Top 10 Tuners of 2022

Tuner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Tuners are indispensable tools for all string instrument lovers, allowing them to enhance tunes so their performances have a more harmonious rhythmic quality. In this sense, it will not matter if you are a beginner or a professional, since you will always need a tuner to start your practices. A highly positioned model that will give you six tuning modes with great precision is the Rayzm ETT-2, which has a small module with an easy-to-read LED display and adjustment clip. Similarly, Cahaya CY0005 offers you intuitive operation with five tuning modes controllable by means of a button.

Top 10 Tuners – Opinions 2022

There are many tuners on the market, but not all of them are suitable for the same instruments, so, prior to your purchase, it is important to check some options. Next, we present 10 models of tuners positioned among the best of this year.

Guitar tuner

1. Rayzm Tuner for Guitar Bass Ukulele Violin Chromatic

Rayzm is a well-known brand in the world of music, which this time brings to the market a guitar tuner with a modern and compact design, consisting of a two-color screen and a clip-type clamp with a 2.5-centimeter opening., so that you can easily fix it on the instrument.

It is a device that for many could be the best tuner, due to its speed, precision and low margin of error, of only 0.1% compared to other devices. In addition, it is intuitive to use, since you only have to pay attention to the variation in the color of the screen. 

In this sense, it could turn orange towards the extreme left or right of the screen, which means that the string needs to be slackened or slackened, respectively. It also has a green tone that will indicate that the string instrument is correctly tuned and ready to be played.

Next, know the pros and cons of what could be the best tuner of the moment.


Auto power off: After five minutes of inactivity, the device will automatically turn off to save battery power.

Chromatic mode: Thanks to the chromatic mode, you can tune any stringed instrument, as well as guitar, bass, violin, C and D ukulele.

Screen: Its 360° rotating screen makes it easy to read regardless of the position of the clip.

Margin of error: The low margin of error of 0.1% makes it a fairly reliable device.


Clamp: You will need to be careful when attaching the clamp, as the grip ends may be a bit small.

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ukulele tuner

2. Cahaya Digital Guitar Tuner

Well positioned among the best tuners of 2022 is this model with the Cahaya quality seal, designed to provide adjustable tuning modes with the push of a button. Thus, you can switch from one chromatic mode to another for ukulele, violin, bass or guitar.

This ukulele tuner features a 360° rotating LCD screen for quick viewing, while the clip that complements the frame provides a smooth opening for a secure fit on the headstock of the instrument. 

Also, this compact and lightweight tuner incorporates a low energy consumption battery type CR2032, so you can use the device for a long time, before having to buy a replacement for said energy accumulator.

The best thing about this equipment, aimed at amateur or professional musicians, is that it can be used in noisy environments, since it isolates said sound and focuses solely on the vibration generated by the strings.

Cahaya, recommended as the best brand of tuners, presents us with this model that is easy to use and has a compact design.


Usage: You can change the tuning mode quickly and intuitively with the push of a button. 

Format: Thanks to its compact format you can place the tuner anywhere, without taking up much space.

Power: Its long-lasting battery has low consumption, so you will not have to change it constantly.

Cleaning: With the attached microfiber cloth you can always keep the tuner screen clean.


Cover: The incorporation of a cover to store the device safely is missing.

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bass tuner

3. Planet Waves PW CT-17BK Tuner

Planet Waves is a manufacturer with a long history in the music market, which usually develops and markets equipment with the highest quality standards. Such is the case of this product, which could well be the answer for those who are wondering which is the best tuner.

It is a bass tuner made up of an LCD screen, with vertical orientation and a high resolution, so you can give a quick reading. In addition, a practical clamp is incorporated in the lower part of the casing of said screen, for the secure fastening of the tuner on the pegbox of the instrument. Both pieces create a compact and quite light equipment, which you can transport or store without inconvenience, because it does not take up much space.

It is important to mention that the tuner incorporates an automated shutdown mechanism, designed to prolong the useful life of the battery used as a power source.

If you don’t know which tuner to buy, you’ll want to review the pros and cons of this product.


Auto Power Off: When not in use, the tuner automatically turns off, saving significant battery life.

Chromatic: The chromatic mode of the device allows a progressive tuning of each of the strings, for greater precision.

Screen: Its screen provides quick reading and easy control through its three buttons.

Clamp: The built-in clamp offers a quick and easy adjustment, so you can put it on the headstock.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual does not have a translation into Spanish, but you can review a web tutorial to clarify your doubts.

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violin tuner

4. Cascha HH 2018 Chromatic Tuner for Guitar Bass Violin

This product made by Cascha is recommended as the best value for money tuner, designed to provide precise tuning on your stringed instruments quickly and easily.

The device features a backlit screen, which is convenient for use in dark settings, while the 360° swivel mechanism improves the viewing angle. In addition, the built-in clamp under the screen can be easily opened and closed, making it easy to securely attach to the headstock of the instrument.

Regarding the power supply of this violin, guitar, bass and ukulele tuner, you will have a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, since the device has been provided with a convenient energy saving mode. In this way, you will not have to worry about constantly investing in the acquisition of a replacement for said energy accumulator.

Among the cheapest tuners, this model stands out, whose details you will be able to know below.


Power saving: Power saving mode will help you extend battery life.

Screen: Its backlit screen will allow you to see it correctly in dark settings.

Measurement: You will enjoy a fairly precise tuning, thanks to the fact that the measurement is made based on the vibration of the strings.

Clip: You can place the tuner safely on the headstock, by means of its easy-open clip.


Instructions: Instructions are not provided in Spanish, but you should know that the use of the equipment is intuitive.

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electric guitar tuner

5. Rayzm Tuner Metronome tuner for Guitar Bass Ukulele Violin

The manufacturer Rayzm is part of this list of recommended products, offering its followers an electric guitar tuner with a compact and lightweight design, which they can carry in the instrument’s case without taking up much space.

This device has a spacious screen with lighting, a connection cable and a grip clip, which, together, put a three-in-one device at your fingertips. In this way, you will be able to enjoy a metronome to extend the range of beats and tones of the instruments, an ambient noise tuner for the microphone and a convenient generator of some tones with their respective calibrator. 

In addition, you have the possibility to adjust the tuning mode for guitar, bass, ukulele and violin, as well as apply the chromatic mode, so you can use the tuner with a wide variety of stringed instruments, such as mandolin, among others.

Here, the details of a tuner for all types of stringed instruments, which has a compact and lightweight design.


Clamp: The built-in clamp provides easy and secure manipulation to fix it on the headstock.

Chromatic mode: Thanks to the chromatic mode you will have no limitations to tune any type of stringed instrument.

Auto power off: After five minutes of inactivity, the device turns off, which saves battery life.

Backlight: The screen’s backlight system gives you a comfortable view in dark settings.


Cable: You will need to be careful when using the tuner as the cable might be a bit short.

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chromatic tuner

6. Asmuse Guitar Tuner Guitar Tuner Chromatic Tuner

This chromatic tuner from the Asmuse house is valued among the cheapest models and offers a clamp design with a compact and lightweight format, which you can easily transport or store. In addition, it provides highly accurate tuning on guitars and ukuleles.

The spacious color screen of this equipment is of the LCD type and its structure has been provided with a swivel mechanism of up to 360°, which is convenient for the musician to adjust the angle of the device at his convenience, in this way, give a quick reading during the tuning process. 

Likewise, the incorporation of a clamp with a clip closure allows a secure fit on the headstock. For its part, the operation of the device is in charge of a single button with which we can turn on the equipment, select the tuning mode for ukulele, classical or acoustic guitar and, finally, it will also serve to turn off the device. 

With this equipment you will achieve a fairly precise tuning on your guitar and other stringed instruments. Here are some details of the model.


Accessories: Three guitar picks with their respective case are attached with the purchase.

Auto power off: After three minutes of inactivity, the tuner will turn off, in order to save battery.

Multifunction button: A single button is incorporated to turn on, select the tuning mode and turn off the device.

Screen: Its good resolution screen allows a quick reading at all times.


Case: A case or storage bag is missing to safely carry the tuner.

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Korg tuner

7. Korg TM60Bk Metronome Tuner

Korg is a well-known brand in the music market, whose tuners are generally deserving of a large number of positive comments due to the high level of quality in their operation. For this reason, the positioning acquired by this model belonging to its purchase catalog is explained.

It is a two-in-one device that will allow you not only to tune the instrument precisely, but you will also be able to measure the times of the composition and mark the exact beat, thanks to the built-in metronome mode. In addition, you have the possibility of using these functions independently or synchronizing them, depending on your needs when starting the respective practice.

Regarding the design of this Korg tuner, you will enjoy an orange screen, a control panel with several fully identified buttons, a microphone, connection jacks and a rear base to stand up the equipment.

Those looking for a metronome and tuner in a single unit will probably find the advantages and disadvantages of this model interesting.


Screen: The spacious screen with backlight allows a good visualization of the data.

Rear base: On the back of the case you will find a small base to keep the structure standing.

Auto power off: With the auto power off system you will save energy and increase the useful life of the batteries.

Functions: You can select between the tuner and metronome function or synchronize them, as you wish.


Use: Its method of use could be a bit confusing, especially for those who are starting to practice the instrument.

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voice tuner

8. Elagon PPF Tuner Chromatic Tone Whistle for Singers

Instrument tuners are an indispensable tool for any musician, since through said device they can find the perfect harmony of each of the tones given by the instrument played. In the same way, this type of device can be used to specify the correct definition of the voice of the singers.

This dual operating mode is offered by this equipment marketed by Elagon, which can be used as a tuner for Spanish, electric, acoustic, bass guitars and any other stringed instrument, as well as with the human voice. In this way, you will enjoy a full range of tones and with a high level of precision, when it comes to tuning.

This voice tuner has a compact and lightweight circular design, which is convenient to carry in your pocket, backpack or instrument case compartment, without taking up significant space.

This is a tuner positively valued on the web, whose positive and negative aspects we present below.


Use: It is a dual-use equipment that allows you to tune any instrument and the singer’s voice.

Tones: The range of tones offered by the equipment provides a precise tuning.

Format: Its light and compact body is suitable for being carried in a trouser pocket without causing discomfort.

Storage: A case with snap closure and padded interior is incorporated, so you can store the tuner safely.


Tuning: There are those who comment that the tuning level is a bit inaccurate, but it all depends on the performer.

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Piano tuner

9. Dilwe Professional Kit Piano Tuner Tools

With this set of six tools from the Dilwe house it will be possible to tune the piano in a simple way, because all of them are made with high-end raw material, which provides a high level of resistance, so you will be acquiring a team that will accompany you for a long time.

It is a complete set consisting of a temperament strip approximately 104 centimeters long, a tuning hammer with a wooden handle and a metal head. Also, you will have a pair of long rubber silencers and two more with their respective handle.

In addition, the parts of this piano tuner have an ergonomic design and a fairly light weight, which will allow you to enjoy practical handling at all times. Thus, you will be able to carry out a fast, simple, silent and highly accurate tuning process, similar to that carried out by a professional, but at a lower cost.

If you want to tune your piano in a simple way, you should review the pros and cons of this tuner set.


Materials: The materials of the tools are high-end, so they offer strength and durability.

Set: You will save time and money with this set, since it incorporates all the necessary tools to achieve a professional tuning.

Weight: Each of the tools has a light weight, which allows quick handling.

Support: The rotary hammer has an ergonomic wooden handle for a correct grip.


Manual: In the absence of an instruction manual, you should clarify your doubts with the help of a web tutorial.

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transverse flute tuner

10. Korg CA-2 Chromatic Digital Tuner for Stringed Instruments

Korg is a brand of great popularity in the music world, whose products offer a good level of quality, ergonomic design and intuitive operation, which favors the performance of the performers satisfactorily. Therefore, it is not surprising to find it in this list of recommended products, this time with a transverse flute tuner.

This equipment has a rectangular structure with rounded edges and a compact format, which provide a practical and safe grip for better handling when tuning the instrument. In addition, the device incorporates a compartment on the back with its respective sliding cover, for the placement of the AAA batteries required for the energy supply process.

The tuner also features a spacious display with large black digits so you can easily monitor information, while front-facing LED indicators keep you up-to-date on the tuner’s operation.

Learn about the positive and negative aspects of this flute tuner below.


Autonomy: You will not have to worry about the rapid replacement of batteries, since they offer an approximate autonomy of 200 hours.

Grip: The compact format with rounded tips of the tuner allows an ergonomic and safe grip.

Indicators: You will be able to be aware of the on, off and deviation of the tones, thanks to the indicators arranged on the casing.

Screen: Its large screen allows you to enjoy a better view of the notes.


Base: The absence of a rear base is missing to keep the structure standing.

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Shopping guide

Those who play instruments know the importance of their tuning prior to any practice or presentation, since the sound quality of each interpretation will depend on it. In this sense, acquiring a tuner, more than an expense, is a real investment that every musician should make. Therefore, we present a guide to buying the best tuner, in which you will find the main quality indicators to verify.


If the product that we are planning to acquire incorporates a screen, however small it may be, you must verify certain aspects regarding its operation and manufacture. In this way, you will obtain a better user experience when manipulating it and reading the data expressed in it. In this sense, instrument tuners could not be the exception, so you should stay tuned and inquire about this important component. Thus, you will not have future problems when carrying out the calibration.

If you check the comparison lists of tuners, you will find that most designs incorporate LCD-type screens with a good level of resolution, which allow a quick reading with just a glance. Likewise, said equipment is usually provided with a backlighting system, which is quite convenient at times when the ambient light or that of the spotlights on the stage is limited. It is also important that you verify that the screen has a preferential 360° rotation, so that you can vary its angle and adjust it as best as possible for your greatest comfort.


All instrument tuners require a certain level of energy to be started, so they usually incorporate lithium ion or alkaline batteries, depending on what is provided by the manufacturer. In this sense, prior to the purchase, the important thing is to check what is the autonomy offered by the energy accumulator. Remember that it will be useless to buy a cheap tuner, but whose batteries run out quickly, since you will have to constantly invest in spare parts.

While the lithium batteries built into tuners typically offer a longer lifespan than AA or AAA alkaline batteries, they are often more expensive and may even require expert help to install. However, manufacturers have dedicated themselves to providing their devices with special systems, which, after five minutes of inactivity, automatically turn off the tuner. In this way, the energy saving is remarkable.


The models of tuners are usually varied and among them those that incorporate a convenient clamp, arranged so that you can fix the screen securely on the headstock of the instrument stand out.

This is a fairly popular type of tuner among users, which, if you do not know how to select, could cause you inconvenience or provide a short lifespan. Therefore, when thinking about acquiring it, you should review some details such as the manufacturing material, which should be a polymer with a resistant and light body. Also, do not forget to check the level of opening of the clamp, trying, as far as possible, that it is not less than two or three centimeters. Remember that the correct placement on the pegbox will depend on this specification, the thickness of which will inevitably vary depending on the model and type of instrument.


In any product, the accessories included by the manufacturer in the purchase package are a very flattering aspect, which generally help us to improve the user experience with the equipment and even to take care of it. In this sense, the tuners could not be the exception. Perhaps this can influence a little how much the device costs, but in the end we will end up saving money, by not buying the built-in elements separately.

The main complement attached to this type of device is the batteries, which is quite convenient so that we can start using the tuner from the first day, without any delay. Similarly, there are models provided with a microfiber cloth to properly clean the screen, removing dust and fingerprints left by handling it. In addition, other brands offer a small case with the purchase, so you can store the tuner and protect it from deterioration.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a tuner?

The use of the tuner will depend on the model, since, if it is a clip-on one, you must place it on the headstock, while the pedal ones require the connection of some cables between the device and the instrument. On the other hand, if you plan to use a digital tuner, you should move the microphone of your smartphone or computer closer to the area of ​​​​the strings.

Then, proceed to turn on the device and then select the respective tuning mode to use. In this way, you can start pressing the strings you want to tune one by one.

Q2: How to tune a guitar without a tuner?

If you don’t have any type of physical or digital tuner for your guitar, you won’t have to worry, since you can use the harmonics system, which, although it may require more time, is usually quite accurate. Of course, you will have to be careful and patient to get the desired tuning results.

The first thing you should do is square the harmonics corresponding to the 5th fret with respect to the 7th fret, for which you should start on the sixth string until you reach the third. Then, it proceeds to combine the sound emitted by the second string with the harmonic of the 7th fret belonging to the sixth string, while the first string in E high, must coincide with the harmonic corresponding to the 7th fret of the fifth string.

Q3: Which is better, traditional tuner or mobile tuner?

Currently you can access several tuners through mobile applications, which are a little more advantageous than traditional equipment, since some of them are free. In this sense, you will only need your smartphone and a stable internet connection.

Regarding its effectiveness, this digital medium could have a slightly wider margin of error compared to traditional tuners, but if you are careful in selecting the app, you will be able to get one that is really accurate according to the type of instrument to interpret. In any case, both traditional and mobile tuners are good options, so we could not consider one better than the other. 

Q4: What does a chromatic tuner provide?

The chromatic tuner has the peculiarity of allowing us to know the type of note we are working on and the tuning of the string, which is quite convenient to obtain greater precision in the tuning process. For example, if we are tuning the D string and we want to jump to E, the equipment will not allow it until we have completely tuned the D string.

Q5: Can I use a classical guitar tuner to tune an electric guitar?

In general, this type of device incorporates several tuning modes, among which is the chromatic mode and a few others for electric or classical guitar, ukulele, violin and bass. If this is the case with your tuner, then you won’t have to worry, since it is a suitable piece of equipment to be used equally on both classical and electric guitars.

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