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Trumpet – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

Trumpets are one of the most difficult instruments to play, yet they produce extraordinary melodies and for that reason, many people make the decision to play them. If you are a beginner, you need a quality model like the Yamaha YTR-3335 trumpet, which has a beautiful and classic gold colored design with 3 silver pistons. In addition, it is in B flat, so that you can play various scores and learning exercises in that key. Another recommended model is the Classic Cantabile PT-196, which has a more compact size, as well as a brighter sound, due to its Piccolo style.

Comparison chart

Opinions on the best trumpets on the market

In this list, you will be able to find some of the most outstanding models on the market so that the trumpet you take home is of the best possible quality and, in this way, you can perform excellently when playing.

Yamaha trumpet

Yamaha ytr-3335

This Yamaha trumpet is very useful for beginners, due to its inverted leadpipe, which provides a good response and touch for children or adults. In addition, its bell is made in two pieces with yellow brass, a durable material that offers powerful sounds.

Likewise, it allows high-quality high-pitched sounds, so that the student gets used to wide notes without problems. This is thanks to the fact that its bell also has the appropriate thickness.

In addition to this, its pistons or triggers have been made with the same technique as in professional trumpets, which means that you will enjoy stability and precision in each note. Of course, this will depend on the effort and dedication you have to learn to play this brass instrument.   

Next, we present the positive and negative qualities of this Yamaha trumpet, it may be the instrument you are looking for to learn.


Tuning: This trumpet is tuned in B flat, so you can play many pieces of orchestral music without problems.

Bell: The bell is made of two pieces of fine yellow brass, for durability and brilliant sound.

Pistons: The pistons are professionally made, so they offer a stable tonal response.


Mouthpiece: The TR-11B4 mouthpiece that comes with this trumpet is most recommended for D or E flat and Piccolo trumpets as it offers a very bright tone.

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piccolo trumpet

Classic Cantabile Piccolo Trumpet PT-196 Bb

If you want a Piccolo trumpet to play orchestral solos and stand out among the other instruments, maybe this instrument is the one you are looking for. It has a 10 cm bell, as well as a 11.7 mm hole, so it offers a sharper sound than any other trumpet model.

Likewise, it has 4 valves or pistons that offer you a stable tuning as long as you have a good musical ear or the correct technique. Likewise, you should know that it is tuned in B flat, so it will be very comfortable to play various classical music scores.

And don’t worry about its quality, since it is made of brass, and it also has a glossy lacquered finish, which will protect it from weather changes, sweat, and other factors.

These are the main pros and cons of the Classic Cantabile PT-196 trumpet, so pay attention to every detail if you want to choose a good instrument.


Valves: It has 4 stable valves for a tuned sound in solo orchestras or musical bands.

Material: It is made of brass, which is a durable material that will provide you with a very good sound.  

Case: The package includes a case to store and transport the Piccolo trumpet with greater security.


Mute: It is missing that it comes with a mute, to be able to perform different nuances at low volume.

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black trumpet

Roy Benson MOD.PT-101K BB 

Talking about Roy Benson is talking about quality. And if we take a look at his Roy Benson MOD.PT-101K BB model, we will realize why the product responds to what this manufacturer offers us.

This elegant black trumpet has a short and compact design, featuring three pistons and an extensive piping system. Something that gives a particular sound to the piece, which has everything you need to get the most out of your performances. There is also no lack of vacuum keys, with which it is easier to clean the trumpet.

Its elegant black finish is broken only by the gold touches of the pistons and some joints, as well as the silver color of the mouthpiece. As for the accessories, it is accompanied by a tuner and a light backpack-type case, which makes it easy to carry the trumpet comfortably wherever you want.

To make it easier for you to decide which is the best black trumpet for your performances, we leave you the highlights of this model.


Quality: The sound quality of the instrument is above the market average, to give more richness to your interpretations.

Keys and pistons: The piece has three pistons and two vacuum keys, with the quality of the rest of the instrument.

Appearance: The fusion between the main black color and the gold and silver touches of certain elements gives the piece a very elegant appearance.


Size: Remember that we are dealing with a model of compact size and much shorter than the classic trumpet.

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military trumpet

antique copper

This trumpet, in addition to being one of the cheapest on the market, is also one of the most unusual and special. This is because, despite qualifying as a military trumpet, this product is really a bugle, because, unlike other trumpets, it does not have valves and its structure is simplified into three: the bell, the body and the mouthpiece.. The body has a curved structure that gives it a unique look.

This product is cheap, especially considering that it has an old look, as these models are usually more expensive. The trumpet is made of copper and brass and has gold details, including a chain and an Australian military symbol to give it a more befitting design. Its size is 10 x 16 x 30.48 cm, so it is easy to handle and carry and, in addition, it has been manufactured by hand, therefore, the attention to detail is noticeable.

If you want to start waking up your family in the best military style, then this product is ideal for you. Beautiful color and ideal size to handle it.


Colors: It has a weathered look that makes it look a lot like an old trumpet.

Materials: This trumpet is made with the best quality copper and brass so that, in addition to giving you a good design, it also has excellent durability.

Manufacturing: To pay attention to every detail, this trumpet was entirely handcrafted.


Notes: Since this trumpet does not have valves, the sounds it makes are limited and this could be a drawback.

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Bach trumpet

Bach Trumpet in Bb TR655

The Bach TR655 trumpet has a 12.4 cm bell, as well as a 11.51 mm neck, which means that it offers a pleasant sound for children or adults who are just starting out in the world of the trumpet.

The package comes with a sturdy Bach case in which you can store the trumpet when you take it to music lessons or rehearsals. Also, this metal wind instrument has the Vincent Bach 7C mouthpiece that offers a stable and bright sound.

In addition, the package includes oil to service the trumpet pistons when necessary.

Another aspect that we can highlight about this trumpet is its tonality, B flat, because thanks to this you will be able to play with jazz bands and symphony orchestras without complications. Also, we mention that it is made with a brass neck and a lacquered finish, so that it will withstand various scratches on its surface.   

Perhaps it is the trumpet you need, so in the next section we will explain some of its most outstanding pros and cons.


Materials: It is made with brass neck and nickel silver on the outside, which are resistant materials.

Pistons: Its pistons are made of stainless steel, in addition, the package comes with oil to lubricate them.

Accessories: The package comes with a hard case, mouthpiece and oil for its respective maintenance, so you do not have to purchase all these accessories separately.  


Sound: It does not offer professional sound, so we only recommend it for beginning trumpet players.

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pocket trumpet

ammoon Mini

This pocket trumpet can also be considered the best trumpet of the moment for children. This does not mean that its quality is only for beginners, but that its size and weight are ideal aspects so that a child can get used to the weight and move on, after learning, to a larger trumpet if required. It can be held with one hand and that, in addition to making it comfortable, also makes it easier to transport it in the case that is included with the purchase.

The trumpet is made of brass, making it durable and resistant to constant use. The included cleaning kit has a pair of gloves and cloth for cleaning. The trumpet is almost 1 kg in weight and quite easy to play, so students will be able to easily improve using this model with B flat tuning. Regardless of the level of instruction, the sound will remain professional.

For a trumpet of its quality, this product is among the cheapest of its kind on the market, making it a great choice for any trumpet fan.


Kit: So that you have a clean trumpet every day, this product comes with a cleaning cloth and also comes with gloves.

Size: It has a compact size that makes it better for children or beginners to handle it.

Case: It comes with a carrying case to facilitate the mobilization of the instrument.


Size: When you start playing big trumpets, it is difficult to go back to pocket size, so this trumpet is ideal for beginners and not for advanced players.

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yellow trumpet

vidaXL Bb

You can find a yellow trumpet almost anywhere that sells instruments, however, this is surely the best value for money trumpet, because, despite having a fairly cheap cost, it has a professional quality that makes it stand out among other models. It’s tuned in B flat and luckily it has a fast and smooth reaction to the pressure you put on the valves.

It weighs 2.72 kg and is made of gold-plated brass so you can use it whenever you need it without worry. This instrument comes with a cleaning kit to keep it spotless, a cloth to polish the trumpet, and a pair of gloves to avoid getting it dirty. Its deep sound is excellent, making it ideal for use in soul, jazz, funk and pop music, that is, no matter which genre you like the most, you can always count on your trumpet. When you finish using it, you should only carry it in your case, included in your purchase.

Looking for a classically designed instrument? Then you should look at this option, because the alternative that vidaXL brings could be the best trumpet for you.


Reaction: You will not have to tighten the valves too much when playing the trumpet, as they are smooth.

Design: The design of this model is classic, ideal for lovers of the traditional. With silver details and an elongated shiny gold structure.

Versatility: The use of the trumpet is not limited to a single musical genre, so this versatile model can give rhythm to various genres such as soul, jazz and pop.


Level: This trumpet is only suitable for beginners.

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Trumpet Accessories

trumpet sheet music

The best classical music melodies for the trumpet

These trumpet sheet music from the Play Music Spain collection are exactly what classically-loving trumpet players should get, whether they are beginners or experts. Have you ever dreamed of hearing the most famous symphonies on trumpet? Well, now, you can do it yourself with this repertoire full of techniques, notes and history.

This product brings more than 6 hours of musical content so that you always have something to play, divided into 60 pages to organize the 174 melodies included in the purchase. This product comes with an audio disk to faithfully guide you when practicing and show you the final result of each song in the score.

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trumpet mute

Yamaha SB7X Silent Brass

If you want to practice without problems at home and you want to know how the trumpet sounds in different environments, such as closed and open spaces, then you need to acquire a mute, and this Yamaha model is one of the most outstanding because it allows you to do all these things.

This trumpet mute has an internal microphone and headphones so you have the sound right in your ear. The little gadget weighs little, so taking it with you will be quite simple, giving you the opportunity to play the trumpet whenever you want, as long as the mute has 2 AA alkaline batteries to power it. It is black and has the brand name in white for contrast.

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trumpet mouthpiece

GEWA 710002

In order to play the trumpet as it should be, you need to use a quality trumpet mouthpiece. Usually, many people look for mouthpieces of the same brand as their trumpet, however, this practical model for various types of trumpets has the same quality as any other more expensive mouthpiece. Its color is silver to combine perfectly with the design of the trumpet that you are going to use.

Its weight is 99.8 grams and its dimensions are 9.2 x 3 x 3 cm, so when you have to install it, you will not have any problem handling it. Being made in Germany, this product has needed to go through all the rigorous and necessary tests to be able to go to market.

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trumpet tuner

Totalbrass TTM-800

On many occasions, your trumpet can go out of tune, and when this happens, you need to tune it so that the melodies sound correctly. For that reason, Totalbrass has created this trumpet tuner that is not only suitable for this instrument but also for saxophones, clarinets, tubas, flutes, etc. This is an electronic tuner that, with its external microphone, will help you speed up and facilitate the process, and through LED lights you will be able to verify if the instrument is already in tune or not.

It weighs only 159 grams and its dimensions are 17 x 13.8 x 2.4 cm, so you can take this tuner anywhere and everywhere to always have your trumpet in tune.

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trumpet case

ammoon foam

A trumpet case is necessary to be able to take your instrument anywhere and this Ammoon model is perfect for this. It is a bag made of twill fabric for greater resistance and filled with padded foam to protect your trumpet from accidental bumps. It has a very practical pocket on one side where you can carry all the things you need for your trumpet. Accessories such as straps or tuners will have their place in this case.

This case has a strap to carry it on your back and also two straps that will allow you to carry the case as if it were a briefcase. The strap can be adjusted to fit each person.

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How to choose the best trumpets

If you want to offer the concert of your life, then make sure you buy a very good trumpet, because this instrument is the one that will allow you to reach the notes you want and will give the sound to your song. In this guide, you can get a little more information to know what aspects you should take into account.

Shopping guide

Materials and type of trumpet

If when you investigate how much a trumpet costs you see many different prices, you need to stop and think about why there is so much variety for the same instrument. Many times, the cheapest product is not the one you really need, however, this does not mean that it is of poor quality, but simply that it is not the right type of trumpet for you. Trumpets can be pocket, piccolo, bass or traditional B-flat trumpets, so consider the sound you want to produce to decide which trumpet is right for you.

In addition to that, other factors that can affect the price are the level of instruction you need to play the trumpet and also the materials used to make the instrument. There are certain models that can be used by beginners and more experienced players alike, however, some trumpets are exclusive to a certain group of people. The reason a distinction needs to be made is because professional trumpets, which tend to be more expensive, focus on sound production and quality, and beginner trumpets focus on ease of use.

The difference, most of the time, is in the force you have to apply to the pistons to be able to play it. Additionally, never ignore the materials with which the trumpet was made, as not all of them will offer you the adequate resistance and durability to be able to give it constant use. There are certain plastic trumpets that won’t do you any good unless you want to play or they are a child’s instrument, so always buy brass trumpets.

Size, design and tuning

Children’s and sometimes beginner models can vary in size and this change can make them much more difficult to play as your fingers may be uncomfortable and sometimes hit the wrong valves because the instrument is of a smaller size. For that reason, always check the model before you buy your trumpet.

Most of the time, these instruments come in a bright gold color, however, on certain occasions, when making a comparison of trumpets, you will be able to find other models of various colors such as silver, blue, black, etc. Buying a colored one is a good idea for children to become more interested in the instrument or for an adult who wants to stand out. However, you must take into consideration that if you want a trumpet to play in an orchestra, it is a requirement that it be the traditional gold. That is, the colored trumpets are suitable for practice or for independent professionals.

The B-flat tuning is the first among trumpets and usually gives a deep, sonorous tone to the trumpet, but if you want a trumpet with higher pitches, then you can buy an instrument with a different tuning or one that has interchangeable tuning for the trumpet. make it easier for you to play the trumpet. You can get models with A and C tuning and some brands offer changing and simple tuning products to go from one tone to another without problem.

Accessories included

In your guide to buying the best trumpet something very important should not be missing: the accessories of the instrument. Although you think that all brands should include a case for your trumpet, many times this is not the case, therefore, if you really want a good and economical option, then look for one that, despite having a slightly higher price, come with as many accessories as possible so you don’t need to spend more money later on getting the missing items.

The case is the most important accessory, as this is the one that will protect your trumpet from bumps and allow you to transport it from one place to another with ease. There are two options: covers and briefcases. If you can choose, always go for the last option, because, although it will be a little heavier to carry your trumpet, it is safer to avoid bumps and scratches and metal snaps usually last longer than zippers.

In addition to that, remember that cleaning is quite important, because, as the material of the trumpet is in constant contact with the hands, it is inevitable that the fingerprints will be marked, which gives the trumpet a careless appearance. It is advisable to purchase a model that comes with a kit to clean and care for the trumpet, with a cloth to polish it and gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What trumpet do you recommend to start with?

If you’re an adult, any traditional B flat trumpet will be best for you, because if that’s what you’ll be using long-term, you need to get used to it early on.

However, if it is a child, then the best model is the pocket trumpet, as this is small and will train the child’s arms to support the weight of a larger trumpet.

Q2: What is the easiest trumpet to play?

All of the B flat trumpets for students are the easiest to play, however, many people agree that one of the best models for children is the Yamaha trumpet.

Q3: How should a children’s trumpet be?

It all depends on whether you are looking for fun or if you want to learn to play the trumpet and then pursue it professionally. If it’s just for fun, a plastic trumpet might be ideal, as it’s light and easy to play. However, unless it is a very young child, if you intend to enter an orchestra, then this is not a good option, because, being so light, the child does not develop the necessary strength to be able to use a professional trumpet.

Pocket trumpets are usually the best alternative since they are small and easy to handle, but they have a good weight for the little ones to get used to.

Q4: What trumpet did Louis Armstrong play?

Louis Armstrong was not only a great instrumentalist, but also a key player in the Blues and the musical movement of Afro-descendants in the United States. For that reason, to talk about this trumpeter is to talk about the true use of this instrument in music, or so the experts think.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture houses Louis Armstrong’s trumpet, a Henri Selmer B-flat tuning trumpet custom made in 1946. Made especially for Armstrong, this is the only trumpet of his type and you can only see it in the museum.

Q5: What is the most expensive trumpet in the world?

Dizzy Gillespie was a brilliant trumpeter who died in the 90’s, however his legacy was so great that many people tried to buy his trumpet. Due to great interest, the Dizzy Gillespie Martin Committee trumpet was auctioned off and eventually sold for $55,000.

However, a few years ago, Yamaha’s platinum trumpet came on the market and managed to sell for approximately $125,000. It can still be found in certain specialized stores or at auctions, as its luxury and quality surprised all lovers of this instrument.

Q6: Which is better, a Jupiter or a Yamaha trumpet?

Jupiter is a very good brand of trumpet, however, if you want to buy models that the whole world knows and about which you can find the most comments, your best option will always be Yamaha.

This brand has been dedicated for many years to the creation of musical instruments and all of them have managed to become the most outstanding in their area, such as flutes and trumpets.

Q7: How is a trumpet made?

This job is quite difficult and for that reason it should only be done by professionals. However, other toy trumpets can be made in the comfort of your own home. This is the case of the trumpet with funnel and rubber tube.

The funnel is placed at one end of the rubber tube, while, using a water cap, a mouthpiece is made or, if you have a plastic mouthpiece, you can also use it. Put it on the other end. Despite having only one tuning, it will be fun for kids to use.

Q8: Is it possible to play the trumpet without disturbing?

The sound will probably always reach someone else, and if you don’t want to disturb it, especially if you’re learning, then you can find ways to minimize the noise.

If you are at home, you could suggest to your relatives to listen to music with headphones so as not to disturb them or to use noise canceling headphones. If you can’t do any of that, then either use a mute or just play in proper venues or soundproof rooms.

How to use a trumpet

The trumpet is one of the most interesting wind instruments. From a traditionally religious and military use, it can be heard today in concerts to enjoy and even dance. From the most classic musical style to a cheerful guaracha or mambo. It is a very powerful sound instrument that basically requires breathing and lip vibration and, if you don’t know how to use it, here you can learn the basic things to do it.

Always have a correct posture

To achieve that mesmerizing sound, good posture and correct holding of the trumpet are necessary. This is one of the instruments that does not suit a tense body. The body should be relaxed with a well planted posture. Place your feet next to each other trying to keep your hips and shoulders in line. With the head also straight, the trumpet is raised so that its bell points to the front.

Pay attention when holding it

To understand how to hold it, you must first know that the valves are numbered one, two, and three, starting from the one closest to you. The ring finger of the hand you are going to hold it with is placed on the small ring located near the valves. The index and middle fingers touching the bottom of the third valve housing near the ring finger and the little finger goes on the bottom of the trumpet. The thumb goes around the first valve.

Your dominant hand is responsible for pressing the valves or pistons to articulate the sounds you want to produce. This hand will be placed on top of the trumpet. The little finger is positioned on the hook n

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