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Ukulele – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

Like guitars, playing a ukulele is finding millions of possible melodies on each string and, with the advancement of reggae and other lesser-known genres, ukuleles are becoming more and more popular, both with children and adults. These instruments vary in size, tones and color, so it is advisable to take some time when choosing a model, as you will be able to choose your best companion when singing. Buying a model like the Hricane 21 Zoll, with its small, classic design, will get you familiar with traditional ukuleles. If you prefer a model from a well-known brand, you can use the Octopus UK205, with soprano tuning, a classic bridge and high-quality strings.

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Opinions on the best ukuleles on the market

Among so many options it can be difficult to choose a good ukulele, however, here you can read about the best alternatives among all the different models available on the market.

soprano ukulele

Hricane 21 Zoll

In addition to being considered by many people as the best ukulele of the moment, it is also one of the cheapest and best quality alternatives that you can find on the market. This 21-inch soprano ukulele is perfect for people who are just starting out in the art of playing this instrument and also for children.

Both the fingerboard and the bridge have a robust structure that will allow you to have a better grip on the ukulele, while the nylon strings will allow you to slide your fingers smoothly and press just a little to be able to produce the notes.

It’s made from impeccably finished basswood and weighs 998 grams, so it’s easy to transport. The product comes with a soft case that will allow you to carry the ukulele in your hand or on your back. In addition, it has a front pocket to keep your essentials there.

This little ukulele may be exactly what you need, as it is a good price, good quality and an excellent size.


Weight: This ukulele is one of the lightest, as it weighs 998 grams to be easy to handle and transport with you everywhere.

Bag: The bag of this ukulele comes with a front pocket of a correct size to carry all the necessary things.

Wood: Linden wood has been selected and dried naturally for years to give you the best quality.

Strings: The strings are soft so as not to hurt your fingers when using them.


Detuning: Some users have commented that the ukulele goes out of tune quickly.

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Octopus Ukulele

Octopus UK205

The Octopus UK205 ukulele is a very interesting piece for those who are looking for products from this brand or who want a high-quality reference when it comes to playing. This specific model belongs to its revised version in 2020, offering interesting news and improvements.

Among them, we have a high quality body, resistant and with a bridge that reproduces the design of a classical guitar. A similar approach is found in its tuning pegbox, with a gear system that improves adjustment and reduces the need to tune the piece frequently.

For the rest, the ukulele incorporates the new Aquila Nylgut strings, also having an interior with lined walls, which improve the sound and offer a higher quality in your interpretations. And if we add an adjusted price to all this, we find ourselves before the best value for money ukulele in our selection.

If you are still not sure which is the best ukulele, we summarize the highlights of this model.


Bridge : The guitar-style bridge adds more strength and durability to the piece, generating a more pleasant feel.

Headstock : The headstock is also similar to that of a guitar, improving the tension of the strings and maintaining it effectively.

Walls : The lined walls add an extra quality to the sound and improve your performances.

Strings : The strings have also been renewed, offering you better durability and resistance.


Case : The case is rather soft, so you must be careful not to hit the instrument during transport.

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tenor ukulele

Donner EC970-ES

It is difficult to choose the best brand of ukuleles, however, Donner is a company that has been standing out in the world of musical instruments for years and, for that reason, you can be sure that, no matter which model you choose, it will be of good quality.

In this case, this product is one of the most complete, as it comes with various accessories such as picks to play it, a specialized ukulele bag with a front pocket for your essential items, digital tuner, and even a ukulele strap..

Unlike other models, this is a tenor ukulele and it has a body made of the best quality mahogany and with carbon nylon strings so that they are resistant to constant use. The sound is quite rich and at 26 inches in size it is quite easy to manipulate. It is a ukulele suitable for professionals and beginners, so it is quite practical and versatile.

If you want a ukulele that brings everything you may need with it, then this model may be ideal for you, as it has many qualities that you will surely like.


Accessories: The kit includes various accessories such as picks, bags, strap and tuner to have a complete experience.

Tenor: Since soprano ukuleles are the most common, this instrument will provide a unique and distinct tone, since it has a tenor tone.

Materials: The ukulele is made of solid mahogany for more resistance to constant use.


Tuning: Some buyers have commented that tuning is somewhat difficult, so it could be a problem for the most inexperienced.

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electric ukulele

Country 23-inch 

As with other stringed instruments, this electric ukulele from Paisen is a good alternative to the more classic product. We are talking about a model made with a high-quality rosewood body, capable of generating a clean sound, a high tone and deep bass. A construction that has not changed in the nearly 200 years of tradition that contemplate this instrument and its history.

This body is manufactured by hand, later incorporating the necessary electronic components so that the sound is clear and efficient. This sound can be conveniently managed via the built-in control panel on the side, where managing pitch, volume and other sound details is a breeze.

To finish off the proposal, the ukulele is accompanied by a stand, storage bag, tuner, instructions and everything you need to enjoy more during use.

After analyzing this model in detail, we leave you some of its most outstanding and interesting features.


Construction: The construction of the piece is of traditional cut and has quality materials, to achieve a higher sound quality.

Integrated tuner: The integrated tuner avoids having to carry a separate one, making this process easier.

Stand: The included stand helps keep the ukulele secure when you’re not using it.


Care: It is key to maintain the recommended care for the body, in regard to the wood and the rest of the components of the piece.

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baritone ukulele

Ortega Fir

If you are already tired of the typical soprano ukulele, then you have to try to learn to play this baritone ukulele, which will offer you more diversity of notes to make your melodies stand out. This model could be one of the best ukuleles of 2022. It is made of spruce, a strong and resistant wood. Its satin finish gives it an elegant shiny look, while the laser engraving on the bottom gives it a unique design, as it has images of nature.

It weighs only 590 grams, making it one of the lightest models and this makes it easy to carry around. The strings are of high quality to prevent breakage or wear with use. It is the ideal instrument to get started, so it is easy to use and get familiar with.

This ukulele is ideal for those looking for something different from the rest, as it varies from the common models both in weight and design and even in the tone it uses.


Baritone: The tone of this ukulele is baritone and while it may be a disadvantage for certain people, others may find this feature fascinating.

Design: The laser engraving it has is the detail that stands out the most, as it brings various images alluding to nature.

Light: This is a fairly light ukulele, as it only weighs 590 grams. Therefore, it is perfect for younger children.


Tuning: One complaint some buyers have had is that the strings go out of tune quickly.

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bass ukulele

Donner EC973-ES

If you have no idea which ukulele to buy, remember that a Donner model will surely have what you need. In this case, this model is a limited edition bass ukulele, with an equalizer for optimal sound, while the amplifier allows you to control the volume and the integrated tuner gives you quick and easy adjustment. The entire body of the ukulele is made from the finest quality mahogany and has a flawless professional finish to last for a long time looking like new.

The case of this ukulele comes with a carrying handle to carry it as a briefcase and with rear straps to mobilize your ukulele as if it were a backpack. It also has a pocket to have everything you need. In addition to that, it has a label for you to put your name and identify your ukulele. Inside the case, you can also find some spare strings, in case one breaks or wears out.

Donner has always been a surprising brand and, in this case, this is no exception. This model, in addition to having a nice design, has excellent quality so that all your melodies are perfect.


Edition: This is a limited edition of professional quality, therefore, having it is something unique, as it is an exclusive product.

Size: Since this instrument measures 30 inches, you will be able to have a good grip and manipulate it more easily.

Materials: This ukulele is made of mahogany and is quite durable in use.


Tuning: You must remember that, in order to play this ukulele, you need a bass tuning and not a soprano ukulele, so pay attention to avoid mistakes.

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electroacoustic ukulele

Stagg US80SE

It is not among the cheapest products, however, this model could be the best ukulele, as Stagg has taken care of every detail when manufacturing it, giving it a very elegant dark design and a professional quality structure. This product is made from solid mahogany for a sturdy and sturdy body. The bridge and fingerboard are made of rosewood, another durable material that adds reddish touches to the design.

Being an electro-acoustic ukulele, it has two equalization bands, low and high, to be able to adjust the tone you want. In addition, it has an optimal volume control to be able to choose how you want it to be heard. The tuning is that of a soprano ukulele, so its base sound will be that of a common ukulele. It weighs 816 grams and has dimensions of approximately 53.3 x 17.8 x 7.6 cm. The strings are made of strong nylon to prevent them from breaking easily.

This Stagg brand ukulele is ideal for those who enjoy acoustic and electric sound, and those who want to explore the possibilities of their ukuleles.


Electroacoustic: It is electroacoustic and this means that you can use the product with an amplifier and without it, without any problem.

Materials: The materials used are rosewood and mahogany, both woods that are strong and resistant to use.

Case: It comes with a black case so you can store your ukulele without problems and move it everywhere, if you wish.


Soprano: The tuning type is soprano and this can be a problem for those who want other lower tones for the electric mode.

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ukulele accessories

ukulele tuner

Mpow Black

This product is a ukulele tuner that will allow you to have your ukulele ready for a concert at all times. In turn, it is also a metronome to, in this way, give you a more complete and functional product. This tuner is not only suitable for ukuleles, but also for guitars, violins and basses.

To make it easy to see everything, it has a bright, colorful electronic display. The battery is included so you can use it at once and, additionally, it comes with 5 picks so you can play your ukulele with the greatest comfort.

It is quite sensitive, so it will pick up the notes without any problem to help you with the tuning. Being clip-on adjustable, you will have no problem adapting the product to the head of the ukulele.

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Cahaya CY0005

Tuners are necessary to keep your ukulele tuned in the best way and for the longest amount of time, and this model of ukulele tuner is ideal for both experts and beginners, as its use is intuitive, fast and easy. It’s small and light, so no matter where you go, you’ll be able to have your ukulele in tune whenever you need it. The battery is included and the product is low consumption to avoid rapid wear.

It comes with 5 modes of use, guitar, bass, violin, ukulele and chromatic, and with a button you can switch between them. The LCD display shows all data and can be rotated 360 degrees for convenience.

The response is quick to avoid trying too many times on the same note to get the result, while the microphone is so sensitive that you can use the tuner even in the loudest places.

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ukulele strings

Aquila 103U

This product from Aqui has earned quite a lot of positive comments due to its characteristics, such as, for example, its strings that are soft, but do not compromise their sonority, since the sound they produce is strident. Being soft, the fingers do not wear out as easily so you can play the ukulele for longer.

These concert ukulele strings are classified as Sol, Do, Mi and A. The strings are white, so they will stand out against the background of the ukulele, which is mostly dark in color.

The strings are differentiated with different colors so that you know the position of each of them. By installing them, you will see how the sound improves and it becomes easier to play the instrument and enjoy it.

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D’Addario EJ87S

D’Addario ukulele strings are known by all fans of this instrument and any other stringed instrument. In this case, this set of strings is made of titanium, a resistant material that stands out for offering professional sound projection, however, despite being a stronger material, the texture is the same as nylon strings for your greater comfort.

The strings are made in the United States and have gone through all the necessary quality tests to be able to go to market. They are ideal for soprano ukuleles, no matter their make or model.

The assembly of the strings is quite simple, as they are easy to manipulate. It does not matter if you are a professional or a beginner, the strings will work perfectly on any model of ukulele.

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ukulele bag

Country Music First

This ukulele case is perfect for those who want to stand out and always find their ukulele no matter where it is, as its design is made of various stripes that extend horizontally through the entire case, with bright colors and different designs on each one..

It is made of cotton and is ideal for all soprano ukuleles, regardless of brand, that measure 21 inches. It is very soft so that the touch is pleasant.

It closes with a zipper to keep everything in its place and the double cotton strap makes wearing it easy and quite comfortable. It weighs only 372 grams, so no more weight will be added to the ukulele than necessary.

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Andoer 600D

Do you want a waterproof case? Then this is exactly what you need, as this bag is made of durable nylon that will keep your ukulele from getting wet, no matter if it rains or you spill something. The interior is made of approximately 5mm thick cotton to protect your instrument from bumps and scratches.

It comes with two separate compartments so you can carry your ukulele along with whatever else you need. The straps can be worn as a backpack or as a side bag.

It doesn’t matter if you have a 23-inch or 24-inch ukulele, both models will fit perfectly there. Its weight is 358 grams, so it is light, and, being black, it is more difficult for it to get dirty from use.

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How to choose the best ukuleles

Learn what to look for in a ukulele so you don’t waste your money buying the wrong model. In this guide you will be able to find desirable characteristics for this type of instrument and, in this way, you will be able to make a better decision.

Shopping guide

size and tuning

Some instruments only come in two sizes, adult size and child size, however, ukuleles come in different sizes depending on the tuning of the instrument. Due to this, in your guide to buying the best ukulele, you need to take this into account, because the size you choose will directly depend on the tuning of the instrument and, in addition to that, depending on the level of skill and experience you have. With these instruments, it is advisable to choose specific models that can help you become more familiar with the product.

The best known ukulele is the soprano. This one has higher notes and, unlike the baritones, it works with the notes Sol, Do, Mi and La. This is usually preferred by children and adults and, additionally, it is the most convenient instrument for beginners. This is the original model and it has a length of 530 mm, with a string length that goes from 345 to 350 mm. Children will be more comfortable with these dimensions, so if you are going to start playing this instrument, it is advisable to start with this type before moving forward.

Concert and tenor ukuleles follow suit and also work with the same musical notes. However, these measure approximately 620 or 670mm respectively. Despite having the same musical notes as the soprano, the tones of these two models are lower and have more sonority.

The baritone is the largest of the conventional ukuleles and stands out for being 740 mm long. In addition to that, the note scale is different, since this model has a tuning of Re, Sol, Si and Mi. Depending on your tastes, your level of instruction and the sound you want to play, you will have to choose between one of these models.

The bass ukulele or u-bass is defined by many as an electro-acoustic bass in ukulele size, therefore, if you are a fan of both instruments, this may be your ideal option. Well, despite not being so famous, it will offer you the best of both products.

Materials and finish

The quality of all instruments depends on the materials used in their manufacture. Poor quality materials, despite the fact that they make the cheapest instruments, can completely destroy the sound of the ukulele and, if you want to avoid this, it is necessary that, before asking how much the instrument costs, you need to find out about its materials.

The top of ukuleles can change between models and this difference can cause a noticeable distinction between the sounds that each one produces. You can find solid and laminated top ukuleles; the former have more sonority and it is for this reason that many people decide on these.

In addition to the top, the woods can also be different. A good and economical option is one that has mahogany as the main material, as this type of wood is the easiest to work with and gives a good quality to the ukuleles. This is divided between the lowest ranking, the oriental mahogany, cheap but with less sonority, up to the solid mahogany, a little more expensive but with better sound.

Cedar and spruce woods are the best, and if you really want the most expensive model but with the best sound, then the Hawaii-exclusive koa wood is what you need. It is not cheap, but the result will be excellent.

Accessories included

Like guitars, ukuleles need accessories to make your experience with them more complete and safe. Therefore, when you compare ukuleles of various sizes and brands, give due importance to the fact that they come with accessory kits that save you money in the long run.

Some of the accessories that could benefit you are the case, the strap and the tuner. The

case, in addition to allowing you to move your ukulele without risk of damage, it will also make you carry it more comfortably.

The ukulele is lightweight, therefore some people don’t think a strap is necessary. However, if the ukulele is for a child or you simply want more comfort, then using a strap can be a good way to always keep control of the ukulele and prevent it from falling.

The tuner will help make the tuning process easier. Although you can do it manually, a tuner will give you more speed and accuracy.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to tune a ukulele with a tuner?

The tuner is the best choice for tuning as a beginner. It is usually clip-on and simply sits on top of the headstock. Detect the notes by vibration. The notes in tune on the ukulele are A, E, C and G from the first to the fourth string. In English they will be A, E, C and G and it will be in this way that they are seen in the tuner. The note is given on the string and immediately the tuner indicates the letters. In this way, it is adjusted by moving the pegs. When the tuner turns green or makes a sound, the note is in tune.

Q2: How to strum a ukulele?

There are different strums to play the ukulele. As with any other stringed instrument, the wrist moves allowing the fingertips to strike the strings in a single stroke. Each strum has a specific style and some require short pauses between movements. Among the most common strums is the four stroke down stroke, which could also be combined with a final up stroke. Another is three strokes down, up, down and up. One of the most popular is the two down, two up, then down and up.

Q3: Which is better, a ukulele or a charango?

It will definitely depend on the type of sound you want to get. The ukulele offers happy rhythms with its four strings in the best Hawaiian style. For its part, a charango has five double strings with a harp-quality sound. The charango is a string instrument popularly used with the picking technique and is characteristic of Andean countries such as Peru and Bolivia.

Q4: What ukulele to buy to start with?

On this point, there is common agreement on the part of ukulele experts. Of the four types of ukulele, the soprano is the most recommended to start. It is considered the standard ukulele. It is economical, of comfortable size and a traditional high-pitched sound of Hawaiian melodies. It is also the ideal alternative if you want to buy for children. It measures approximately 53 centimeters and has between 12 – 15 frets. It is definitely the most popular among those looking to get started.

Q5: When to change ukulele strings?

Although there are ukulele strings made from different materials, nylon is the most common. Changing the strings of your ukulele becomes necessary before the obvious breakage of one or when you feel them very stretched or affected by humidity. Whatever the material, it is important that you take into account that new strings need a period of calm and accommodation. In this way, the tuning can be maintained, especially if you do it before a show in which you hope to participate.

Q6: Where was the ukulele created?

Although its use is notable anywhere in the world, the ukulele has roots in Hawaii. For the inhabitants of the island, the term ukulele refers to a jumping flea and is compared to its small, fast hand movements and vibrating sound.

Its creation is attributed to the Portuguese immigrants who arrived on the island with two typical instruments of their region: the cavaquinho and the machete. By 1880, a highly original version of the instrument had been achieved with features of these two. King Kalakaua made the ukulele the star of every island celebration.

Q7: How is a left handed ukulele different?

Its appearance is like seeing a right-handed ukulele in a mirror image. Its configuration of strings and hands are specially adapted to achieve chords with the right hand and strum with the dominant hand, that is, the left.

Q8: Which is better, a ukulele or a guitar?

Despite their similarity in form and behavior, the ukulele and the guitar are very different when it comes to tuning, chords, and even techniques used to perform. There is no doubt that the ukulele offers a very unique sound. The guitar, on the other hand, is capable of offering a greater variety of ranges, from the highest tones to the lowest.

Additionally, the ukulele is cheaper and easier to start. However, it is the style and music that you want to produce that will be decisive in the decision. If it is for versatility, the guitar is better, however, i

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