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Xylophone – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

Do you want to start creating beautiful melodies using a xylophone? Well, there are many things to take into account, but the most important thing is to acquire a good model for you. Among them, we have the Bontempi XLW12/N, designed for learning and that is entirely made of wood, both in the body and in the percussion rods. However, if you want your child to become a great concert player, then the Bright Rainbow Top will make your little one approach and grow in the world of music, developing their skills as a xylophonist, while learning many other things, such as colors and various children’s songs.

Comparison chart

Opinions on the best xylophones on the market

Never settle for buying something that you know is not the best option for you, as this will result in more unnecessary spending in the long run. These are the best alternatives on the market and surely one of them will be exactly what you need.

wooden xylophone

Bontempi XLW12/N 

When looking for the best xylophone of the moment, many users opt for a wooden xylophone. For them, we have selected the Bontempi XLW12/N model. This product is made entirely of this material, both in the area of ​​the plates and in the included percussion rods.

The total length of the product is 35 centimeters, with a total of 12 different notes distributed on its surface. These plates are engraved in a highly visible red tone, thus facilitating learning during performances.

On the other hand, the size of the plates makes it easier to use the xylophone, especially for the smallest of the house. Something interesting for a product that, in addition, is among the cheapest xylophones on the current market within its category. 

Enjoy the quality of this model, whose analysis of its characteristics we leave you below.


Materials : Both the xylophone and the drumsticks are made of high quality and resistant wood.

Engraving : Each note is engraved on the plate, making it easy to learn while using the product.

Size : The keys have a good size, which helps to play the instrument more comfortably.

Adjustable : The keys are fixed by star screws, which makes it easy to adjust them if necessary.


Extension: This xylophone only has 12 keys, not being too wide in terms of notes.

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Goldon 11210

Many people look for a wooden xylophone due to its quality and, in this case, this Goldon model stands out precisely for that reason, since the plates have been made of maple wood, while the frame is made of fir wood, so that both pieces are of the best quality. With that in mind, if you don’t know which xylophone to buy, this could be a good option.

Having been made in Germany, it has followed the most rigorous quality standards to offer you the best, as it is the type of xylophone used in German music schools, at the apprentice and amateur level. It is made up of 15 sound sheets from G 2 to G 4. In addition to the instrument, your purchase also comes with accessories to help you enjoy more such as a song book, a colorful box and, of course, a pair of wooden drumsticks.

Students will find in this xylophone an instrument suitable for their development as musicians, of great quality and resistant materials to be used frequently without inconvenience.


Weight: This is a light product, so using it will be easy and you will not have to make an effort to hold it.

Wood: The combination of spruce and maple wood give the instrument optimal resistance.

Accessories: It comes with several accessories to have a more complete experience: the book, the drumsticks and the box.


Professional: Despite being a very good product, buyers have commented that it is not suitable for professional use.

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ammoon 25 note

This alternative that Ammoon brings to you is not only one of the cheapest, but also qualifies as the best value for money xylophone, because, despite its low cost, the product is made of high quality materials and, furthermore, it is ideal for students, as it is an easy instrument to learn to use.

This wooden xylophone comes with two scales. One of them is diatonic that works with F, and another semitone scale from Fa to D. This combination of sounds gives the xylophonist 25 notes to create pieces with excellent quality, clear sound and high resonance. The two scales are joined by the frame, to give you more comfort when playing, since each plate is close to the other. In addition, with approximate dimensions of 53 x 41 x 6cm, handling it and taking it with you wherever you want will be easy.

This xylophone may be your best buy if you want an affordable product that can allow you to practice until you become the best.


Scales: Coming with two different musical scales, one diatonic and one semitone, the variety of notes offered is wider.

Learning: This product is easy to use and this aspect makes it ideal for beginners and also for those who want to have a xylophone to practice constantly.

Sound: The sound has been praised by several buyers, who have considered it quite good.


Drumsticks: The drumsticks are made of plastic and not wood, something that differs from other models that can be found on the market.

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children’s xylophone

Bright Rainbow Top

The love for music does not have to wait until adulthood, because with a children’s xylophone, children can become familiar with this world. This model, for example, could be a good option for children. Made for ages one and up, this toy’s body features a BPA-free wooden base with a cute elephant and lightweight, easy-to-grip hammers.

This xylophone has dimensions of 28.5 x 14 x 19 cm to suit children and, additionally, it stands out for its colorful bars, which have the tones of the rainbow next to the letter corresponding to the notes of the musical scale. This is sure to catch the attention of the little ones.

With this purchase you will not only get the instrument, but also some sheet music that will teach various children’s songs as a guide for better learning.

With this xylophone, children will be able to play their favorite songs comfortably, which will bring them closer to music.


Sheet Music: Sheet music included with purchase will teach children how to play different nursery rhymes.

Colors: The color bars will make it easier to distinguish musical notes.

Dimensions: The measurements of this product reach 28.5 x 14 x 19 cm centimeters, which facilitates handling by children.

Wood: This xylophone has been made with good quality materials, free of BPA and other toxins, making it a suitable toy for the little ones.


Size: The size of the xylophone could be very small for children ages 6 and up.

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Bee Smart Xylo_001

Learning to play the xylophone does not necessarily have to be difficult, even if it is a child. For this reason, this children’s xylophone has been manufactured with everything necessary for little ones to start in the world of music.

The instrument has a wooden body for durability and resistance to constant use, while the bars are made of metal to provide a more resonant and bright sound. However, what stands out the most about these is the way in which they use different bright colors and numbers to differentiate each musical note, which are already identified with their respective letters.

Children from 18 months can play with this xylophone and, as they grow, they can discover the nursery rhymes included in the music cards. This xylophone, with dimensions of 25 x 13 x 4.7 centimeters, is easy and comfortable to handle and move.

Children will be able to find a good beginner xylophone in this product; This way they will learn to play easily and comfortably.


Identification: Thanks to the colors, letters and numbers, children will be able to better identify each musical note.

Safe: Wear-resistant materials provide safety. In addition to that, the paint, being non-toxic, is ideal for children.

Sheet music: Cards with children’s songs will help children learn new melodies and practice their knowledge.


Toy: This xylophone is still a toy, therefore its sound quality is not equal to that of higher category instruments.

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soprano xylophone

Rockstar AX25N

The Rockstar AX25N soprano xylophone is another piece that deserves our attention. We are talking about a product equipped with 25 notes in total with a chromatic approach and very suitable for beginners or newcomers

The instrument offers a full display in two rows, which adequately covers the scales, both in the conventional part and in the sharps. These notes are distributed inside a case that serves both as a support and as a transport case. The entire piece has a high resistance, so it is ideal for schools, conservatories and other places of intensive use.

The xylophone is finished off with the corresponding drumsticks, made of good quality material and with an adequate balance. The auction for one of the best xylophones of 2022, according to our analysis.

We leave you the most outstanding details of this instrument, with which it is easy to give your best grade.


Keys: The xylophone has 25 silver notes with a constant pitch throughout the entire scale.

Case: The product’s case serves both as a support for the keys and as a case for transporting the instrument.

Resistance: The product has a high resistance, so it can withstand intensive use with solvency.


Profile: As we have been commenting, it is a product designed for beginners, both for its approach and for its number of keys.

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Classic Cantabile 00029141

With dimensions of 40 x 40 x 10 centimeters and a light weight of 1.36 kilograms, it seems hard to believe that this soprano xylophone comes with 25 metal bars that represent a wide range of musical notes, including sharps. In this way, it is possible to play more complete melodies, with a very good pitch and sonority.

In order to be able to identify the musical notes, the bars have different colors and, in addition, the letters of each one are engraved. Thanks to this, beginners will be able to familiarize themselves with the instrument more quickly. It really is a very good product for educational and home use.

Regarding its structure, the xylophone comes inside a case with a handle made of very resistant and durable plastic, which will protect the instrument and will also make it much easier to move it. In addition, it has 2 yellow hammers that provide a good grip to play comfortably.

This xylophone stands out for offering a lot in a small space, because, although it is small and light, it offers the opportunity to play in total comfort.


Musical notes: The musical scale of this instrument also includes sustained notes, so you will have a greater opportunity to play more complex melodies.

Mobilization: Mobilizing the xylophone will be comfortable, as it is a lightweight product that also comes in an ergonomic case.

Educational: This product uses colors and letters to identify musical notes; providing easier learning.


Lid: The lid cannot be fully opened, which can be uncomfortable and can affect the sound of the instrument.

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How to choose the best xylophones

It’s a good idea to take your time when weighing up a decision and helping you with this guide to discover the things to consider can make the process of buying a xylophone easier.

Shopping guide

types of xylophones

Before making a hasty decision, you should keep in mind that not all xylophones are the same or produce the same sound, so it is necessary to make a guide to buy the best xylophone for you considering what you are looking for and also what you need.

First of all, xylophones are characterized by using one of these two musical scales: chromatic and diatonic.

The last of these is the most used in xylophones for children and beginners, although it can also be perfectly used in instruments for professionals, since the range of musical notes offered by the diatonic scale is the standard one, known for its tones in: Do-Re -Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si. It is the simplest scale to learn, so playing a xylophone of this type is usually easier.

The most complicated scale, but with a greater sonorous range and with more possibilities of notes for advanced musicians, is called chromatic. It is also known as the twelve-tone scale, and this is because it comes with a succession of 13 musical notes, or semitones, taking into account the octaves. That is, Do and Do#-Re and Re#-Mi and Mi#… until you reach Si, which is the only note that does not have a sustained semitone.

If you don’t take this into account when comparing xylophones, you may be going with the good and cheap option without considering the fact that it probably doesn’t have the necessary notes to produce a complex piece of music.

Another aspect to highlight is the dilemma that exists between metallophones and xylophones. Technically, metallophones classify as a different instrument than the xylophone, as they are made of different materials, the former having metal blades while the latter has wooden blades. However, despite the difference, their sounds are so similar and their form is so similar that many people insist on considering the metallophone as a simple metal xylophone. Because of this, you may come across several metallophones named xylophones on the market.

These usually come in a diatonic scale, however, they come in three sizes: soprano, alto, and bass. Depending on the size of your instrument, musical notes may sound higher or lower. Having a metallophone is not bad, but if you are looking for a xylophone, only buy those that are made of wood.

Materials and accessories

Before you find out how much the xylophone costs and buy the cheapest one, remember that poor materials are usually the cause of low prices when it comes to instruments. Xylophones are not exempt from these, since, in the market, you may find metallic, wooden or even plastic structures. This not only affects the resistance, but also the sound quality.

Xylophones have been made of wood for years, therefore, the best option will be to acquire an instrument that is made of wood both in the sheets and in the base structure. If the base is metallic, it is also a resistant product, but if the plates are also metallic, then you have bought a metallophone. Plastic bases, on the other hand, are used more for children’s xylophones and are not at all recommended for professional use. The drumsticks should always be made of wood, otherwise, it is possible that the sound changes with the impact of another material.

To make your experience better, try to buy xylophones that come with accessories, as these will surely make your time with the instrument easier. Two of the best little extras you can get are: a quality case for your xylophone and an adjustable stand for it as well.

The case will make it easier to move it and also store it, preventing bumps and falls that can damage it, and providing comfort. The base will allow you to play the xylophone while standing up, without the need to hold it, leaving your hands free for greater control of the instrument.

Education level and weight

Although almost all xylophones, apart from children’s models, look exactly the same, not all serve the same purpose or are suitable for use by certain types of people. There are xylophones for apprentices and also professionals, so you should be careful when making your purchase.

Little ones who are inexperienced in music should always opt for children’s models that allow them to become familiar with the sound, the notes and how to play it. Even for the little ones, in this case, babies, there are toys for them.

Try to get the lightest xylophones. It will depend on this whether you make an effort to wear it, or not.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What kind of instrument is the xylophone?

Xylophones, being instruments that need to be hit lightly on each sheet in order to produce the vibration that generates the sound, are considered percussion instruments. They are in the same family of instruments as bass drums, kettledrums, and even drums.

Q2: Xylophone or metallophone, which is better?

It all depends on what you want to search for. Metallophones stand out for producing longer and louder sounds, as metal bars will always have a longer vibration time than wooden ones, however, if you want the classic sound, then a wooden xylophone is better for you.

Children’s “xylophones”, most of the time, are usually metallophones because of their sound and because of their metal bars. Also because, usually, they have musical notes engraved on the material to facilitate learning. So if it’s an instrument intended for a child, then the metallophone may be a more suitable alternative.

Q3: Where did the xylophone come from?

The origins of the xylophone go back hundreds of years, specifically in the southern part of the Asian continent, where people used separate sheets of wood one from the other and, by striking them, they produced a nice sound. This is believed to have taken place around the 14th century.

From the fifteenth century, the xylophone managed to reach African lands, where it easily mixed with the culture of the region and began to form part of the music of Africa. With the slave trade in the 16th century, Africans brought knowledge of this instrument to America and Europe, and what began as a simple instrument began to take on complexity. In the European continent, the drumsticks were generated, standard sizes began to be designed and, after the effort, the xylophone as we know it today was completed.

Q4: How to make homemade xylophone from bottles?

Making a homemade xylophone is one of the simplest crafts you can do and, for children, it will be quite fun.

You will only need 7 glass bottles, with a considerable thickness to prevent them from breaking when hit. Fill each of them with water, however, start by filling one to the top and progressively start to decrease the amount of water until the last one.

If you wish, you can add food coloring to the water to distinguish one note from another. Place them, horizontally, on top of two wooden boards that will be parallel to each other at each end, and adhere them.

Using cutlery, wooden boards, or anything else you can think of, you can have drumsticks to play on. With small taps you can start producing the sounds

Q5: How many notes does a xylophone have?

A diatonic xylophone has the 7 standard musical notes, from C to B. While chromatic xylophones have 13 musical notes, six of them, from Do to La, bring their respective sustained variants, and finally the Si, which does not have a variant in this scale.

Professionals can have up to 48 musical notes, as they cover different tones such as soprano, bass, etc.

Q6: Which is better, xylophone or marimba?

If you’re looking for a smooth, high-pitched sound, then the marimba is better, as it’s tuned anywhere from 3 to 5 octaves, and even higher.

If you want a louder, deeper sound, then the xylophone is better, as its tuning ranges from 2 to 4 octaves.

Apart from these aspects, it is difficult to choose the best one, as both instruments are very similar to each other and their structures are almost identical.

Q7: What is a monochrome xylophone?

Monochromatic can refer to colors, because although there are some colorful xylophones, many have a single color throughout their structure, especially those made of wood both in the plates and in the frame.

Chromatic, on the other hand, refers to the musical notes that the instrument can produce and establishes that the xylophone has 13 notes, the natural ones from C to B, and the sustained variants from C to A. The Si does not have this variant.

Q8: How is a professional xylophone different from a normal one?

The professional xylophone has, most of the time, various chromatic scales to be played by several people or simply to offer a wider musical range for the xylophonist, since the scales vary by octaves.

Usually, those for apprentices are diatonic versions that facilitate the study of the xylophone, making it difficult to make complex musical pieces that have a great variety of highs and lows.

How to use a xylophone

Xylophones are not as well-known instruments as guitars or drums, however, they belong to the same group of instruments as the latter, and also offer the same tuning as pianos, so they can help you play beautiful songs. The difference between a piano and a xylophone is that, unlike the first one, the xylophone is easy to play and learn, therefore, you will not need many things to know how to use a xylophone and start practicing.

adjust the base

If you are playing professionally, having a stand or stand is essential to using the xylophone. So, to start with, place your xylophone on the base and adjust it to your height.

Put yourself in a good position

Something fundamental to be able to play a xylophone is the position you take with respect to it. Distance is paramount, as if you lean back against the instrument a bit or your clothing makes contact with it, the sound could be affected.

You must be at least 20 cm away from the xylophone, try not to slouch too much and maintain a posture as straight as possible, to avoid pain.

hold the drumsticks

Grab the bottom end of the drumsticks with a firm grip that won’t let them slip but won’t hurt your hand either. Keep them a few inches from the surface.

It doesn’t matter if they aren’t completely straight, the perfect grip is the one that feels most natural to you.

play the xylophone

Use your wrists to naturally raise and lower the drumsticks. You don’t want to move your arm for this, as in addition to tiring your arm muscles, the punch may not be accurate.

When hitting the wooden sheets, try not to use too much force, as you could damage the xylophone. They should be firm but soft strokes. Always aim towards the middle of the slide and hit in the center, because if the drumstick accidentally rubs against another slide, the sound will change and the song will be distorted.

When you hit the bar you need to lift the stick again, because if you leave it there, the vibration of the bar will rub against the stick producing distorted sounds. Try to make your movements between one note and another fluid, and when you don’t have to play for a long period, remove the drumsticks and have them in the starting position.

By the end

When you’re done using your xylophone, bring a clean, dry handkerchief and dust off your instrument. Doing this regularly will prevent dust buildup, preventing dust buildup from damaging the instrument by blocking the vibrations of the reeds.

Never use any cleaning liquid and avoid drinking drinks near the xylophone at all costs, moisture is the enemy of wood and could easily damage your xylophone. In addition to that, leave your xylophone in dry places, away from mold, or floors and walls that easily retain moisture.

For added protection, use an instrument bag or case.

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MVPower Educational

Looking for the best xylophone for your baby? Then this children’s xylophone will surely be a good answer to your search, because with its pine wood base to give it total resistance to the use of the little ones, and the varied and bright colors, children will be entertained for hours with this toy. The paint responsible for giving it color stands out for being ecological and free of any toxic substance to avoid diseases or allergies.

Viene con dos baquetas para que se pueda utilizar desde el primer momento y, como es un producto ligero, los niños no tendrán dificultades al tocar los 8 tonos distintos que ofrece el xilófono. Esto hace que, además de desarrollar el gusto musical, también desarrollen sus habilidades motoras. Las dimensiones de 29 x 13,5 x 4,3 cm hacen posible que los niños manipulen el instrumento con facilidad, que lo lleven consigo y que, adicionalmente, sea fácil encontrar un lugar para guardarlo.

Los juguetes educativos mezclan la diversión con el conocimiento, y este xilófono permitirá que los niños se diviertan, desarrollen y aprendan sobre la música.


Infantil: Al ser un instrumento infantil, las medidas y el peso se adecúan a los niños.

Resistente: La madera de pino es un material robusto y duradero, por lo que es perfecto para soportar el uso por parte de niños.

Colorido: Los brillantes colores llamarán la atención de los niños tanto como la música.


Juguete: A pesar de su calidad, sigue siendo un juguete. Si deseas que tu niño aprenda a tocar un xilófono de verdad, necesitarás un instrumento infantil profesional.

Angel AG-25N2

Comprar un artículo para niños siempre debe ser una elección importante, por lo que, si buscas lo mejor en cuanto a un xilófono infantil y no sabes cuál es el mejor xilófono para comprar, este modelo de Angel podría ser ideal para ti. Es de dimensiones pequeñas 3 x 30 x 15 cm y tiene un peso de 1,52 kg, lo que hará que los niños se sientan más cómodos y seguros al usarlo. Trae dos escalas con 25 láminas de sonido en total para producir variadas notas musicales que van desde sol 2 hasta sol 4.

El diseño es muy lindo y bastante práctico, pues el xilófono viene dentro de su estuche plástico para que sea más fácil llevarlo de lado a lado y protegerlo de cualquier daño. El estuche es de color azul bebé que hace contraste con las placas de acero del xilófono. Trae las baquetas para poder tocar como todo un profesional.

Este instrumento se encargará de preparar a tu niño para el mundo de la música, dándole habilidades y destrezas adecuadas a su edad.


Infantil: Los niños se sentirán completamente cómodos con este xilófono ya que es un modelo infantil, diseñado para ellos.

Estuche: El estuche, además de proteger al xilófono, también hace que sea bastante sencillo movilizarlo.

Dimensiones: Las medidas pequeñas permiten que sea más fácil almacenarlo y también llevarlo en mochilas y bolsos.


Aprendizaje: Este xilófono no es la mejor alternativa para los que buscan un instrumento profesional para niños avanzados en la música, pues es un xilófono para principiantes.

ProKussion Madera

Este xilófono de madera ha sido fabricado para niños y jóvenes aficionados que deseen entretenerse aprendiendo a tocar este instrumento. Con un marco de madera natural, este es un pro

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