Yamaha F370 Opinions

Main advantage:

This guitar is a standard Folk design, which features a 25-inch scale, so it’s large and generally louder than the Cutaway models.

Main disadvantage:  

It would be nice if the package included a digital tuner for beginning guitarists so that they can precisely adjust the tension of each string every time they play.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is one of the most resistant and durable guitars, because it has a pickguard on the front cover, which will help protect the soundboard from possible scratches with straws.

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Main Features Explained


The price of this instrument is not very high, since most of the woods used in its elaboration are cheap. However, they have good sound quality and are sturdy. For example, the fretboard was made with rosewood, a wood that is still attractive to the naked eye, thanks to its reddish-brown color or elegant grains. In the same way, it is a material that tends to offer a darker and warmer sound to the instrument.

Not only does it have a quality fingerboard, but it also features a spruce top, which is an easy-to-play semi-hard wood. Thanks to this material, the guitar will emit bright sounds that will stand out when playing solos.

As for the back and sides, they were made of nato, a wood aesthetically similar to mahogany, due to its reddish brown color. Instrument makers use this wood a lot for its ease in giving it various shapes and finishes, in addition to providing a good balance to the sounds in the soundboard.   

On the other hand, it should be noted that these materials make the instrument light, so you won’t get too tired if you play it standing up during a concert. Added to this, the guitar’s gloss black finish on the top and sides along with the natural spruce back offer a classic Folk look.

Musical education

If you review the opinions of this guitar on the Internet, you will realize that it is recommended for musical education in schools, conservatories or universities, since it has an optimal size for beginners, whether they are children, young people or adults. Of course, it is not a good option for children under 12 years of age, as it would be too big and heavy for them.

We can say all this because it is a 4/4-inch guitar and it is made with high quality materials, which emit a pleasant sound to the ear, useful in educational institutes. In the same way, it is a well-tuned guitar, so beginners will be able to play chords and melodies without problems. It even comes with its 6 metal strings, so the student will only have to buy a straw to start using it. These strings are mounted on the instrument in the classic way, MI, SI, SOL, RE, LA, MI.

In addition, there are 20 frets on the fretboard, so that the student can learn to make melodies in low and high notes with ease. Also, the fretboard has inlays on the 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th and 15th frets, in order for the guitarist to find the notes faster. In other words, this might be the best acoustic guitar for beginners.

Adaptability and practicality

Acoustic guitars must be adapted to almost any musical genre, for that reason, the Yamaha F370 offers the possibility of playing rock, jazz, blues, country, etc., so that you can have fun and learn many things with it.

Likewise, although it is a guitar that is used to play sitting down, it also has a button on which a strap can be hung, so that it will be possible to play the guitar standing up, being adaptable to the different musical activities that you want to carry out. 

Also, it is important to know that this instrument comes with a good quality chrome-plated pegbox, to accurately tune the strings at any time. This means that the strings do not lose tension with the first song, something that does happen with other poor quality instruments. Of course, as with any guitar, you have to check the tuning before using it, especially when it has been stored for a long time.

On the other hand, due to its western design, this guitar is suitable for outdoor activities, around a campfire with your friends. In addition, by offering acoustic sound, you will not have to connect it to amplifiers, so it will be comfortable to use at meetings with your family, birthdays, parties, etc.

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