Top 15 motivational songs

If you need more concentration and energy in your training and workday, you should listen to motivating music. Some of the most recommended songs have inspiring lyrics; others simply have a happy rhythm that will make you perform better in any task. The key is to choose the right one.

Importance of music in motivation

Music to motivate is a very important element in those moments when you feel sad and do not want to continue. For example, according to some studies, music increases your sports performance by 15%. Likewise, music helps reduce stress and improve your individual concentration.

This is offered by music in general, including songs without lyrics, since melodies alone provide a positive effect on the human brain.

For example, if you have to face an exhausting task, such as pruning the garden, even if you have the best value-for-money brushcutter, you need fun songs to inspire you and improve your mood. It is even important that you listen to motivating music to work on the computer or study, since it also offers benefits in these areas.

Next, we present the following list of happy music to work and perform more in almost any daily task:

1. Today can be a great day – Joan Manuel Serrat

This theme is one of the most recommended to start happy from the morning. In addition, it is one of the best positive songs that we can find, since it has quite motivating lyrics. Just the phrase “today can be a great day” says it all, encouraging people in their workday.

2. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

If you’re looking for positive music for working out at the gym, running, cycling, or hiking, this classic Gloria Gaynor tune might be the one for you. This is thanks to her striking rhythm that will encourage you to keep a lot of spirit in your training.

3. Viva la vida – Coldplay

We decided to add this song after “I Will Survive” not because of its lyrics, but because of the danceable and pleasant rhythm it has. Also, because Chris Martin’s voice makes a simple melody, but at the same time very motivating. In other words, it is a useful theme for your sports training.

4. Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero

If you like 80’s music, you must listen to this song. In Spanish it means “I’m looking for a hero” and has a rhythm that will liven up your working days. In addition, it has the beautiful voice of Bonnie Tyler, which is a little hoarse or scratchy, unique and unmatched.

5. Jump – Van Halen

This song reached the number 1 position on the Billboard Hot 100. It has a fusion of hard rock and pop rock with an incredible synth solo. Also, it has a positive phrase at the beginning of the song “and nothing gets me down”, which in Spanish means “and nothing discourages me”.

6. Eye of the tiger – Survivor

This theme has inspiring phrases like “don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past”, which means “don’t lose sight of the dreams of the past”. Also, this is the most iconic song from the classic Rocky movies.

7. Go West – Pet Shop Boys

Although this song is by the Village People, it was the Pet Shop Boys’ version in 1993 that made it famous. It is a theme of the disco genre, so it is quite happy and danceable, in addition, one of its most motivating phrases is “we will work and we will make an effort”, because it encourages you in your goals.

8. It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

The lyrics of the song are motivating, because it invites you to live in the now with energy. One of the most beautiful verses says “I just want to live while I’m still alive”, implying that the important thing is to take advantage of the time right now that you are alive.

9. Burning Heart – Survivor

This is a hard rock song belonging to the group Survivor, also, it should be noted that it was composed by Frankie Sullivan and Jim Peterik. In addition, it was published in 1985 for the movie Rocky IV. His lyrics are very inspiring for when you go to train a sport. His most impressive phrase is “although his body says stop, his spirit screams never!”. In other words, this is good music to lift your spirits when you feel like you can’t take it anymore.

10. You could be mine – Guns and Roses

If you like heavy metal, this song could be the one for you, as it has a fusion of hard rock and heavy metal that is quite pleasing to the ear. Likewise, its lyrics in the voice of Axl Rose made it one of the classic Guns and Roses songs.

11. Fearless – by Rosana

One of the most beautiful and inspiring phrases is “without fear you feel that luck is with you”. Perhaps, regarding the lyrics of motivational songs in Spanish, this theme could very well be in the first positions. In addition, it is easy to play on classical or electroacoustic guitar, due to its simple chords and reggae rhythm.

12. What a wonderful world – Louis Armstrong

This theme summarizes its beautiful lyrics with the title, which in Spanish means “what a wonderful world.” The song motivates you to love the world with all the beauty it has, the colors of the rainbow, blue skies, green trees, etc.

13. I wanna dance with somebody (who loves me) – Whitney Houston

It is a dance pop and R&B song, with a love letter to invite your partner to dance. Also, it motivates people to love freely and express their feelings. I wanna dance with somebody (who loves me) means “I want to dance with someone who loves me” and its happy rhythm motivates you to work, study or exercise with energy.

14. Happy – Pharrell Williams

It is one of the best modern songs that will help you start the day in a happy way. His phrase “sink me, nothing can do it” is one of the most outstanding of all the lyrics. This theme invites you to be happy, no matter what other people think of you.

15. The sexual revolution – The Blue House

Dance, indie pop, disco and funk are some of the genres that this song carries. And we have included it in the list because it has to do with sex, which motivates every human being a lot. One of the phrases says “I know the sexual revolution is going to happen”, inspiring people to put aside taboos and enjoy sexuality.

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