The songs of the summer of the last 30 years

One of the best things about summer, apart from enjoying the sun and the beach, is the arrival of new songs that soon become hits and everyone knows about them. In fact, many times the memories of a great summer are linked to the musical success of the moment, regardless of its genre.

When it comes to upbeat songs, summer songs are usually the best representatives. These are usually musical hits with great rhythm , catchy lyrics and perfect for dancing.

In this list you will find classic songs and happy music to dance to. Also, you will notice that you probably know them all and that Shakira is such an incredible artist that she has been the interpreter of many summer music hits in the world.

12. Pimp Daddy (2003)

Chombo’s songs are currently often taken as a joke, but in 2003 they marked the beginning of the reggaeton genre and, at that time, listening to “Papi Chulo” was like having the phrase “Summer is coming” in song.

This was a hit that made half the world dance and, although among all the songs it may be the weakest in terms of lyrics, its rhythm makes up for everything and Lorna’s voice ends up consecrating this song as a resounding success. 

11. Dragostea Din Tei (2004)

Hardly anyone who speaks Spanish knows what the Moldavian-Romanians of O-Zone say, however, that was not an impediment for “Dragostea Din Tei”, or as it is colloquially known “Numa Numa”, to become part of the mythical songs the 2000.

When looking for the best songs from 2000 to 2010, this one is never missing. Maybe because of its changes of rhythm, because of a video that really represents what was considered cool in 2000 or because of its meaningless lyrics. Really, no one will ever know.

10. Torture (2005)

The lyrics are definitely a tragedy, however, “La Torture” was the trending song of 2005. The powerful performances of Alejandro Sanz and Shakira, plus an incredible music video, managed to grab attention that a lot of commercial music from 2019 onwards didn’t. They have gotten. 

9. The bike (2016)

Released in 2016, this composition managed to stay and be part of the songs of the summer of 2017 . That is the power of Shakira.

On this occasion, together with Carlos Vives, he praised the beauty of Colombia and its culture along with incredible rhythm. And if not even Piqué can resist Tayrona, then who will want to stay in Barcelona after listening to this summer song?

8. The Shark (1993)

This song is not one of the latest musical successes, but it is one of the catchiest songs that exist in the Spanish-speaking music scene.

“El tiburon” has everything to be one of those lifelong songs: good rhythm, an interesting story and the phrase that keeps the soul of the party alive: “Don’t stop, keep going, keep going”. What more can you ask of the music of the 90s in Spanish?


7. I know I hit you (2011, 2012, 2013)

The reason why this song is associated with several years is because it remained in various parts of the world during all this time as a summer hit.

Songs with a soft rhythm are not usually positioned as melodies worthy of summer, however, surprisingly, this song in Portuguese was quickly embraced by the international music scene. Forbidden to forget this great success. 

6. Aserejé (2002)

“Aserejé” had everything necessary to succeed, because, in addition to being an incredibly catchy song, it was accompanied by great controversy and a dance that we all know until today. Fortunately, contrary to the claims of the audience, Asereje does not have a satanic message, just a mispronounced chorus in English.

Who is Diego? Nobody knows.

What is the anthem at 12 o’clock? Nobody knows him.

What we do know is that Asereje is danced, enjoyed, sung and not forgotten.

5. Salome (1999)

Probably one of Chayanne’s most recognized and danceable songs , “Salomé” is a summer hit that managed to become an essential of any Spanish and Latin American party.

Among the songs of the 90s in Spanish there are many works of art, but Salomé achieves what few have achieved: making people stop as soon as it sounds, pose with each stop of the rhythm and prepare to leave everything on the dance floor.

4. Dancing (2014)

It is difficult to keep track of how many versions of Bailando there are , and the success of this song was such that it was released multiple times in different languages ​​and adding more artists each time.

In addition to a summer song, this is part of the most danced disco songs. Everyone wants to enjoy this hit and sing it out loud.

3. Waka Waka (2010)

Shakira again enters the list with the official song of the 2010 World Cup.

Listening to it you will hear phrases in Spanish, Cameroonian, Latin and African rhythms, and a letter dedicated to the most important soccer event in the world. It really managed to unite all the nations and until now, we all know the “Waka Waka”. Due to its diversity, many consider “Waka Waka” the best song ever sung in 2010.

2. Slowly (2017)

Either you love it or you hate it, this is the essence of Despacito. A song that sounded so much during 2017 that it managed to make many fall in love and even made Justin Bieber sing in Spanish for the first time.

With DJ headphones (in this link you will find several products to choose from) you can detail all the nuances of cumbia, reggaeton, Spanish guitar and rap. A strange but effective combination; It almost seems like magic that this is the most played song in YouTube history , passing the 6 billion views gap.

Really “Despacito” is not just a summer song, it is a success that set a record that is quite difficult to beat.

1. Macarena (1996)

Although this success was the world’s summer song in 1996, it is possible to consider it part of the summer songs of all countries annually. No one has stopped singing the macarena, although more than two decades have passed since its first appearance.

Everyone dances the step of “la Macarena”, everyone knows the story of poor Vittorino and, therefore, for many, in summer, this is the best music of all time.

When summer arrives, in addition to buying a good swimsuit and sunscreen, it is necessary to create a playlist with these hits.

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