Top 10 reggaeton songs

Reggaeton is one of the most listened to genres around the world and is gaining more and more ground on the music scene. Among so many successes, there are a few songs that stand out and have managed to get millions of views for their rhythm, lyrics and even for their music videos.

Reggaeton, reggaeton or reggaeton. No matter how you know this genre, the important thing is to know that it is taking over the world. Not only from the Spanish-speaking music scene, but also from the Anglo-Saxon one, marking the beginning of a musical cultural mix that had not been seen before.

The latter is evidenced by the fact that many of the new songs of 2020 have come from collaborations between artists who sing in Spanish and others who sing in English. In fact, several of these cool songs have managed to position themselves in the list of most listened to reggaeton songs on YouTube in 2020.

1. Hawaii – Maluma

When it comes to reggaeton on YouTube in 2020, Hawaii was the sensation, racking up more than 500 million views . This hit, in addition to being successful on its own, achieved fame again when a remastered version was made with The Weekend, who showed his talents by singing in Spanish, while Maluma showed why he is one of the most important reggaeton artists..

2. Tattoo – Rauw Alejandro & Camilo

When you search for “reggaeton music” on YouTube, few expect to find Camilo, because this is not his favorite genre. However, Tattoo, together with Rauw Alejandro, managed to pass the 400 million views barrier. This shows that Camilo is not an artist who is limited to a single genre, because his true style is to hit songs and turn them into hits.

3. I dance alone – Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny’s real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio and, although it may not seem like the most artistic name in the world, this is the name of the creator of the biggest reggaeton hits of 2019, 2020 and, probably, 2022.

With “Yo perreo sola”, the singer achieved that a song of female empowerment and a criticism of toxic masculinity would be positioned in the most important lists. Additionally, the song came with one of the most controversial and iconic reggaeton music videos of the genre.

4. Caramel – Ozuna

“Ozuna songs download” is a search that is done frequently, since this Puerto Rican is usually part of the best Latin songs of the moment since his arrival to stardom. “Caramelo” is a good example, accumulating more than 300 million views.

5. Goddess – Myke Towers

“Black hair, dangerous”. This is how the Diosa choir goes, which you have surely sung more than once. Although Myke Towers has been mostly known for participating in the remixing of songs, little by little he has managed to form his own style, being part of the latest reggaeton and creating a solid musical base.

At this time, this reggaeton song has about 360 million views, however, it will surely continue to rise.

6. Safaera – Bad Bunny, Jowell and Randy, Ñengo Flow

If you look for reggaeton song phrases, Safaera has one of the most memorable, which became a meme and even a challenge among young people to see their parents’ reactions.

This, in addition to being one of the most upbeat songs with the best rhythm , has also been one of the most irreverent, which assured it a position among the most listened to songs of 2020 and for a few more years.

7. Red – J. Balvin

Balvin is one of the most outstanding artists among all reggaeton singers, as many attribute his arrival to him with the beginning of a new era in the genre. He was one of the first to share credits with English-speaking artists in his songs, the only reggaeton player to perform at Fortnite, and one of the first to set foot in Coachella. 

However, although he had a low profile in the urban reggaeton scene for a time, his latest album “Colores” repositioned him and Rojo became one of the most famous reggaeton releases of 2020.

8. Mamacita – Black Eyed Peas, Ozuna, J. Rey Soul

This reggaeton lyric mixes flowing Spanglish which makes it a fairly easy song for anyone who wants to sing along. This song shows that there is not only reggaeton in Spanish, as this genre is crossing borders and positioning itself in various music scenes around the world.

The very different voices of each of the singers, together with the characteristic rhythm of BEP, made this song take the world by surprise and make them dance.

9. TKN – Rosalia, Travis Scott

Travis Scott is a well-known rapper, while Rosalía became famous with her flamenco-inspired album “El malquerer”. This makes it quite peculiar that they have achieved success in the reggaeton scene and, in turn, shows that talent does not have to be limited to just one style.

With more than 150 million views and an overwhelming response on social networks, this musical collaboration is one of the most successful of 2020 and, although “milk with sugar” is still a letter with little meaning, the flow of these artists has been enough to ensure this success.

10. Today I got paid – Bad Bunny, Snoop Dogg

It was obvious that the top reggaeton songs of 2020 was going to culminate with the current king of the genre: Bad Bunny and, in this case, the tenth place goes to “Hoy cobré”. However, “I seen like this” was another song that really fought for this position, with one of the most viewed videos.

This success has the particularity of having Snoop Dogg, a rapper who has been giving talk for decades and who is considered one of the most important artists of the urban genre of all time .  

Already having this list, you will only need to look for your DJ headphones and listen to each of the songs, to know the rhythm that marked the year 2020 and the artists that will surely represent the reggaeton genre in 2022.

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