Yamaha P45 Reviews

Main advantage:

Its keys are weighted, so it is quite realistic, similar to a grand or upright piano. It also has 64-note polyphony, so you can make the chords that any song needs.

Main disadvantage: 

It does not have auxiliary L and R outputs to connect it to external mixers or amplifiers, however, it does have two built-in speakers and a headphone output, so it will be useful for studying at home.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is one of the most realistic electronic instruments, so it will help you get used to playing the classical piano. This is due to the fact that the low and middle keys weigh more than the high ones, imitating acoustic pianos very well and helping the fingers to strengthen effectively.

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Main Features Explained


It is a digital piano with 10 instrument sounds, including grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, harpsichord, vibraphone, and symphonic strings. With them you can play various types of music genres, such as gospel, blues, jazz, salsa, ballad, pop, etc. In addition, these sounds have digital effects such as Reverb or Chorus.

With the function key you can choose the sound you want, you can even play symphonic strings and grand piano at the same time, which is useful when playing romantic, ecclesiastical music and making musical backgrounds to your songs.

Also, we mention that this digital piano comes with a Sustain pedal, which will serve to prolong the sound of the strings without keeping the keys pressed.

Another aspect that makes this instrument stand out is its 64-note polyphony, which means that it will be possible to play many complex chords and make melodies at the same time. Similarly, thanks to polyphony you can practice orchestral arrangements with this piano.

Yamaha pianos are characterized by facilitating musical learning and this model is not far behind, since it has complete songs that you can play while you play them. It even has demos that show how each piano sound sounds.


This digital piano has a simple design and is comfortable to use. In addition, according to various opinions on the Internet, it is light, so you can easily move it from one place to another. Of course, it does not weigh the same as a Yamaha electronic keyboard, but for an imitation of grand pianos it is quite light, with 11.5 Kg.

Its dimensions also favor the user, who can move it in the car without any problem. It measures 132.6 cm long and 29.5 cm deep, with 88 black and white keys; the latter have matte finishes. Likewise, thanks to its size, the musician will be able to install it for use in almost any part of the home.

The package includes the power adapter, user manual and music stand, so you can start using this digital piano from the beginning.

Perhaps this is one of the best Yamaha pianos, because it offers built-in speakers, so you can listen to it without having to connect it to external sound equipment, a quality that not all models of the brand offer. In the same way, it has a headphone output, in which it is possible to connect headphones and listen in private to what you are playing, without disturbing your neighbors.


This instrument brings GHS technology, also known as Standard Graduated Hammer, one of the features that most influences its price.

The GHS converts the light keys to weighted keys, which is useful for beginners at the piano, because it requires more strength in the hands of the pianist, strengthening and increasing skill. Due to this technology, when the student plays a grand piano he will not feel much difference in the weight of the keys. The hammers are graduated in three zones, emulating the strings of a real piano, the low keys are heavier than the middle and high keys.

And as for the functions of this piano, we can highlight the metronome, which you can use to study songs, exercises, scales, etc. This can be adjusted according to the tempo you want, fast or slow, to gradually evolve in the execution of the instrument. Also, the metronome has volume adjustment, in case you want to lower or raise it a little, according to your preferences.

On the other hand, the student and the teacher will be able to take advantage of the Duet mode of this piano, since it separates the keyboard into 2 equal parts. In this way, learning by repetition will be much more effective. In addition to this, this piano is very easy to use, because it has a function button to control the metronome, timbres, demos and songs.

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