Top 9 Music Boxes of 2022

Music Box – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Music boxes are products that, even over the centuries, are still relevant and are often bought to serve as a gift for someone special. Despite still using a musical mechanism very similar to the old versions, the models have advanced in terms of design to be able to adapt to the needs of the modern era. For example, models like the NN Harry Potter, with images referring to the saga and the main musical theme of the films, are created to be a good alternative for fans and collectors. While a musical box like the Customizable Jsona can be an option for those who want particular messages to give an individual and unique touch to their gift.

The 9 Best Music Boxes – Opinions 2022

Musical boxes are small and simple products, however, among so many details and designs, it is better to check several options to make sure you buy the one that best suits your tastes.

Harry Potter music box

1. NN Harry Potter hand crank music box

It’s hard to believe that a Harry Potter music box is the best value for money music box, but NN makes it possible for all fans to have a great collectible for their home. In addition, its small dimensions and lightness will allow you to easily find a place for it.

This product has been constructed of high-quality wood and metal for durability and ease of use. For this reason, the crank gives way easily and, when the box is opened, the main theme of the Harry Potter movie can be heard, which will surely be recognized by fans.

As for its design, the color of the musical box is black and it has carved different phrases and symbols related to the saga of the young magician. Among them is his name, the Hogwarts shield, the word “Quidditch” next to a snitch, and even the symbol of the deathly hallows.

This musical box is not magical like Harry Potter, but it will please its biggest fans due to its qualities.


Melody: The melody produced by this product is the Harry Potter theme song.

Materials: The wood and metal used in the manufacture are of quality, so the music box is durable.

Size: As it is a small box, it will be easy to find space for it in your home or transport it.

Collection: Due to its design, this box can be a collector’s item for Harry Potter fans.


Crank: This product will probably interest children a lot, therefore, it is necessary to be careful with the crank so as not to damage it.

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personalized music box

2. Jsona Customizable Music Box with Text

When it comes to a good gift, a personalized music box could be a suitable alternative, especially since you can convey a message accompanied by a harmonious melody at the same time.

By purchasing this model offered by Jsona, it will not only be possible to customize a message to engrave on the inside of the cover, but you will also be able to choose the size of the letters, the font used and even the color. So it will be something completely unique and memorable. Added to this is the fact that the case has a rather attractive woody design and a complex and elegant stylistic pattern on the bottom.

This music box is small and light, so it is quite comfortable to use and, in addition, it will fit in any space, so it is practical. Finally, the song chosen for the music is “You’re my sunshine” by the famous Johnny Cash, a well-known tune.

For those who want a product made to measure, this could be the best music box of the moment.


Customizable: It is possible to customize the message and the way it is written as well to make a more unique gift.

Design: The design of this box is elegant, but, at the same time, quite traditional, which makes it stand out.

Melody: The melody used for this music box is “You’re my sunshine”, which is a well-known song.


Size: The dimensions could be too small for the tastes of certain people, so this can be a disadvantage.

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Ballerina music box

3. Zilverstad 7419231 Ballerina jewelry box music box

The song “Para Elisa” is one of Beethoven’s best-known and most famous compositions. For that reason, this has been the melody chosen for this ballerina music box, which will dance in a circle along with the musical notes while the box remains open; giving a beautiful additional touch to this product.

This musical box has been lacquered in silver, which, in addition to providing resistance to last over time in good condition, also gives an elegant and striking appearance to this product manufactured by the Zilverstad brand. This is complemented by the hearts found in the structure.

Although its dimensions are small, with measurements of 12.7 x 17.9 x 10.7 centimeters and a light weight of 420 grams, this musical box takes advantage of the space and the internal part is divided into several sections to be able to store various things like jewelry, for example.

Although it is not one of the cheapest alternatives, this is a striking musical box that, due to its qualities, makes its price worth it.


Storage: In this little box it will be possible to store some small things, so it is a very practical product.

Ballerina: When you open the music box, you can see a cute ballerina twirling with the melody.

Design: Its silver lacquered design is really beautiful and striking, due to its details.


Song: Although it is a classic, this is a melody that is commonly used in these boxes. So, those who want something different, might prefer another model.

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old music box

4. Kitchnexus Mini Music Box Vintage

Many people love the vintage style and that is why there are options of this type in every market. In this case, it is an old music box, which is also one of the cheapest products you can get. Its peculiar design is that of a sewing machine and, best of all, it has been manufactured in great detail.

In addition to being able to move the crank, it is also possible to open the small front drawer so that “Für Elise” begins to play and, simultaneously, the machine needle begins to move up and down to give a touch of realism.

The weight of this box is 280 grams and its small measurements barely reach 13 x 18 x 16 centimeters, so it can be placed anywhere with ease. In addition, being made of plastic, it is a fairly resistant little box.

This is one of the most outstanding and complete music boxes on the market. In addition, it is economical so that you can have something cheap, but of quality at home.


Operation: The operation of this product is quite distinctive, since it uses a small drawer to start playing and the needle also moves.

Design: This is one of the most striking and unique musical boxes, as it has the design of a sewing machine in detail.

Price: The cost of this product is quite low, despite its beautiful design and sound quality.


Material: Plastic material might not be the best option for those looking for something more exclusive.

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baby music box

5. Vicky Tiel Ulysse Baby Music Box 9501

Musical boxes are usually a good way to entertain and calm a baby, therefore, they are highly sought after options when you need to give a gift to a little one. For that reason, Ulysse brings this music box for babies, which stands out for having a beautiful fairy tale design, with the image of a princess, along with a fantastic and colorful nature that includes mushrooms, animals, trees, etc.

Inside, the product has a small doll that moves with the music and a small mirror. In addition, it is a small box with dimensions of 15 x 10 x 8 centimeters, with enough space to store different important items such as coins or jewelry.

When you open the product you will be able to listen to the waltz by Johann Strauss: “Tales from the Vienna Woods”, a well-known and harmonious melody.

If it is a gift for a child, you will not have to wonder which music box to buy for a long time, because this model could be the one.


Design: Its design is quite detailed and offers an enchanted story scene, with a princess, animals and nature.

Space: The space available to store small things is a positive aspect, as it adds practicality.

Doll: The doll on the inside is a very nice detail that will surely catch the attention of the children.


Paper: It is not painted wood, but a laminated paper that has been glued on top of the box. This detail could be a disadvantage for some people.

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Game of Thrones music box

6. Esdemusica Game of Thrones music box

A Game of Thrones music box is possibly the best gift you can give to a fan of this series and if the fan is you, then this product can be a great item for a collection. This is because it has the name of the series on a black background, something that makes it stand out.

This musical box has been manufactured with a small size so that it can fit anywhere. It has a height of just 4 centimeters, 5 centimeters wide and 7.50 long. However, even though it is small, turning the crank will produce a resonant yet harmonious sound, which is specifically the main theme of the series.

On the other hand, this product uses cardboard and metal to provide a resistant but quite light structure, since it does not even weigh 100 grams. A suitable combination between comfort and quality.

Esdemusica is a company dedicated to the creation of these products, which is why it could be considered the best brand of music boxes.


Collection: Due to its design and melody, this could be a suitable item for collectors of the series.

Melody: The melody of this music box is the main theme song from Game of Thrones, which is sure to delight fans.

Sound: Despite the size, this box produces a very good sound. Harmonious and with good projection.


Size: This is one of the smallest music boxes and, although this does not affect its operation, it can be a point against it.

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Davy Jones Music Box

7. Cuzit Wooden Hand Crank Pirates of the Caribbean

It can be difficult to choose the best music box on the market among so many options, however, if you are a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, then this Davy Jones music box, measuring 4.2 x 6.4 x 5.2 cm and a weight of 40 grams, it could be exactly what you are looking for.

The product is made of natural oak. In addition to that, it has a fairly complex design with various details that give it an elegant and striking appearance. Both the stylistic patterns on the exterior and the image of Davy Jones and his name on the interior have been laser carved for a better finish.

As for the sound, this little box produces the melody of the musical theme of this character. All you need to do is turn the crank carefully and enjoy. Due to its design and melody, it could be considered a collector’s item for Pirates of the Caribbean fans.

This beautiful musical box stands out for many features such as its sound, appearance and quality.


Melody: When the crank is turned it is possible to hear the musical theme that Davy Jones plays in the film with his organ.

Engraving: The quality of the engraving and its details are possible because everything has been done with a laser.

Materials: Oak is a quality wood, characterized by its strength and durability, so this box can be kept in good condition.


Duration: The song does not last as long as the melodies of other models, so only part of it can be enjoyed.

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star wars music box

8. Y&S Star Wars Music Box

Star Wars is a saga that children and adults love, for that reason, having a Star Wars music box is probably a good idea, as there are many people who enjoy everything related to this franchise.

Due to this, Y&S has made a beautiful product that could qualify as one of the best music boxes of 2022. First of all, its structure is made of wood to give good durability and, in addition to that, various images and images have been carved on it. texts referring to the saga, such as the characteristic Jedi phrase: “May the force be with you”.

The structure of this musical box has small measures to be easily transported and so that it can be placed in any space in your home. To make the box sound, you can find the crank on the side and, when you turn it, you will hear the Star Wars theme song.

Fans don’t just have to watch movies to enjoy Star Wars, they can relax with this musical box, full of references to the saga.


Details: This is one of the musical boxes with more details, as it has several iconic characters from the saga engraved on it.

Collectors: The product could be a good purchase for collectors of items.

Structure: This box has a small structure to facilitate handling and transportation, however, it is also endowed with strength and durability.


Size: Due to its small dimensions, it may be necessary to get very close to appreciate every detail of the images.

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Beauty and the Beast music box

9. Szzhckj Wooden Hand Crank Themed Music Box

With a music box from Beauty and the Beast it is almost impossible to give a bad gift, as this is a Disney classic that children and adults know and enjoy. For that reason, if you are looking for a gift and don’t know which is the best music box, this is an option worth considering.

The crank on this little box is easy to turn, and when you do, you’ll be able to hear the song that Beauty and the Beast dance to in the great hall. To the beautiful melody is added a resistant wooden structure that has an exquisite design engraved with many details on the cover, along with the silhouette of Beast with the rose and the name of the movie inside.

This little box is quite small, with dimensions of 6.5 x 5 x 3.8 centimeters, so you will not have to worry about finding space for it in your home.

With this musical box you can remember the Disney classics or give a beautiful gift to someone who enjoys “Beauty and the Beast”.


Design: Various decorative patterns give the box a stylish look that will look good anywhere.

Wood: Wood gives this music box the strength and durability necessary to stay in good condition despite use.

Sound: The song “Tale as old as time” is one of the best known in the world of Disney, so fans will enjoy it.


Size: The size of this box could be considered very small for adults.

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music box accessories

mechanism for music box

Fdit DIY Music Box Accessories

If you want to make your own music box, then having a music box mechanism is necessary if you want your creation to work properly. In this case, this Fdit device is a good option, as it is made of gold-plated metal to last in good condition despite the time of use. Ideal for use on musical boxes made of wood, cardboard or other materials.

The components of the mechanism allow the melody to sound with a suitable sound quality for these devices, with harmony and good projection. In addition, the chosen song is “Swan Lake”, a classic known by many people.

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Shopping guide

If you want to give the best gift or you want to buy a musical box that will remain as good as new in your collection, then it is advisable to check a buying guide so that you know what you should pay more attention to.


There are many characteristics that can be taken into account when looking for a music box, such as design, size or if it is good and cheap. However, although these are all relevant aspects, nothing is more important than the sound, since the objective of a box is, obviously, to make music. Therefore, this should always be checked when comparing music boxes.

The first thing you should make sure of is that the melody that comes in the product is one that you like, or likes the person who will receive the device as a gift. It is possible to find the classic music box with Beethoven’s “Für Elise” for those who love the traditional, as well as other pieces known as “Swan Lake”.

However, there are more modern models that have other classical music melodies for a change or even musical themes from well-known series. The latter is a positive point if you are a fan of something specific and want to have a small memory of what you like so much.

In addition to the melody, you should know that something that can also vary from one model to another is the duration of the music and also the way to activate it. Regarding the first point, there are music boxes that take the first 5 seconds of a song and simply repeat this section over and over again. While there are others with longer melodies. On the other hand, when we talk about activation, we are referring to the drive mechanism, which is usually a crank, but sometimes it can change.

Finally, if it is possible to hear the melody before buying the product, it is better that you do so, as this way you will be able to verify that there are no irregular notes and that the melody is completely harmonic and with good sound quality.


One aspect that can complement a melodious sound is a beautiful design. Therefore, when checking out a guide to buying the best music box and looking at the available alternatives, always keep in mind the importance of a good looking product that suits your preferences.

Because this product is considered a good alternative to be a gift or serve as a small souvenir, there is a wide variety of designs so you can choose from a wide range of prices, colors and motifs.

Currently, the most purchased alternatives are those that can be personalized. It is possible that a model of this type is not the most economical, due to the process that it implies, however, the fact of being able to record images, messages or names to your liking can be a unique touch that stands out from the box of other more options. common.

On the other hand, if you are a collector or if you have a series or movie that catches your attention, it is possible to find some options with completely specific designs with characters, phrases and other details. This is the case of sagas like Harry Potter and Star Wars, or even series like Game of Thrones. These models are usually somewhat expensive, compared to traditional musical boxes, however, for a collector it almost never matters how much the product costs.

Finally, for young children or people who want something simpler, it is also possible to find music boxes with bright unicolour designs, with fantastic animal or nature motifs, or simply with a woody look and engraved details.


If you are already satisfied with the design and the sound of the music box, then you can now look at the structure of the model you have chosen. This is not really very important, considering that music boxes, although they vary in size, tend to always have small dimensions and light weight.

However, it is always good to check each aspect to ensure that the purchase is really what you want, because you may find some surprises, such as a little box that allows you to store some things inside it, such as money or jewelry.

On the other hand, something also relevant to the structure is that the materials are of quality so that the music box is resistant to use. In the same way, it is also recommended that, if you have a doll on the inside, it also has durability.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a homemade music box?

Making a music box is not very complicated. In fact, you don’t need a lot of tools or a lot of time. The only thing that needs to be pointed out is that, due to the complexity involved in making a musical mechanism from scratch, it is necessary to purchase one to begin with. This can have the melody you prefer.

Have a small cardboard box, a box cutter, decorations, spray glue or silicone on hand.

As a first step, take the musical mechanism and place it inside the box to check the space where the crank should come out. Mark it and take into account the rotation of the crank to cut correctly.

Remove the mechanism and make a small square with the cutter on the side that you have previously marked.

To continue, start with the decoration. For this it is possible to paint the box with the color you want, use decorative tapes, adhere images of a theme that you like or write messages. Wait for everything to dry before continuing and not risk damaging the decoration.

Make use of spray glue or silicone to stick the musical mechanism to the base and wait until it is well adhered. When finished, you will be able to use the music box.

Q2: How does a music box work?

If you open a music box and check the mechanism, you will notice the complexity of it. However, its operation is really simple.

The device has a cylinder that has different rivets and on this is a metal comb with tabs. In this way, when turning the cylinder with the crank, each rivet will lift a reed and drop it, causing it to sound.

Depending on the song, the rivets have different positions. However, its operation is the same in all cases.

Q3: How to fix a wind-up music box?

Wind-up music boxes can be difficult to fix, depending on how damaged they are, as their mechanisms are quite complex, despite their small size. Therefore, you need to know that even if you try to repair it, your box may not be fixable unless you take it to a professional.

However, if the problem is that the music is slow or the crank sticks, then you can try to repair the box.

For example, if there is a spring that is binding or twisted excessively, you can try turning the crank to the opposite side to help with the tension. After this, turn the crank in the correct direction to see if it has been fixed.

If this doesn’t happen, add a little lubricant to the base, the crank and the center of the screw connected to the air brake, using a point greaser. Try again to wind up.

Q4: When was the music box invented?

In the 16th century, various watchmaking craftsmen in Switzerland made the first musical mechanisms. However, the name “music box” was released in 1796 by Antoine Favre, who created a small musical box marketed at that time.

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