Yamaha TRBX304 Reviews

Main advantage:

This bass stands out for having a 34-inch scale length and a beautifully polished maple neck with mahogany. Additionally, it features a rosewood fingerboard and a 10-inch radius. Likewise, it has a 38 mm wide nut.

Main disadvantage:

If you are an expert on the bass, you may want to purchase an instrument more suited to your level of playing. However, this bass is ideal for beginner users.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for a low-priced bass to start with this instrument, this is a great alternative for you, as it stands out for its manufacturing, for its die-cast style headstock and elegant red design.

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Main Features Explained

type and material

The opinions of the most experienced users make it clear to us that there are several very important technical aspects that you should look at when choosing a bass. These instruments are present in almost all musical groups and songs of countless genres, making it one of the most important instruments. To choose one correctly, it is important that you take into account, first of all, your playing level, so that you do not buy a model that is too expensive or advanced for your level. Also, if you are just starting out with this instrument, we recommend choosing one that is not too heavy.

For this reason, it is important to keep in mind that, in terms of the type of body of the instrument, we can find two main ones, hollow body basses and solid body basses, depending on whether the instrument is acoustic or electric. Remember that vibrations are very important for basses, so the more solid the instrument, the better the vibrations will be perceived. 

This electric bass is made with an alder wood body and its neck is designed with 5 pieces of mahogany and maple, which give it a beautiful appearance and great rigidity. This model has a weight of about 4.2 kilograms and approximate dimensions of 121.5 x 45.5 x 9.5 centimeters.

Pills and location

In any comparison of the best basses, the choice of the type of pickups and their location will largely determine the quality of the sound that the instrument generates. So, if you’re looking for a great sounding bass for your performances and gigs, it’s vital to look into this aspect before making your choice. 

About the pickups, you have to learn that there are both passive and active ones and it refers to the clarity of the signal, so if you are looking for a bass that gives you a high clarity of sound and that is not affected by the noise of Bottom line, you should go for a bass with active pickups. However, passive pickups usually offer a greater range of sounds to play your songs.

Also, keep in mind that the location of the pickups in the basses is very decisive, since it will influence in which area of ​​the instrument you will play the strings, closer to the bridge or closer to the neck. We can say that this aspect is quite subjective and will depend on your personal preferences when playing this instrument, so if your bass uses several pickups, it is important that you look at this aspect carefully. This bass model uses two high-quality, responsive ceramic MHB3n-type pickups, balanced between the bridge and neck.

Scales and their length

In addition to the above, there is one last important technical feature that you should look at carefully before choosing one bass or another. These are the scales of the instrument. Basically, most basses keep the shape they had when they first became popular and their 4 strings were widely used in practically all the songs composed in the 80’s, however, over the years and in a little more recent times, the musical compositions were asking for a greater variety of sounds, so the basses began to expand their initial scales. This electric bass still retains the traditional 4-string design that, along with its scales, allows you to play a wide variety of themes.

If your concern is around playing comfort, then you need to look at scale lengths. In this sense, the comfortable basses to use have 81-centimeter-long scales, however, this precisely means that the frets are further away from each other, representing a higher level of difficulty for those users who have shorter arms.. In this case, the Yamaha brand has manufactured an ideal bass for new players with 83.6 cm long scales, comfortable enough to optimally get the note out of each scale.

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