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Saxophone – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

Among the most famous wind instruments and, according to many musicians, the least difficult to learn to play, are the saxophones, products noted for their variety of tones and versatility when playing. These instruments are responsible for the characteristic sound of Jazz, and if you want to become a musician, a model like the Windsor MI-1005, with its bronze structure and light weight, could be useful. Also, we recommend the Ammoon Lade Brass, which is a tenor saxophone made of red bronze, being quite resistant and durable. Also, did we mention that it has abalone shell inlays, which give it a retro look.

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Opinions on the best saxophones on the market

There are different types of saxophones and each of them, in addition to differing in design, also offers different musical notes to give a unique touch to each song. Here you can see some of the most outstanding models on the market.

alto saxophone

Windsor MI-1005

If you are looking for an alto saxophone, this model could be considered the best saxophone of the moment, since one of the characteristics that stands out is the fact that it is one of the most complete instruments. Bring various accessories such as a pair of gloves, cleaning cloth, different straps and a cleaning brush. The hard carrying case will allow you to move the instrument and being plush lined will protect it from scratches and scratches. It has a front pocket and compartments to store any necessary implement.

The saxophone is made of bronze and covered with a gold lacquer finish, giving it an elegant look. It has a weight of 4.3 kilograms, thus facilitating its use by beginners and also professionals. Additionally, it has a length of 60 centimeters, so handling will be quite simple. It includes a mouthpiece and reed that can be changed if you wish.

This saxophone is one of the most complete models, so if you want to get everything in one purchase, it could be the perfect sax for you.


Case: The case, in addition to protecting it, has pockets and compartments to carry other items.

Cleaning: The cleaning kit comes with a tissue and a brush, as well as gloves to avoid dirtying the instrument. This way you will keep the sax always impeccable.

Materials: Although bronze is a heavier material, it is a resistant and high quality element.

Versatile: It does not matter if you are a professional or a beginner, because this model can be used by anyone.


Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece is considered poor quality by some musicians, so it may need to be replaced.

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Muslady Eb Alto Saxophone Brass Gold 82Z 

This alto saxophone comes with a padded case so you can take it with you to rehearsals, live gigs, or various trips, keeping it protected from dust and bumps. In addition to this, it has been made of brass, a resistant and durable material, so you will have a good quality instrument.  

Also, did we mention that it comes in black with gold keys. As you can imagine, it is a quite striking combination of shades at first glance, leaving a little of the classic color. 

We also mentioned that the package includes saxophone strap, reed box, mouthpiece, cloth, brush and a pair of gloves. In this way, you will not have to buy the accessories separately.

Likewise, it comes with leather pads, being a very complete saxophone for beginning musicians who want to play in bands and small orchestras.

Perhaps this alto saxophone has caught your attention, so find out what its main positive and negative aspects are. 


Case: It comes with a padded case so that you can transport and store it comfortably. 

Material: The material used for its manufacture has been brass, which is resistant and offers a pleasant sound to the ear. 

Maintenance: This instrument comes with a brush and cloth, so you can easily perform maintenance after each use. 


Beginner: This is an instrument for beginners, so if you are a professional musician, you should look for other options.

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tenor saxophone

ammoon Lade Brass Bb Tenor Saxophone Carved

This tenor saxophone has been manufactured by the Ammoon brand and has abalone shell inlays that give the instrument a retro touch. In addition, the material used in its elaboration is brass, thus being quite resistant. 

On the other hand, we inform you that it is in B flat, a key known as Bb in American encryption. This instrument will give a very nice harmonic and melodic touch to your performances. 

In addition to this, we mention that the package includes a user manual and some accessories such as mouthpiece, strap, gloves, brush, cleaning cloth, hard case, etc. This last accessory allows you to protect the instrument while you move it from one place to another. 

As if that were not enough, the package comes with a pot of grease and a cloth, so you can maintain it yourself after each use. 

If you are looking for a tenor saxophone to play in a group or start your music classes, perhaps this is the right model for you. 


Brass: It is made with polished brass and has varnish finishes, being a bright saxophone that will combine with various tastes. 

Tone: The saxophone is in Bb, giving a sound suitable for romantic music, symphony orchestras or jazz bands. 

Cover: You will be able to transport this instrument with greater security, thanks to the fact that it comes with a padded black cover. 


Reed: The reed that it comes with for its mouthpiece is not very accurate in terms of sound, so you will have to purchase another one separately.

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Classic Cantabile Winds TS-450

One of the best saxophones of 2022 is definitely this model from Classic Cantabile. Bringing the old to the present, this product has a vintage yellow look that gives it a more opaque look than normal. This tenor saxophone has a weight of 6.3 kilograms and approximate dimensions of 84 x 16 x 32 cm. Its design has an ergonomic grip and, in addition, it is quite easy to handle, as it has a quick response.

The instrument is made of brass and has a layer of lacquer to give it a better finish, with grip buttons made of mother-of-pearl. It can be used by beginners as well as professionals, making it a versatile saxophone. The product comes with various accessories to facilitate its use, for example, a resistant case with compartments, a brush for cleaning, along with a pair of gloves, a cloth, and a mouthpiece with ligature.

Lovers of the classic will find in this product a saxophone that will allow them to obtain the best of the traditional and the modern, making it an attractive alternative for many.


Accessories: It comes with various accessories that will facilitate its use, such as a cleaning kit and a briefcase.

Structure: It has an ergonomic structure to be completely comfortable when using the instrument.

Versatile: Beginners and professionals will be able to play this saxophone without any problem, as it is easy to use.


Design: If you don’t like old models, this is not the best saxophone for you, as the vintage design makes it look somewhat worn.

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soprano saxophone

ammon LADE

When it comes to the best value for money saxophone, choosing this product can be a good idea. It is a soprano saxophone with an economical price and a tuning in B flat that will allow you to reach high notes. It is made of brass and painted in gold. The leather pads protect the keys from wear and water, making this instrument last for a long time regardless of use. It is curved in design, despite the fact that straight saxophones are the best known.  

It comes with various accessories such as a hard case to protect it, straps and belts to keep it comfortably, a cloth and rod to keep it clean at all times, grease so that the keys give way with little effort, a pair of gloves to avoid dirtying the saxophone when using it, a sturdy mouthpiece, and even a notebook. We also mentioned that the tone is great for practice and gigs.

This saxophone with its many positive features is an instrument that will look great in the hands of beginners and professionals alike. Well designed, light and easy to play.


Cost: The price is quite cheap, making it an affordable instrument for those who want to study the saxophone.

Leather: The leather pads are water resistant, which will offer greater protection to the keys.

Accessories: The included accessories will allow your instrument to always be kept clean and easy to play.


Finish: Some users have found small negative details in the lacquer finish, which can affect the instrument visually.

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baritone saxophone

Yamaha YBS-62 Professional Baritone Saxophone

This baritone saxophone features a gold epoxy lacquer finish, giving it an elegant and striking appearance. In addition, it has a built-in octave mechanism in order to make it easier to play. 

This is a professional series saxophone, therefore, if you are looking for an instrument for high-level jazz or recording studios, this Yamaha model may be the one for you. We also mentioned that it has precise tuning, which comes in handy when you’re in the middle of a gig.  

It also comes with various keys, for example, F sharp, A low, Sol, B, etc. which are very soft to touch. 

On the other hand, it should be noted that the package includes the mouthpiece, ligature and cap, so you can start playing from the first moment. 

Next, we explain the most important pros and cons of this Yamaha baritone saxophone, it may be the instrument you need. 


Octaves: It comes with a built-in octave mechanism, which allows the musician to more easily play any melody.  

Design: It is made with high quality metal and gold epoxy lacquer finishes, for greater resistance to corrosion. 

Professional: This saxophone belongs to the professional series, so you can use it for high-level concerts and recordings. 


Accessories: It is missing that the instrument comes with accessories such as reeds, brush and cloth. However, this does not affect its good sound.

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Yamaha alto saxophone

Yamaha YAS280

A Yamaha alto saxophone is not only the perfect alternative for beginners, it is also an ideal instrument for those looking for the best saxophone brand. Yamaha is characterized by manufacturing quality instruments and this model is no exception. It has a fairly ergonomic structure that makes it comfortable for less experienced people to hold and manipulate, including a thumb rest that adjusts to the player, to facilitate the use of the saxophone. It has B-flat tuning and the sounds produced have great projection.

The response is fast and quite clear, even in the lowest notes that the instrument offers. The design of this saxophone is curved, like traditional structures, and has a bright gold color. The keys are covered in white pads that, in addition to making a nice contrast to the rest of the saxophone, offer a smooth surface for the fingers.

Buying a Yamaha instrument is always a wise decision, as it is a brand famous for the quality and attention to detail of its products, as well as this saxophone.


Thumb: For added comfort, the saxophone comes with a thumb rest that will allow you to play it easily.

Beginners: Yamaha has made this product with beginners in mind, so learning with it will be easy.

Low notes: Even the lowest notes offered by the instrument will have great sound and projection.


Weight: If a child will be the one to play the saxophone, this may not be the best option, as it is somewhat heavier than other models on the market.

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How to choose the best saxophones

Is this your first time buying a saxophone? Do not worry, because in this guide you will be able to learn what are the most important aspects to take into account when making this purchase.

Shopping guide

saxophone types

If you do not have much knowledge about saxophones, then it is understandable that you want to seek all the necessary help to be able to learn more and, that way, you can choose the most suitable saxophone for you. This item, also called saxophone, is one of the most sought-after wind instruments on the market, because, unlike other instruments such as the trumpet, which stands out for its difficulty, the saxophone is usually easier to manipulate.

However, in order to be easy and fun for everyone, you need to have a variety of types to suit everyone’s tastes. In this case, the saxophone has 4 main models, these are: soprano, tenor, baritone and alto. However, there are other more sophisticated models that are used by professionals who want to obtain a different sound for a certain special piece of music that requires them. Buying one of these is usually not a good, cheap alternative, however, it is sometimes necessary. Some of these models are the sopranino, the double bass, the mezzo-soprano, etc.

Among the most common models, if you are looking for something cheap and easy to use, the alto saxophone stands out. This instrument has an E-flat tuning and the reason why they are so famous is because they are usually lighter than the others.

The highest pitched saxophone is the soprano, tuned to B flat, popular with most professional musicians for its high tones, ideal for various genres. However, it is considered the most difficult saxophone, for that reason, it is not the best alternative for those looking for something simple.

The heaviest and largest saxophone is the baritone, it is usually the one heard in the most famous jazz songs, since its musical register is serious. It is tuned an octave below the note E flat.

Finally, the tenor sax has a pitch one octave lower than the B flat of the soprano. It is the most challenging when it comes to the correct breathing technique to be able to play it, but it is highly regarded for its rich, low notes.

Materials and design

Most saxophones are made of brass, as it is a relatively light material and durable enough for constant use. Some brands have decided to change this and use other materials that have affected the price, so people usually want to know how much it costs before buying a model. Certain elements used are bronze, copper, plastic and nickel. Although they are suitable for those who are looking for different sounds or simply have unique models, it is preferable that, if you want a traditional and long-lasting sax, you stick to buying the brass ones.

Structure details may vary in materials. Some of them are made of plastic or wood, while others use mother-of-pearl or stainless steel. Since this does not really affect its use or the sound, the choice of one or the other depends very much on the personal preferences of the saxophonist.

In terms of design, the most noticeable differences are weight and size. The alto is usually the smallest and lightest, while the baritone is usually the largest and heaviest, needing, on certain occasions, a strap for the musician to support the weight. In addition to these aspects, the soprano saxophone is the one that can change in its structure, because, although sometimes it has the same curved design as the others, most of the time it is made straight, just like clarinets.

Accessories included

When you are analyzing your alternatives with a guide to buy the best saxophone, try to acquire the model that offers you the greatest number of accessories to make the experience of playing this instrument more complete, easy and comfortable as well. Therefore, pay attention to these extra details in the saxophone comparison. For example, if you’re buying a baritone saxophone, you’ll likely need a strap to carry it, and buying this on your first purchase will save you money in the long run. Even a strap may be necessary for any other saxophone if the player will be a child or someone with little strength.

Other accessories that may be included and will help you when playing the instrument are the bag, to be able to carry the saxophone with total comfort and protect the product, the gloves, to prevent the sax from getting dirty and, if it does get dirty, the cleaning tissue to get rid of your finger prints.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How is the saxophone separated?

The separable parts of the saxophone are the mouthpiece, reed, ligature, neck and body. Its disassembly and assembly considers these parts. Being well moistened, the reed is placed on the straight part of the mouthpiece taking care that both are aligned at the top. The clamp is what holds them so they don’t fall off.

The mouthpiece and the body are connected by the neck in charge of transmitting the air pressure to the body. The body is the large part of the instrument where the keys to emit the notes are located.

Q2: How does a keyless saxophone work?

The only way to play various notes on the saxophone is with the keys that are distributed on its body. Only one important note is achieved in the air and to obtain it, the saxophone works without the keys: the C sharp. It is enough to blow the sax leaving all the fingers in the air. For this reason, a beginner first achieves C sharp before natural C on the sax.

Q3: Who invented the saxophone?

The saxophone name comes from its inventor Adolphe Sax. In the year 1846, he patented in Paris this instrument of his creation. Adolphe Sax not only played various wind instruments but also designed them. This Belgian-born instrumentalist achieved in a single instrument the best of the characteristics of brass and woodwind instruments.

History highlights his first public execution on February 3, 1844.

Q4: What is the best saxophone for beginners?

It is important to know that within the market both the alto, soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones take into account versions with needs for beginners. The recommendation to start learning is the alto or the tenor; however, between the alto and the tenor, the alto is usually the most chosen option. This has a smaller scale of keys and is of lower air requirement than the tenors.

Q5: How to sanitize a second-hand alto saxophone?

Should you decide to buy a second-hand alto saxophone, it is always advisable to do so from a recommended seller. Perhaps it will only be necessary to buy a new nozzle, cleaning the interior with a cleaning cloth and the exterior with cotton swabs for the dirt that has accumulated around the keys.

However, if you have purchased one and it is very dusty and dirty, a professional repairman would be the best option. This will take care of disassembling your parts, cleaning them, assembling them and giving them a complete adjustment that will result in a second hand alto sax that will work like new.

Q6: How to clean a saxophone?

Preventing the inside of the saxophone from rusting, smelling bad or not sounding good depends on constant cleaning of its internal part. The external parts like the keys can be cleaned weekly and you should also apply oil to them to keep them working well, every two or three months.

For interior cleaning, we recommend the use of special cleaning cloths made of microfiber and with a weighted cord. They are lint-free and come in precise sizes for mouthpiece, neck and body. The use of the cloth from the widest parts to the narrowest is recommended for proper cleaning.

Q7: Which saxophone is better, alto or tenor?

The notes of the tenor saxophone are distinguished by being deep and with a special sound that is very popular. Despite their weight and size, they have become the most popular within musical genres ranging from jazz to pop. Due to the quality and smoothness of its low notes, the tenor is the best for professional saxophonists.

On the other hand, when considering a sax for children, the best is the alto, since the tenor is very large for them. The alto saxophone emits a high register with a simpler breathing technique than that required by the tenor. In addition, fingering is easier due to the separation of its keys. Therefore, if you are talking about children or beginners, the tall one is the best.

Q8: How to repair a rusty saxophone?

Rust doesn’t always affect saxophone performance; however, if the rusted area is significant it may be worth cleaning the interior with a product such as brass soap or a special metal polish.

Make sure to apply a product that is not too harsh or abrasive. If you’re not sure how to do this, it’s a good idea to take it to a professional who can clean and polish it properly.

How to use a saxophone

Wind instruments are often, in the opinion of many musicians, the most difficult to play and for that reason, many people refrain from learning. If you have no idea how to use a saxophone but you refuse to give up and you decide to learn, here you can read some basic steps for the use of this instrument, remember that you should not feel ashamed about this, because you are not the only one who has no idea how the saxophone works If you practice consistently, in a short time, you will be able to play the most beautiful melodies of your favorite jazz or blues group.

Take the saxophone out of the case

The first thing you must do to be able to play the saxophone is to remove it from its case. Although there are supports to keep it outside and standing up, if you want to minimize the risk of damage, it is recommended that you always use the instrument’s case, both for transporting it and for storing it in your home.

put on gloves

If you have your gloves, then do not hesitate to put them on, as these will prevent you from leaving your marks and the saxophone from getting dirty while you play your favorite songs.

clean the outside

If you notice that there are dirty corners, then with a soft cloth, preferably the one that comes included in the purchase, start cleaning the outside to leave the instrument clean when playing it.

produce musical notes

When it is ready, then it is necessary for you to place your mouth on the mouthpiece and surround it with your lips in order to produce a sound. It is important that you know how to place the mouth. Never surround it with the inside of your lips, or open your mouth to place it on the mouthpiece. What you should do is press your lips, slightly pursed, on the mouthpiece. This will give you more control and, additionally, improve the level of hygiene.

As you position yourself, you simply blow while simultaneously gently but firmly pressing down on the keys of the instrument. The force of the blow and the way you do it can vary from one note to another, so you must pay attention when doing this step.

In case the keys are a little stiff, you can improve and make the process easier by adding a little special grease to make them softer and give more easily under the weight of your fingers. This way you won’t have to make too much effort when playing a piece.


As in the beginning, when you finish using the saxophone, clean the instrument both on the outside and inside. You may have left marks on the surface and also saliva residue on the inside, so wipe the outside with a soft cloth and gently wipe the inside of the saxophone using a rod.


If the saxophone is already impeccable, then the only thing you need to finish is to put it in its case. This is not mandatory, but by doing so, you will be preventing knocks or falls that could damage the instrument.

» Review information from previous years

Cherrystone Jäger

Un saxofón alto que podría ser la respuesta a qué saxofón comprar para muchas personas es este modelo de Cherrystone. La razón por la cual ha ganado tanta fama es por su diseño de color azul que lo destaca entre muchos modelos tradicionales del mercado. Es un modelo adecuado tanto para profesionales como para principiantes. También mencionamos que viene con un maletín con tapicería de cuero para proteger el instrumento.

Es versátil, pues, a pesar de tener la afinación común en Mi bemol, también se puede tocar con registro en Fa. Al ser de respuesta rápida, no será necesario aplicar mucha fuerza para utilizar las llaves, lo cual te facilitará el tocar piezas rápidas o de dificultad mayor a la promedio. Además, para que no tengas que comprar más cosas, este modelo viene con accesorios de limpieza, una cubreboquilla protectora y, adicionalmente, una correa para poder llevarlo cómodamente.

Considerando los precios de estos instrumentos, este es uno de los saxofones más baratos y tiene buena calidad. Seguramente será la mejor opción para muchos.


Diseño: Su color azul es un detalle que hace que el instrumento resalte entre los modelos clásicos de color dorado.

Respuesta rápida: Este saxofón destaca por ser de respuesta rápida, por lo tanto, será sencillo tocarlo, pues no se necesitará mucho esfuerzo.

Versátil: Es adecuado tanto para principiantes como para profesionales y, adicionalmente, también puede ser tocado en Mi bemol y en Fa.


Acabados: Al parecer, el olor a pintura es bastante notorio.

Karl Glaser 1420

Es fácil entender por qué este instrumento podría considerarse el mejor saxofón cuando se trata de elegancia, pues su diseño de color negro lacado hace que destaque en cualquier lugar. Este saxofón tenor viene afinado en Si bemol para darte los tonos que buscas y tiene un cuerpo hecho completamente de latón, el material más común entre los saxofones, por lo que será sencillo familiarizarse con él.

Las llaves también son de latón pero vienen con almohadillas de cuero y un soporte para pulgar que hará el proceso de tocarlo mucho más cómodo. Estas partes del saxofón son de color dorado, lo que hace que el instrumento tenga un hermoso contraste entre ambos colores. Por otro lado, este saxofón cuenta, entre sus accesorios incluidos, con una funda suave que te permitirá transportarlo con comodidad, una varilla de limpieza para mantenerlo impecable, una correa para soporte en la espalda y, adicionalmente, trae las cañas y una boquilla.

Este saxofón realmente hará que destaques en cualquier lugar, pues, si no resaltan sus tonos de sonido rico y profundo, entonces lo hará su novedoso diseño.


Color: El color negro no solo hará que el instrumento resalte, sino que también sea más difícil de ensuciar.

Pulgar: Podrás contar

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