and, in this case, this model is one of the cheapest and easiest to use. Ideal for children.


Cost: The price is much lower than most, making it an affordable product for everyone.

Children: Being a children’s model, children will have an easier time familiarizing themselves with the flute and learning.

Plastic: The plastic makes the flute resistant to falls and allows you to use it without worry.


Division: This flute has no division, so it is impossible to segment it to clean it. This is a disadvantage.

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Peak flute

Mollenhauer 1119B

Are you looking for a good quality recorder? This model could be the best flute for you, because its design will make it the most stylish and modern anywhere. It is made of sturdy wood and the mouthpiece has a contrasting blue color that highlights the instrument. It is a perfect product for both children and adult beginners, as it is practical and versatile. The flute is divided into two, the mouthpiece and the body.

Like all flutes of its type, it has a soprano tuning and, additionally, it comes with a baroque fingering that is ideal for children to get used to the standard used in conservatories and other schools. This model comes with various accessories such as a cleaning rod, a starter booklet and a zippered case to carry the flute. It comes with a double hole to be able to play the D and C sustained with greater ease and tuning.

This recorder will not only catch your attention, but that of everyone who looks at it and, if you want to stand out in flute classes, this is the ideal instrument.


Design: The dark blue on the light colored wood makes a great contrast that gives the flute elegance and style.

Versatile: It does not matter if it is a child or an adult, this flute has a structure suitable for both.

Accessories: This model comes with various accessories to make the experience more complete.


Division: The double segmentation, instead of triple, makes it a little more difficult to clean up certain details.

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transverse flute


If you still don’t know which is the best flute for an orchestra, remember that the transverse or transverse flute is the one used in these areas and, therefore, if you want to get there, you must learn with it. This model, for example, despite not being one of the cheapest, can help you when playing a flute of this type, if you are an amateur or a professional musician who wants a flute to practice. The instrument is made entirely of nickel-plated silver, giving it a shiny silver frame.

It comes with a soft case with two compartments for you to carry the flute and any accessories you need as well, such as sheet music, cleaning rod, etc. Since it weighs only 798 grams, handling it will be quite easy and holding it will also be comfortable, which is an advantage when practicing for a long time. The flute responds quickly and is quite accurate.

This model is ideal when it comes to transverse flutes and its characteristics will surely make it the right instrument for your practice afternoons.


Weight: This instrument is quite light, which will facilitate its use and mobilization to minimize your effort.

Case: The case, in addition to protecting your flute, will also allow you to carry other items with you such as sheet music, etc.

Accuracy: The ergonomic keys allow your fingers to be comfortable and provide a quick response, giving you incredible precision.


Notes: A user has reported a different tone in the notes Fa, Mi and Re. An inconvenience for long pieces of music.

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peruvian flute

Atlas AW-L40

If you want to play a traditional Peruvian melody, the pan flute will be the one for you and, therefore, this Zampoña design model will allow you to interpret all the songs you want. It is made by hand, following the traditional manufacturing processes of always, so it is a product made with great attention to every detail. Its main material is brown bamboo, a resistant, natural element that also gives the flute an incredible appearance.

It comes with 13 notes, a standard range in this type of flute, and its design is completed with various strings that surround the tubes and a colorful fabric with a typical Peruvian Sierra design to complete its appearance. The frame weighs just 240 grams, making it light and easy to use, and being a standard size, storage won’t be a problem.

This Peruvian flute will take you to Peru with every tune, no matter where you are, because its traditional appearance and melodious sound will make it stand out everywhere.


Design: Its design alludes to those used in the clothing of the Peruvian Sierra, giving it an original and colorful touch.

Manufacturing: It is made under a traditional manufacturing process, so it is a flute with great attention to detail.

Weight: This is a fairly light pan flute, so you won’t have a hard time playing it or moving it from side to side.


Fragile: Some buyers have felt that the structure is fragile, so it is advisable to treat it with care.

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irish flute

Clarke Tinwhistle CWD

Directly from the capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin, comes this Irish flute that is easily considered one of the best flutes of 2022, not only for its good features, but also for its price. This product has the typical Irish green color, with the brand seal in gold and the nozzle in a black tone to give the best contrast. Its soprano tuning is D and it is made of tin, although the mouthpiece is made of plastic material, making it perfect for practicing at home.

It weighs only 59 grams, so you won’t even feel like you have it in your hand when you use it. Its measurements are standard, therefore, by familiarizing yourself with it, you will be able to play other flutes similar to this one. It is quite easy to play, as the holes are ergonomically positioned and the mouthpiece is wide.

The mythical Celtic songs are waiting for you and, if you buy this model, you will surely be able to start playing them right away.


Design: The contrast between the three colors is unique and gives it a typical Irish look that will always make the flute stand out.

Ergonomic: Both the weight and the measurements make it a fairly ergonomic and comfortable flute.

Tuning: It is tuned in D, which is a change from other flutes in C.


Air: A user has complained about the excessive expulsion of air from this flute, as this is somewhat uncomfortable if you need to record.

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piston flute

Acme 472

A piston flute is the necessary instrument to go back hundreds of years in the past and, if this is your wish, this model will allow you to do it with comfort and the best quality. Like all flutes of this type, it is a small and light instrument, weighing only 113 grams. Its structure is simple, since it does not have more holes than the one for the mouthpiece. The design is completely black, which gives it elegance and has silver details that stand out.

The flute can be used professionally, it is versatile and suitable for anyone. The high notes have a very good volume and the low notes are also rich and melodious; you can go from one to another using the rod inside the flute. You can move this piece and depending on how much you pull, the note will change. It is a 2-octave model, which comes with instructions on how to care for it.

Wanting a plunger flute is pretty specific considering it’s not widely used anymore, however the quality of this product will surely make you want one.


Versatile: This product is versatile, as it is so simple that it can be used by anyone.

Toy: This is a professional flute, however, if your child is interested in music, it could just as easily be a toy.

Volume: The notes will resonate with good volume and this is an advantage, since the melodies will be heard more easily.


Notes: The number of musical notes is limited due to the type of flute it is. Therefore, playing it is quite simple.

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flute accessories

sheet music for flute

Classical Masterpieces for Traverse Flute

Sheet music for flute will make it possible for you not to get lost in the middle of a piece of music and it will be easier to memorize each note. If you want to dedicate yourself to this professionally, then this book may be ideal for you, as it comes with various works by renowned musicians such as Bach, Handel, Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven, so you can learn to play their creations perfectly.

It is soft cover and comes with 60 pages of pure musical content so you can constantly practice until you master each note.

This product serves as a motivator to get started in music, however, even professional flutists will benefit from learning from the world’s greatest musicians.

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How to choose the best flutes

Choosing a flute is as difficult as choosing any other instrument, due to its wide variety. Here, in this small buying guide, you will be able to clarify your doubts about the aspects to take into account when purchasing a flute.

Shopping guide

flute types

Making a comparison of flutes is quite simple, however, before buying the first option because it is good and cheap, you need to determine if that model is the type of flute you need. They don’t all make the same sounds or serve the same purposes, so making a hasty decision may end up with a model that isn’t right for you.

The most famous flutes are the transverse flutes, as they are the instruments used in orchestras and, usually, the only ones that are played professionally. These stand out for having a wide range of tones and for giving you all the notes required to play complicated pieces, such as symphonies.

On the other hand, the recorders, which are used mostly in the student sphere, are also quite famous, especially since they are usually the first flutes with which a flutist experiments, before advancing towards a transverse model. However, despite the fame of these two models, there are many other lesser-known types of flute that could be perfect for you, depending on your tastes and needs.

If you are a fan of the traditional music of the American Andes, then a pan flute may be what you are looking for. These flutes, in addition to being simple, light, and easy to use, produce soft sounds used in folk music from countries such as Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

If traditional Irish music is what you like, then the flute that bears the same name will allow you to repeat the sounds heard in Celtic music. And, if oriental folk music is your artistic calling, then the Ney flutes, despite being considered ancient, are the instruments you need, as they are used in the traditional tunes of Turkey or Egypt.

Other models include the Piccolo flute, Ocarina, Plunger, Shakuhachi, Bansuri, Suling, and various types lesser known in the musical realm.

musician level

When you make your guide to buy the best flute, always take into account the level of instruction of the person who is going to use the instrument. If it is a beginner or a young child, then the recorder will always be the best option.

The recorder is the cheapest instrument among the flutes and, although the price varies depending on the materials and the brand, you will not have to worry about how much it costs, since the cost is always less than professional flutes. This is because recorders are an introductory instrument, not because they have a short range of sounds or because they are of lower quality, but because they are the easiest instruments to learn to play and will also help you develop dexterity in the fingers to be able to mark the notes.

If you don’t want to use the recorder and want to start directly with the transverse, brands like Yamaha offer apprentice or student models, which are usually lighter and smaller than the professional ones, to help the musician become familiar with these flutes. If you are already a professional musician, then your choice should be based on the speed of response, the materials of the flute and the tones it offers.

It is recommended that, if you have been playing with a brand for many years, you continue buying flutes from the same company, as there could be slight changes between one model and another that it is better to avoid so that it is not necessary to familiarize yourself with the instrument again.


The most used materials in flutes are wood, plastic and metal. The flutes that use metal are usually professional models, the plastic ones are usually children’s or apprentice models, while the wooden ones are usually those used in the traditional music of various countries.

Between plastic and metal, you should know that metal will offer a better sound resonance, however, if you buy a product for a child, it is better to opt for plastic models that, in addition to being cheaper, are usually more resistant to shocks and the falls. The sweet flutes, which most of the time are made of plastic, are also made of resin, a material that gives a better sound.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is a recorder the same as a traverse?

No, in addition to the fact that both have completely different structures, the sounds produced by each of them also differ from each other. The recorder usually has a much higher pitch than the traverse and is also played by blocking the front holes, while the traverse is played by pressing each key.

The traverse has a wider range of notes than the recorder, so it is mostly used in orchestras.

Q2: Is there any flute without holes?

There is no such thing as a completely holeless flute, because airflow is somehow necessary. However, there are flutes that do not have front holes to cover and, in this way, produce the notes.

This is the case of piston flutes, which are one of the oldest models, as they have a structure that is played by blowing through a mouthpiece and moving a metal rod at the bottom.

Q3: How to make a flute?

It depends on what kind of flute you want to make. The easiest to make are those used in folk music, as is the case with the pan flute, as they are instruments that have been made for thousands of years with few materials and without the need for complicated tools.

For a pan flute you only need several PVC tubes or several bamboo bars, and the quantity can vary depending on what you want, with a minimum of 5 tubes. Starting with the first 18-centimeter tube, then cut each one shorter than the first by 1 or 2 centimeters, until you reach the last.

With wood, cork or any other solid material, proceed to close the end of each tube and place the tubes with the free end next to each other. Join the sides with silicone or a strong glue and, after drying, with a cloth or any other material, join all the tubes.

Place the flute vertically, the tubes at the height of your lower lip and blow. The air should not go into the tube, but you should blow on them forward and the flute will produce the sound.  

Q4: What flute to buy to start?

The easiest flute to play and usually one of the cheapest is the recorder. This instrument is recommended for beginners in the flute and also in the world of music, as it is easy to use and makes learning more bearable. So starting with this one will help you move on to the others.

Q5: What family does the flute belong to?

The flute, despite not always being made of wood, belongs to the group of woodwind instruments. This is because, unlike brass instruments, the lips do not need to vibrate to change from one sound to another, it is the vibration of the air that produces all the musical notes.

Q6: How do you clean the flute?

The first thing you should do is separate the flute, if you have a model that is separable. Clean the small holes and the mouthpiece with a cotton swab and alcohol. The holes tend to collect dust and the mouthpiece can acquire a bad smell due to saliva.

With a soft cloth, clean the outside of the flute, especially if it is made of metal, as fingers often leave fingerprints. For the interior, use a plastic rod, which should be included with the purchase of your flute, and cover it with a soft cloth or damp cloth to get rid of internal dirt and ensure a good sound.

Q7: When did the flute take its final form?

It is very difficult to say when the exact date was, considering that the flute is one of the oldest instruments in the world and by the Middle Ages there were more than 200 copies. However, the recorder, for example, took on a structure very similar to the current one from the twelfth century.

Q8: Which flute is better, Baroque or German?

If it is a child, it is possible that the German fingering is easier for him, however, it is recommended that you always choose a baroque fingering flute.

The latter offers a greater number of musical notes and, furthermore, it is the only type of flute

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