Yamaha ERG 121 GP II BL Reviews

Main advantage:

It is one of the best electric guitars, as it offers two double pickups and one single pickup, as well as a tremolo lever for when you want to make sound effects on chords and melodies.

Main disadvantage:  

The case is quite soft and thin, so it will not sufficiently protect the guitar from, for example, unforeseen bumps. However, it will protect it from dust and moisture.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Because it is a complete set, people will be able to start studying electric guitar with this product. In addition, its price is not very high, so that many users can purchase it. 

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Main Features Explained


It is a black guitar with a glossy finish. In addition, the bridge and headstock are chrome, which makes its refined design stand out more.

Also, the body is C-shaped near the fretboard, so you can solo the highest notes of the guitar without any problem. Its design even incorporates a bridge with a chrome tremolo lever, so you can make sound effects while you play.  

On the other hand, it has a rosewood fingerboard, an elegant wood that withstands continuous use and does not lose its shape easily. In addition, the sweat of the hands does not affect the quality of the rosewood.

Another aspect of the design that we can highlight is that it has 22 frets, thus achieving higher pitched sounds than other models of electric guitars. It also comes with 0.009 gauge strings, so you can use it from the first moment.

As if that were not enough, it has a 6-in-line headstock, that is, all the pins on the same side. This is very common in various electric guitars on the market, so when replacing pins, if necessary, you will have no problem finding the headstock of the Yamaha ERG 121 GP II BL.


This guitar has 10-level volume and tone controls, so you can adjust the sound to your liking, which is essential when playing with a band. Similarly, on the body of the guitar next to the mentioned controls there is a small switch with 5 positions. This will also serve to make changes to the sound, since it is the one that chooses the pickups you want to use.

In addition, regarding the pickups we can say that it has two doubles near the fingerboard, one single in the center of the body and another double next to the metal bridge that holds the strings. In this way, the sound can vary, of course, depending on the needs of the moment or the music you are playing. For example, if you want a more opaque sound, choose the first position of the switch, since this is the one that activates the pickup that is closer to the fretboard.

In addition to this, for an intermediate sound you can place the switch in the third position, but, if you want the guitar to sound brighter, use the fifth position. Simply put, the variation from one pickup to another changes the equalization of the instrument.

On the other hand, this guitar is compatible with analog or digital pedals or effects processors, so that the capacity of sounds that this instrument can emit is almost unlimited.


This guitar comes with a series of essential accessories for its use. For example, bring a bag, which will protect the guitar from dust and small scratches. With it, you can transport the instrument to the music school or auditoriums where you have to play live without any problem.

Another accessory that comes with the purchase of this guitar is the 15W amplifier, which according to some opinions on the Internet sounds very good. In addition, it has an equalizer to adjust the treble, middle and bass. It even has a button to choose the level of Drive you want to give the guitar, that is, a smooth distortion effect.

Also, the amplifier has a 1/4” input to connect the audio cable and, as if that were not enough, it has a 1/4” output for headphones, so you won’t bother your neighbors while you study guitar at home.

Also, the guitar comes with a set of Yamaha strings, an audio cable and a black strap to hang the instrument on your shoulders and be able to play it standing up. In addition to this, it comes with a Yamaha digital tuner, allen keys to adjust the soul and height of the strings, as well as a tool to turn the pins more easily.  

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