Woxter Rock’n’Roller Opinions

Main advantage:

With this speaker you won’t have to worry about moving, because with the retractable handle and the wheels you can take this device anywhere you need it in a short time and without much effort. In addition, the legs will give it stability.

Main disadvantage:

One drawback for this speaker is the time it takes to fully charge the device. However, as soon as the battery is full, you can enjoy several hours of fun.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With a practical design and quality sound, this product could become your best ally in every celebration.

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Main Features Explained


When looking for the best karaoke speaker, you will surely find a wide variety of models and prices, as these types of products have a large market. However, regardless of the design of this device, the most important thing to keep in mind is the sound, since this quality is what will really determine the quality of the device. If the chosen product does not have a good power, then it is possible that the sound is distorted when passing a certain volume level or that the music is not able to be projected correctly.

In this case, this karaoke speaker has a power of 80 W, which is an adequate number for this type of device. Thanks to this sound power, it will be possible to enjoy any song in a stable way and with clear details. The best thing about this is that no matter where the sound comes from, it will have the same power, since the speaker is compatible with different sound sources; that way, you will have no limits when it comes to entertainment.

Any electronic device that has a USB or auxiliary audio output can be connected to the speaker, including: computers, instruments, radios, MP3s, and even TVs. In addition to that, this device has an input to use memory cards and can also connect via bluetooth.


Karaoke speakers are a great way to have fun with friends and family at a party. For that reason, in addition to making sure that the device you have chosen has a good sound, you should also take into account the possibility of always taking the party with you. Woxter, as a brand, has given this model the interesting quality of being comfortable to transport so you don’t have to leave your desire to sing behind and you can always do it.

In relation to size, this model has small dimensions, 30 cm wide and 50 cm high, and a weight of 7.3 kilograms; for that reason, it will be quite easy to find a place for it in any corner of your home. As if this were not enough, this karaoke speaker has been manufactured with a pair of wheels at the bottom to help you move the device, and it is complemented by two front studs to give it stability when it is standing. For its part, the retractable handle will give you a better grip and control of the speaker when you want to move it around.

Finally, so that you do not have to carry the charger with you, this speaker will have a full battery after about 4-8 hours of charging; so it can work 8 hours continuously.


When it comes to this new Woxter product, the opinions not only praise the power of the sound, the price and the comfort of its mobilization, but also the versatility that this model offers. An outstanding detail, for example, is the tablet support that this product has on the top. Thanks to this, you can safely place any electronic tablet on the speaker to prevent it from falling and you will have full access to the screen to make the necessary settings.

In addition to this, the upper area also comes with an LED lighted display that will show important information about the status of the speaker. From a distance you can control the device with the remote control included in the purchase; This way it will be possible to pause, repeat, turn on the light and even stop the sound. Due to this detail, it will not be necessary to approach the artifact to make the changes you need; however, if you do, you’ll also have intuitive buttons at your fingertips to configure every aspect you need to enjoy your music to the fullest.

Finally, this product comes with two wireless microphones so you can sing freely with your friends. Because this karaoke speaker comes with a microphone-prioritizing feature, the singer’s voice will always come through on the track, no problem.

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