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Lectern – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

We are all always attentive to the quality of the instruments, because we think that this is the only thing that matters. But have you ever thought about the importance of accessories to be able to play better? For example, where do you put your sheet music when playing a piece of music? In a lectern, and a model like the GEWA 900743 will give you the stability you need to be able to place your note books, with a wide and resistant surface. On the other hand, the Malayas 6BZJ01 lectern may be ideal if you are looking for a tall, easy-to-use model with a carrying case. Investing in a good music stand can give you the comfort you need.

Comparison chart

Opinions on the best lecterns on the market

Choosing an option among so many models that you do not know can be overwhelming, but here you will be able to know the advantages and disadvantages of the most outstanding models on the market to make the process easier.

music stand

GEWA 900743

The best music stand is difficult to choose but this alternative from GEWA is ideal for practices and concerts alike, as it is an orchestral music stand that will allow you to use it on any occasion, no matter what it is. The 48.5 x 34 cm surface of the tray will give you plenty of space to place your sheet music and have a good view of it. The structure is made of robust metal, while the connectors that allow the product to be disassembled and stored are made of ABS.

The design is classic, with a tripod base and rubber bands to be non-slip and quite stable, along with a tray with holes. It is available in the traditional and elegant black color, but also in white, so you can choose the one you want. It weighs 3.8 kilograms and has an adjustable height that goes from 67 to 120 centimeters.

This orchestra stand will be your best companion at home and at your concerts, as it will always keep your scores with you.


Stability: The three rubber feet and sturdy metal give the music stand the stability you need.

Surface: The 48.5 x 34 cm tray surface makes it easy to place multiple sheet music.

Colors: Unlike other products that only come in black, this lectern is also offered in white.

Height: The maximum 120 centimeters give a practical and comfortable height for most.


Weight: The weight is 3.8 kilograms, so moving it requires more effort.

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Rayzm Portable

Forget about limiting the things that your music stand can hold, because this product is designed to give you space for everything you need. It easily supports a maximum of 1.5 kilograms, so sheet music notebooks and your favorite books can be placed there. The three metal bars at the base and its resistant structure are what give it this magnificent support. The non-slip rubber provides the necessary stability to prevent the music stand from accidentally sliding or moving.

The page holders will keep the musical notes in place and the flexible height will allow you to take them to the point where you are most comfortable, between 37 and 122 cm. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting or standing, the comfort will be the same. It is possible to fold the music stand and, in addition, you can use the included waterproof carrying case to protect your music stand from water, as well as bumps and scratches.

The functionalities of this lectern make it a very good option to practice anywhere, as it is easy to use and move.


Cover: In addition to protecting the lectern from shocks, it will also be protected from water, since the cover is waterproof.

Support: The tray has a support of up to 1.5 kilograms, ideal for placing books or notebooks without a problem.

Rubber: The non-slip rubber will prevent the music stand from moving accidentally while in use.


Weight: Weighing 1.28 kilograms, it is a little more tiring to move it than other lighter models on the market.

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music stand

Malay 6BZJ01

This sheet music stand could be crowned as the best music stand of the moment due to its positive reviews and its great features. It comes with a full metal frame and is black in color which gives it a classic look. It stands out for its stability, because, in addition to being made of resistant materials, it has a three-legged base that will make it almost impossible for it to move by accident.

It’s easy to install, and by doing so, its height can be adjusted from 80 to 150 centimeters, making it suitable for adults who don’t want to lean too far to see the musical notes. The tray has a design with holes and a surface of 50 x 35 cm so that your sheet music notebook fits perfectly. It has a weight of 1.68 kilograms. While the tripod base folds down, the stand and tray can be detached. Comes with a carrying case.

As well as being practical and versatile, this music stand is also quite easy and convenient to use, making it the right choice for many musicians.


Height: This product is one of the most versatile in terms of height, as it can reach 150 centimeters.

Storage: Since the main structure is foldable, while the tray next to the legs are removable parts, storing the lectern will be easier.

Legs: The legs have non-slip studs to prevent the lectern from sliding and to give it stability.


Size: Some people consider this item too large, as it does not fit in carry-on luggage on planes.

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Windsor 050151-BK

If you do not know which is the best lectern and you want a traditional design, then you should not miss this model that Windsor has manufactured. Very easy to assemble and uninstall, this music stand will allow you to have your musical notes with you at all times, quickly. It is made of black metal and has a three-legged base with support and resistance to give you the necessary stability to play your instrument.

Non-slip feet prevent the music stand from accidentally moving or sliding. Its height can be adjusted to the point where you feel most comfortable viewing the sheet music. With a weight of 998 grams and with the ability to be foldable, moving and storing it are child’s tasks. The zippered carrying case included in the purchase will protect the music stand and will also help in mobilization. Bring fastening tabs for sheet music.

This lectern will be able to serve you for the hours of practice that you have to do to be an exceptional musician.


Tripod: The base is like a tripod, due to the three legs, and this gives the necessary stability. In addition, the non-slip studs prevent it from moving.

Assembly: Both installation and uninstallation are simple processes. In a few minutes, the lectern will be ready for you.

Lightweight: This is a lightweight music stand, so no matter you are a child or an adult, you will surely be able to carry it without any problem.


Plastic: Some parts are made of plastic and these may not be as strong as metal.

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table lectern

Stagg MUS-A1 BK

Many times you don’t need a folding stand with a tray to hold your sheet music and this proves it with this tabletop music stand, considered one of the best music stands of 2022. It is an excellent alternative for students who need to have a music stand with them at home and at school., as it is a small and light item, it measures 24.5 x 45 x 18 cm and weighs only 499 grams.

It is made of metal and is black in color, like most music stands. Any table or flat surface will work as a support for this lectern. It is even possible to adapt it to keyboards or pianos to have the notes in front of you. The holding tabs will keep the sheet music in place. When you finish using it, you will only need to place it in its case to move it from one place to another without problems. The back has a non-slip pad as a support so that it does not slip.

This product will be the answer to your search for small, practical, portable and high quality lecterns. Manufactured under the most rigorous standards, offering an economical cost.


Support: The tabs will hold the sheet music firmly to prevent it from falling off the music stand.

Case: The case will make transport super easy, plus it is a small and light product.

Versatile: As long as there is a flat surface, this lectern can be used. If you have a piano or keyboard, you can also adapt it there.


Standing: If you want to play standing up, this product will be uncomfortable, as it does not have a base designed for this.

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wooden lectern

Classic Cantabile WN-01N

Classic Cantabile could be considered the best music stand brand when considering the company’s various contributions to the music scene. Just like the instruments, this wooden music stand is of the highest quality and ready to give you what you need. Both the tray and the legs and support are made of ash wood with a natural color and very good resistance. The three legs are sturdy and give it stability.

It has a weight of 3.2 kilograms and its height can be adjusted in a range that goes from 93 cm to 134 cm, from the tray to the support. The central structure is made of metal to facilitate the length regulation process. The tray has a horizontal striped design and is 48cm wide, perfect for holding open notebooks and long sheet music.

As well as being practical, the look is also a highlight, so it may be the best example of a good, nice and cheap music stand.


Design: Ash wood design with natural color gives this lectern a unique look.

Legs: The three solid wood legs are responsible for giving you exceptional stability to avoid accidents.

Regulation: A small wooden wheel on the metal surface will allow you to easily adjust the height.


Weight: Unlike music stands that weigh less than 1 kg, this product weighs 3.15 kg.

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Methacrylate lectern

Faberplast 112905

This methacrylate lectern is not one of the cheapest options, however, its versatility of use and its quality have made more and more people decide to purchase one of these models. This product is a lectern with a circular metal base 38 cm in diameter, crowned by a 50 x 39 cm methacrylate tray, a transparent, flexible and unbreakable material that can support objects heavier than a sheet music notebook, such as books.

This is a quality product that stands out for its elegant appearance, since the base is silver and the tray gives it a great touch. The design allows it to be versatile, as it will look just as great in your living room while practicing your instrument, as it will in an auditorium while giving a speech, or in your bedroom reading a book.

With this lectern you can forget about acquiring some of these artifacts for years, as it is created to withstand frequent use and continue as new.


Support: The metal base is of quality and has the necessary size to support weight without losing stability.

Design: The design stands out for the combination of metal and methacrylate, giving it an elegant and versatile look for various activities.

Methacrylate: This is an unbreakable and quite flexible material. You should not worry about it getting damaged quickly.


Cost: The price of this lectern is much higher than most products, so it is not the best option for everyone.

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portable lectern


If you are wondering what music stand to buy, try to make your answer always a portable music stand, as this will allow you to have your music stand with you at all times to play music wherever you need it. This is exactly what this model offers. With an adjustable height that goes from 68 to 102 centimeters, this is a classic model lectern in black with a metal structure, highlighted by being covered with anti-static electricity material.

Anyone will be delighted with this music stand, as it comes with non-slip feet that will protect the floor and keep the product in place, and it also includes front fastening tabs to catch the sheet music and prevent it from falling due to the wind or other circumstances. It is one of the lightest lecterns, weighing 680 grams, and this makes it easy to transport, which can be done with the included case, while the lectern is folded. Bring a cleaning cloth.

Among the traditional options, this is not one of the cheapest nor is it one of the most expensive, but it is one of the most complete and of quality.


Accessories: The included accessories will improve your experience, since mobilization with the cover will be easy and cleaning with the cloth will be quick.

Versatility: Its adjustable height between 68 and 102 centimeters allows it to be used by children and adults.

Lightness: Since it does not weigh 700 grams, this is definitely one of the lightest options.


Fold: The main structure cannot be folded further and, according to the opinion of the buyers, it is very long.

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folding lectern

Leisuredual 80352

This really will be the ideal option for you if you are looking for a folding lectern that, in addition to being one of the cheapest, is also considered the best value for money lectern. This Ociodual product offers you what many are looking for: good quality for a low price. It’s made of sturdy black metal and comes with front fastening tabs to hold your sheet music and keep it in place at all times.

It weighs 848 grams, and the lightness along with the ability to be foldable make moving it from one place to another or storing it a simple process. In addition, you can help yourself with the included carrying case. It is adjustable both in angle and height so that you can move the score and also modify the length, avoiding having to adapt to it and allowing it to adjust to what makes you feel most comfortable. It has non-slip studs for greater stability.

Professionals and novices alike will enjoy having this music stand at home to practice whenever possible, in complete comfort and without complicated setup.


Non- slip: The non-slip studs will give you optimal stability to prevent the music stand from sliding.

Adjustable: An outstanding detail is that the height is not the only thing adjustable, but also the angle of the product.

Hold: The hold tabs will keep your sheet music in place and won’t move around accidentally.


Support: If you need to place sheet music only, you will not have problems with the music stand. However, do not place heavy items such as books on it, as it could break.

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How to choose the best lecterns

All lecterns are very similar to each other, but, among them, there are differences to take into account. Here you can read the features you should pay attention to when making your purchase.

Shopping guide


The first thing you should keep in mind to make an effective purchase is to determine which lectern you need. You should make a comparison of music stands to verify each of the types that exist and, in this way, be able to select the one that offers you everything you need and what your instrument requires, if what you are looking for is a music stand.

Currently, the market offers various types of lecterns suitable for different kinds of activities, although, on certain occasions, some models are versatile and can be used for various objects.

There are, for example, the stands used to hold the instruments when you are not using them, thus preventing them from touching the ground. This is the case of music stands for guitars, basses and other stringed instruments. Even the flutes have music stands that serve as a support for them.

However, marching stands serve another purpose: to support the instrument as you use it, while at the same time keeping the sheet music in front of you, attached to the same stand. In this way, the musical notes will accompany you wherever you go with your instrument and it will be more difficult to fail in a song. The most famous of this type are the marching stands for transverse flutes. Arm rests for flutes are also famous items, as they allow you to be mobile with your instrument while the sheet music is held on your forearm and allows you to read the musical notes well.

Among the most common music stands for sheet music are stand stands and wheel stands. Usually, a good and economical option will always be the floor stand, however, wheel stands are products that are worth purchasing for their comfort, especially if it is a stand of heavy materials.

If you prefer lightness and versatility, many metal music stands can be folded to carry them from one place to another without problem and these may be ideal for you. This type of lectern, in addition to being practical, is also usually economical. These models stand out, most of the time, for having small metal bars on the front to secure your sheet music, preventing them from moving or falling in the middle of a song.

Materials and designs

When verifying any guide to buy the best lectern, you will notice that the materials with which they are manufactured are very varied and that this often influences the cost, therefore, always check how much it costs. It is difficult to choose one material over another just for its quality, since wood, metal and methacrylate, which are the commonly used materials, are resistant elements that will withstand constant use when practicing.

Metal is the most common material, while the other two stand out for having higher prices, although they are well deserved, since they hold more weight. For this reason, most reading stands are made of wood, in order to support heavy books. A book stand may work for holding sheet music, but not all music stands work for holding objects as heavy as a book.

The designs among the music stands are quite varied, some have completely smooth supports, while others have small holes and scratches. Some do not have full rear support, just metal bars on the edges. The latter are used for scores that are in notebooks, folders, etc., because, if it is a simple sheet of paper, it is possible that it will not stay in place or bend a little when adapting to the free space.

The methacrylate and wooden lecterns, in general, retain their original colors. However, metal music stands tend to be painted black and, on certain models, white.

Dimensions and comfort

The dimensions range from 50 cm to 1 m in height, most of the time, however, there are certain exceptions with children’s lecterns that, in order to adapt to the size of the smallest, usually have smaller dimensions and measure 35 or 40 cm..

Although you can choose a music stand with a single maximum height, a recommendation that you should take into account is to buy music stands that are adjustable, because, in this way, it will be possible to adapt the music stand to the size of anyone who wants to play the instrument, or, if it’s just for you, you can make adjustments in case you want to play while sitting or standing.

For greater comfort, it is also advisable to buy folding lecterns to store them whenever you want and move them easily. Also, many of these come with covers and cases that will make the process easier and faster.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a wooden music stand?

Making a music stand is quite simple, as you will only need nails, strong glue, wood, and a saw or handsaw. The easiest to make is the table stand.

On a large board, draw the outline of the music stand tray and proceed to cut exactly what you drew, since, to support the sheet music, it is recommended that the tray be smooth. Remember that it should have enough space for an open notebook.

Measure the horizontal part of the tray and, leaving 1 cm free at each end, write down the measurement between both points. Using more wood or, if you wish, strong plastic, make a small tray that allows the paper you put in the main tray not to fall, but to rest on the second small tray. Try to cut it as thin as possible to keep it from being too heavy. Adhere that to the larger board, respecting the measurements previously marked.

With more wood, make a last bar, this one a little thinner than the main one, but thicker than the small tray. It is recommended that it be 10 to 13 centimeters minimum in length, as this will be the support.

Tilt the main tray until it has the angle you want to play comfortably and, when you have obtained it, keep it in that position, while, with the other hand, you take the support bar to the back and adjust it until serve as a base to support the tilt. Mark this point. After marking it, just stick the bar and wait for it to dry. In a few hours you will have your lectern.

Q2: Where to put guitar stand?

anywhere you want. To take up less space, it is recommended to use the corners.

Q3: How to fix a swing arm music stand?

Since swing-arm lecterns are self-supporting, there is no need to fix them, just find an ideal surface for them. Some, wall-mounted, require a small installation with screws, but this is extremely simple.

Q4: Which is better, lectern with wheels or lectern with foot?

Although many people buy lecterns with feet because they are cheaper than those with wheels, it is more advisable to choose the latter option.

If the wheeled stand can be locked to stand still without risk of movement, then it is clearly the superior choice, as it can do the job that a stand on wheels would do, while unlocking the wheels allows it to be moved without need to lift it off the ground.

Q5: Can I use a book stand with sheet music?

Yes, a book stand has the support needed to hold sheet music, however, not all music stands have the support to hold large books.

Q6: How to paint a wooden music stand?

Any wood-safe paint will work for your lectern. The only thing that is recommended is to sand and clean the wood before painting it, to prevent the paint from being in poor condition. For the rest, it’s just a matter of you taking the brush and painting the first layer. Then wait for it to dry and proceed with a second coat of paint.

If you want something more natural, many people go with polish only, to make the wood shine.

Q7: How is a music stand with arm for transverse flute attached?

Marching or boom stands allow you to move while looking at the sheet music. These stands have small metal rings or other materials that close at the end of your transverse flute and, at the other end of the stand, after the long arm, is the music stand.

That way, you will have the sheet music in front of your eyes and, as long as you have the flute steady, it will stay that way too. However, if you find it more comfortable, there are other models of music stands that have fabric or rubber rings to place them directly on your forearm, leaving the flute free and the scores close to you.

Q8: How to place microphone stand?

As you would place any music stand. Take it out of its case, join the upper part with the body and the latter with the legs.

Adjust the height by adjusting the stand with the connectors and, when finished, place the microphone on the upper support. Make sure it fits snugly and that the cord doesn’t get tangled in the body of the music stand.

How to use a lectern

Usually, when you really notice that a music stand is there is when you find it in the middle of a stage already assembled and ready to be used, because, most of the time, people focus more on the instruments and the music that is played. However, when you see a music stand disassembled, you may not know what to do with it, and if that is the case, here you can learn how to use a music stand so that you can play like the professionals without any difficulty. It’s simple, fast and can make a difference in your performance.

Read the instruction manual

Each and every one of the lecterns must have an instruction manual with them, since, among so many brands and models, the installation processes may be different for each one of them. The most common are the folding ones and these are usually divided into 3 parts: the tray, the body and the legs.

To assemble them, you just need to join the three things with the included connectors until everything is stable. This process is usually easy and quick.

However, other more robust lecterns, made of materials such as wood or those with wide metal bars, need more complex installations in which you will require some tools, on certain occasions.

clean the tray

With a dry tissue, clean the dust tray to prevent what you put in it from getting dirty too. If you use a damp tissue, only on metal or methacrylate stands, make sure to dry the surface very well before placing the scores, because if the paper gets wet, it will probably deteriorate and, in the worst case, even the ink may run.

Adjust it as you feel comfortable

The body usually has connectors that allow the height to be adjusted to the point where you require it. This makes it possible for the music stand to adapt to you and you do not need to make

this you. When you get to the height you want, secure it.

In addition to this, it is also possible with many models to move the tray until it is at an angle that you are comfortable looking at.

Place the sheet music

If you’re ready, place your sheet music carefully and, if it’s the case with your music stand, use the retaining tabs to keep everything in place.

Get away from the lectern

Keep a distance of at least 30 centimeters from the lectern at all times. Remember that the mo

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