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Cello – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The cello is one of the most used instruments not only in symphony orchestras, but also in various musical bands, therefore, it is important to know some of the best known models today. In addition, apart from talking about different cellos, it is good to take into account certain aspects such as the strings, fingerboards, pegs and bridges most used in their manufacture, in addition to the various sizes, as all this can vary depending on the brand. One of the most outstanding models is the Stentor Student II, which has a 4/4 size, which is the most common today, in addition, it has a classic brown design and high quality woods. On the other hand, there is the Stagg VNC-4/4, a cello that has materials such as spruce and maple, which are durable and resistant to use, and also provide a good resonance to this type of instrument. In addition to this, this model comes with its 4 strings, including a bow, so you can start playing from the first moment.   

Buying Guide – What is the best cello on the market?

The range of notes that can be played on this musical instrument and its beautiful sound make it a widely used instrument for various musical genres and bands, mainly in orchestral music. For this reason, in this article we wanted to present you with this guide to buying the best cello, so that, if you want to buy one, you make a good choice.


The most common cellos are made of wood, that is, acoustic. In addition, they are almost always used with a bow, the latter being an accessory with which the performer rubs the strings to make them vibrate, thus emitting sound.

When talking about acoustic cellos, we refer to those that have a soundboard, producing the notes through the f-shaped holes that they have on the front.

On the other hand, there are electric cellos, known by many people as silent. These do not have a soundboard or it is much smaller than the standard one; to emit louder sounds it uses a special internal microphone.

This instrument sounds similar to the previous one, but in many cases it has the possibility of equalizing it, either from the internal sound system itself or through the mixer, amplifier or speaker where you connect it.

It should be noted that both types of cellos can also be played using a technique called pizzicato, which is based on touching the strings with the fingers, just as it can be done with violins and violas.

In addition to this, we mentioned that either of the two types of cello can be used for you, however, you must determine what you need it for. For example, if you want to play in a rock band, perhaps an electric one would be the most suitable and to use a cello with the symphony orchestra, an acoustic one would be better.


When comparing cellos, it is important to review this feature, since not all the ones you find on the market are the same size. For short people or children there are 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 or 3/4 inch cellos.

There are adults or tall people who buy a 3/4, but this is not according to their size, so they end up spending twice, buying a larger one. In this sense, we recommend checking your height or consulting your teacher before making the choice. One of the most recommended for adults is the 4/4 cello, because this is large, it adapts better to them.


The most used wood for the fingerboard and pegs is ebony, as is the case with violins, violas and double basses. This is a wood originating mainly from India or Africa, its sound qualities are high, due to its density.

Another widely used wood is maple, which has a light tone and is quite robust, enough to be used as a bridge between the tensioned strings and the soundboard of cellos.

Likewise, basswood is used in the construction of cellos, this wood provides a pleasant response with respect to bass sounds.

Regardless of the type of wood, most cellos do not use pure wood for the soundboard, but rather a kind of laminate that blends various natural and synthetic materials.

As if that were not enough, it is important to note that the most expensive and best-sounding cellos are made entirely by hand, 100% of wood, thus generating a much more refined and deep sound.  


Before wondering how much a cello costs, it is essential that you check the specifications that it comes with strings, which are 4 in total. After knowing this aspect and searching for various options on the Internet, you may find a good and cheap one.

The strings have names, which correspond to the notes to which they should be tuned. For example, from the thinnest to the thickest they are called La, Re, Sol and Do.

In this same order of ideas, we mentioned that tuning the strings with your ear is not something easy, therefore, for beginners there are chromatic digital tuners, which can be easily obtained online.

These will help you to carry out the tuning process correctly, but we recommend asking for help from an experienced musician, so that you do not tense the strings too much and damage them.  

The 5 Best Cellos – Opinions 2022

This instrument has a very wide historical significance, even today it is often played in various genres such as rock, jazz, blues, as well as in ancient music, for example, classical, romantic, baroque, etc.

Of course, there are so many models that it may be difficult to choose a good one, so we present you some of the best cellos of 2022; we have reviewed its characteristics and the comments of the buyers on the Internet, perhaps one of them responds to your needs and preferences.

1. Stentor Student 2 Cello 4/4 Size Saddle

Main advantage:

It is made with high quality and durable materials, such as spruce, maple and ebony, exotic woods that also give the cello a unique and pleasant sound.

Main disadvantage:

It would be nice if the instrument also came with rosin for the bow, since then the user would not have to purchase this product separately. However, this does not negatively influence the optimum sound produced by this cello.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a useful instrument for young or adult cello students as it is a suitable 4/4 size, a useful size for people of various heights.

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When purchasing a cello, it is important to review this aspect, since not all brands use the same materials. In addition, this characteristic influences the sound and durability of the instrument.

Therefore, the Stentor Student II has quality materials, spruce on the front, maple on the back and neck, as well as ebony on the fingerboard. This means that it has an excellent combination of exotic woods, which offer a clear sound with enough volume.

It should be noted that this instrument has been made by hand, so it is aesthetically more striking than other current models. Likewise, Stentor has used natural glue throughout the manufacturing process. As if that were not enough, the bow that comes with this product is made of wood and its bristles are made with horsetail.


This musical instrument is quite functional, because the package comes with a padded nylon case, which will protect the body of the cello when you store or move it from one place to another. Also, this accessory comes with external pockets for rosin and bow. It should even be noted that it has straps on the back to carry the instrument more comfortably.

Likewise, it is useful for people of different heights, because it has a spike at the bottom. This is a part of the cello that can be adjusted in height, adapting the size of the instrument according to the musician’s needs, just as it happens with the double bass.

On the other hand, we mention that it has a versatile tuning system, which is made up of four tensioners on the tailpiece and four pegs on the head, near the scroll.


When talking about the strings of this cello, it is also important to mention that they are attached to an ebony tailpiece, that is, a material that transmits low, medium and high sounds very well in this type of instrument. In addition, the fretboard is made of ebony, so it will also adequately receive the vibrations of the strings and transmit them to the soundboard.

Of course, not all cellos come with their strings, but this instrument comes with all four, so you don’t have to buy them separately. Each one with its appropriate size and thickness, so that they meet the classic requirements to be called La, Re, Sol and Do.

Thanks to the fact that the strings are of good quality, the musician will be able to play more than three octaves along the fingerboard, although this will only happen if he has the technique and the musical ear developed.

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2. Stagg VNC-4/4 L Plywood Cello with Case

It is considered by many users as the best value for money cello at the moment, since it has a low cost and is made with high quality material, including ebony, spruce and maple. The first was used to make various parts of the instrument, for example, the fingerboard and the pegs, which is also very common in instruments such as the violin and the double bass.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the maple with which the neck of this cello is made is robust, to provide long life and protect the fingerboard. This wood, in combination with ebony, makes the notes you play warm and clear, of course, to play in tune you must correctly learn the teachings of your teacher.

On the other hand, it is important to know that this product includes resin, which you must apply to the bristles of the bow so that the subjection between the latter and the strings is possible.  

Quality and sound. That represents Stagg and for that reason it might be the best cello brand on the market. Each of his instruments shows the great dedication of its makers.


Materials: Materials are responsible for the duration of an artifact. In this case, this cello is made with the best. Its main materials are ebony, spruce and maple.

Rosin: Rosin is included so you can apply it to the bristles of the bow. This makes it easier for the cello’s bow and strings to hold together to produce a consistent sound.

Sound: The clear sound of this instrument is one of its greatest advantages, because with this cello you will be able to differentiate each note, one by one, while they are mixed to create the melody.


Weight: This cello has a weight of 12 kg, therefore, it is somewhat heavier than other similar models. Although this does not affect the sound, it can be more difficult to get from one place to another.

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3. Gewa pure VSC-550BT-BLK-EU Set Cello

If you still have doubts about which is the best cello, we invite you to review the main characteristics of the OMMönnich 3/4, which we present to you in this section, they may be the answer you need.

This is a 3/4 size instrument, so it is a good option for short people or children, although we recommend that you consult with your teacher about the most suitable size for you.

Thanks to its dimensions it is possible to carry it from one place to another more easily, it even fits in most cars, so going to concerts with it will not be an inconvenience.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it has a lacquered brown color that makes it look quite serious and classic, in addition, its spruce top provides optimal sound quality, so you can start playing cello with a good instrument.

Don’t keep wondering which cello to buy when you have so many good quality options at your fingertips. This instrument may be perfect for you, especially if you like dark colors.


Size: The size of this product is 3/4 and this makes it perfect for the initiation of children or to adapt to people of short stature who have a hard time mastering a larger cello correctly.

Case: The case included in this purchase will allow you to take your cello anywhere without any problem. In addition, it has small compartments to store other necessary things.

Color: The dark color not only makes this instrument stand out, but also adds a touch of seriousness and elegance to make you look perfect at every practice and concert.


Case: Although it comes with a case to carry it, the fact that it is soft can be a disadvantage for those who travel a lot with it, since a hard case is ideal to avoid bumps and accidents.

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4. Classic Cantabile CE-200 Matte Natural Electric Cello

If you want an electric cello kit, this product could be useful for you as it comes with headphones, cable, case and other accessories. Thanks to the headphones you can practice at home without disturbing others. Of course, this would not be possible without the preamplifier that this cello has on its back. It is also possible to connect a microphone to sing and play at the same time. Also, this cello comes with a cable so you can connect it to an amplifier when you have a live performance.

In addition, it should be noted that this instrument has a foldable chest support, allowing you to have a comfortable body posture, as if you were playing an acoustic cello. Also, you should know that the package includes a padded cover, so you can easily transport it anywhere.

There are many cellos on the market, but this electro-acoustic model could be the most suitable for you. Next, we present its most important advantages and disadvantages.


Materials: Spruce, maple and ebony are some of the materials with which this cello has been made.

Case: The package includes a padded case for you to store and transport the cello comfortably when you go to your rehearsals or live performances.

Preamplifier: Its preamplifier has an output for mixing tables, as well as a Phone port where you can connect headphones. It even has a 3.5mm input to connect a microphone.


Strings: It is missing that the package includes a set of spare strings, so you must purchase them separately.

Rosin: Although the package includes the bow, it does not come with rosin for better contact with the strings.

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5. Yinfente Solid Spruce Wood 4/4 Electric Cello 

This instrument has a solid spruce top, being quite strong and durable. In addition, it is a material that provides warm and balanced sounds. Likewise, it has a maple bridge, which transmits very well the vibrations of the strings to the soul of the instrument and the soundboard.

For its part, the pegs and fingerboard are made of ebony, a robust material that withstands climatic changes, hand sweat and other factors that could damage the wood of the instrument very well. Also, we mention that on the side it has an electrical system, to be able to connect it to an amplifier when you need to play in a concert. In addition to this, it has a 4/4 size, which is recommended for the vast majority of people, due to its wide sound.

As if that were not enough, this instrument has a cover so you can store it or move it more safely.

If you are looking for a cello for adults, this could be a good option, so here we present its main pros and cons. Read each of them carefully if you want to make a good choice.


Top: This cello has a solid spruce top, which is a strong and durable material that also offers good sound.

Preamplifier: In the rings it has a 4-band preamplifier, so you can adjust the treble and bass to your liking when you connect it to an external sound system.

Accessories: It comes with various accessories, for example, cable, bow, and a soft cloth for you to clean the instrument after use.


Headphones: It is missing that the package includes headphones so you can rehearse during the day or night without disturbing your neighbors.

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Stentor Student 2 Cello 4/4 Saddle Size

According to some buyers, this is the best cello of the moment for students, so it is not bad to review the following specifications, it may be the one you are looking for.

It is suitable for beginners of almost any height, except children, since it is 4/4, that is, the standard size, one of the largest and used in orchestras and musical bands.

This model comes with a bow and a high-quality padded case, in addition to its 4 strings, so you can start playing it as soon as you get home. In addition, we mention that it is built with very resistant and well-known woods in the world of musical instrument manufacturing, which are fir, spruce, ebony and maple.

As if that were not enough, the bow is built with natural bristles for a better hold on the strings, so if you put your mind to it, you can get a good sound with this cello.

Despite being one of the more expensive alternatives, this cello is still one of the best due to its positive ratings and great quality.


Students: This cello is made for students, so beginners and apprentices of this instrument will be able to get the most out of it.

Size: It doesn’t matter if it’s a student cello, its size is 4/4. Size used in orchestras. That way, you can learn to play the cello like a pro.

Case: The case with a handle will allow you to take your instrument everywhere without any problem.


Structure: The materials of the structure are prone to scratches, as several users commented that their cellos arrived with scratches on the structure due to the delivery trip.

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How to use a cello

One of the instruments that have the peculiarity of executing very deep sounds and that can be considered as warm is the cello, but its versatility of sounds allows it to be one of the most used instruments in compositions to enhance melodies. If you have one of these fascinating instruments, we will explain some useful aspects regarding its use.

Transport it properly

Having a wide soundboard is part of the qualities that give this instrument its charm, but this means that transporting it is always an aspect to consider. That is why it is important to take preventive measures to help it not get damaged when you have to take it to your practices or anywhere else.

We recommend that you avoid moving it as much as possible without first placing it in its case. It may sound a bit extreme, but sometimes even moving from room to room can make your door frame a major hindrance if you’re not careful enough. Then avoid transporting it if you do not have a rigid and resistant case that can withstand the inevitable friction to which it will be subjected.

If you have to carry it on your back, hold the strap properly and take breaks so that your back does not suffer and when you have to carry it in the car on a seat, always put the belt on it.

Take care of the string tension

We know that tuning this type of instrument usually takes time and sometimes we want to reduce it by avoiding loosening the strings between practices. But remember that subjecting it to excessive tension can damage it. So in case there is a period of time approaching when you won’t use it for various reasons, you better reduce the tension.

Protect it from weather changes

Wood is a material that is very susceptible to changes in temperature. Preferably, try to store your instrument in a room that does not suffer considerable variations.

For example, there are those that have several walls that are exposed to the sun’s rays for many hours and tend to heat up during the day, only to experience a drop in temperature at night that could be very abrupt. Not only will this alter the tuning of your instrument considerably, but it can also damage the materials, especially the joints between them.

It also prefers to keep it away from heating devices that can dry out its wood and if you have no other option, try to place a container with water to compensate a little for this and keep it covered.

Avoid resin residue

Rosin is a basic element so that when rubbing the bow with the strings you get the sound you are looking for, but the fine dust that it leaves after practice can accumulate forming scales that affect its appearance, so it is convenient that before storing it, remove them with a soft cloth. If it happens that they accumulate, you can resort on a few occasions to clean them with a little alcohol and a cotton ball since this can easily dissolve them.

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Classic Cantabile Silent Electric Cello

Este es un violonchelo eléctrico, es decir, tiene un micrófono interno y puedes conectarlo a un altavoz o amplificador a través de un cable, lo cual es una ventaja para tocar en vivo con tu banda.

Además, este producto viene con sus 4 cuerdas de acero La, Re, Sol y Do, de modo que no tendrás que comprarlas aparte.

Aunado a ello, es bueno saber que posee dos perillas en su tapa frontal junto a una de las efes, para ajustar su sonido. Asimismo, cuenta con una pequeña caja de resonancia, de manera que también es posible tocarlo sin el cable.

En otro orden de ideas, podemos decir que está hecho con maderas de calidad, por ejemplo, tilo, del cual se compone el cuerpo y mástil, así como clavijero y voluta en palo de rosa, una madera robusta con vetas naturales muy atractivas a la vista.  

Si buscas innovación, entonces este podría ser el mejor violonchelo del momento para ti. Seguramente tocarás piezas increíbles y te divertirás mucho en el proceso. Fácil de llevar y cómodo de tocar.


Diseño: Este es un violonchelo que destaca por su forma única, pues es delgado en la parte media, mientras que la parte superior e inferior poseen el mismo tamaño que cualquier otro chelo.

Peso: A diferencia de otros instrumentos más pesados, este modelo, debido a su diseño ligero, tiene un peso de tan solo 5 kg. Gracias a eso podrás llevarlo con más comodidad a todas partes.

Accesorios: Este chelo viene en un set completo con varios accesorios para obtener más en una misma compra. Estuche, cable de instrumento, arco y también un par de auriculares que podrás utilizar para muchas actividades.


Estructura: A pesar de que su diseño es hermoso y novedoso, acostumbrarse a tocar este violonchelo puede ser difícil. Esto es una desventaja, pues tendrá que pasar algún tiempo antes de sentirte totalmente cómodo.

Gear4Music Violonchelo de Estudiante de 4/4

Es uno de los violonchelos más baratos, pero no por eso es de mala calidad, ya que tiene un tamaño estándar de 4/4 y también está hecho con maderas exóticas como ébano y tilo, además, viene con sus cuatro cuerdas y un práctico arco para comenzar a aprender a tocar este instrumento. Todo esto significa que no tiene nada que envidiar a otros modelos más caros.

Aunado a ello, mencionamos que el paquete incluye también un estuche duro bastante útil para cuando deseas viajar con el violonchelo a otra ciudad, incluso para ir a prácticas musicales.

En otro orden de ideas, podemos decir que, aunque no es un instrumento artesanal, está hecho con láminas de pícea y tilo, maderas que brindan sonidos claros y precisos.

Los violonchelos son instrumentos costosos, sin embargo, puedes encontrar algunos más baratos que otros. Este es el caso de este modelo, el cual podría ser el mejor violonchelo por 250 euros.


Principiantes: A diferencia de otros violonchelos que son solo adecuados para profesionales, este instrumento está fabricado específicamente para las personas principiantes y de nivel intermedio.

Estuche: Podrás llevar y proteger a tu violonchelo simultáneamente con el estuche duro que viene con tu compra. Perfecto para llevarlo a prácticas o guardarlo en casa.

Estructura: No te preocupes por tocar tu chelo muchas veces al día para crear lindas canciones, pues la estructura de este modelo es resistente al uso y no se dañará con facilidad.


Cuerdas: Este es un producto de gama media ideal para principiantes. Debido a eso, las cuerdas no son del todo fuertes y resistentes. Por esa razón, es recomendable cambiarlas por unas más duraderas.

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