Yamaha PSR-E263 Reviews

Main advantage: 

There are two important qualities that stand out as great advantages. One of them is the possibility of connecting the mobile phone to the organ to be able to play along with your favorite songs, while the second is the Duo system so that two people can use the instrument simultaneously.

Main disadvantage: 

A point against this product is the fact that the keys produce a slight sound, in addition to the musical note, which can be annoying for the concentration when playing.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This product has the Yamaha quality seal so you can play everything you want without fear of it deteriorating quickly. With an excellent sound and innovative qualities.

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Main Features Explained


Yamaha, for years, has managed to establish itself as one of the largest brands in the music market, with flutes, guitars and electronic keyboards of the best quality. Many people have positive opinions of Yamaha instruments and, in the case of organs, these also highlight their qualities. With this model, in particular, the brand has decided to promote the fact that the keyboard will help you explore your musical side, and this is for a reason.

The sound stands out for its versatility, since the instrument brings various musical effects that, together with the Master equalizer, will allow the sounds to complement and vary, giving the final result a unique touch. This will give you the freedom to experiment with all of them. This model has 400 instrument voices and comes with a set list of 112 songs for learning and practicing. In addition to all this, the instrument also comes with 130 backing tunes to enhance your musical experience.

The top has two great-sounding speakers for crisp, clear audio. However, this product comes with a headphone jack in case you want to enjoy personal sound. A small wheel at the top is responsible for regulating the volume, regardless of the audio output you are using.

For starters

Although anyone interested in playing the instrument can benefit from it, even professional players, this specific model can be considered one of the best organs for beginners, regardless of age. The reason why it is considered ideal for people with little knowledge of the instrument is not because it is of low quality, but because it is a purchase that includes several qualities to help in musical learning.

The “Yamaha Educational Suite” is the brand’s 9-step learning system. Yamaha also offers the opportunity to download a song book, with its sheet music, in order to learn to play them. The instrument comes with music lessons for practice, and the recording function will be able to record your performance of any of the keyboard’s built-in songs so that when you’re done, you can listen to your performance and analyze what needs to be improved.

However, you will not have to limit yourself to the songs included in the organ’s repertoire, since using an auxiliary cable you will be able to connect your mobile phone or any portable music player. By doing this, you will be able to accompany your interpretation to your favorite songs, improving your skills. On top of that, Duet mode will allow two people to play together, ideal for a teacher to teach hands-on.

Technical details

The best thing about this product, aside from the price, is that by having a fairly simple design, all of its various qualities remain hidden. This means that, despite all its advantages, this does not affect the structure, nor the style of the keyboard. The dimensions of this product are 94 x 31.7 x 10.6 cm, suitable for this type of instrument, and the model has a weight of 4 kilograms.

In order to use the keyboard, it is necessary to use 6 AA batteries, however, it is possible to use the power adapter included in the purchase. The power consumption when using the electric current will be 6 W. In addition to that, the instrument also has an input to connect a pedal, in case you wish.

This product is made of plastic material, which will not deteriorate due to constant use, and to offer you a more comfortable position when playing, the purchase also includes a music stand that will serve as a support for the scores. The touch of each of the 61 keys is pleasant and they yield smoothly under pressure, without the need to apply much force. This will make it easier for children to play. Finally, the top panel of buttons will allow you to make all the settings you need.

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